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  1. I have RE Christmas Past and I would like to rename it to something that isn’t “christmasy” so that I can continue to sell it after the holidays. This is the scent description directly from the RE site: ”This is the closest you'll get to a true Christmas tree scent without cutting down one! Bring the wonderful holiday scent of a tree into your home.” I’ll be honest, to me that description is nothing like what I smell. I love the scent but I pick up more of a spicey potpourri with pine/christmas trees being more of a subtle note in the mix. It reminds me of when I was little walking into an old country gift store than sells potpourri and candles and penny candies and odd and end gifty things all year long... where the entire store kind of has that permanent spicy and pine potpourri smell. Any ideas of what I could call this scent?
  2. Birthday Cake!

    I ended up getting a 2oz size of both of the RE birthday cakes to compare and OOB I can barely tell the difference. I haven't put them in wax yet, that is on the agenda for next week. Right off the bat (and again, this difference is very minimal), I think the KY is a touch sweeter smelling, kind of in a bubblegum way, and the regular may be a tiny bit more buttery. I'm interested to see if there is a bigger difference once in wax.
  3. Birthday Cake!

    Awesome! I'm putting in a RE order this evening for more wax so perfect timing!!!! Thank you
  4. New ornaments and pendant scent diffusers

    Very cool! Those turned out fantastic!!
  5. Need to find an oil...

    It is typically used in a 1:1 ratio with your fragrance oil. Mix the two together well and then add in your water. Note that a lot of FOs will turn the mixture white/milky when using P20. Another option is Fragrance & Essential Oil modifier from WSP. This one does not turn white when used correctly and works the same way (binds your oil & water), however the ratio is 4 parts modifier to 1 part FO. And this really only pertains to body products but as a side note, when you use poly 20 you have to list it as an ingredient; when you use the modifier you don't because it is considered part of your proprietary fragrance formula and therefore is just listed as "fragrance" in your ingredients. If given the choice, I prefer the modifier because it remains clear when I make room & body sprays.
  6. Birthday Cake!

    My birthday is in January and I really really really want to do birthday cake wax melts for my customers all month. In your opinion, who has the best Birthday Cake FO? I'm using KY ParaSoy for wax melts.
  7. Need to find an oil...

    Adding Polysorbate 20 would probably work
  8. Stearic Acid in Melts

    Pondering random things while sipping my morning coffee, bare with me... ...Would there be any benefit to adding stearic acid to wax melts? For example, I'm using KY Parasoy wax in clamshells. I would love to do stand alone shapes but I live in a very hot/humid area and sell at covered open-air markets so the shapes don't hold up as well as I would like; and I wouldn't trust them to ship well in the summer. Would adding stearic acid help solve that issue? Also, my wax has a 10% fragrance load. Would stearic acid increase that? And and and... I read that stearic makes wax shrink when they cool. Would this make the wax pop out of a warmer plate easier? And and and... ...I'm out of coffee now. 😜
  9. Must have fall/christmas from CS?

    White Birch is fantastic! Cinnamon Chai is nice. I haven't tried it in wax yet (I got it as a free sample) but it gets good reviews.
  10. Presto Pot questions

  11. Hello! I bought myself a Presto Pot (no spigot, just straight from Walmart) for melting my wax. I have a couple questions... 1) What temperature setting do you use for the initial melting? I'm using KY Parasoy. I assume after it is melted down you can lower the temp to keep it warm. 2) I read on the endless internetz somewhere that when using it to melt wax, you should not have the lid on it. Is this true? If so, why?
  12. Regulations for selling wax melts? (In the USA)

    That's a good idea
  13. Regulations for selling wax melts? (In the USA)

    Thanks I had actually JUST come across that very page not two minutes ago right before I logged on here! It seems it is all candle specific though. I just want to make sure I'm not unknowingly mislabeling my melts when I create the labels. Maybe the Powers That Be haven't looked at melts much yet? I completely understand the regulations on candles so I can see that melts are likely less of a liability and in less in need of regulation, but I don't want to assume anything.
  14. Regulations for selling wax melts? (In the USA)

    I was honestly expecting there to be some sort of regulations and very surprised that I haven't come across any yet (and may be overlooking them, I don't know. I can only find hints of stuff for candles) The soap & cosmetic industry is so very specific on what has to be on labels that I assumed there would be some basics *at least* that are required. Maybe I'm just being overly cautious but heck if I want to spend time and money designing/printing labels and then find out I'm not following rules and have to scrap them!
  15. Looking for a Plum fragrance

    I got Plum Tart as a freebie sample today from Rustic Escentuals and it smells wonderful. The description says is has some cinnamon in it but it smells way more plummy to me than spice. I'm excited to try it in melts.