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  1. Thats what someone was telling me- that even if there is no draft, it's the way your air in your home might be circulating. So from a consumers perspective its all going to vary based on layout of home etc.
  2. So this may be a dumb question- but with some of my candles, I get a decent HT ( like a 3.5-4) in strength but for some reason It doesn't go fully around the candle. For instance. If I have it in my lobby it might tend to be strong in the living room area but not actually in the lobby area. Is that normal? There is no draft and no fan going either. Not sure why it's doing that and if it's normal. If I place it in the middle of my kitchen I find it stronger in certain areas as well. Just looking to see if this is normal. It's been so long since I"ve tried a candle other than mine as well so maybe thats part of it.
  3. Holiday Scent

    Great insight! Thanks
  4. I use the GW444 personally. Does anyone have any insight as to what FO have the best hT in this? I've only found 2 out of like 15 that totally knock my socks off every time without fail.
  5. Holiday Scent

    Hello! So, I'm hoping to be able to start selling candles by December or January- ( ALMOST DONE TESTING)... That being said, Should i still focus on holiday smells like spruce? christmas? pumpkin?. I'm not sure if people will still be interested even though I look for pumpkin and caramel scents all year round! Any insights on the types of smells I should focus on? So far I have a Fir tree, clean linen and tropical scent that have tested well. I'm not sure if I should omit the Christmas Fir tree smell for something more springlike and floral. I only want to start off with like 3-4 in my inventory.
  6. Wasted candles?

    I love the christmas tree ornament idea!
  7. candle dyes for GW444

    I have decided to leave them undyed for now so i don't have to worry with the frosting issue LOL This testing is extensive enough without worrying about that as well!
  8. I'm going to test the lids on the one from candle science and might try the jar store as well to continue to compare. I'm still in the testing phase and have spent so much money on DT jars because I thought they were going to be the ones I stuck with but now I'm having second thoughts :/. UGH
  9. That makes a lot of sense! I haven't had any from DT that show imperfections though but maybe i'm just ignorant to it?.... I will compare them to the ones I ordered from candle science that should be here on Wed. If they seem structurally better in any way I will probably do as you suggest and pay the extra 68 cents for peace of mind
  10. I use the lids for the 12 oz status jars from candle science. They don't fit extremely snuggly but they do fit and I will continue to use them.
  11. How to Ship Product

    WOW ! Those are some great insights- I'm going to have to research more of what you said because I'm not even sure how to register with any shipping company. But this is great insight I"m just trying to finish research and development for my candles for now. Thanks so much for the suggestions and I will use them to start when I'm ready to ship!
  12. How to Ship Product

    Sorry I Just saw your response! I was asking in general. I can imagine my family in NC and TX will want some along with other people in Florida who don't live in the same city... It was more of a generic question for now but I would like to give some of my friends and family the option to purchase when I'm ready
  13. Business Side of things

    thank you!
  14. Thank you jguff- I took a quick look at the dimensions and they were a bit off from the jar I was looking for but they might work. However , they are out of stock anyway so I will be checking in on them later I'm honestly hoping that the DT ones will work but I'm just hoping from some consolation from someone who can vouch for them.
  15. Glad i'm not the only one confused! LOL I just looked on CS website and they said that their jars are made in columbia which happens to be the same place that DT says theirs are from. Looking at their price point it seems to be likely they are manufactured in the same area and then sent to more local distribution locations...Maybe my jars cracking were just a fluke-- i'm not the most gentle person anyway :/