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  1. ComfortandJoy

    Thanks for the add

    Welcome, Bambi!
  2. ComfortandJoy

    Hi, Everyone!

    Haha! Love it! ❤️
  3. ComfortandJoy

    Hi, Everyone!

    Thanks for the welcome, Birdcharm!
  4. ComfortandJoy

    Hi, Everyone!

    Haha! That's funny! I never thought I would be making candles but here I am!
  5. ComfortandJoy

    Hi, Everyone!

    Hiya, TallTayl! So glad you are having fun with the coconut wax! And, I hope you're right! I think I'll throw a party when I get it right.
  6. ComfortandJoy

    Hi, Everyone!

    Hi Candybee! Thanks for the welcome! Oh, yes! I'm definitely addicted and determined to make a good candle! I use eo's only in my soaps, etc so I'm having a blast playing with fo's- especially the holiday ones!
  7. ComfortandJoy

    Hi, Everyone!

    Hi! I'm Lisa, and I'm new to candle making. I'm glad to have found a place to learn about this daunting craft. Yikes! I'm remembering why it took me so long to jump into it! I've been making soaps and b&b products since 2009. And, can I say that my heart goes out to all of you who are now dealing with the fallout from the soy wax changes. Oh. My. Goodness! I can't imagine the frustration and stress!