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  1. Sarah S

    CP rebatch bases

    I love a rich lather too! Have you tried kaolin clay in your soap yet? It just glides across the skin and the lather feels like lotion!
  2. Sarah S

    How much wax?

    I love having matching melts and candles!
  3. Sarah S

    Soap I made yesterday..

    The Herbal Bliss sounds ahhhhmazing! Love your vibrant colors!
  4. Sarah S

    What's happening this weekend?

    I have a major event at work that's going to eat up a lot of time and energy, but I'm hoping I will be able to get to the rainbow challenge this weekend. Jane, I know exactly what you mean, I feel that way about my living room. I clean it, I turn around, I turn back and it's messy again! 😂
  5. Sarah S

    Need suggestions to rename peppermint.

    Mountain Mint gets my vote!
  6. Sarah S

    First burns!

    I use HTPs with CBL-130, it's a great combo. For a tin that size, I'd start with a 73 and go up or down from there, but that's an educated guess, I don't use tins myself. I'd be concerned that an 83 or 93 would get too hot toward the bottom.
  7. Sarah S

    Wax suggestions!

    Maybe I missed it in an earlier post, but knowing the wick and container combination, the %fo you used and how you conducted your burn tests would help us help you figure out where things are going wrong. Also, did you do a full 2 week cure? So many things can affect how a candle throws. What is your end objective when making a candle? If HT is your primary concern, why not try paraffin? It is so much easier than soy, and there are great blends that throw like crazy. Coconut oil is as tricky as soy to master, if not more so. I haven't tried it yet, but there are a bunch of threads about it that have convinced me not to, lol. Beeswax is even worse. I'm not trying to discourage you, just giving a heads up, if you're frustrated with soy, neither of those waxes will make life easier. I tried soy early on, and decided life to too short for all that. Many people feel it's worth it to use a renewable wax source, and some people just really like the aesthetic of soy wax. Some really want to work with veggie waxes, and some like the classic appeal of paraffin. Know what you want from your end product will help you decide the best starting point. HTH!
  8. Sarah S

    Kilgharrah -

    Wow!! Like a volcano!! It looks fantastic! I would never think to blend those two fragrances, but I bet they go really well together. Like a spicy sweet and smokey combo? I wasn't too fond of Smoke and Mirrors myself, I'm sure this smells way better. 😄 I don't know the name. 😔 Is it a dragon's name? I'm good with people names in real life, not so much with mythical creatures. 😆
  9. Sarah S

    Sanguigno Orange Patchouli and Nutmeg

    Sounds amazing! I love the colors too, and I like how the swirl on top has some texture!
  10. Sarah S

    Process question

    Re-heating your wax won't affect the throw, candles that require a second pour or top off go through that all the time. Or is it the microwave you're concerned about? Personally, when making a small batch for testing purposes, I don't stress if the temp drops a little below the ideal. But I don't use soy so maybe that's different. Some people warm their pots and beakers in the oven at a low setting to keep everything toasty before pouring, maybe you could try that?
  11. That's a great point Hopie! When I first started out, I made a candle in an old drinking glass. I was merrily burning it, until one day I thought about the time I drained boiling pasta water into the sink... With a drinking glass in it... And the glass cracked and shattered. I threw the candle out, lol. Candles do create a lot of heat in a confined area, better to be safe than sorry!
  12. Great safety tip! It's easy to disregard how hot liquid wax can be!
  13. Sarah S

    Fragrance Suggestions

    I have been on a serious Aztec FO binge recently. They get me with the 5/$5, guaranteed at least one is something that I need a bigger bottle of! Every month! I know you like the fruit/floral combos, so when you order from Aztec, get a sample of the White Peach and Hibiscus (if you haven't already tried it!). It is a lovely feminine fruity fragrance, not quite a perfume and not quite a food type. That's one I needed the big bottle of! Lol
  14. Sarah S

    Fragrance Suggestions

    @GailC, have you tried Candlewic's Peaches and Berries? It is wonderful, a very true peach and really strong! @Trappeur, I just got a pound of CW's OMH, it's very heavy on the almond. I'm actually regretting that I ordered the full pound, but I'm hoping some mixing will improve it. Does RE's have a strong almond base? I'd love to find something with more milk and oatmeal. @KaylaN, I can't help you with the florals or the citrus, but Rustic's Escentual's Sweet Amber Musk is one of the best ambers I have ever smelled. Aztec's Amber Romance is really spot-on if you're a fan of the VS original. Candle Science has a very nice Egyptian Amber that is soft and exotic. Bramble Berry used to have a really nice straight Amber, but I'm not sure if they carry it anymore. HTH!
  15. Sarah S

    My Third Pillar Candle

    This candle is my favorite yet! And you can't go wrong with a nice mellow vanilla. I love your shirts too, your booth is one I would make a beeline to at any venue!