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  1. With or without the Leprechaun?

    So tough! The leprechaun is super cute! But I think #2 looks a little less crowded. Definitely the black background for contrast with the lid! Great job as always Trapp! Please post a pic of the finished product, I bet it will look adorable!
  2. Just Scents Oils I can't decide on....

    I love Shampure, it is one of my favorite bath and body fragrances! I did use the WSP dupe in wax tarts and it was a lovely earthy spring kind of tart. Didn't try it in a candle though. My sister gave me a sample of JS's Aveda Rosemary Mint, and I did NOT like it all. It was much too sweet, not herbaceous at all, and not very brisk or minty either. It was pretty boring, and think I ended up using it as a mixer to get rid of it. Haven't tried any of the other ones!
  3. I would worry about heat and an open flame with any sealant. Would it mix in with the melt pool if it gets hot enough? The whole thing just seems iffy to me, but admittedly I don't know much about concrete or sealants.
  4. CB Advanced Back?

    @Gary in Canada, I though I saw another thread on this a few weeks ago.... Did you do a board search? I really feel like some soy users already piped up about this but I could be wrong.
  5. Frustrated with soy...

    Hi LittleMissSunshine! I love your user name! I don't have any advice in regards to soy candles, and TT has covered what most of us on the board would tell you anyway. I just wanted to comment on your statement that I put in bold above - I think that is a big misconception, and that will hurt you if/when you start selling. There are many talented chandlers who work with soy. Many of them are on this board. They make wonderful candles. There are many talented chandlers that work with paraffin. Also on this board, also making wonderful candles. The candle market is all about well made products with a story that the consumer values. If the story is the all-natural angle, great. Maybe the story is about beautiful labels that create a conversation piece. Maybe the story is blow-the-doors off fragrance. If the consumer assigns value to the product's story, they will buy the product. If you are planning on selling, the best thing you can do is make a fantastic product that you are passionate about, proud of, and has value to you. Find your story and build your product from there. Sorry to get kind of rant-y, please don't think I'm maligning soy! I have a lot of respect for soy chandlers, it is a finicky wax that takes patience and perserverence to master. Please do read through the threads @TallTayl posted above, and make use of the board's search function. The knowledge here is the best, and even if you decide on a different wax, you will have the information to make the best decision for making your unique creations!
  6. CP rebatch bases

    This would be a great soap to try some of the home made aloe juice in (that was your post, right?), I'd make sure it was strained really well and use it as the rebatch liquid. Kaolin clay also makes a great additive to shaving soap, although I have read that some people feel it dulls the razor. I notice it gives my soaps a lovely silky slip, so it may be worth a try! A bit of honey, like a teaspoon per pound of rebatch added during the cook might be good too, the sugar can encourage a foamy lather, and honey itself is a nice humectant. Too much would be icky though, lol! Rebatch soap is great to experiment with, because you can melt down small amounts and not have a ton of waste if you don't like the results! šŸ˜„
  7. Bath bomb gift

    Fantastic presentation, and I love that the bombs are hearts!! Very thoughtful gift, I'm sure she'll love it!
  8. Iā€™m becoming addicted to vinyl

    I'm going simple with just lettering for now, but I will keep that in mind, thank you!
  9. Iā€™m becoming addicted to vinyl

    This is so timely @TallTayl, thank you so much for posting this! Your shirts look fantastic, I love the pizza cutter one, that is so my husband too! šŸ˜† How well do you feel the transfers hold up to washing? We have a major event coming up for one of our group exercise programs, and the other instructors and I really want to have matching tanks that fit in the essence of the program and our personalities. We've been searching around, and I think this might be the answer! The girls will be thrilled if I can make tanks that have a motivational front and our names on the back, that would be so awesome! I was worried because my Cricut is absolutely ancient, and all the tutorials have new machines with a specific setting for transfers, and the digital designs. But I searched around on the Cricut site and I think I can make my prehistoric machine work. Might take a lot of practice shirts, lol. My only concern is the transfer holding up through the super sweaty workout and at least a couple washes (since we'll need them for a couple classes). Do you have to be really careful about how you wash these? Thanks TT!!!
  10. Patchouli and Vanilla Coconut Milk

    I knew the vanilla would be light since it was only 1%, but I was surprised that the patchouli was so light at 4%. But it was the FO, not the EO, so I guess I should have stuck with 5-6%. The vanilla was just a hint to sweeten up the patch. I used TD in the whole batch, then I separated out a little bit before I put in the FO and added a little more TD to it. This is about 2 weeks cure time, so it may discolor some more, we'll see! I made it for myself and my hippie aunts, so it's ok if it's not perfect! šŸ˜ Thank you for the sweet compliments everyone! ā¤ļø
  11. Looking for a Clean not Floral scent

    Try "Sparkling Clean" from Aztec. I just made some tarts with it, it's very light and fresh, lemony but not a straight up lemon Pledge kind of smell. Definitely no pine in it. If there's floral notes, they are well blended, cause I can't really pick them out. I also thought Aztec's "Sassy" was very clean, but that one edges toward the floral side. WSP has a "Clean Laundry" that I though was appealing and not too strong on the floral notes. I think Candybee is right on the money with the linen suggestion! Candlewic has a linen that sounds great, but I haven't tried it yet.
  12. fragrance blending

    Take a look in the Fragrance sub forum of the board here. Very first thread is a sticky on blending fragrances. šŸ˜‰ Also lots and lots of great discussions on the topic just in the first couple pages of posts.
  13. I recently bought the spa cups from Aztec. http://www.candlemaking.com/spa-light-cups-clear.html They were great, no problems with the plastic at all, and they had pretty good throw considering how small they are. Really easy to use. I had the same experience you did, when I made my first test batch I used container wax and they got really hot really fast. So I added some pillar wax to try to keep it under control, and all of the sudden the wicks that were torches were now drowning! I settled on about 5% pillar wax and between the wax and the fragrance I ended up using a HTP73 in that tiny cup! šŸ˜®
  14. CP rebatch bases

    What are you adding to it now Pam? There are a lot of great ingredients you could add to a shaving soap! I guess because I CP, I think of rebatch soaps as a disaster that needs salvaging, lol. I would much rather use MP, as I think the end result turns out prettier. šŸ˜ But I'm sure the rebatch bases from BB are far nicer than my disasters, lol!!
  15. Aztec 5 1oz for $5

    Isn't it great? I take advantage of it when I'm ordering a couple larger sizes of oils, that way I can get a couple free samples too! Last time I ordered from them I got 2 8oz fragrances, one 16oz fragrance, 3 1 ounce size samples and 5 for $5, still with the flat rate $8 shipping. I love their introductory prices on new oils too!