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  1. Sarah S

    Rice Flower & Shea

    The pink is hot! Beautiful! Are you using neon pigments or mica? I have heard wonderful things about that fragrance, but believe it or not, I've never actually smelled it. The colors remind me of spring, is it a spring kind of smell?
  2. Sarah S

    Fire Goddess pumice scrub

    I LOVE it!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ The flames look amazing! Wow, that must have taken some careful planning! Whats the fragrance?
  3. Sarah S

    Vanilla and Discoloration

    Gosh, there are so many variables when it comes to discoloration. I make CP soap, I don't have a lot of experience with M&P, so I am basing my experience off of CP, but I have had oils discolor to purple, olive and yellow. I have had some oils with .5% vanillin discolor dark brown, and 5% discolor to a light tan. I test every single oil I soap with. You just never know what it is going to do with your recipe. That being said, i never bother with a stabilizer, and just incorporate the discoloration into my design as best I can. Sorry that was a very non helpful answer!
  4. Sarah S

    What would you blend with wood?

    I know, right?!? They all sounded really good!
  5. Sarah S

    Is it time yet to co-op any of my dupes?

    Rally people, rally!! I would be in for 1-2 pounds of Inlet Lakegrass, Egyptian Dragon, Amber, and Pink Sugar. Maybe Tonic. Probably Tonic, lol. I can afford a pound of each, but if we're close to minimums or a price break I can do a couple pounds. I really, really want the Lakegrass and the Amber.... 🤓
  6. Are they mostly EO? I'm wondering because I know a lot of EOs don't do well in candles. I haven't tried any of them so I can't be of help specifically, sorry. Did you look at the reviews to see if anyone used them in candles?
  7. Sarah S

    i want to make these melts

    Kat, I think your plan sounds very doable! That's a great place to start! I have never tried to wick any of my pillar wax either. I use HTPs for my container wax, but the zincs might be a better way to go for wicking both. I like Trapp's idea about using soy and adding the embeds at the slush stage too! I would love to see where you ladies go with this project! 😃
  8. Sarah S

    i want to make these melts

    Kat, did you look at the tutorial? That picture is only about halfway through the process. After they stick the wick in the jar and add the tarts, they pour a container wax over the whole business like a regular candle. Id bet getting the right wick is tough with the two different types of wax. And that container. Maybe read through that tutorial and see if you think it's doable for you? I'm sure you could use whatever pillar wax and container wax you have on hand. And the wax would determine your wick. IMO, you should be able to use a single pour like 6006 for the whole thing, that might make the wicking easier anyway.
  9. Sarah S

    Best birthday present ever!

    That's wonderful!! Please do post on the progress, how exciting!!
  10. Sarah S

    Looking for Cherry and Lake Fragrances

    I am lusting after that one like you would not believe! I would really love to see the co-op reach the minimums so I can get my hands on some!
  11. Sarah S

    Candle Dye

    That's not something I usually purchase, but I believe RE has a large selection of liquid dyes, and BC as well. When I make my ornies, I mix a little mica in with the FO for the color, and it always turns out beautiful. But I have a large supply of mica for soap making, so that is the more convenient option for me. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful!
  12. Sarah S

    i want to make these melts

    Gosh Trapp, maybe that's a mottling wax? Or it might be palm, although the type I'm familiar with is more crystal and not quite as distressed. I can't imagine that wick is for anything other than decoration. How would that burn? Where did you see this? Were there any directions for use included? It sure does look cool, and i agree that the rustic look is right up your alley!
  13. Sarah S

    My First Owl with Plastic Mold

    Love it!! So cute!
  14. Sarah S

    The other side of art...

    Fantastic artwork! Graphite is a tough medium, IMO, when you eliminate color it's tougher to get shading and perspective right. Thanks for sharing, it's a treat to view!
  15. Sarah S

    Candlewic New Fragrances

    Gail, I've been meaning to tell you I finally ordered a bottle of the pumpkin chai! I was so worried, when the oil hit the wax, all I could smell was popcorn, and I nearly cried. I let is cure overnight, and when I smelled it in the morning my tears were of joy! It's wonderful! I put it in palm, so I need to wait a few more days before I can burn it. I'm really excited! If the HT isn't great in the palm (I think I might have used too much, the CT is powerful!), I will back of the % and try it in paraffin. Thanks for the recommendation!