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  1. What wax do you use for clams?

    @Margaritamama, I really like the way your tarts look with the frosting! Seriously, it's like a soft pair of stone-washed denim jeans, or river rocks after they've dried in the sun. Prior to my foray into wax crafts, I always thought the frosting on soy was on purpose. ☺️
  2. Black Friday Sales

    Oh if only Flaming would have a sale!! They would have all of my money! All. Of. It! πŸ˜†
  3. Black Friday Sales

    I forgot about that! πŸ€” I see some price comparison happening in my near future!
  4. Black Friday Sales

    Can we gossip for a minute about WSP? Anyone else get the email? They have sales all the time, so I'm not that bent about it, but the reasoning seemed a little odd to me. I've ordered some oils from Maple Street, I wasn't that impressed. Flaming has pretty much the exact same fragrances for better quality, in my opinion. They weren't bad oils, don't get me wrong, just not exciting enough to make me want to jump suppliers. I would love to know what RE and CW are doing for their sales. I feel like I need some prep time to strategically plan my shopping spree. πŸ˜‰
  5. I wish SM3 was iOS compatible. 😞 As old and sad as my iPad is, my laptop is even worse! Do you use the lite version or the professional version?
  6. My redesigned Christmas label

    Very festive! The pop of color sets it off, just like Trapp said! The font is perfect, elegant but still very easy to read. And I like how the 3 C's really stand out. I love the story about the creek, that sells me on your brand even more! 😊
  7. So many great tips! I too struggle with organization. I really like the idea of organizing tests by fragrance!
  8. EBC Hair conditioner

    Dang it, that's "Hairfix XH" Sorry!
  9. Black Friday Sales

    Lovespell would be the only one I'd be interested in.... Still holding out for RE and CW! 😁
  10. EBC Hair conditioner

    Thank you! For some reason I had it in my head that cetyl always goes with BTMS. Clearly I need a fact checker on my posts! You know, I don't think I've ever made a conditioner without adding extra cetyl, quats, and oils. That's a terrible way to have to figure that out TT!
  11. EBC Hair conditioner

    MakingCosmetics.com has a great product called "Hairfix HX". They have formulas for creating various hair gels with it on their website. Because I heat style my hair every day (and wash it every day!), I wanted to make a pre-style heat protection serum. It also doubles as a really light hair gel or leave-in conditioner. 85.5% water 1% panthenol 1% hydrolyzed wheat protein 2% BTMS 50 3% dimethicone * I heat and hold those two phases, combine and cool just like usual 2% cyclomethicone .5% liquid germall + 5% hairfix HX * I add the final phase after it's cooled Again, so easy to modify as needed! Check my math before proceeding, sometimes I fragrance, sometimes I don't, so it could be +- 1%
  12. EBC Hair conditioner

    Yes, you beat me to it, lol! Maybe just my opinion, but I find the recipes and tutorials on the various supplier's websites to be more about selling thier products. Totally understandable, but Susan's blog really helped me understand how to craft products that work for my specific needs, and not just whatever hot new ingredient is out there. So a real basic conditioner recipe might look like: q.s. water 5% BTMS 1-3% fatty alcohol/fatty acid q.s. preservative You'd make it just like a lotion - heat and hold the water phase, heat the oil phase (the BTMS and fatty acid), combine, mix, cool, add preservative and voila! Super easy! I always work in grams to make the math super easy too. When you want to add the fun stuff like hydrolyzed proteins, silicones, quats and stuff, you just need to check the reccomended usage rates and if it's water or oil soluable to figure out what phase to put it in, just like a lotion or butter. Susan is an absolute gem of no bullshit advice, if you have the patience to really read through her blog. Much like Craftserver!! So @Jcandleattic, my light conditioner recipe looks like: 88.5% water .2% TEDTA 1% panthenol .5% polyquat 10 2% hydrolyzed wheat 4% BTMS 50 2% cetyl alcohol 1% dimethicone .5% liquid germall + .3% fragrance Of course you can modify to suit what you have or what works for your hair!
  13. Natures Garden

    I think part of it is that I mostly use their oils for soaps and lotions, so for the most part I'm looking at totally different fragrances. There are many that I adore in soap that I wouldn't put in wax, and vice versa. But yes, I love to hear about others' fragrances experiences, because we are all different! 😁 I made my mom a soap/lotion/shampoo set with the Nantucket Garden. She adored it! πŸ˜‰ Too funny about the baby vomit, that was very specific, lol!
  14. Natures Garden

    I think it's tough to make recommendations with a supplier that big without some sort of jumping point too. Is this for wax? Soap? Both? Holiday? Every day? What kind of scents do you like? I can tell you I've tried over 80 fragrances from NG, and not a single one from Gail or Belinda's lists, lol. Except Nantucket Garden, I tried that and hated it. πŸ˜‚
  15. EBC Hair conditioner

    Candy, I have really frizzy hair too, and I use a silicone serum on it every day, which really helps. Now, mine is also super thick, so I use dimethicone and coconut oil mixed with a little cyclomethicone, but if my hair was fine I'd try something like: 75% cyclomethicone 23% dimethicone 2% fractionated coconut oil I put mine in a fine spray bottle, lightly mist my palms and run them through my dry hair. Now, if you really want to go down the rabbit hole, I could share my style-prep anti-frizz serum recipe using a load of conditioning ingredients from Making Cosmetics. πŸ˜‰ I love playing with hair products! Lol