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  1. A few months ago I decided to try coconut wax. I really love how easy it is to use and the way it looks. After reading up on it I was prepared to have a hard time wicking it but it is way more difficult than I expected. Basically my current issue is that either I have a good hot throw & the melt pool looks good but the flame is too tall and I start getting black smoke -OR- I size down one more from that and the flame looks good but the hot throw always seem to be significantly weaker. I want to eliminate any black smoke and still have a good hot throw, but I don't know if thats even possible. I'm still new at this (only been making candles for a year) so maybe I am doing something wrong. for additional information: I'm using 7.75oz tumbler from specialty bottle LX wicks 8% fragrance oil Wax is my own blend but primarily made up of Northwood Coconut wax (My results were worse when I used straight coconut wax, and seem to be better with the blend I am using, so I wouldn't say thats the entire issue)
  2. The Wooden Wick Co. launched a supplies section on their website recently. They offer a Coco Apricot wax and a blended Coconut wax. I am wondering if anyone has tried them yet what they're opinions have been? I initially didn't even give them a thought because I thought they'd be overpriced but it's actually slightly cheaper than Northwood's coconut wax. Interested to know if the quality is any good.