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  1. Does fragrance oil play any part in soy wax glass adhesion? If there is no other visible signs that the fragrance oil does not blend well. TIA
  2. Thank you for the time you spent on your response! I have looked at other candles in retail stores and I absolutely already understand everything you've said. Since I was able to "perfect" the 100% Midwest wax, I would like to do the same with C3. Granted it may not be possible and it's not the end of the world however, the purpose of my post here was to gather tips and tricks from others based on what I have already done (I described to the best of my ability what I have tried). It really isn't just about what the customer sees (honestly, I don't think they even notice it - I know I didn't before I started making candles - it's more for my own personal satisfaction).Thanks again! Best, Ashley
  3. Yes! I completely agree - thing is.. I previously used 100% Midwest soy wax by American Soy Organics and they came out perfectly. However I had to use more FO to get the HT I needed and are not AS aesthetically pleasing as C3. I am ok with that but if I can get C3 to behave nicely *haha* I will be super happy with the best of everything. Midwest spoiled me with the beautiful adhesion...
  4. Hello Everyone! I am new to the website and love the info and feedback in the community - I am hoping to get a little guidance with this wax I love so dearly but drives me insane with the adhesion problem. This wax is supposed to have excellent glass adhesion when poured at the correct temperature. I am using 8 oz Square Mason jars. No pre-heating. I have thought to preheat but my oven doesn't go low enough and a heat gun does such an uneven job I worry about that being an issue. I heat to 185* add FO slowly. I have done this and poured slowly at 120*, 125*, 135*, 160* and 165*. I have had TOTAL pull away all the way around with every pour except 165* just a bit around the jar where it begins to curve (after 7 days of curing). The candle sits on a cloth or paper towel with room temperature always between 71*-75*. I am almost ready to switch waxes but I LOVE everything about this wax I just need to get jar adhesion down and make this a one pour job. Any further tips and tricks/advice is greatly appreciated!