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  1. BrittBritt

    Organic soy candles

    Thanks for all the helpful feedback guys, you confirmed more than a few of my suspiscions! I really didn't think fragrances could be organic without being essential oils. Am I correct thinking that essential oils are flammable? Not sure where I got that idea from. And I kind of figured that if soy wax was organic, the manufacturer would be advertising that in their product description. I was thinking of avoiding the label 'organic' all together, since I don't think it would be cost effective even if I found a way to make it possible. She doesn't claim to only use organic products, to be truthful I think she was just trying to help me be successful because she said that anything she stocks that says 'organic' seems to fly off the shelves.
  2. BrittBritt

    Organic soy candles

    Well isn't soy supposed to be eco-friendly? Being plant based? And yeah, I can see where you're coming from with the container thing, kind of contradictory haha. It honestly just seems like she is concerned with the fragrance being organic, which honestly I'm not sure how important that is - in my opinion a beautiful, long-lasting scent is far more important.
  3. Hi guys! I have secured someone who wants to potentially stock my candles, but since she owns a beauty shop she doesn't want to stock them if they aren't 100% organic. I am a little bit confused, since I thought fragrances were synthetic, and therefore not organic. Essential oils are organic, but I was under the impression that they are potentially flammable, therefore not appropriate for a candle. I started doing some research and it all just seemed so confusing. I was hoping to get a bit of insight so that when I'm reading through my research I have a bit of experienced knowledge guiding me through seemingly contradictory information. Any information/experience you guys have would be hugely appreciated. Thanks, Britt xx