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  1. I received the same notice from Aztec.
  2. Salted Caramel

    I know! I was so disappointed. It has been one of the few duds I have had from Aztec.
  3. Salted Caramel

    Aztecs was absolutely awful! It was the first one I tried. I also tried Lonestar and it was good but Flaming's is the bomb.
  4. Salted Caramel

    I third Flaming, it is wonderful.
  5. Any millenium users?

    Good luck Shicks! I hope you like it as much as I do.
  6. Any millenium users?

    I actually just got done testing all of my Christmas scents and poured a batch of them all and sent them to my back up tester. She just reported that they are all great. I'm actually really excited.
  7. Any millenium users?

    I test each FO and decide. I usually start at 8% and go up as needed. The only fragrance I had an issue with so far is Balsam. I went up to 12% and still had next to no throw. Most are good at 9-10%. Some I've even gone lower than 8%.
  8. Any millenium users?

    I started using this wax recently and so far the Premier wicks work the best and I have excellent hot and cold throw and 90% of the time do not have to do a repour or hit them with the heat gun. Its not too much more expensive than getting C3 for me, I forget now what the number was but I'm thinking it is only $18 more for a 50 lb box.
  9. This is a tough one! When I started back I was using Candlescience only, then I branched out to Flaming Candle and again to Aztec. I have also gotten a few from Natures Garden (dud) and Lonestar. As much as I wanted to love the Lonestar it was a dud. Candlesciene - Wonderful, haven't found a bad one yet, every single one of their FOs that I use are best sellers for me, Black Sea, Snickerdoodle, Apple Harvest, Sea Salt & Orchid, Clean Cotton and Beach Linen. Flaming Candle - Also haven't found a bad one yet here. Highly recommend. Aztec - I have had a few duds from them but many more good ones. I'm not crazy about the bottle they use for their oils so I switch it out to a Candlescience type bottle. Thanks Moonshine now I have to check out sweetcakes.

    Thanks BF, that's my next try if my blend isn't to my liking. I've had issues with both Lonestar and Aztec's Balsam, but I am going to try a blend of Mistletoe and Berry and see if I come up with something. I haven't tried any of American Soy's fragrances yet, but I might try their Lemon Cheesecake, a few people have recommended it. I was a little surprised by the 160 and honestly I sometimes miss the boat and it goes a little higher, but it seems to be working out great so far. If you ever want to get rid of the Millinnium let me know, would love to give a fellow candle maker money .

    ooh! I have some Mistletoe poured already. Think I will burn it to get a feeling for its scent and then blend it with a berry scent. Perfect idea! And please don't make fun of me, but I have never blended before. I have been using it for a few months now and the only scent I am having issues with is the Balsam. Everything else has had great hot and cold throw. The price isn't too much of an issue. I was using C3 before and with shipping it cost roughly $85 for a 50lb box. The Millennium 50lb with shipping (and American Soy will give you a 10% discount for repeat orders) is roughly $100. So only $15 more per 50 lb bag. So it is a bit more but it pours and sets AMAZING! I melt to 160, add fragrance and let it cool until it is slushy and 99% of my candles come out perfect, no second pours or heat gun action. And I love working with the little pellets. It does have a bit of an adhesion issue, but I have learned to embrace the wet spots because I love everything else about the wax.

    Never used one before. It is a request from a dear friend.
  13. Does anyone have a tried and true Balsalm & Berry? I have now tried Lonestar and Aztec's versions and neither one are acceptable. With Lonestar's there was absolutely, positively no HT (CT was awesome). Aztec's was marginally better with HT, but not enough. I even tried both at 10%!! I am using Millennium wax with ECO wicks.
  14. Wicking for status jars....

    I use the same jars and an Eco 14, but I use Millennium wax. LOL, I also get my jars from Flaming.
  15. Flaming Candle

    I love Flaming Candle! Some of their FOs are my best sellers. I try to use them as much as possible, shipping is lightening fast, if I order first thing in the morning it ships the same day and I have it the next day. I have found them to be the cheapest for my regular line jars, just wish they would get more of a selection of jars. Their customer service is absolutely amazing!! I too started with Candlescience and I still use them for some FOs. They also ship same day but are much further so it takes 2 days instead of the 1 I get from FC. Again, I love, love, love them! Can't say enough good things about them.