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  1. Just Scent

    Sorry, meant Balsam + Cedar. Thanks for the suggestions, I had put Santa Baby on my list already, def getting that one. I'm also going to try the Chestnuts + Brown Sugar, its a little out of my comfort zone but it sounds interesting. Think I'll also try the VBM.
  2. Just Scent

    I am looking for a perfect balsam and berry fragrance oil and found one I want to try at Just Scent. Since I'm placing an order, what other fragrances should I try? You know I can't just get one little bottle of FO!
  3. I hate to say this as I love ordering from them, but my card was hacked, went thru all the hassle, got new card and it was hacked again less than a month later. I'm beginning to get a bad feeling about this.
  4. Halloween pictures of Candles

    Gorgeous as always!
  5. Thank you!

    We get them from California Candle Supply. They are pricey with shipping so we use them for our more expensive line. I was a little afraid pricing them, really wasn't sure people would be will to pay, but we debuted them at the fair this weekend and they sold like hotcakes. People are just nuts! That was really the only odd ball we had this weekend. I have a feeling next weekend might be different. We have a huge show this coming Saturday. And yep Trap, she was wearing a bra (thank goodness) ROFL.
  6. Thank you!

    That really was the only blip all day, so I'm very grateful. I don't really let negative people like that get to me. I had the most wonderful customers today and the booth next to me was an 80 y/o woman and her husband. She hand makes everything from recycled products and had the cutest stuff! She was such a hoot. My hero.
  7. Thank you!

    I sell scented, soy blend container candles. Three different containers and lines. We have status jars, interlude jars and frosted black and white jars. The interlude jars are our fall scents and we color those. The frosted jars have wood wicks and are our "spa" scents. The best sellers were Salted Caramel (FC), Sea Minerals (Aztec), Apple Harvest (CS), Chocolate Brownie (Aztec) and Sweet Chili Pepper and Citrus (FC). I was surprised that people were asking for Patchouli and Sandalwood! I had those for the longest time and they weren't selling so I did not bring them. I'm going to bring a few back tomorrow.
  8. Thank you!

    We had our first 'big' fair of the season today and did great but there was one woman who walked into our area and immediately pulled her t-shirt up over her nose, moaning, groaning and complaining about the "stench". Thanks to the wonderful people on this board and a thread I recently read I had the perfect come back at her. I looked her straight in the eye and said "I'm sorry you feel that way, you are missing out on our wonderful products." The two women across from me immediately gave me a thumbs up and as soon as she huffed away they busted out laughing. Why even walk into the area? And why not just keep walking? Why do people feel the need to moan, groan and complain, just keep going! (and by the way she smelled like cow poop!).
  9. I Really like No. 2. You do such great labels.
  10. Well I have been using the Millennium Wax and have poured and tested many candles, with a few different wicks and a few different jars. Overall this is turning out to be an excellent wax for me. I melt to 160 (when not using any dye) and 170 (when using dye), add FO at 140 and pour at approximately 115 (give or take a few degrees). Approximately 90% of the time it does not need a second pour and there is just very minor frosting. I compared it to candles made with C3 and the Millennium candles are far above in the looks category. It wasn't too difficult to figure out the proper wick sizes to use. I ended up with a Premier 790 in my Interlude jars, an Eco 14 in my status jars and a slightly custom size wood wick in my frosted jars. I have found both the cold and hot throw excellent with every scent I have tested. Now for the only downside of this wax....it does have adhesion issues. I try not to focus too much on wet spots even though they irritate the living crap out of me! Luckily I don't have to worry about it at all with the frosted jars and if it is really irritating me or really bad I hit it with the heat gun to clear them up and I'm finding they aren't coming back yet. So bottom line is if you are looking for a new wax and are willing to pay a bit more (a 50 lb box with shipping for me is approximately $105, C3 with shipping is $85) it is well worth it if you can contend with the wet spots. Thanks for all the help! I'm glad I made the leap and tried this wax. After three tries I think I have found my go to.
  11. Your candles are beautiful! Good luck tomorrow and I look forward to seeing your pics!
  12. Suppliers

    Thanks Jcandleattic, I think I am just being cranky today because I went to order my Interlude jars and my supplier isn't carrying them anymore. I really believe in buying and helping support local suppliers and I have tried with this supplier but this is the third time they have burned me, actually the fourth (I ordered a jar one time and they were not only out of stock, they weren't carrying them any more). I have tried to keep the majority of my 'basic' purchases from them and maybe 1/3 of my FO is from them. I don't mind having 3 maybe 4 suppliers, but lately it seems I am using more and more and more. I hate all those shipping charges. I need to really sit down and give someone else a try for the bulk of my supplies. There will be certain things I will always get from someone in particular, but I can buy those few things in bulk when I need them. None of this applies to FO of course, I hoard FO wherever I find something that grabs me is where I get it from! So I guess my question is can anyone recommend a good company to order from for day to day supplies?
  13. Suppliers

    Is anyone else having problems with any of their suppliers? Since coming back to candles at the beginning of the year after a break of a few years, I am having a hard time with suppliers. I have tried to keep my suppliers as local as possible to both keep shipping times and expenses down and to try and keep my business local, or at least in my state. In the last few months my number one supplier almost doubled the price of the lid I was using and I had to find another source and they have now stopped carrying one of the jars I use, both times with absolutely no warning. Not to mention that they shipped lids to me that I didn't order ($16.20), I quickly let them know and they were very nice about it and sent me a return label, but now I have to go the hassle of boxing this glass lids up securely and make a special trip to the post office to send them back. Another I use the customer service is somewhat lacking the few times I have contacted them. And both of these companies, I wasn't crazy about their packing abilities. Can anyone recommend a good all around, dependable, tried and true supplier? I hate having to spread my supply purchases over more than 3-5 suppliers, but that is the way it has been going.
  14. OMG! I love the red white and blue, that is so something I would do! Oh boy those pipes, my husband would, oh my, probably kill me. I'm glad everything worked out. I love it! Thanks for helping me feel better!