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  1. I've had the same problem as GailC. I jump all over the page.
  2. I agree with Tall Tayl, the other waxes are just not working for me (and essentially my customers). I have been having so many problems getting my product up to my standards that if I have to spend a little bit more to get want I want I am willing to spend it. For example, the C3 wax for me with shipping for a 50lb box is $79.64. Lets say I end up loving the Millennium wax and switch to it, it is $108.94 with shipping. That is only a $29.30 difference. That is approximately .37 more expensive per candle to make. And if the CT is any indication I also think I will need to use less FO so will save a bit right there. Of course these numbers are not exact, but you get the idea. I happen to be adding a new line to my candles and will be raising my prices on those so if I do switch waxes I might add a little to the price of the new line.
  3. Well I repoured one tonight and it set up at 95% acceptableness and honestly it was me that screwed up. Because I was melting such a small amount it got too hot, was at 180 instead of 160. But I did pour at 100. I just need to tweak a bit on the next batch and I think I will be thrilled with the results. Then I'll put those up to cure for a week and do a test burn. I'll probably do another batch and add FO and color to see how those do and as long as all goes well I'll put them up to cure. But as we all know, rarely do things go as planned LOL.
  4. Thanks! That is great to know. I'm going to pour again tonight and will do exactly as you have done and check out the result.
  5. For the batch I'm going to do tonight I am going to melt to precisely 160 and wait until slush and pour and see what happens. This is new to me, I've never poured at the slushy stage before. Any hints or tips? I started with the wicks I'm used to, Ecos and Premiers. If I have problems with these, I will move on to others.
  6. Well, I am not very impressed so far. i so wanted to fall in love with this wax and I'm not. The tops were meh, not terrible but still needed to hit them with the heat gun for just a minute and there is a wet spot in one! Now it could be operator error, so I will pour a few more tonight. Maybe I just need to get used to working with the wax and perfect my technique.
  7. Got my 10 lb bag today and poured the first few candles. I heated to 180 (I just was not comfortable with 160) and poured at 110. Wow what a long wait that was LOL! I will let you know how they set up, looks wise in the morning.
  8. In light of TT's comment I would try the 767 and 777 first. If those aren't big enough you can always move up.
  9. I would be interested also.
  10. For my 3.75" diameter jars I use a 777 and it is absolutely perfect, but I do not use 464, I use C3. If I were you I would test a 767, 777 and 790.
  11. Problem solved, I'm ordering the lids from Lonestar...along with a few absolutely necessary FOs.
  12. This is what I plan on doing. If I'm questioned by any current customers I will just explain that supply costs went up. I don't think anyone will question it tho because my candles are pretty fairly priced to start.
  13. I kind of got s****** on wood lids, not these. I picked out a wood lid for my jars that was pushing the upper end of my budget for lids but they are beautiful and everyone loves them so it really was worth it at the time. After months of using them they went from $1.04 per lid to $1.69 per lid! Out of nowhere, no notice was given before (or I would have ordered a ton of them) and I didn't know until I went to replenish my stock. Now I have a problem, do I discontinue the lids and go back to plain glass lids or do I keep shelling out and lose the .65 of profit per candle?
  14. Thanks TT. See, I just need to "talk" it out and I get there eventually. ROFL. At least I have the option of the NW and C3, I know they work and they are acceptable. I guess my problem is I don't want acceptable, I want outstanding and it just might not be out there.
  15. Goodness, I guess I should mention that I already have the C3 and the NW fully tested. The Millennium is the only one of the three that I have never tried. I have a list of FOs and wicks that work in both the C3 and NW. My plan is to test a few different sized wicks with the Millennium to figure out what wick works best. Once I get the wick down I will take a leap of faith and add a FO that I know already works in the other two waxes. After a one week cure I will do a regular burn. If I am still impressed with the Millennium, I will pursue it further. The only reason I was throwing in the other two as tests is because I wanted compare CT, HT, ease of use and how finicky the waxes were side by side. Does that sound like a better plan?