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  1. gls

    Cut ‘A Sailor’s Dream’

    Those are so cool looking!! I’m so impressed with the designs all of you soapers come up with!
  2. gls

    TT’s 2018 Faire Days

    Looks great!! Love the “ spell candle” station that’s such a cool way to incorporate the theme of the Faire into your product!
  3. gls

    Pouring 16 oz FO

    My middle school science teacher would be so disappointed that I totally forgot about this experiment. Thanks for reminding me, it works great.
  4. @TallTayl I hope you’re having an extremely successful opening day!! Thanks so much for all you do here on the forum...best of luck with this year’s Faire! I’m sure all of your testing is going to pay off and this will be another fun and profitable season! I still want to see costume pictures😁
  5. gls

    Pouring 16 oz FO

  6. I have the most difficult time pouring directly from the large FO bottles...I spill it everywhere. I have looked for some type of dispenser caps but can’t find many that fit 28/400 bottle. I’ve tried using pipettes but it seems wasteful and takes forever on larger batches. I mainly use Fillmore, RE, And CS for FO. I would love to hear any suggestions on how everyone else handles this. There must be someone on the forum as messy as me! TIA.
  7. gls

    Today’s Failures

    I think the third one would look perfect in a mancave decor. Love the ombré look also.
  8. I like the neutralizer also. I think my favorite is #1. It grabs my attention most (and it is cute). 2nd choice is the orange color label.
  9. gls

    Do you keep an FO journal?

    I also use OneNote for all my candle/FO info. I’ve been using the software for years, my entire life is organized with OneNote. I have it synced on my laptop, iPad and iPhone. Works great for grocery lists too😁!!
  10. Are these the same jars as aztec’s or do they really hold 1 more ounce?