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  1. Can FO Burn Off?

    How much stearic do you suggest to start testing with in the 464. Or do you have a recommended line test % to try? I have zero experience with stearic - I purchased some but not too sure where to begin the testing.
  2. They look good Trap! In my very limited experience with this blend I also had the "dips". What was your approx room temp when you poured them? If i remember correctly you keep your house temp on the cool side?
  3. That is why i decided to try the insulation boxes first. I wanted something I could make with CHEAP material! Also, I wanted a way to control the production setup. I didn't want to continue disturbing the previous poured jars while pouring more and removing top cover. The problem I found with a heating element type was being able to create different heat zones and the number of thermostats was getting costly. I even started designing a water bath heating tank to address the problem but I wanted several small ones instead of one giant one and the costs were not justified. The insulation box prototype I've made keeps the heat in so well I don't need an additional heat source and this eliminated lot of problems and cost. Like Flicker mentioned, I have had more success with maintaining higher temps on entire jar perimeter and not just the bottoms.
  4. I too work in a cold basement. The environment is not that great for pouring candles but it does wonders in controlling my hot flashes. I also grow seeds in my basement using warming pads and grow lights. I tried to use the warming pads for the candle operation and it was a fuster cluck. I looked into building a warming bench with heating cable and/or heat lamps on pulley system, but they all had complications. Currently I have been playing with pour boxes made from metal faced insulation board and they are working great. I can heat the jars prior on the griddle or carefully use heat gun while they are in the boxes.
  5. I know you were just being helpful (as always) and not actually trying to sell us stuff!! The thing is...I have purchased several items from amazon based on information I have found on this forum and thought It would have been nice for some sales commis to come back here to help with O&M. I don't see anything wrong with affiliate links as long as site owner is transparent about using them and links are not the focus of the site. Didn't mean to hijack this educational thread with revenue ideas...sorry...please remove my post if appropriate
  6. Do you have an affiliate link for us to use if we purchase it thru your post? IMHO, you might as well make money for the forum if possible.
  7. I am interested in adding UV to 464 container candles. Is there a recommended amount to use (I can't find one)? I am assuming it should be configured and weighed as a percentage of wax used?? Thanks in advanced for any help!!
  8. True That! I think it was her honesty that got me. Most DIY videos try to say how easy it was no matter the outcome.
  9. Hey Trap, I have and like a lot of these. I would be happy to send you some sample cups (464 & 4625 blend like I made in last swap) if you would like to test them in wax before giving up on them...just let me know and i will send them out. I am not experienced enough to judge OOB, so I try to make a few sample cups to at least try in wax with all of my FOs. It seems to work better for me than salt test only.
  10. If you need a break from candle making watch this video… it is hilarious!! An experienced chandler or beginner can appreciate it! Don’t be put off by the video title or the beginning few minutes – you gotta watch all of it... https://youtu.be/opgJo6w1XrA
  11. Wax and Wick Tests - Akosoy (gb) 444

    I so appreciate you two doing the testing and giving everyone your results!! It still amazes me how willing to share everyone is on this forum. If you have time, could you please expand on the reasons for the pan tests...does the diameter help with jar sizing...sorry sometimes i can be a bit slow .
  12. Any suggestions on which type of wicks to start with?
  13. Thanks for the info - but it kinda makes me want to cry. With the current issues with the soy wax and now the FO... I'm not sure I will ever learn to make a decent candle!
  14. Were you able to find the clear stickers or any additional info on printing?