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  1. Chocolate Nut Brownie

    How did the fudge brownie turn out? Do you like WSP or did you find a better one??
  2. Flowerbomb Type

    Wow!! swirls are so pretty...the top is gorgeous also!
  3. Candle Science’s Mulberry is gone?

    Wow, I have never heard of using those as air fresheners. I would think the can lid would be a strong enough "smell" by itself. My Ex was a baseball player and he always had cans of skoal everywhere...I hate that stuff...at least my boys were smart enough to skip that ugly habit!!
  4. Candle Science’s Mulberry is gone?

    Ok Belinda - curiosity is getting me- why are you drilling skoal can lids? Is it a Texas thang?
  5. Peak Fragrances Reopening?

    @Moonstar I'm not really sure what is going on - it all depends on what type of business agreement was made between the companies. It is my understanding that Keystone purchased the manufacture codes and the remaining fragrance oil inventory from the closed Peak Candle Supplies. Therefore, Keystone is selling original fragrances and not dupes. IMHO it looks like Keystone is on the up & up… Not sure what the new company "Peak Fragrance Company" is selling but based on the Colorado business site the new company is owned by former Peak Candle owner's spouse...I didn't use the original Peaks as a supplier and I certainly don't plan on supporting their new venture after the way they treated their loyal customers when they abruptly closed!
  6. Peak Fragrances Reopening?

    Agreed! Hopefully Keystone purchased exclusive rights to the codes. I guess they didn't include a non-compete clause in the buy out.
  7. Peak Fragrances Reopening?

    Appears to be the wife/ex-wife??
  8. GB 464 blend to dip pinecones

    I wanted to update this post in case anyone else is interested. Using Gulf Canning Wax as suggested above, a 60 par/40 soy turned out great! As always, thanks so much for the help!
  9. Out of curiosity - does this mean you only need to re-heat the wax to pour temp then pour in jar?
  10. Farmhouse Cider – Sidewinder Cider Country Christmas - CHRISTMAS RODEO Leather - LEATHER LASSO
  11. How about a cornbread type and name it Johnycakes?? Or pancake type called flapjacks? What is the main scent in Apple, maple, bourbon? does it make you think of a drink or apple/maple treat??
  12. Lavender pastures, Hayride, Saddle ??,
  13. IMHO, I think you should make "country" a tad bit smaller and move it a couple hairs closer to the Company name and maybe reduce size of Jasper, Atlanta a little more... I do like all the same color - looks good!
  14. Halloween Labels

    Yep, I think you nailed it...they all look great!
  15. Halloween Labels

    Overall I like them all - graphics look great. The first one is the only iffy name to me. I'm not great with names - I'll need to ponder a bit. If you could find a graphic, maybe zombie pine forest??