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  1. Kerven

    You tube wax hauls

    Some of the reviews are interesting to watch. The only reviewers that come to mind are the lady in Wisconsin who reviews B&BW + YC, the guy who seems to have all the insider info about YC releases, and the other guy who goes crazy and excessive at the YC end of season/clearance sales (who needs that many decorations... of the same thing). Haven't watched any in a long time. Nooo, not ASMR. My skin is crawling at the thought. I don't understand mukbangs. Don't understand them at all. Is that the modern term for binge eating?
  2. Kerven

    Presto Pot Melters

    Not to highjack the thread, but something just occurred to me. When I switch away from soy wax, how am I going to flush all the soy from the pot? Huh... I haven't given that much thought. It still has a decent amount of wax in it.
  3. Kerven

    Presto Pot Melters

    I put the lid on because of the smell. Incidentally, there's almost always a residue on the lid after doing so. Makes me wonder what's getting into the air without the lid. Nevertheless, I haven't had any issues except small temperature changes (read: more stirring needed) with or without the lid. Best to err on the side of caution, I suppose.
  4. Kerven

    Presto Pot Melters

    Wax into pot, turn it on*, put the lid on (optional), and give it a stir once in a while. *Be very careful with the temperature dial. Those pots can easily reach temperatures high enough to scorch the wax or worse, and even though the temperature needed for the wax isn't labeled on the dial (it isn't on mine), you can still reach it. I haven't used mine in a while but I think it was somewhere between the A and R in "warm".
  5. Are you testing trimming lengths for candles that will be sold? I ask because, IMO, most non-savvy users aren't going to trim to 1/8 and most trimmers that I've seen trim closer to 1/4 (maybe a hair longer). The addition of FO may soften the wax further, so it might be worth anticipating that.
  6. Tumblers are my go-to these days. I like how open they are. Sleek and simple. A variety of lids, dust covers, etc. Almost can't go wrong. The "playing it safe" option, IMO. Wishing I could find more of those frosted oxford tumblers that Peak had.
  7. Would probably work if the waxes are compatible. Although, the throw will be weakened. If the wax melt is 1.25oz and scented at 10%, that's .125oz FO and 1.125oz wax, which would be approx. .8% FO in the lb of wax. Honestly, I wouldn't count on any throw at that percentage. You'd need 7-8 melts of that size to get the equivalent of 6% FO needed for the lb of wax. However, assuming 7 melts are added, that's another 7.8oz of wax to the lb, bringing the total of wax to approx. 24oz... and that means the FO percentage gets adjusted to 3.6%. That is, unless my math is wrong and I need to get to bed.
  8. Kerven

    Slippery floors

    AFAIK, silicone is heat resistant up to 500F. Its use in wax might prove a bit problematic, so I'm confident that's not the case. Polybar is another term for vybar, I believe. Vybar is a polymer. If it is wax on the floor, there are several methods of removal around the internet. There's the vinegar method. The ammonia method. There may even be a few commercial cleaners at the grocery, home improvement, or hardware stores that can remove paraffin. One thing to note is that linoleum floors do require waxing. Every once in a while, after several layers of wax, they also need to be stripped and a new coat of wax applied to remove discoloration, embedded dust and dirt, and to restore shine. Some people use liquid acrylic floor polishes instead of wax... but I can't speak on that since I've never used/seen the polish on linoleum. Nevertheless, be careful trying to remove any paraffin that might be on the floor because you might end up removing the protective coating of wax... unless you used the acrylic polish, in which case it should be fine.
  9. Kerven

    New Christmas Oils

    CS Fraser Fir. Been using it for a few years. It's that good. CS White Birch. Might end up being tied with Fraser Fir. Just poured a tester with it and... wow. Pungent. Awesome cold throw. Reminds me of an FO I tried years ago... maybe something from Peak. Tried a little of it last year, and although it was nice, I wasn't really looking for a new FO so back on the shelf it went. That's very likely to change this year. CS Wassail. This is definitely going to be used this year, whether in candle or salts. No question about it. Sampled it last year and liked it. Just poured a tester with new wax and I'm already hooked on the cold throw. I'll probably do CS Apple Harvest for late summer and early fall, then switch to Wassail for late fall and winter. VBN, but I need to try a different one. Flaming's was pretty good. A candle of it from last year smells the same - hasn't changed in the slightest. The FO, that is; the wax, ugh. However, it does lack a certain something that the original from BBW had. I think it's a deeper vanilla or custardy note. It's not very embracing, IMO. Still good enough to keep using if I can't find a replacement. EBB Balsam & Citrus. To me it smells just like simmering spices and citrus peels on the stove with a bit of evergreen nearby.
  10. Have you tried CS Blood Orange or CS Orange and Goji?
  11. I have a couple of FO's that have flash points <110F. I'm not sure how I'll incorporate them into solid wax.
  12. Kerven

    NATURAL fragrance oils?

    The WSP natural fragrances are probably heavy with EO, if those prices are any indication. EO's don't perform very well in most waxes. Small amounts, like what are used in CS FO's, sure, but as always you'll have to test to figure out what works and what doesn't.
  13. I don't know what that was about. I think it was a method I found in one of the guides at Nature's Garden. I was new to candlemaking at the time. Although there may be no single pour pillar waxes, that doesn't mean you couldn't blend one of your own.
  14. Edit: Nevermind. They weren't pillar waxes.
  15. So you can use the remainder on the prepaid cards in stores? I thought it had to be a certain amount or a single card because each card results in an additional fee to the merchant? Well, now I know what to do with this stack. I think I've seen some sort of reloadable prepaid card at Walmart. Might be more convenient than the disposables.