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  1. I've only very briefly dabbled in bath and body products, but it has been an interest for years so I've been taking notes from all over the place. Apricot kernel oil - non-greasy, fast absorbing, can have a slightly nutty scent, emollient/sealant. Peach kernel oil - similar to apricot kernel oil. Jojoba - simulates natural sebum, readily absorbed into skin, can carry active ingredients into the skin. Macadamia oil - fatty acid profile similar to human sebum, doesn't go rancid as easily as some other oils, may trigger nut allergies. Olive squalane - light, non-greasy, rapidly absorbed, creates moisture barrier, adds suppleness. Sunflower oil - emollient, sealant, alternative to olive oil. Meadowfoam seed oil - good barrier formation, good at locking fragrances on the skin, regulates absorption to prevent "drying" due to rapid absorption, softens skin Sweet almond oil - conditions and softens. Brazil nut oil - emollient, moisturizing, quick absorbing, can have nutty aroma. Fractionated coconut oil - quick absorbing. Hazelnut oil - light, penetrating, slightly astringent. Camellia oil - highly moisturizing, penetrating, helps complexion, helps to balance moisture in dry skin, conditions, cools, anti-oxidant. Scentless and nearly colorless.
  2. Favorite Aztec FO?

    First time ordering from Aztec. Needed tropical scents. Sadly, Carribean Escape ended up in the bottom of the bag - loose cap. Why does this keep happening to me... Blue Hawaiian Berrylicious Wonderberry Copper Coconut Mango Peach Salsa
  3. You can get 4 50lb cases from Lonestar for about $140 ground shipping, but the estimated delivery date is after the 21st. Distance didn't seem to matter for AAA Candle's shipping costs. Tried it from here on the East Coast and there on the West Coast and the ground shipping was exactly the same either way.
  4. Wooden wick flame huge?

    Are those cross shaped wicks the EricX Light wicks?
  5. Citral... FO's with citrus notes? Isoprenol... No idea. That's just great. Issues with soy waxes and now FO's have to be retested. Murphy's Law at its finest. Is this expected to impact burn performance/throw or fragrance profile?
  6. I think I watched a video months ago about Chesapeake Bay Candle and I could have sworn it mentioned that they use custom fragrances. Would have to dig around on Youtube to find it... Found it. Somewhere around 12:30 one of the owners mentions working with fragrance houses. Youtube video That was several years ago. Who knows what they're doing today. I'm very curious about the chemical she mentions but doesn't name at 3:40. An emulsifier?
  7. Chesapeake Bay lists Snuggly Sweater as having notes of: warm wool, lavender, rose, white amber, vanilla, and musk. It's also listed as an ozonic/aquatic scent. BBW lists these notes for their Sweater Weather: fresh sage, juniper berry, eucalyptus, and fresh woods. Yankee has a fragrance called Cozy Sweater that looks to be discontinued (?) but there are dupes out there (The Candlemakers Store). Notes: floral, musk, patchouli, warm amber. The Cozy Sweater fragrance may be closer to Snuggly Sweater. Sweater Weather might be a potential as well, but the scent description seems to vary wildly. For example, compared to BBW's description, WSP gives the following notes: citron zest, cyclamen flower, warm amber, ivy, golden sandalwood, midnight jasmine, and oakmoss. Big difference! You'll probably have to browse around but even then some suppliers are way off mark in their descriptions. I'd try both!
  8. I hadn't thought of waxed paper. I was imagining having to dip and somehow hang the wick to keep it straight - like making tapers but with one dip. The thought of having wax dripping all over the place (if I'm doing it, it's going to happen) made me cringe a little. I use a bucket under the faucet of my presto pot to catch drips. Might be able to rig something high enough to do a few feet at a time and have it hang over the bucket but, until I need a lot of wicks, the waxed paper method sounds best. Thank you!
  9. Hmm! I need to read up on priming wicks. Is it a messy process?
  10. Quick question. Where did you get your square braided wicks? All I'm finding are unprimed spools.
  11. Amber Tumblers

    Found these: Glassnow's 8.5oz heavy glass votive Smaller than the OP wanted. Glassnow has two top styles for them as well, but the price is a bit steep overall.
  12. Palm wax shrinkage

    That's the thing. The top didn't harden completely. There was a fairly decent sized pool/hole that refused to harden, which I've never seen before. Even the wax around the wick set up. As the rest of the candle hardened, that pool grew more shallow until it finally set. The bottom and sides set up first. I'm going to see if I can find a decent camera and grab a picture. It looks absolutely bizarre. Maybe the status jar's base was too cool. I did forget to wrap the jars as I would for a longer cool down.
  13. Palm wax shrinkage

    It's a container candle. The palm wax (a pillar palm) was blended with co92 and cetearyl alcohol. The fatty alcohol "should" have helped to slow down the rampant crystallization. I'm guessing I used an incompatible palm wax for this formula and my cetearyl is the wrong ratio of cetyl and stearyl. If air pockets are a natural trait of palm wax... I give up. That's too much trouble for me.
  14. Am I the only one who experiences this phenomenon? I don't mean wet spots. It's the reverse - a labyrinth of caverns and air pockets inside the candle while the outside looks perfectly normal. This time, everything went smoothly at first. The ingredients blended perfectly. It took the color and fragrance well. However, after pouring, it started to set up on the perimeter earlier than anywhere else. I figured I'd have to poke relief holes - not unexpected. Oddly enough, a portion of the surface didn't form a skin, film, or anything. I thought, "Alright, there's my relief hole. No need to bother." Guess what? The entire candle set up without that spot of wax on the top setting until the very end. You could sit there and watch that little hole with molten wax in it become more and more shallow as the rest of the candle set. Eventually, it turned into the entryway of a cavernous air pocket. Topping off wouldn't help since the tunneling is so extensive. If it hadn't been for that one spot on the surface refusing to setup, I'd have never known about the subsurface conditions until burning. I'm at a loss on what to do now. This candle was part of a batch of wax blends I'm testing for educational purposes (trying to get an idea of how certain additives perform), but if palm wax is going to keep doing this I might have to give up on testing blends with palm in them. Maybe I'm using the wrong palm wax... I couldn't find palm 6910. How are people making fantastic, flawless palm container candles....
  15. I see no wet spots or extreme frosting from heatgunning... I'm jealous now. Oooh, fir and a resinous pine - that sounds nice! Did the Sandalwood Incense have any patchouli in it? I'm going to have to give square braided wicks a try since I'm determined to use up this 464 before switching to something else.