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  1. Forrest

    Nature’s Garden recommendations

    Wow! They named a FO after me:)
  2. Forrest

    I’m proud of this one

    It is alcohol ink, I just apply it to the jar with felt. It looks much better with the wax as a background, so burning the candle sort of ruins the effect. It also come off on your fingers if you are using any lotions with alcohol or having a glass of wine. I haven’t found a good sealer for it, but I like that I can take a paper towel and some rubbing alcohol to wipe it clean and start over.
  3. Forrest

    Nature’s Garden recommendations

    Yes that was the one. You could have been nice when I ask where you got it and told me to go tale a long walk on a short pier, but you had to be mean and a answer my question. What is worse is my wife loves that little jar and thinks I should get them to use for all my candles, but none of the suppliers I use carry them. Thanks for the recommendations, I need a good pear so I'll put that one at the top of my list.
  4. Due to circumstances beyond my control I have to place an order with Nature’s Garden, It’s all Trap’s fault, but let’s not go into that. As long as I’m paying shipping for one FO I might as well try some samples, especially since I can order them with no guilt at all. So if anyone has recommendations for their FOs that work well in candles I would love to hear them.
  5. Forrest

    I’m proud of this one

    Yes I have, but sadly I must give it away. My daughter wants it, and as she is pregnant with my grandson I probably should let her have it.
  6. I’m not proud of the container, it is not my best work, but thanks to all the help and advice I’ve received on this board I made a candle that I would walk into a store and buy. It took a year and a half and a lot of money to get here, but it was worth it. I made this with Lebermuth White Tea & Ginger, it is wicked properly and both the cold and hot throw are excellent. It is a testament to what you can achieve through proper testing. I’ve come a long way from “candle making is easy”. A special thanks to the people who keep this board up and running, I couldn’t have done it without you.
  7. Forrest


    I put mine in various sections of three different notebooks, but I'm trying to do better.
  8. The wizard of Wax has spoken, and provided visual aids. So I Googled Polymorphic wax and it looks like there is some really good stuff on the internet, should make for interesting reading this weekend. What I'm still not understanding is why my burn rate was higher. For now I'm going with the wick length theory. More testing to come, by February I should be able to write a paper on the effects of time, temperature, and wick length in candles made with 6006 wax. No doubt they will discontinue making it next spring.
  9. Well you get an A+ in candle making, which is really just applied chemistry, and art.
  10. Forrest

    Community Candle Sale

    I believe I got an email saying this sale would be followed by a price increase
  11. Forrest

    Community Candle Sale

    What’s that Christmas Tree like Trap? I may have to try the Chestnuts & Brown Sugar and Orange Peel and Cinnamon, since they’re recommended by a trusted source. I love the smell of their Bergamot Orange & Grapefruit, although I’m not sold on the HT. But if you want HT their Lemongrass is powerful.
  12. In my 28 years at NASA I've been involved in a lot of testing in one capacity or another. Candle testing just gives me the opportunity to put that knowledge to use.
  13. When I tested at two weeks I tried a CD6, CD8 and the 51Z at 80 degrees and there was almost no difference in the two CDs, but both worked well and the 51Z was too hot. Given the results of yesterday’s test I think the CDs would be too small after a couple of months. I’ve got some 464 that I could test for the price of a wick, so I think I’ll test both waxes. I just made 2 tins with CDs for my sister in law; I guess I better tell her to burn them soon.
  14. Two months ago I poured two 8oz tins with 6006 wax and 51 zinc wicks. I tested the first one after two weeks and the second one yesterday, at two months. Unfortunately I only got data for the second candle for 3 hours. There was an emergency and the candle burned for an unknown number of hours before I got back to it so comparative test results are not possible beyond three hours. But the results I did get are a bit shocking. The test were done in the same room and temperature, humidity, and airflow should have been very close to the same, so to the best of my ability I had isolated the difference to a single variable, which was cure time. The two main measurements I took were MP width and weight, from which I calculated burn rate. Over three hours the two week candle burned 10 grams of wax while the two month candle burned 13 grams. The difference in MP was the most surprising. The first candle reached a FMP by the two hour mark while the second candle had not quite reached that at three hours. So while the first candle was clearly over-wicked, it appears that an extra six weeks of cure time solved that problem. Now before TT brings this up I have to say that the one variable I didn’t take into account was wick length. I won’t make that mistake again. From my job I have some knowledge of testing procedures and what it takes to validate a test so I can say with some confidence that you shouldn’t draw any conclusions based on this one test, but it should give you something to think about. Any good peer reviewed journal article that reports test results gives some sort of conclusion or recommendation, so I’ll do the same. Given these results it would be best if you estimated the length of time it will normally be between when you make a candle and when you sell it and give your test candles that much cure time. The other thing a good peer reviewed journal article does is recommend what needs to happen next. I need to do some side by side testing on wick length and repeat the previous test using identical wick lengths.
  15. Forrest

    Hit or Miss Rate

    Is that during the making of the candle or the burning of the candle? We usually have a week or two of lower humidity during the summer. I guess I'll need to start a new list; I have the nice list, the naughty list and the try again in October list.