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  1. Testing without FO

    So if I’m understanding this, after I’ve finished my testing, and hopefully found wicks that will work in my container, with my wax without FO, that becomes my baseline. My next step would be to try it with a FO and then wick up or down accordingly, assuming the FO worked well with my wax/wick combination. Also I need to keep a detailed written record of all this along with a photographic record. Well if that’s what it takes then that’s what I’ll do, but I may have to start a candle business so I can write off the cost of all this testing.
  2. I just poured my first wick test without FO, which brings up a question. Will I likely have to wick up or down when I add FO.
  3. How do you label your glass containers when you are running a test? I’ve been putting a piece of Scotch Tape on the bottom and writing on that, but I’m hoping there is another way that is easier to remove.
  4. Thank you both, that helps a lot. My over wicked 11oz tureen started off with great hot throw but faded as it burned.
  5. Or, in a properly wicked candle, would the hot throw get weaker as the candle burns down. I ask this because this might be another way to judge the quality of my candles.
  6. Wicking tapered containers

    Thanks . It is on the outside, mostly, the threads for the jar lid are the hard part but I avoid having the ink touch the wax. Once I get better at making candles I could sell them, except for that thing about getting paid for your time. But I'll be retiring in a few years so who knows, I'm at least keeping my options open.
  7. Wicking tapered containers

    It's not the wax, it's the container. I color them with alcohol ink. I still have some kinks to work out, like sealing them and I'm still testing them with burning candles. 6006 seems to be the perfect background, they are not as pretty without wax in them.
  8. What I’m wondering is, when you order a new FO do you always put it in a candle to test it, if not how do you evaluate FOs? I have been testing by making melts, but I’m starting to realize that isn’t working as well as I would like, but it does tell me how the FO works in a melt. I’m starting to realize that I have a lot of FOs that probably need a better evaluation than I have given them.
  9. I'm scared to show my wife your pictures because I know what's going to happen, and it is going to take a lot of wax.
  10. Wicking tapered containers

    If I haven't learned to follow your advice by now there is no hope for me, especially advice that will save me a lot of wax.
  11. Wicking tapered containers

    Thanks, I will be double wicking and it sounds like I should double wick for the 4" diameter.
  12. Can anyone offer any words of wisdom on wicking containers that aren’t straight sided? My 11oz tureens have a diameter of 3.3” at the top, and 4” in the middle. It seems to me that no wick is going to give you the perfect melt pool at two different diameters. It look as if I have two choices. The first is to accept that the best I can do is be over wicked at the top and under wicked in the middle. Or, as I use paraffin/soy blend, I could do a double pour and increase the percentage of soy in the top third. If anyone has any insight I would love to hear it. Just so you don’t think I’m crazy for insisting on using tureens I included a picture of one of mine, I could do this to any glass container but it doesn’t look as good on straight sided containers.
  13. Trappeur, Those candles are gorgeous, but how on earth do you wick so many unique containers?
  14. I add FO because the final product will have it, but I'm not judging the fragrance. Perhaps I should wait until Thursday to start the test. I need to work on my setup as tins can get hot, and I would rather not start a fire, so I better get that right before I start.
  15. I’m on a quest to find the best wick to use in double wicking my 11oz tureens with 6006 wax. On Friday poured seven 4oz tins with different wicks and I am unsure hoe long I should wait to start my test. I was thinking 4 days, but I haven’t a clue why I think that. I may never find the right wick, but when I die my wife will be able to sell my wick collection and retire off of the proceeds.