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  1. When you say you hit it with a heat gun, what does that look like exactly? Sorry to be an idiot. I guess what I’m asking is... the wet spot is down towards the bottom of the container so I can’t just remelt the top with a heat gun ? Again, sorry for the probably stupid question.
  2. When you preheat your containers before pouring into them, have you already wicked them or do you do it afterward? I’ve always done it after preheating because I was worried the heat of the oven might affect the wick negatively, but I also heard some heat their jars with the wick inside. Thoughts?
  3. IGI 6006

    Wthomas - out of curiosity, what do you not like about the LX wicks?
  4. IGI 6006

    I use LX wicks with success in IGI6006 with the exception of some of the heavier oils. I don’t get much soot even when I don’t trim the wicks. I find they work really well in my container, but then again I only use one container. What % of fragrance oil are you using and what size wick? Might you be overwicked? The reason I ask is because two different suppliers recommended an LX 18 and 20 to me and I found my go-to wick to be an LX14.
  5. Thank you for your feedback wthomas.
  6. Wow! Thank you for sharing your results! It is evident that you put a lot of time and money into this. Thank you for sharing with us!
  7. My favorite is WSP Perfect Pumpkin. Super strong hot throw. It does have some maple and spice in it though, so if you don’t like that, you might not like it.
  8. One more thing... not sure if this is just coincidence or not, but both times it occurred with candles made with fragrances I had to wick down on. Also - earlier I said that it’s pulling away from the bottom. It’s actually pulling away at the side of the jar where it meets the thicker bottom portion. Any help/guesses are appreciated!! Thank you!
  9. It’s very rare that it happens. I just can’t figure out what the cause is because it only happens every once in a while and only after it is lit.
  10. Question for all of you folks who have been doing this a while. On two different occasions this has happened... after a few burns the wax at the bottom of the candle pulls away from the sides. When first lighting the candle, it looks perfect - no adhesion issues. This happens maybe two burns in. It looks unsightly but does not affect the burn of the candle. Anyone know what is causing this? And what in your experience would a customer do if this occurred to a candle they had purchased? Is this return worthy?
  11. Okay. I will try to wick down to an LX 12 with IGI 6006. I try to do all of my power burns without trimming the wick which I feel like contributes to most of the soot issues. My question is... if I'm not trimming the wicks to get the best idea of how safe the candle truly is, won't I always have some soot on the rim? Thanks for your help!!
  12. Suggestions for "Snow" fragrance

    Trappeur - I have White Birch. I love it, but to me it smells very similar to CS Fraser Fir. Maybe a little less sweet? Regardless, I would think someone would probably want to offer one or the other and not both. Just my opinion though...
  13. Just did a power burn of the Nest Holiday dupe (very good by the way) from Bulk Apothecary. This is at the 8 hour mark and I have not trimmed the wick at all during any of the burns. Is this a success? Meltpool is about 1/4 inch. I can pick it up but it's fairly hot. A bit of soot on the rim but not much. Thoughts? Thanks in advance for your feedback.