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  1. Soy drops

    Wow! Thanks so much for all the great info! I'm thinking the salts are the way to go.
  2. Soy drops

    Yes, I almost forgot about the scented salts! That's another thing I want to try. Thank you! I'm skeptical about how well the wax absorbs too. I made one purchase from somebody's party that raved about them & was disappointed. Guess I thought if I do it myself, I could try to use up to the wax's full load for FO & see how it works.
  3. Soy drops

    Curious if anyone here has made scented soy drops & what your opinion was? I ran across Flicker's tutorial on candlesoylutions on how to make them & it sounds almost too easy! Wax pastilles mixed with FO & dye until it absorbs, no melting/mixing/pouring. Searching here, I didn't find too many threads about it but did see a mention that someone thinks that is what Pink Zebra does. I'm wondering if the wax really absorbs that well in a dry state & is there a better brand over others. I'm thinking if this works well, it would be so easy for my 6 yr old to help out when making gifts for his teachers & aides.
  4. Newbie here! I'm finally hitting on some good wick/jar combinations for HT. Tarts have been great, but wasn't getting much from candles poured from the same batch. Right now I can't get enough of ICS Zucchini pumpkin bread & also loving their Cactus sea salt. Have only been playing around with this for a couple months & I think I have a couple dozen scents with my wish list standing by, lol.
  5. Love this site!

    Hey all! I've been reading & learning & enjoying all the excellent information here. I'm brand new to this but have always loved a good candle! I played with the idea several years ago about trying to make my own candles but in the dial up era of internet, didn't make it too far with researching it. Several months ago, I spent $40 for 2 scents at a friend's party & was completely disgusted by the lack of "oomph" after a few hrs (this was for melts; only lasted about 4 hrs maybe in a tealight warmer). So it got me thinking again about making it for myself especially after I had seen oils listed on Amazon (my fave place to shop!). I'm not really looking to make money & have learned here about using fragrances without actually having to mess with the wax which would be fine for my own use. However, another motivation for me is that my youngest is autistic. He is relatively high functioning & just completed kindergarten in a standard class. Doing so has involved all kinds of help from others (K teacher, speech, occupational therapy, special needs teacher, etc etc etc) & I'd like to have something special I can give to thank those who help him every day. Like I said above, I work full time with irregular hrs, so just whipping up cookies for a dozen or so people is daunting & it's too expensive to buy everybody individual gifts. I like the idea of having something great smelling (melts, candles, bath/body) that I can just pull out & package & not have to worry the night before if I have the time to get it together. So far, I've bought some 415 & silicone molds at Amazon & some oils from CS for tarts which have been super fun to make! Looking forward to doing more! Again, you guys are awesome!