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  1. ellajoan

    Bottlenose Bottleneck.

    @TallTayl, do you just use regular table salt? Does the scent actually throw that way? I've never tried this method before and want to for a few blends. I've tried the cotton swabs in the baggie method w/ little success.
  2. ellajoan

    Peony Scent

    So we had an exciting night...we did an open air market at a little upscale boutique. At the end of the night, they asked to stock our candles! The shop owner has a favorite lotion made of peonies and white lillies (It was called Lollia Breathe). She was hoping to do a private label candle of that scent. We are not "floral" candlemakers at all, so we aren't too sure where to begin. Does anyone have any good peony or white lily scents you could recommend? Thanks everyone. I've been getting so much great info/advice from these boards, as always.
  3. ellajoan

    Hey hey....looking for Hay

    Sarah, thanks so much! I'll give this a try. We do have Antique Sandalwood, and I was hacked by Aztec's website multiple times. I don't think I'll be ordering from them again. They handled things very poorly and had many rude comments to their customers.
  4. ellajoan

    Hey hey....looking for Hay

    Sarah S, that sounds amazing! I have Clothespins, but I don't have Barnwood. I'd love to try that mix. Do you mind sharing your ratios?
  5. Can anyone recommend a good Hay scent? Looking for a fall scent that is not pumpkin, apple, or spices, as we've already got those. Thanks!
  6. ellajoan

    How much stock to bring?

    Did well. I made almost exactly 10x my booth rent, which was good considering the weather was rainy and kind of cold. We also booked another show and got a potential wholesale account, so all in all it went swimmingly.
  7. Thanks, Sarah. I'm looking at Pumpkin Chai from The Flaming Candle, too. Sounds interesting!
  8. Who has the best versions of these popular scents? Starting to plan my Fall/Winter Lineup. I've seen many different descriptions for Christmas Splendor--don't want anything close to CS Christmas Hearth (our best seller). I use 464. TIA!
  9. I have been super impressed with Brambleberrry's FO I've tried, but I notice that most of the reviews are from soap or lotion makers. I'd love to hear from Candle-making folks about which BB scents you've tried and your opinions. My favs from there are Grass Stain and Hello Sweet Thang, but I've not tried too many others. These are the ones I'm looking at: Autumn Fig Harvest Blueberry Thyme Cactus Flower Champagne Cocoa Butter Cashmere Electric Lemonade Ginger Ale Jade Lemon Cake Orange Peel Cybilla Vanilla Oak Warm Flannel Let me know which ones of these you've tried, or which others have been successful for you in wax (I use 464). Thanks!
  10. ellajoan

    How much stock to bring?

    So this weekend is the big event. We are bringing about 375 candles. Expected crowds are now estimated at 12-20,000 guests. We did the best we could to set up a booth with two separate "smelling stations." My goal is to make a minimum of $600, but that could be aiming too high. What is the most you've ever made at these types of things?
  11. We just signed up sell at a large Flea Market in May. This market brings between 8,000-10,000 visitors. How much stock do you suggest we bring? How many different scents? First big event of this type, and I need some guidance! Thanks!