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  1. ellajoan


    WSP had a tulip that was wonderful a few years ago. Fairly certain they still carry it.
  2. ellajoan

    Nature’s Garden recommendations

    Peppermint Patty is nice for Christmas time, I love their Green Clover and Aloe, too.
  3. Also a 464 user, but seem to be the only one who likes Premier wicks with it. I read a ton of posts from Old Glory (so helpful) about Premier and gave them a whirl. Works fairly well for me--occaionally need to use ECO or CD for hard to wick scents (mostly smokey ones). Not a fan of how 464 looks after being burned. Would love to try C3, Clarus 3022 or another parasoy blend.
  4. ellajoan

    Hit or Miss Rate

    Great topic. Been wondering this myself, as I feel like most of the sample FO's I test are "misses." And only maybe 1/3 of the ones that make it into wax are keepers (easy to wick, good cold and hot throw, mass appeal). Many of them WE like, but if they don't sell, we discontinue them. So I'd guess that only 15% of the fos we order make it into our line.
  5. ellajoan

    Brambleberry FOs---for candles only...

    Just test burned Cocoa Butter Cashmere, and it's great! Good thrower, unique comfy, cozy scent.
  6. ellajoan

    Tough sell fragrance... have u ever

    There is definitely a psychology to it! One of our current best sellers was a total DUD until we changed it's name--then Boom! Sold like crazy. We also put out best sellers on the ends, so when people pick up the first one to smell they have a better chance of liking it. If they like the first one they smell, they are more likely to smell others. People often are "shy" to approach (no one wants the hard sell, and some vendors can be obnoxious), but we've discovered that the more they interact w/ the product the greater chance they'll buy.
  7. ellajoan

    What do you think of this meeting?

    I am angry for you! With all of the help and advice you give to us, it makes me mad that your vendors (your bread and butter) are basically trying to steal from you. I agree with the previous poster who said you needed to warn your other accounts of what these folks are trying to do. Wishing you luck, a clear head, and articulate speech when you confront these people. Bad eggs, indeed. Karma will catch up with them.
  8. ellajoan

    What do you think of this meeting?

    I've had a few friends assume that candle making is simply---melt the wax, add the oil, pop in a wick, done. A few of them are trying to copy our scents, jars, etc and asking us all of these questions as well. None of them know that each candle involves months of trial and error and testing, testing, testing. Whenever they ask me these specific questions, I tend to say--if you want to try your hand at candlemaking, there are plenty of websites that offer starter kit. Heck, I'll even direct them here if they are serious--but I'm not planning on giving years of work away for nothing just because someone thinks this craft is easy.
  9. ellajoan

    Nature Wax C-6

    No experience with it, but following this thread. Interested in learning about this wax as a possible alternative to 464.
  10. ellajoan

    So what did you order from the WSP sale?

    I controlled myself this time... I got Pistachio Macaron Jelly Donut Pumpkin Crunch Cake Applewood Fir Needle (which is lovely, btw)
  11. ellajoan

    Favorite FO from Fillmore?

    Lavender, Sage, and Rosemary has been a big seller for us this summer!
  12. ellajoan

    Jelly Donut from WSP Pictures

    I love WSP oils OOB, but I've only found a few of them that throw well for me in 464. Makes me sad, but probably for the best, b/c they are so spendy.
  13. Can anyone who's tried Essence of Jesus compare it to something for me? I'd like to try it but would hate to have another overpowering or powdery masculine scent. Anyone love or hate this one?
  14. I stay around 6-8% fragrance load for 464 and generally cure for 2 weeks before I start wick testing. If I overload with FO then I get very little HT or have a weeping candle.
  15. Love mine. Use it all over the house, as well! Great for getting wax spills off your floors, too.