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  1. What wax do you use for clams?

    I reached out to them for clarification on this recently. 125 is 4630 129 is 4794 130 is 6006 141 is 4625 but please note, candlewic only purchases the base waxes from igi, then throws in their own additives to produce thier final product. So therefore, they are a like product, not an exact match to the IGI waxes. The consistency may NOT be exactly the same from thecandlewic waxes to IGI waxes.
  2. What wax do you use for clams?

    450 is my Pillar wax choice. I get better results from it than any of the igi products. But it's very hard. Very. And opaque. Just FYI.
  3. Stearic acid in Q230?

    I think the 4630 415 combo is a little too soft for melts. I would try adding more of a harder Pillar or votive paraffin to your blend. Ive added steric to 4630 at a percentage from 1-4%. At this level, I wasn't able to tell any change at all. It certainly didn't harden the wax like you are wanting. Vybar in my experience will harden it much faster, but it's too risky in trapping the scent. Too much vybar is needed to get the hardness you want in this blend without messing up the hot throw. Again, I suggest a harder paraffin wax be added.
  4. Fragrance Buddy

    Yes I do! Too many to list or even count! I espically love thier Lush dupes. Most are spot on. Good quality oils, imo.
  5. The Candlemakers Store

    That was the bs line they gave me....scents are all subjective. I responded with yes, to some degree, but that all scents are made with certain notes and that is all we were wanting from them. I agree about be being utterly frustrating! And I explained that to them too and also said most makers wouldn't purchase from them with NO description. Less than two weeks later I started seeing some descriptions. Maybe they are still working on getting them uploaded. We can only hope.
  6. The Candlemakers Store

    Good to know! Kerven I said this based on my use of all paraffin.
  7. I would love to have a lb of each of the following inlet lakegrass pink sugar provence
  8. The Candlemakers Store

    Yes thier products are good quality. Some dupes spot on, others not. Just about like every other company, just have to try them. But I would recommend thier products overall. Note, I put in a compliant to thier company a few months back about the lack of scent descriptions. Since then, they have added some descriptions. Guess not on these. I did tell them how frustrating is was on our side.
  9. You should certainly do a review of your experience about these waxes on the site in which they were purchased. Suppliers and the manufacturer needs to hear real experiences from expert candle makers and not just the reviews of those being paid or those selling the waxes.
  10. Very smart!! I would have never thought of this! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Paraffin Wax

    They are TONS of successful wax vendors who use all paraffin.
  12. What wax do you use for clams?

    Yeah it sounds like that KY133 is gonna take lots of tweaking to get it to compete with the Candle Source wax. I do think 4630 is the right wax to add to it.....it's soft but not sticky. Another wax that is not sticky at all that I've had good luck in blending is 4633.
  13. What wax do you use for clams?

    Those divots (on the cups and tarts) are a direct cause of cooling too fast. They won't do this if they are covered for 15-30 mins and poured as low as you can possibly pour. As for the dip, To be very frank, it typically doesn't level out on its own until around 50 percent container wax, maybe even 60. That may or not be possible and still get them to release. It's all very much a balancing act between the release and the look of the tops. but I've gotten some very soft waxes to release when blended, including 4627. It just takes lots of work in blending, patience and testing.
  14. What wax do you use for clams?

    You're going to need to get much closer to 30% on the container wax to see any change in them leveling out. It sometimes helps if you pour as low as you can....maybe around 150 and cover them for approx. 15-30 mins while they cure.