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  1. Getting Products into Boutiques

    I actually made a video on this topic. consignments I rent retail space before. Wasn't a good experience. I didn't have any control. Where in the store, how it was displayed. My bath bombs got destroyed in-front of the window in the sunlight. There are so many things that affect my sales. I had no control yet I still paid for the space for 8 weeks. They didn't tell me any of these changes. I had to visit the store myself to see whats going on. Be clear before you rent space.
  2. I see in the polls, some are interested in product photography. I made a short easy guide to get started on that.
  3. Bath Bombs not Foaming

    thanks so much. I think mine are too slow.
  4. How generous are you with refunds?

    I think starting off, with 0 or little following, 100% refund if not satisfied, can build trust and credibility. Your probably not going to get an abuser early on. Maybe later you can not give refunds or track repeat refunders to cut them off.
  5. Bath Bombs not Foaming

    oops. yes 1/4cup slsa I purposely used alcohol instead of water to prevent fizzing when mixing. I currently put 170lbs of force on my bath bombs when packing lol. I have to test that too. That is a great idea!, I'll try other foaming bath bombs.
  6. Finding your niche

    I would apply a unique skill set to the product. I don't have a trained nose so scent won't be my strength. I'm handy so I make my own equipment, to either make difficult designs or increase efficiency to price out others. other niches -goth theme -witch, superstitious, good luck, positive energy etc -premium hand carved - heavy on charity. (1 soap bought = 1 soap donated/1 tree gets planted/save the bees!) -glorify a uncommon exotic ingredient -identity. (for LGBTQ, from a country, for people who suffer from migraines)
  7. Starting again...

    A few contradictions. I'm not into sales too. I still do it though before I can hire. Good Luck!
  8. I added many ingredients to make a foaming bath bomb. 1/2 cup baking soda 1/2 cup citric acid 1/4 slsa 1 teaspoon canola oil 1 teaspoon fragrance oil 1 teaspoon polysorbate 80 99% isopropyl alcohol The bath bomb foams a lot If I toss it in the water immediately after pressed. If the bath bomb dries in 24hrs, the bath bomb won't fizz much when in the water. Youtubers don't have this problem, they all fizzed when slsa or polysorbate 80 is included. This seems like a unique problem.
  9. because it usually doesn't get used? I can buy 50lb of baking soda, salts, citric acid easily, it gets used up fast. I don't use enough colors, oils, clay to buy bulk yet. I keep a record of large suppliers. I can't buy those minimums(example. a drum of oil) yet, hopefully I push enough volume to buy those large quantities.
  10. Saffire Blue is very overpriced. Voyageur is well priced, shipping is ok. Supplies are never low enough. I looked into factory directories and food companies.
  11. I made $2 at a Craft Show..

    iansmommaya Good accounting always important. Thanks TallTayl for being direct. I need to talk to more audiences.
  12. Thanks. I found some factories nearby but they selling food grade oils by the drum. I'll stick with food industry, maybe buy from factory with other craft people.
  13. Ya I look into food industry for lower cost bath product ingredients. besides food. what other industry ingredients overlap with skincare? We have a lot less here in Canada, but the upside is, there is less competition here vs USA.
  14. I made $2 at a Craft Show..

    Definitely, Spending a few minutes looking into these questions can save 6 hours.
  15. I made $2 at a Craft Show..

    "Price is a PERCEIVED indicator of value, not a true indicator" I said "general", I never said true. general value includes the perceived value. Booth cost is generally positively correlated with foot traffic. Low traffic generally means less sales, less everything. Yes, it's about the result. Preferably good results with a lower booth cost. We have a 4k 8 day show here. Some people hit it big. It's basically same for you. Some high priced items only sell at large expensive shows where people are ready to drop that type of cash. Average income people won't spend buy $200+ jewelry at a school gym craft fair or church. It is if you get the same multiple as your lower booth fee shows. Some people get it, some don't