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  1. logo

    lovely. consider the background too. If it's printed on a transparent sticker, then stuck on a white candle. It may be hard to read.
  2. I see tinder marketing, even dating websites used to promote a movie. (female profiles used to pitch an upcoming movie after a few lines of dialog) Pretty scummy. I will stick to instagram and facebook.
  3. I am considering starting Snapchat for marketing. But the user base is ages15-24. Not sure if it's a good idea. It's hard to find the demographics of candle users. Based on your experience. who buys the candles? mostly women. ages 20-65+? Are university students buying candles a big market?
  4. There is luminara candles which is a huge led candle company. I haven't found Lumina in the candle category. is still available There is Lumina in the web analytics software category. + is taken I'll look up the trademarks. Thanks for the feedback
  5. I started with bath products. and named the business. Bathaway Now I am mostly making candles and wax luminaries. I came up with Lumina Candles. (Lum-in-a) But I don't want people reading it. (Lu-mean-a) Does it matter? I want to sell b2b later so I want a modern sophisticated name. black and white, sleek.
  6. I thickened it so now it pools sometimes. Now the heart burns for 5.5hrs. It doesn't burn hotter. The short burn time is from no pooling of wax. Before marketing it better. I am having trouble conceptually scaling this. 1 silicone mold makes 1 candle in 2hrs. Which is very very slow. Unlike other candles which 200+ can be poured in 20min.
  7. i add the sand with an essential oil and it burns well. No flash points and aesthetic concerns for me me! p.s I spray liquid soy through a nozzle, I don't grind it down.
  8. ya i saw. custom scents too if a lot is ordered.
  9. I only saw granular paraffin from the U.S so far. I see Alibaba has granular soy. I'll keep looking. thanks!
  10. I am using a wooden wick with a stable clip. So it is stable and safe. Trouble is that the clip can be buried in solid wax once the pools reaches it. Then it would be hard change tabs + wick. I'm planning on selling only the sand, wooden wick, maybe add a tiny mason jar. as a kit + refills. I don't like selling $50+ items. Hard sell. So I wouldn't be selling this candle.
  11. I put the shapes out of wood and make silicone molds from them.
  12. I melted soy wax, blew it through a nozzle to granulate it. (super messy) After sifting the mess, I got soy sand! Tutorial Here
  13. i got 2.5in circles. But my stickers are spaced 3 mm differently on the page. versus the avery template. both are so simulair but the 3mm maligns the printing. I found a Microsoft word template that works ok.
  14. I love blank stickers. I can buy bulk and know it will always be used. Problem. I bought bulk cheaper ones. There is no software that allows me to easily print on them. The template for avery design and print software is slightly different. I didn't buy avery because it's 4x cost of unbranded ones. I can make my own template and copy and paste. but I am lazy. Are there any other solutions?
  15. duties aren't too much. maybe 5% additional cost. I'll research U.S suppliers.