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  1. is she the other? "extremely branded. extreme niche or occasion. Stores based 100% on confetti, party favor bath bombs" she has to be of the best (which is an extreme) at something
  2. great post! My passion is inventing so I defiantly might make another invention. Your assuming I am importing. I went the automation route. We'll I am less than 2 years in. It's going great so far. Self promotion. Deleted video.
  3. When I made my candles. They were very special and unique. Duel wick separate burning. Of course I cared to make something so different. CNC molds, silicone molds, Centering the wick in that shape. I am talking about the inconvenient truths which struck a cord here. Importing, companies mainly marketing than caring about the product. I leave it up to people to think for themselves. But the attitude here to tell me to put "opinion disclaimers"
  4. care to explain? sarcasm that I missed your post's message. Why?
  5. It's not fact. Your interpretation of my opinion as fact is fine. Everyone here makes statements, no one follows them with "put an opinion disclaimer!" But what is different about my statement is... It's not liked. So now, people here want me to put "opinion disclaimers" Now I am accused for being wrong for other peoples interpretation of my opinions statements as fact. At least you agree I was making opinion statements. I can't do anything about your interpretation.
  6. unfortunately, importing and selling as handmade happens alot on Etsy. I didn't say do it but I spoke on how alot of people are doing it. You thinking I am encouraging that is incorrect.
  7. Your interpretation of my posting being a factual statement is incorrect. My post is not a fact. Facts need empirically evidence. I did not provide any empirical evidence You can criticize my post. And now my video too. "candle making is “easy” “you just stick a wick in a jar, add wax and you are done” Is this a fact or opinion? You can disagree, but don't claim my statements are facts. thanks for your compliment. It's my most viewed video.
  8. I could be getting more sales. packing and shipping doesn't grow the business much. As long as it's done properly in a timely manner. I make 1 product. So I am obsessing on how to shave down seconds. seconds x 1000's = alot of time. Your injury made you more conscious of your time. It's something we all need. Maybe not an injury but your post helps!
  9. I did not passed off my opinions as facts. I did not backed my opinion up with empirical evidence. I don't need to add "in my opinion" on everything I post. Without evidence, it's implied. Just like most post here. If your telling me to not potentially do harm, for not explicitly saying "in my opinion". Please do that for every post on this forum. That way you are consistent and fair. that is your bias. It can also lead to more sales instead of R & Ding items that don't sell. of course there is no fact about how NaughtyNancy should do it. I don't know what is even made.
  10. I don't know what you make but what ever it is, if you don't have much time or money. Sell something completely unique, high end, and expensive. Your branding is more important than your product. Sell 1 thing first. There is too much mediocrity out there. I learned the hard way when I tried soap, bath salt, bubble bars. Try the craft markets but try social media first. It's free to learn how to grow facebook pages, instagram pages, youtube channels. Pick one. If you are, I don't recommend selling cheap products, you will work for free or lose money. The successful do 1 of the following -import -are actually social media companies selling generic products -automate Also Other people can do this because they have a spouse taking care of them or they have a high paying career to fund their business.
  11. We know how hard it is on etsy to even get a sale. before even trying etsy, i think other channels have to explored because the ROI on selling on etsy is bad. 95% of stores don't get a return on etsy. Most common case study: - see etsy ad - a person making careers off etsy (#1 seller of a category) They say something generic like "My key to success was getting quality ingredients" -the dream is created -buy supplies -take lousy photos -annnnnd 0 views. -close store after 6 months. The ROI on etsy is good when other channels are set up. Then simply list on etsy for some extra sales.
  12. I do bath bombs. taking your example. $3 - $1.25 - $0.30 (listing fee) - 3% (transaction fee) - $0.20 (wholesale) - packing time - errors - customer service - printing shipping labels. They make very very little or none on that. I am guessing it gives them impressive sales numbers, 5 star reviews, and a chance people buy more items per order. I think what is more likely is buying 100 000 roll on parfum from china at $0.30 each. Seller knows how to import. They have a retail store, or other distribution channels, they wholesale to other stores. They list on etsy for some easy income. The most highest volume stores are beads. They sell for $1 - $3. The beads cost $0.001-$0.03 from china.
  13. They dropship, or wholesale it from a "production partner" china factory. Etsy is losing money so they allow this stuff to stay afloat. etsy is so competitive that only the extremes do well. extremely cheap. cheaper than buying local. (factory made) extremely branded. as you said, fantasy oriented and wayyy overpriced. extreme niche or occasion. Stores based 100% on confetti, party favor bath bombs
  14. Look at craftcount.com. Even the "successful" top 1% can't make a living 100% off etsy. It's a sales channel while they have a main website. Calculate their revenue with Number of sales x average item price. minus transaction fees, listing fees. cost of goods. Divided by number of years open. The top 3 stores in bath and body make $100k per year. Top 20 stores make 40k per year. Given the level of competition, and time to be literally at the top on etsy. These numbers aren't good
  15. I prepack my etsy orders. 95% of my sales come from 2 listings. 80% 1 listing. 15% another listing. I prepack once a month. I ship once a week. I bulked my supplies, 500sq ft of shipping supplies. same box, same weight. I don't measure. I just print the labels and stick them on. For Canada Post, I pay $4 flat rate to pick up my parcels. my shopify orders are custom so it's a pain packing them. I have 3 box sizes that fits 95% of my orders. That way it's easier to input the shipping dimensions. The BIGGEST cost of an order is customer service. we all had those experiences.. I think the margins needs to be so high that these tiny costs, isn't important. These cost can x10 and the profit is still great. But i understand high margins is a rare luxury.