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  1. Thank you @TallTayl for the tips! I tested the other day when it was 90, and the candles began to melt. My canopy tent came with removable walls, so I put on three of the walls to block the sunlight, but I'm wondering if it actually increased the temperature under the canopy because of poor ventilation. It's going to be 95 here tomorrow, so I'll test again with just one wall (the side facing the sun).
  2. I apologize if this has already been discussed, but I did a pretty lengthy search and couldn't find anything. I am still relatively new at selling my soy candles and wax melts. I've predominantly used Etsy but attended a few Fall/Winter craft fairs last year. My goal this year was to use my summer (I'm a teacher) to attend more craft fairs and farmers markets. My first one is scheduled for this Sunday, but it's forecasted to be 92 degrees. My soy candles would definitely begin to melt at that temperature, so I pulled out of the event. I have a farmers market on Tuesday, and it's supposed to be 95 degrees, so I will probably need to cancel that as well. Maybe I was being too optimistic when I signed up for these markets, but I really want to get out there to sell my product in person. Do any of you have experience selling soy candles at outdoor markets in the summer? I'd love your feedback on whether it's just a bad idea or if there are things I could do to make it work. Jeremy
  3. JeremyM

    Mason Jar Aroma Beads

    I only sell aroma beads in sachets, but my friend works for a school and has asked if they can buy them in small mason jars instead to place on teachers' desks. Being a teacher myself, I'm all for this. I already have small mason jars and daisy lids, but the beads fall all over the place when you shake it. Any idea what I can use for a screen that lets the smell of the beads escape but keeps the beads inside the jar? Jeremy
  4. JeremyM

    Hi From MA

    I had researched projects other teachers had done and came across a high school science teacher in California who did a similar project, except they made soap. I was very impressed by it. I was hesitant to use lye with middle schoolers, plus I felt candles would be more fun. You can read more about that project below: http://www.hightechhigh.org/hthma/project/wicked-soap-company/
  5. JeremyM

    Hi From MA

    Hi everyone, I've been reading through these forums for a few months now since I started to make candles and figured I might as well officially join! I originally started to learn about candles because I thought it would make for a great project in my middle school science class. I wanted my students to learn the chemistry involved while also developing entrepreneurship skills. I planned to make a small "business" and give the students control over the type of wax/fragrances we would use. All profits would go to funding future class projects. It seemed like a great idea...until we didn't get the grant we needed. I decided I knew too much about candles to just give up, so I decided to go on my own and have created my own company. I've been testing away since November and plan to open up an online store in the next month or so. I've learned a lot from these forums. Thank you!