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  1. We know we all want to collect EVEN MORE FOs. I haven't seen any amazing sales, but have you?
  2. I'll check that out. Thanks! "Ultra super scented?" Whoa!
  3. Thanks for those suggestions! I took a look at their site awhile back and got so excited about those last two, but I have a thing about pthalates, especially since I make body stuff. I know there's some debate about them, but I thought I'd avoid them. Vanilla Smoothie is pthalate-free, though!
  4. I just took some chances with Oregon Trail- four scents- and I'll report back on them.
  5. Why, thank you, @WaxingPoetic. You must have excellent taste too. We need some humor around here. Soap and wax can be so serious. They need to lighten up a little.
  6. Ooooooh! It might smell like a grasshopper- the old classic cocktail, not the insect.
  7. Fluff is by far the best marshmallow I've found. I could pour it into a little baby pool and roll around in it.
  8. The prices were so good I couldn't help it. Anyone have experiences with these? Enchanted Apple Lemon Ice Wisteria Pure Amber Amber Gingersnap Cookies Peppermint Bark Fresh Picked Pomelo Tonka Bean Noir Spiked Cider Raw Sugar & Mint Orange Sugar & Shea Cobalt Beach Glass Rum Caramel Truffle Peppered Orange Caramel Cucumber, Violet & Fennel Peach, Grapefruit & Thyme
  9. @Faerywren I'm going to try that blend. Where do you find the best prices on your waxes?
  10. It is Bulk Apothecary. It's not pink sugar, it's based on a Philosophy product. It does not smell like marshmallows, more like a lighter pink sugar with some lemon.
  11. I love it, too. I also love Sugar Chick from BA. They're not cheap, but it's good stuff.
  12. If you don't like it, I'll buy it from you. No, I haven't, but I haven't looked. I've seen it on several FO sites. Have you tried any?
  13. Oh! I forgot one! I also purchased Woods and Bitter Coffee. OOB, I smell a lot of patchouli. Hope it develops into something more complex.
  14. It depends. If you want something more gourmand, go with Indulgent. It's not food-y, but you can really pick up on that vanilla. Let Them Eat Cake has less raw vanilla and a more powdery lightness. I wouldn't give up either one of them. Indulgent is warmer, Cake is's own thing. If you like scents like that, by all means check out TokyoMilk's scents. Bulletproof and Tainted Love are both unique scents I wear all the time. I'd love to have them duped. (Although I may have figured out Bulletproof. I think it's primarily Mysore wood. Still working)