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  1. Has anyone ordered from Botanic?

    Thanks for the update! I have not placed an order...yet...
  2. Has anyone ordered from Botanic?

    Keep me posted!
  3. Is it time yet to co-op any of my dupes?

    I've never done this. I read all of this thread. I did not go through 6 pages of posts from last time, admittedly. I would like to try several of these, but I STILL don't understand how to do that. I went to college 'stuff, yet I am confused.
  4. Aspen Bay jar Vocano candle Capri Blue

    I second Aztec's!
  5. I tried a ton of them and they are ALL good and I wish their shipping wasn't $453087360363 because wow.
  6. I like Lonestar's Marshmallow Madness! I truly loved Daystar's marshmallow scents, thought they were mild, but I just can't bring myself to order from her again. I want to cry. She has good stuff.
  7. Has anyone ordered from Botanic?

    Ohhhhhh, they look dangerous! How can I not order?
  8. I've not put it in wax, but OOB, yes, you can smell both. It's unusual that you can actually smell the rum.
  9. Violet Candies

    I saw somewhere, I have no idea where, that one of the 5694563487380693846 vendors had a violet that reminded a reviewer of those old violet candies I had as a kid. I still buy them when I go to NYC, and I love the scent. Does anyone know where I can find that scent? I need it.
  10. ISO help...Wheat fragrance?

    I think it's BCN that has Sweetgrass and New Mown Hay. I guess when you say "wheat" I think of in the fields. If you mean bread, I'd definitely try WSP's.
  11. Freshly Baked Bread: Has anyone nailed it?

    That's interesting! I'm planning on doing some odd foodie stuff. May I ask what you're making?
  12. Freshly Baked Bread: Has anyone nailed it?

    I have! I used it in melts. I love it. You can really smell the yeast. I look forward to making different "pastries" with it. I just ordered a sample to try it. I'm always optimizing!
  13. I just had an OOB experience...

    Welcome! Please let me know what you buy! I can't wait to hear about them!
  14. I just had an OOB experience...

    It's exactly those scent notes. Great description.
  15. I just had an OOB experience...

    I'm glad I could be helpful. I love Marshmallow Fluff and it makes me sad that it's weak, because it's the only marshmallow I've tried that isn't plasticy. The Let Them Eat Cake dupe I purchased was from Fragrance Buddy. I'm not sure if you're familiar with the scent, but if not, it's not a pure foodie scent. I think the Milk one is strong enough for tarts, yes. I was surprised. However, I didn't try it in a huge area, just my studio, which is 10x10 feet. I actually turned off the warmer when clients were coming in because I wondered if they'd think it was too "milky" in there. When I tried the I Want Cake in that same space, it didn't reach the entire space. Same with Fluff. You would need to add cookies to the milk. It really does smell like warm, sweet milk. The Cake Bake and Cake Batter seem really strong OOB. I don't foresee a problem there, but I haven't put them in wax.