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  1. Best wicks

    what moonshine said....lol...I did like the cbl 130. It is similar to 6006 in that many of the same scents will throw with it but I prefer the cbl because it is a firmer wax so the wicks stay more upright. I only tested one case and haven't ordered again because I got frustrated trying to get it wicked in a status jar. I was using the 9 oz hex previously and it was great in those with the cdns.
  2. Best wicks

    when I tested that wax the cdn series worked wonderfully....hth
  3. 2 months in..

    I bought an embossing gun from Michaels and it is AWESOME.......it wont splash your wax around like that. You just have to make sure you keep it moving cause it gets HOT!!!
  4. What are we doing wrong?

    Have you tried pouring into room temperature glass? the heat gun could possibly be causing uneven heating of your glass is my thought....ofcourse I could be wrong....also try heating them on the lowest oven temp on a cookie sheet.
  5. Coffee fragrance oil

    hi candle husband .....how long are you curing your candles? CBL 130 is part soy.....I try to give them a week to ten days minumum......I've also been having a hard time finding a coffee fragrance that will throw in parasoy so I feel your pain......
  6. Fragrance Oils from Nature’s Items

    I just received my firstt order from them yesterday...oob they smell great!!!!!
  7. Anyone use a non-discoloring vanilla?

    no I haven't....sorry. I only do candles and I tried that one only because I didn't care for the vanilla butter scent.
  8. Anyone use a non-discoloring vanilla?

    the chemistry store has a non-discoloring vanilla and it smells good oob
  9. southwest has a butter pecan waffles
  10. Coconut

    The coconut crème from the chemistry store is very good .I considered using it on its own but I like my fragrances super strong so I'm going to use it as a blender....not that it's weak...it's strong as far as coconuts go.....
  11. The Candlemaker's Store

    the verbena & lemon is strong and tart and the vanilla grapefruit is strong too....seems like they're on the ball with their citruses
  12. Help with wicking? Weak Hot Throw

    I've tried many of flamings scents in my parasoy and the only ones I could get a throw I was satisfied with were mac apple, birthday cake, and fresh bamboo.I'm thinking those particular scents just don't wanna play with your wax I only get wax, jars,,etc,,,from them now....Flaming is a good company but just too many misses for me. Seems like folks who use 464 have better luck with them? idk?
  13. Wick suggestions, please !

    Actually,I'm testing an eco 6 in one of my 3 inch tumblers right now....I don't know if these is a good starting point or not as I don't have much experience with these. We shall see....thank you for the suggestion coconut
  14. Wick suggestions, please !

    do you get much of a throw from the htp or premier? I've tried them both as an in between size but they don't seem to throw very well for me.....actually the best burn I've ever had were those premier 500 series but you have to buy a ton of them,,,,the premier 700 also discolor too much....sigh.....well I still have some sample packs of the 500s left......Thinking maybe I should retest them to see if a large order would be worth it.