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  1. I contacted NGI today about the release date of the new Eco Soya... She says they were ready to send out samples out to their distributors last week, but had a production issue and it's being pushed back a few weeks... Hopefully within the month of June... At that time the distributors would have samples to send out to their customers... She says: The ECO Soya 210 Container Blend (will be most like Advanced) The ECO Soya 220 Container Blend (different but didn't allude to as what was different) The ECO Soyta 230 Pillar Blend. Thoughts? Has anyone heard any rumors? Who is holding out for the new stuff or has already switch and no plans to try. I am testing out the 6006 currently and have been happy with how the candle looks and am working with Zinc wicks and have been getting good results... So not sure if I want to try... I like the thought of not having to put as much FO in them... So why would I want to switch back? Steve
  2. The closest is TheCandleMakersStore. They carry most of the main waxes. I typically will place a big order and drive up and pick them up. We're pretty centrally located. I even contacted GB brand because the plant is 1/2 an hour from us. Minimum case order is 15,000. If everyone wants to go in together? Ha ha....
  3. What Hot Throw? try Again

    Nickie, Here is what I've found so far with the 6006 vs. the 464. I made some 6006 candles with various wicks on Friday. I did some variations based on another post I saw on here. I still have to do more testing but here is what I've found so far... The 6006 blended with 15% 464 has done the best so far for me. We also used zinc wicks. I did a 44-24-18 in a 12 oz. Mason jar. The flame was just a very nice burn. It needs to be wicked upon one more (I'm still learning the sizing for Zinc Wicks so Not sure if the next size is a 44-48-18 or 44-32-18). My zinc sample back from a few years back only had the 44-24-18 in it. The burn was all the way across but it was a slushy burn. Not solid 1/4" burn pool. And it smelled great. So I can only imagine if I can get a nicer burn pool how it will throw. I did go back and retest my 464 candles with the Premier wicks from Aztec and they were great as well. Nice burn and great throw. So we will see.
  4. What Hot Throw? try Again

    I couldn't get there fast enough... But couldn't find but one person sellling the Advanced. The largest they had was 5lbs at 28.95. If you find it please send me a link...
  5. What Hot Throw? try Again

    Nickie, I'm all to aware it's gone. We bought a crapload back before last holiday season so I was unaware it was going bye-bye until February when we were almost out. I can't wait until they decide to come out with something that "might" be as good as the previous. So we're starting over with another wax. Had we known we would have bought 2 or 3 pallets to get us by until they came out to see if it was worth retesting. I found (3) boxes a month or so ago from Cajun Candles and paid $120 shipped for each box. Those are almost gone and I bought (10) 10# bags of the ecosoya to try and keep our shelves stocked. We're making candles in half batches so as not to use it all up. I know what you're going through. I've been testing the 464 and just can't get it to throw like the ecosoya did. We are going to try the 6006 which is a blend to see how that turns out.
  6. What Hot Throw? try Again

    There's no more Ecosoya... At least currently.
  7. Golden Wax 464

    My box has LOT F: 12/23/16. Again I am just now switching over from Ecosoya to 464... Or at least attempting to... Hot throw is mediocre at best. I'm testing multiple brands of wax... The best so far is ones sold by Aztec Candle so far. it's their Cotton Core brand that they sell. Did anyone hear any feedback from Global Brands?
  8. Golden Wax 464

    Geeze.. And this is the Lot that I'm currently testing for the wax switch over. Have any of you noticed a change in the throw or is it just the look. I'm not concerned currently with the look, but how well they smell. I don't want to waste my time if the LOT is bad. Steve
  9. I Need A New Soy Wax

    We use ECO 8 as our main wick and go up to an ECO 10 if need be. We don't add any other additives or colors. Just the fragrance oil. No photos. I will take some as we continue to progress through our testing.
  10. Glasillyn, I've read that, but I've also heard they are not sure if it will happen. My problem is I can't wait that long. And either way I will still have to retest all of my candles. And another place I read that NGI likes to "change things up" every couple of years. I can't go through this again. We run a business selling candles and this is upsetting our apple cart. It's like starting all over.
  11. Thank you.... I currently am sticking with the 464. Until I either love it or move on. I just don't want to waste a lot of time on the ECO wicks if others have had success with LX or CD. I made some samples with our top selling candle with the 464 and (2) CD and (2) LX wicks today. The one CD I used was from Bittercreek and I like how Stiff and thick it was. I've heard others that like theirs. If I can just get a good starting point then I don't mind doing the testing. I just hate this inconsistency with what I'm doing now. FOr example... Not to confuse the issue.... We still have a bit of the Advanced wax left and we still have candles we have to make to supply our shelves. A lady brought one of our candles in today with an inconsistent burn. We had tested this candle with the ECO 8 and Advanced and it burned great... Great Throw.... I replaced her candle and scraped the sides on the candle and relit. It stayed lit but was no where big enough. I just don't understnad how we can go from Great Test... To bad burn... Bad burns can make or break a candle company and I am very careful that we test systematically. When we do new scents I always do a burn after a couple of days and then again after about 1 to 1.5 weeks to make sure there are no changes. I'm at the point of blaming it on the ECO wicks and just want to make a fresh new start with what I hope is a bomb Killer of a candle with the 464 and a new wick. Steve
  12. I Need A New Soy Wax

    Moonshine. I have been making candles for 3 years and selling them with no issues using Ecosoya CB Advanced. As I'm sure you have heard they discontinued it and we are currently in retesting phase switching over to the 464 (possibly) as a replacement. And No I am not selling them as I am currently testing them with our current fragrance oils. What I have done is chose some of our most popular sellers and I made testers with the 464. I waited 2-3 days prior to testing for test 1. The results I'm getting are various. I burned one of our bourbon candles and it drowned the wick after 15 minutes. Later in the week I gave them to my business partner to burn and try them and it burned just fine for her after she scraped out the unburned wax on the sides. We always burn for 2-3 hours for consistency. We each take great notes. Why is this not consistent or accurate. We are consistent with our notes as to our burn pool/wicking and throw? Am I missing something? I have always bought my ECO wicks from Lonestar as that is where we originally tested our candles for the Advanced. I have always bought my wax and wicks from their respective places that we use to test our candles so there is no chance of change-ups.
  13. I Need A New Soy Wax

    When I burn my test candles I burn the first time and it burns great. Then I wait about 1 week and let my business partner try it and it burns down. Then sometimes It's the other way around. I will burn the candle and it goes out after 15 minutes. Make my notes to wick up and she will burn and it's fine. We use an 12 oz. Simple mason/canning jar with the ECO wicks. This is what we have used for the past 3 years as only the wax has changed.
  14. Can I piggy back on this thread??? PLEASE OH PLEASE... I am a former CB Advanced user trying to make the switch over to another available wax. I need guidance from others that use perhaps 464 or another wax...Preferably soy. We are starting the arduous task of retesting ALL of our candle scents (there's 30+ non Holiday Season) and I'm at my wits end. I was able to find (3) boxes of the Advanced (at a premium) to get us by but I'm afraid the way things are going we're not going to make it. What I'm wanting to know for those that use the 464... Which brand of wicks do you use? We have always used ECO wicks and that is what I am currently testing. I picked (12) of our candles that are great hot throws (in the CB Advanced) and are concentrating on those. I hear everyone say the 464 is great but things aren't gelling just yet. I feel like I'm getting inconsistent burns with ECO wicks and the 464 and want to see what other brands of wicks everyone use. I made a few candles with CD and LX wicks today that I will test, but my fear is I'm trying to jump all over the place with wicks and I'll end up making things more confusing. I'm not asking for you to design my candles but just some direction as to which most people prefer. Also... I see where others use waxes other than 464. Should I test those out as well? I have a box of the 6006 but we have so many people that buy our candles because of the ALL SOY factor. (I'm not a ALL SOY fanatic. I realize there are two sides to every story. Just depends on what side you're on.) Just need a nudge in one certain way so I can get this ball rolling. I want to make great candles. Here's what we've been doing for testing purposes on the 464: 1. Heat Wax to 180-185. 2. Add Fragrance oil and mix well 3. Pour in Jars at 100-105... We use a 12oz. plain sided mason jar (see pic) with the ECO wicks I purchased from Lonestar. I am consistent with where I purchase my wicks because those were the ones I started all my testing years ago with the Advanced. So that's what I have on hand. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Steve
  15. I Need A New Soy Wax

    Which brand of wicks do you guys use with the 464? When we were using the Ecosoya Advanced we stuck with the ECO. I'll be honest it's hit or miss with them as sometimes they test great and then when moved into production we have varied results. So since we're attempting to switch to the 464 I started with the ECO wicks (from same place) and are also getting varied results. So was curious which wicks you guys use? I have a whole box of wicks I'd like to try to see if I get better results with those... Steve Stivers