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  1. WaxingPoetic

    Chunk Tart Melts :)

    Thank you so much, that compliment means a lot to me, coming from someone who makes such beautiful things ! I am definitely doing more this weekend ! These are addictive to make ! I bought some mini ice cube trays at Bed Bath & Beyond to try as molds for the chunks ? Not sure if it will work, but only a few dollars for two trays ( 90 little cubes ) & it will really cut the time down if it works i'll update on that experiment Even if it doesn't, these are so fun, it doesn't feel like work, lol
  2. WaxingPoetic

    Chunk Tart Melts :)

    These were soooo fun ! I only made these two batches so far but I will be doing more within the next couple days...thank you sooo much for this tutorial, I cannot thank you enough mine are are not the prettiest but not bad for the first two batches The red & yellow are : JS Cherry Slushie ( red ) with a blend of Flaming Candle Pineapple & WSP Cake Batter Ice Cream ( yellow over pour ) The second batch is : WSP Birthday Cake ( purple ) JS Blue Cotton Candy ( blue ) with JS Cotton Candy Frosting over pour
  3. WaxingPoetic

    Chunk Tart Melts :)

    I just want to say thank you so much for this tutorial ! I have wanted to try my hand at chunk tarts for ages & now I feel like I have enough knowledge to do so Bought the supplies today & going to start soon ! This was a great read &your chunk tarts are stunningly beautiful