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  1. Suggestions for "Snow" fragrance

    I have no answer for you, I just wanted to pop in & say that your jar & label is so pretty ! Beautiful candle
  2. Rustic Esc. has a new marshmallow!

    Well, I can’t say for sure how sweet it is on it’s own because I only had a 2 oz & used it all in the chunks, but, I feel like it would be very sweet by itself, too ! I really do need to order another bottle soon, I was kicking myself for not getting a larger bottle ! I also want to try other oils from RE because the two I tried ( Candy Corn & Funnel Cake ) are both top notch !
  3. Rustic Esc. has a new marshmallow!

    Aw thank you !!!! That is really sweet of you to say ! I did forget to mention that I did 2/3 candy corn & 1/3 VV...I was afraid that Candy Corn wouldn’t come through much if not. You may like a different ratio though ! That one just worked super well for me !
  4. Rustic Esc. has a new marshmallow!

    This is a few of the chunk tarts in that blend
  5. Rustic Esc. has a new marshmallow!

    Yes, ma’am ! I love me some VV ! I love it alone, with Pink Sugar, with Love Spell, with lemon, coconut, with candy corn ! I agree ! No other Vanilla can touch it !
  6. Rustic Esc. has a new marshmallow!

    Oops, forgot to address the wax question ! Lately, I am using TFC parasoy wax
  7. Rustic Esc. has a new marshmallow!

    Absolutely, & it is an EXCELLENT thrower ! I did some Halloween chunk tarts with it, with an over pour of Vanilla Voodoo & it is one of my favorite blends I ever made ! I only wish that I ordered a larger bottle of the Candy Corn
  8. The worst two ( I am sorry, this is a tie because they smelled so similar ! ) I smelled so far were both from WSP, which is one of my fave places for FO, ironically ! I ordered their Pink Sugar one day. Not sure why, because I am 100% satisfied with TCS’s PS, lol...but I love WSP, & figured, why not ?? It was a HUGE mistake ! It smelled like....I don’t even know ! Dirt, heavy musk, maybe patchouli ?? Not my bag at all... I ordered like 8 oz, maybe a pound ? Tossed it ! THAT bad ! Not redeemable in blends or anything. i ordered Warm Vanilla Sugar, also from WSP, & I kid you not, it smells almost EXACTLY like their alleged PS dupe ! By the time I ordered Hello Sugar, I was terrified of their “ sugar “ dupes 😂 And ordered the smallest available, a 2 oz. What do you know, that one was a PERFECT dupe !!! Lol. I wish I ordered a lb ofthat one.
  9. Rustic Esc. has a new marshmallow!

    They must have the dreaded Candle nose, from us making it 😂 Though, sometimes, I noticed that boys / men are not quite as good as placing scents ?? Lol I recall picking up a bottle of wine a few years back & the guy ringing me up saying that I smelled “ great, like cotton candy “.......I was wearing a lemon marshmallow white cake perfume from an etailer, lol
  10. Rustic Esc. has a new marshmallow!

    I need to try more oils from RE when I can ! I only tried two oils from them so far ( Candy corn & funnel cake ) & in my opinion, they have the best of each so far !
  11. Rustic Esc. has a new marshmallow!

    Hey, with all of the obsessions that a wife could have, i’m sure your husband feels lucky to have a wife whose obsession is making things smell amazing lol !
  12. Re: Best/Strongest Birrhday Cake FO

    If I had to choose only one to start with, I would choose the Super Strong, because like you, I want a strong throw i use the parasoy tart / votive blend from The Flaming Candle & I love it !
  13. Re: Best/Strongest Birrhday Cake FO

    If you’re looking to save, & that’s the scent that you want, JS does happen to have a Cotton Candy Frosted Cake oil ! I can’t help you with that one because I never ordered it ( yet, lol ) but I bet someone on here has ! There is someone on here who always has a huge list of JS oils that she’s tried & she is always so very helpful...I wish I could think of who, exactly, but I am nowhere near caffeinated enough to properly think, lol
  14. Re: Best/Strongest Birrhday Cake FO

    I do make melts, that is the main things that I make these days ! I use the votive / tart parasoy blend from The Flaming Candle, I am very happy with that wax. Pretty much anything I order from them is top notch I got reallly good scent throw in my melts with the Jelly Doughnut !
  15. Re: Best/Strongest Birrhday Cake FO

    I’ve unfortunately never tried NG or Bulk Apothecary yet but I always intended to, one of these days ! I wish I could be more help on the WSP Cotton Candy but I haven’t actually poured that one yet ! I need to do that soon, because it does smell exactly like MMS Cotton Candy, which I love ! If you only only try one cotton candy right now, I would suggest the Super Strong ! And ohhhhh for JS suggestions, I never got a bad one yet ! My absolute faves so far, aside from the two cotton candy oils, would be : Blue Cotton Candy Creme De Menthe, if you like dessert type mints, do yourself a favor, sister !! I could literally inhale that all day, lol. Cherry Slushie, which you would adore, based on you wanting strong scents ! This will blow you away, & it’s super realistic AND super cheap ! Bazooka Bubble Gum Caramel Apple, which is not only super strong, but it’s the best caramel apple I tried so far !