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  1. Re: Best/Strongest Birrhday Cake FO

    If I had to choose only one to start with, I would choose the Super Strong, because like you, I want a strong throw i use the parasoy tart / votive blend from The Flaming Candle & I love it !
  2. Re: Best/Strongest Birrhday Cake FO

    If you’re looking to save, & that’s the scent that you want, JS does happen to have a Cotton Candy Frosted Cake oil ! I can’t help you with that one because I never ordered it ( yet, lol ) but I bet someone on here has ! There is someone on here who always has a huge list of JS oils that she’s tried & she is always so very helpful...I wish I could think of who, exactly, but I am nowhere near caffeinated enough to properly think, lol
  3. Re: Best/Strongest Birrhday Cake FO

    I do make melts, that is the main things that I make these days ! I use the votive / tart parasoy blend from The Flaming Candle, I am very happy with that wax. Pretty much anything I order from them is top notch I got reallly good scent throw in my melts with the Jelly Doughnut !
  4. Re: Best/Strongest Birrhday Cake FO

    I’ve unfortunately never tried NG or Bulk Apothecary yet but I always intended to, one of these days ! I wish I could be more help on the WSP Cotton Candy but I haven’t actually poured that one yet ! I need to do that soon, because it does smell exactly like MMS Cotton Candy, which I love ! If you only only try one cotton candy right now, I would suggest the Super Strong ! And ohhhhh for JS suggestions, I never got a bad one yet ! My absolute faves so far, aside from the two cotton candy oils, would be : Blue Cotton Candy Creme De Menthe, if you like dessert type mints, do yourself a favor, sister !! I could literally inhale that all day, lol. Cherry Slushie, which you would adore, based on you wanting strong scents ! This will blow you away, & it’s super realistic AND super cheap ! Bazooka Bubble Gum Caramel Apple, which is not only super strong, but it’s the best caramel apple I tried so far !
  5. Re: Best/Strongest Birrhday Cake FO

    I wholeheartedly agree with the WSP Jelly Doughnut suggestion. Absolutely spot on, realistic & delicious smelling
  6. Re: Best/Strongest Birrhday Cake FO

    Well first of all, I am absolutely green with envy that you love that close to WSP ! Lol. I am fortunate enough to live maybe 3 hours away. I live in PA, right across the Ohio border, where East Palestine is, so I always get the packages the very next day when they ship But, Lord, if I lived 30 minutes away I would be there alllll the time 😂 They would get a restraining order, haha. One of my fave supplier for oils ! The Cotton Candy Super Strong definitely has the edge in strength, at least IME, over the Frosting. But, the Cotton Candy Frosting certainly isn’t weak, either ! i haven’t tried the others that you asked about from JS, I’m sorry Random, but...since you seem to love cotton candy as much as me, lol, have you ever blended blood orange with cotton candy ?? It is DIVINE ! i used to get it in Bath & body scents from an etailer years ago & decided to recreate it for melts & candles. I get the Blood Orange essential oil from WSP. If you ever try it, be sure to get the blood orange EO, not the FO. i made the mistake of picking up the FO last time & it is absolutely not the same at all. But it is a delicious cotton candy blend to keep in mind People tend to love it.
  7. Re: Best/Strongest Birrhday Cake FO

    I know that you weren’t directing this to me, but I figured I would chime in here, because I have both the Super Strong & the Cotton Candy Frosting I would say that it all depends on what you’re looking for - extra great throw, or a more realistic cotton candy. I absolutely adore both oils ! Both are realistic but to me, something about the Cotton Candy Frosting is more so... The Frosting is in the background, giving it a little kick of sweetness & somehow it comes off as fresh, real spun sugar from a carnival. I find the throw on it to be pretty strong, but not quite as strong as Cotton Candy Super Strong, which makes sense because that’s the point of it, lol. if you can afford both, I actually recommend it, they are both worth having ! I reach for both very often. I use the Super Strong when I blend with oils that are stronger, so that you can still smell the cotton candy in those blends, and the frosting for things like white cake, lemons, etc. I have WSP Cotton Candy also, it smells spot on ! I haven’t poured any yet, though, but I can’t think of any WSP oil that didn’t throw well for me, so far.
  8. WSP reviews on an order I just got

    Ohhhh I never knew WSP had a marshmallow oil ! Thanks for reviewing, I need to try that...I have & adore Daystar's Marshmallow Fluff, which is perfect ! But I tend to order from WSP much more often so that is great to know
  9. FAVORITE Halloween / Fall Fragrance OILS

    You NEED RE Candy Corn ! It smells a teensy bit odd OOB but AMAZING in wax ! The Candle Source used to have ( hopefully they still do ) a Pumpkin Creme Brûlée that was the best gourmand pumpkin I tried. I also associate anything caramel with fall / Halloween, so CC Ooey Gooey Caramel and JS Caramel Apple are great, also ! I plan on blending WSP Sweet Pumpkin Spice with RE Funnel Cake soon, I'll let you know how that pans out of you want
  10. If you want a delicious fall combination....

    It really is ! Let me know how you like it, please Vanilla Voodoo is fast becoming my fave blender !
  11. If you want a delicious fall combination....

    I did not, I used a parasoy blend for this but my first tarts were ecosoya so I will try that out, thank you for the suggestion !!! i used 2/3 candy corn & 1/3 VV !
  12. Candle Scent Mixing recipes ideas? Help!!!

    If you like sweet, foody scents, some of my fave " mixers " that go good with almost anything are CC Vanilla Voodoo, TCS Pink Sugar, JS Vanilla Sugar Waffle Cone, Daystar Marshmallow fluff, & WSP Cake Batter Ice Cream ( which is pretty pricey but very worth it ! ) One of my fave things to blend with allllll of those ^ is WSP Sweet Strawberry. I make mine as a hobby also, & to give as gifts, so I just tend to blend in little cups while the wax is melting & make any adjustments I think they need, at the time. It's addictive blending ! Lol. Once you get started, you will get a storm of ideas that come to you at the most random times ? I SUPER love Pink Sugar & Vanilla Voodoo together, about 50/50 blend of the two. Also WSP has a great blackberry, I think it's Fresh Picked Blackberry ? Which is great in a blend with Pink Sugar & Vanilla Voodoo. All about an equal third of each.
  13. You HAVE to blend RE Candy Corn + CC Vanilla Voodoo. Simple combo but mmmmmm I have it burning right now & it is decadent ? I made chunk tarts in this blend...yellow & orange are both Candy Corn & the white over pour is the Vanilla Voodoo. Tried inserting a pic but it isn't working ?
  14. Peppermint ?

    It is a super creamy, sweet dessert type mint....think chocolate mousse, but mint instead of chocolate ! Or the mint part of Andes Candies. If you want a sweet, candy type peppermint, I would say definitely give it a go
  15. Peppermint ?

    The best I have tried so far is without a doubt, JS Creme De Menthe. It is creamy, sweet minty heaven in a bottle. God, every time I think about it, I have to go grab the bottle & inhale. Maybe that's what's wrong with me ??