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  1. Best vanilla and other strong scents

    I second this, wholeheartedly. No other vanilla comes close to VV, IMO !
  2. Fave FO vendors?

    I’m so glad you pointed this out because I was all like, wait, how many Coronas DID I have tonight ?? 😂 But, back to the point, OP, I haven’t tried quite as many as most other members here because this is only a hobby for me, albeit a passionate one, lol. But fragrance is my fave part of it... My faves so far are : The Candle Source Just Scent Wholesale Supplies Plus ( BUT steer clear of their Pink Sugar & Warm Vanilla Sugar dupes, not sure what happened on those but someone dropped the ball there ) The Flaming Candle, only from multiple samples, cause I mainly order wax / wicks, etc from there...but the samples are all top notch ! RE, only a few so far, but again, top shelf quality. And last but absolutely NOT least ? Candle Cocoon, who opened up my candle / tart making world to the immense joy that is Vanilla Voodoo ! The Red Banana & Ooey Gooey Caramel are also outstanding from there.
  3. The Perfect Orange

    I only used it in soy tarts when I had it, I’m sorry...but it was strong & great in those, if that helps
  4. The Perfect Orange

    WSP Blood Orange is perfect, in essential oil form. I accidentally ordered the FO version before, and not so much with that But the EO is perfect
  5. Indigo carries a Hawaiian Tropic, I had it in a sample & really loved it ! It smelled exactly like HT
  6. Are there any good * plain * Papaya oils out there ?

    People need to start selling it, lol. We can’t be the only ones who love single scent Papaya !
  7. Are there any good * plain * Papaya oils out there ?

    Awesome ! Thank you, I will check those out !
  8. CS Peppermint Bark

    It really, truly is ! When I first got it, & heck, even when I get it out now 😂 I could not stop inhaling it ! I think you’ll love it !
  9. Hi guys ! Like many of you, I am already thinking summer, lol. I always wanted a good Papaya oil, because I’ve always really loved that scent. I’m assuming that there is one out there, because my fave bath & body etailer, when she was open, had a very realistic Papaya. All I seem to find is Papaya Mango, which is nice & all, but I kinda just want single note Papaya. If any of you could point to to a great Papaya oil, I would be eternally grateful 😀
  10. CS Peppermint Bark

    I’ve Blended both Flaming’s Sweet Strawberry, & WSP ( they are pretty much identical ) with WSP’s white chocolate & it is absolutely decadent. I’ve also added Sweet Strawberry in the cocoa sugar scrubs that I love to make, & same with those ! Sweet Strawberry is the perfect strawberry to blend with chocolate, & lots of other gourmand scents,
  11. CS Peppermint Bark

    I haven’t tried that one, but my absolute favorite dessert type mint would be Creme De Menthe Whip from JS. It is soooooo delicious smelling 😍 WSP has a great Peppermint Cream, too.
  12. Suggestions for "Snow" fragrance

    I have no answer for you, I just wanted to pop in & say that your jar & label is so pretty ! Beautiful candle
  13. Rustic Esc. has a new marshmallow!

    Well, I can’t say for sure how sweet it is on it’s own because I only had a 2 oz & used it all in the chunks, but, I feel like it would be very sweet by itself, too ! I really do need to order another bottle soon, I was kicking myself for not getting a larger bottle ! I also want to try other oils from RE because the two I tried ( Candy Corn & Funnel Cake ) are both top notch !
  14. Rustic Esc. has a new marshmallow!

    Aw thank you !!!! That is really sweet of you to say ! I did forget to mention that I did 2/3 candy corn & 1/3 VV...I was afraid that Candy Corn wouldn’t come through much if not. You may like a different ratio though ! That one just worked super well for me !
  15. Rustic Esc. has a new marshmallow!

    This is a few of the chunk tarts in that blend