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  1. Like in that category, or any JS oils ? I can definitely fill you in on the ones I've tried so far, if you'd like ! I already told you about the two Cotton Candy ones that you asked about so I will skip those, lol. One of my FAVE oils from JS is Cherry Slushie, which happens to be very cheap ( in their Bodacious Buys category ) but you wouldn't know it just to smell it ! it is strong & by strong, I mean knock your socks off, even in soy with minimum curing time ! And it smells exactly like a cherry Slushie ! I also love their Caramel Apple. Another spot on scent with great throw. Bazooka Bubblegum is another winner. Kettle Corn is so spot on, it's crazy. Very good throw on both of those, too. i also have Marshmallow Peeps, which is a very nice, sweet marshmallow...Twinkies, nice scent...Whipped Cream...I haven't tried them in wax yet, though. OH & Vanilla Sugar Waffle Cone, which is soooo delicious & really does smell like a waffle cone Good throw on that one, too. Blue Cotton Candy smells great, again, very true to the name & strong ! i know JS is hit or miss on here but I personally have has great luck so far with them, & can't wait to try more
  2. That is so sweet of you to offer ! I think I will just go ahead & toss it in my next order though, considering the good luck I've had with JS's other oils !
  3. Can I butt in & ask you if the Summer Boardwalk really does smell like the Bath & Body Works candle ? I ask because that is my all time favorite candle scent from any retailer, but Bath & Body Works has it a very limited time, plus they keep raising their Candle prices while the quality takes more of a dive each time. i would absolutely love being able to make tarts & candles on my own in that scent !
  4. I really love their oils, & they have great prices & they ship fast some of my my personal favorites are Pink Sugar, Love Spell ( both excellent dupes ! ) Coffee Caramel Cream & Fruit Loops. I know I have more faves but I am not caffeinated enough to remember them at the moment 😂
  5. I have Cotton Candy Super Strong & Cotton Candy Frosting. I absolutely love both 💜 Cotton Candy Super Strong really is super strong, which is nice to have, with Cotton Candy ! Cotton Candy Frosting is delicious ! To be honest, I don't pick up Frosting in it, really...it does have a sweet ' something ' in the background & it smells even more like real, fresh cotton Candy to me than the Super Strong. I get great throw with both, but I mainly make tarts these days, so I add extra oil, lol. I realize that you haven't asked for suggestions, but I noticed that you have a couple of mints & a coconut in there...I do not have those but I do have Coconut Extreme which has been a great coconut for me ! It's true, strong & slightly sweet. And I HAVE to recommend Creme De Menthe ! It is the most sinfully delicious mint I ever tried in my life 😍
  6. Lol @ lumpy bottle 😂 I think that they still have those....that bubble bath was awesome. Especially the peach & the Vanilla.
  7. I haven't ordered from Peak since they discontinued palm wax...but the few times I tried an oil from them, I never got a bad one ! I remember getting a sample of a chocolate raspberry truffle ( I think ? I may have gotten the name slightly wrong ) & being particularly blown away by the cold throw, even. Their Orange Chiffon Cake is a great one, if you like that kind of scent And their Blueberry Muffin is the best I've tried so far.
  8. I had no idea that I had to burp my bottles, either, lol. Just one more reason to love this forum & its' members ! There is always something to learn
  9. Thank you so much, that compliment means a lot to me, coming from someone who makes such beautiful things ! I am definitely doing more this weekend ! These are addictive to make ! I bought some mini ice cube trays at Bed Bath & Beyond to try as molds for the chunks ? Not sure if it will work, but only a few dollars for two trays ( 90 little cubes ) & it will really cut the time down if it works i'll update on that experiment Even if it doesn't, these are so fun, it doesn't feel like work, lol
  10. Those sound great, you have excellent taste in fragrance, I've noticed ! I was always curious about Raw Sugar & Mint. Loooove WSP's oils. The caramel rum sounds great, too ! I have their Coconut Rum Cake & it is phenomenal ! So if it's anything like that one, you are in for a treat
  11. Lol it really is ! It is an outstanding blender, too 😍 I may blend it with JS Creme de Menthe soon !
  12. Those sound great !!! I have / love Marshmallow Fluff Spunds like you chose some amazing scents...I will keep some of those in mind for a future order !
  13. These were soooo fun ! I only made these two batches so far but I will be doing more within the next couple days...thank you sooo much for this tutorial, I cannot thank you enough mine are are not the prettiest but not bad for the first two batches The red & yellow are : JS Cherry Slushie ( red ) with a blend of Flaming Candle Pineapple & WSP Cake Batter Ice Cream ( yellow over pour ) The second batch is : WSP Birthday Cake ( purple ) JS Blue Cotton Candy ( blue ) with JS Cotton Candy Frosting over pour
  14. I just want to say thank you so much for this tutorial ! I have wanted to try my hand at chunk tarts for ages & now I feel like I have enough knowledge to do so Bought the supplies today & going to start soon ! This was a great read &your chunk tarts are stunningly beautiful