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  1. jbradshaw

    WSP June 26 20% sale

    I can't believe how reserved I just was with that sale! I needed a few things and only grabbed one to try - Vanilla Oak sounded so good.
  2. So far I've only been making candles, have never tried soaps. I've been hunting around past threads for oils that people have had success with in candles so I'm going to try a few of those. I think even though the oils per ounce are more expensive, if I could pick them up in person it would be cheaper than shipping, especially from some of the east coast suppliers. Thanks for all your advice
  3. I didn't realize Candle Science was in NV - I'll have to check it out. I haven't gotten anything from MMS yet, they are a couple hours away so if I found oils I loved it would be worth the drive (it's a beautiful one, as well). Any oils you love from them? I was going to do a search on the forum to see what people like.
  4. Thanks! For some reason when I put in the search term 'suppliers by state' I didn't see that post - super helpful to have. Only wish there were more suppliers close to me in UT
  5. I'd never seen it before, but looks like a lot of good stuff in there! I did notice that both the links for suppliers by state are expired - do you know if there is a new list somewhere?