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  1. I have a wholesale account who wants me to dupe Illume's Coconut milk mango (it's also one of my favorites). Anyone have a great FO for something like this? Description from Illume: Indulge in the luscious tropical cocktail of your fantasies. Island pineapple, freshly-sliced mango, lush papaya, and coconut milk infused with sugarcane and Tahitian vanilla. I don't necessarily detect any pineapple, but it's a really lovely scent.
  2. An order I received

    Misbehaving- No matter the fragrance, fragrance load or temp and stirring the oil would seep out during curing and settle on the top. I switched back to 464 from CS and no more issues. I never finished the bag from flaming.
  3. An order I received

    See it's funny for me because if I order 50lbs wax from CS - it's $33 to ship, gets to me in 2 days. If I start adding on oils (I just put in 4lbs), the shipping jumps up to $49 whereas I just put the same in my cart at Flaming and from 5lbs wax at $42 to ship, it went up to $43 when I added on the 4lbs of oils. So much more economical if I'm ordering multiple items from Flaming (which is a vendor I don't really use except for wicks). But, trying to be as environmentally friendly as I can be, I try to order as much from CS as possible because it's so close to me (and I'm happy with the quality) whereas the only misbehaving wax I've ever had was from Flaming.
  4. I'm entering in my second wholesale agreement, and doing a private label line for a local store. My 5.5oz candles I wholesale at $5 (it costs me about 2.30 to make them, depending on the scent) and retail at $10. Right now, it's really not much profit - however, I am still new in my business and know that as I operate at a larger scale that will help somewhat bringing costs down. I'm also not dependent on this income, I just do it on the side of my day time gig so I don't strictly NEED to do better than break even. I also agree with olives that I would be happy paying over $20 for a 16oz candle.
  5. Aztec F.O. Order

    @kdmorgan I think I have some rosemary mint and lemongrass prior to the reformulation that I have no plans to use if the reformulated doesn't work out for you. Maybe just a couple oz of both but let me know if you get desperate. Olive Oil and Bergamot sounds amazing to me - I need to put in an Aztec order so maybe I'll give that a shot.
  6. Looking for a sweet coffee scent!

    Aztec's Brazilian Coffee and Sugar Cane is really nice - true coffee but with a bit of sweetness, but not caramel, or vanilla or anything.
  7. Candlescience

    So weird - I had never heard of issues with CS until this thread, apart from the painted tumblers. They are my main supplier - I get my wax, tins, and majority of my FOs from there. For me, the shipping is fast and cheap as I'm one state away. I honestly can't get supplies shipped cheaper from anywhere else (with the exception of ordering wicks from Flaming in their flat rate envelope) and there has only been one time that some of my supplies had to ship from NC instead of NV. I'm sorry to hear of so many issues - but happy that CS read and responded @Kerven I have only ever used the AAK/GB melt blend from CS as I joined the melt game after Ecosoya PB went out of stock and I've been happy with it, but have nothing to compare it to. No issues with frosting (I don't use dye) or getting it out of the clamshells, but I have to work super fast because it seems to set in an instant.
  8. What scents are you working on now that the holidays are over?

    Oh man...I think I might end up skipping everything until spring/summer scents. Our whole family has been sick and we just moved and it feels overwhelming to even set foot in my workroom lol But all of these ideas are making me want to get pouring! I had ordered a ton of Fragrance Buddy 1oz to check out, as well as a few from NG and I haven't even unboxed them! I have a white tea ginger from somewhere that is very nice OOB that I want to try - it might mix well with a pear as someone was looking for a ginger pear.
  9. Favorite Aztec FO?

    I love... Cinnamon Peppermint Creme Cozy Cabin Brazilian Coffee and Sugar Cane Sparkling Pear Reisling Volcano
  10. West Coast suppliers

    I'm running into this problem as well (in Utah). When CS doesn't have 464 in their Nevada warehouse I basically can't get wax. My husband has several times said we should start a place in Utah to distribute - but that seems like an even bigger headache. At this point I've compared the shipping and costs at every supplier and CS is our best option out west.
  11. Popular this holiday season

    They did sell well, and maybe I could increase the price but it just didn't seem worth the effort. I dipped large(ish) pine cones in re-melted scrap wax, and also poured some into little cupcake tins with smaller pine cones. I just don't see myself offering it as a regular part of my line.
  12. I'm just rounding out my holiday markets so I thought it would be fun to post what did well and not so well. I always love seeing what different parts of the country are drawn to scent-wise. I rename pretty much all of my scents, so these are just the oils I used. I mostly sell candles - no matter what fragrance melts go slower for me, which is surprising because Utahns were really into Scentsy a few years back. One of the things I noticed that seems unique is that bakery scents don't do well for me. I thought I'd try some but they were mostly the ones that didn't sell. BUT bakery scents sold faster in melts than in candles...not sure what that signifies but it's good to know Bestsellers CS Frasier Fir (customer favorite - kind of expected based on what I've read from others here) CS White Birch (my favorite) Aztec Volcano CS Apple Maple Bourbon CS Mistletoe (I was shocked b/c I don't love this one) Middle of the Road CS Christmas Hearth Aztec Cinnamon Peppermint Creme CS Cranberry Woods WSP Vanilla Bean Noel Aztec Cozy Cabin Aztec Sparkling Pear Reisling Aztec Coffee blended with CS Toasted Pumpkin Spice Didn't sell/last to sell JS Chestnuts and Brown Sugar Aztec Sweet Potato Brown Sugar CS Toasted Pumpkin Spice (I actually love this one and ordered another pound, even if no one will buy them I'll just burn them for myself ) Oh! I also added in pinecone firestarters and they killed it! I don't know if I'll do them again because they were sort of annoying, but it was fun to offer them. I also made some scented salt that I am IN LOVE WITH but need to figure out packaging. I had it in plastic lined paper bags for a week and it did fine, then got to the market and the paper bags were soaked through. So frustrating.
  13. He actually suggested it - he works for himself so his schedule is relatively flexible (especially compared to mine). He's my biggest supporter. It just took me so long to feel confident and feel like I 'knew' my wax - how long to stir, what it looked like at different stages, etc. But he does have a manufacturing background so I think you're right that he could learn.
  14. Is it time yet to co-op any of my dupes?

    I've been a mess lately with the move - so I haven't put in my order yet. Need to relocate the sniffies in my office, I could do it this year or next, whatever makes the most sense given the BASF news and holidays.
  15. I wanted to circle back and follow up on this topic since I'm halfway through both shows. So far - so good! I'm actually almost sold out at both shows (which is down to me underestimating the traffic and people wanting my candles). None of the product has been damaged, which is awesome. I was so hesitant about these because I couldn't be with my product, but I'm really happy with how they have gone. Some feedback I did get from a customer was to have signs stating what the notes were in each candle, and I can definitely incorporate that should I try this again. All in all - I'd definitely do this again next year. Since I work full time it was great to be able to be selling candles without standing in a booth, and it's also how the majority of craft shows are run in my area. Anyway - just wanted to let you guys know how it turned out