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  1. Aspen Bay jar Vocano candle Capri Blue

    Aztec's Volcano is spot on...I used to work at Anthropologie and they burn Volcano as their signature scent in every store. I can't tell you how many of those I've gone through, I just love it. If only I could find a dupe for Capri Blue's Coconut Milk Mango I'd be in heaven. Funny enough, I had a lot of people tell me that CS's Grapefruit Mangosteen is just like Volcano. To me, it's a bit sweeter than the original, but that could just be my nose. Other winners from Aztec: cinnamon peppermint creme, sweet potato brown sugar, citron cedarwood, leaves
  2. Fresh Sparkling Snow?

    OK - my SIL pulled out this lotion from BBW last night and it was the most amazing smell. I ended up taking a picture of the tube so I could try to find a dupe for it. It was unbelievable - I don't know why I liked it so much, but it was just so fresh and not too fruity and really great. Has anyone tried Fresh Sparkling Snow from either JustScent or TheCandleMaker's Store? I've never ordered from TCS, and I rarely order from Justscent so I can't really just add it on my next order.
  3. Is it time yet to co-op any of my dupes?

    Not sure if you're at the mins yet, but I'd be in for a pound each of Tonic Inlet Lakegrass Sweet Amber Provence Vetyver Cafe
  4. Fire Starters

    Does anyone ever add salt? I was looking at a Martha Stewart DIY for pine cone firestarters and they are dipped in different salts to change the flame color. Seemed like it could be cool but not sure if it would work or not. I am thinking of collecting pine cones, dipping them, and selling them in sets of maybe 5-6 to use up leftover wax and just add some variety to my holiday market booths.
  5. Testing Hell

    I am so sorry to hear of all of these struggles. I feel like something is wrong with me - or the way I'm making candles, because I haven't had to change wicks. But then again I've just been making candles for 16 months so maybe I've just always had this wax that is an adjustment for others.
  6. Display Links

    https://shop.wtcinc.org/collections/catalog - great option for basic tiered shelving. I asked my husband to make one, but he said between time and materials the cost would be the same as what this place was charging. It's super sturdy, I'll probably be ordering a few more.
  7. Same! Someone also mentioned Fig Tree and that's also a big seller for me - too funny how different tastes are.
  8. Oil separation in 464?

    I think Cat is seeing seepage at that % I use cocktail stirring spoons (I think they have a real name but I can't remember it) - they are long with a spoon at the end, but I may grab some of my silicone spatulas, that's a great idea TallTayl.
  9. Oil separation in 464?

    @CatCatCandles I pour between 135 and 150, usually around 145. Once I start burning the candle I sometimes get smooth tops, but mostly get imperfect tops, but that's to be expected with soy. I think the issue is your fragrance load - 2oz per pound of FO is over 12% - and the max FO for 464 is 12%. I have never gone that high, I know most people here that use 464 do 6%, I usually do 7%. Try lowering your fragrance load and seeing what happens.
  10. Oil separation in 464?

    @CatCatCandles Yes, my tops dry that smooth from one pour, i've actually never used a heat gun. What temp do you pour at? I've been stirring way longer than I used to, and that has stopped the oil separation. I'm not sure if it was a weird thing where I was just getting lazy or what - but I haven't had it happen.
  11. New ornaments and pendant scent diffusers

    For me - I try to stay connected via social media. I just barely launched my business, so I'm using those platforms, which are free, for the majority of my marketing/branding. I think if you let people get to know you, and what your brand stands for - beyond just the product you make, they start to love you and not just the products. Then if you need to pivot or expand in the future, your customer base is loyal because they know you and feel connected to you. At least - that's what I'm trying
  12. Must have fall/christmas from CS?

    I definitely appreciate the collected comments! it's so hard to keep track of everything. I will say that Fig Tree is actually a best seller for me (it does not smell like fig, though, IMO), but I've heard others prefer Mediterranean Fig.
  13. New ornaments and pendant scent diffusers

    Gorgeous!! And what a cool idea.
  14. Stearic Acid in Melts

    Oh wow - as someone who lives in the desert (only hot in the summer, though) this is very intriguing to me. I'll need to look more into stearic acid for my melts...
  15. Wicking 8oz tins in 464

    I'm so confused by this - can you provide a little more detail? Do you heat to 185, add FO, then let cool and cure, then reheat just to liquid and repour into final containers? It looks like I'm the lone wolf but I haven't had to wick down in 464, I've still been using a CD 12. In fact, one of my recent tests is looking like I'll need to wick up - but I'm guessing that'll be too much, this FO might just not work out.