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  1. lovelyscents

    Is KY parasoy tart wax the same as Flaming's Problend 650?

    I just realized you mean 650, I apologize. I have 450 on the brain as I read Kat's comment while responding. The 650 is the same as KY parasoy, which you now know
  2. lovelyscents

    Is KY parasoy tart wax the same as Flaming's Problend 650?

    KY 133/Problend 450/JS votive tart blend are all the same (made by manufacturer, CJ Robinson).
  3. I thought the same as soon as I took it out of the shipping box. I did contact the supplier and they stated the 4625 is within specs and no other complaints. I pretty much was nice but firm with them that there's always a first to have a bad batch and it's me. They stated they don't usually refund, but they did for me. These slabs have been sitting and I do not have use for them.
  4. I hear that and have been working with it several years now also and didnt think I would ever have to worry...until now. I have attached my receipt which they indeed state is 4625. Also attached photos of a piece chopped from it and on the slab itself, also the outcome of the tarts right before I popped them out. Does this happen to it if not stored properly or maybe the additives in it?
  5. Also had this happen a couple of weeks ago upon ordering from VA candle supply. I knew something was off even seeing it as it had white snowflake type patches throughout the slabs. When I chiseled into it, it seemed very powdery and the inside looked like a wet diaper stuffing. Once the tarts set up, it looked like your photo and it leaked beyond belief in my molds even after waiting for settling oil prior to pouring. Never in the years using this wax has it done this and I know what to expect with heavy oils vs non etc. Disappointing and a waste. I too thought it was the wrong wax, but supplier confirmed it was 4625 and stated it was within specs with no other customer complaints of course. Edit to add: VA candle did refund me which they stated they don't usually do, great customer service on their part even though they aren't the manufacturer.
  6. lovelyscents

    Need help in finding these wicks.

    Another tip I didn't know until I asked is their freight quotes are wonderful. I don't live anywhere near as close to them as other suppliers, but their freight shipping for bulk orders and prices on products are almost the cheapest for me now because of their rates. I know this only applies to bulk orders, but wanted to chime in about it. I also like their random discounts and promotions as Kat notes. Edit to add: Candlewic is who I'm mentioning here
  7. lovelyscents

    The Candlemakers Store FO specials

    Yes, I agree Gail! I emailed them not too long ago and told them many crafters skip over their scents due to lack of descriptions. They told me to email them specific ones I want info on if need be. I'm thinking you're probably right, just taking forever to get them all listed.
  8. lovelyscents

    The Candlemakers Store FO specials

    Bummer, I guess half do and half don't as I scroll through their list.
  9. lovelyscents

    The Candlemakers Store FO specials

    They FINALLY have scent descriptions!