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  1. Does anyone use wood wicks or ribbon wicks which their palm wax? I am testing wood and it makes my wax soot and turn really dark
  2. Ladymvb

    Palm wick testing

    its harder with palm but its easier than having to remelt the wax and starting over. Imo Thanks again
  3. Ladymvb

    Palm wick testing

    Thanks everybody. I appreciate you guys so much. So I will do full jars, wait 3 to 5 days before testing.. Also, I was planning on not doing dye and FO doing my testing. Is anything wrong with that? One other thing, when testing do you ever make the candle without the wick and then once it is hard, insert the wick. And if that wick does not work right off, take the wick out, insert a different wick and hot gun the top so its even. I did that with coconut wax and it was easier OR should I just test it all the way to the end and then make another candle if it does not work. I know palm is a different character, so I want to make sure do it correctly.
  4. If i just want to test wicks: 1. Can i make half jar candle? 2. Do i still need tobwait 3 to 5 days before I test?
  5. Ladymvb

    Palm wax shrinkage

    I have a question about the flip method. I notice the bottom of my jars get hard tgen the top. If i flip won't the air pockets be closer to the middle?
  6. Ladymvb

    Eco Soya Palm Wax

    candybee i have just started using glass glow. how do you get rid of the air bubbles/pockets? or anyone tia
  7. Ladymvb

    Palm candle test

    heres a picture
  8. Ladymvb

    Palm candle test

    yes i have a wick trimmer so it was cut 1/4 maybe im just not used to the tall flames. i may try them again thanks eveyone so far im loving the palm wax
  9. Ladymvb

    % of FO in palm wax

    how long do you let it cure before testing
  10. i just started working with palm. im having trouble wicking. also do you do relief holes, flipping method or some other method to get rid of air pockets/bubbles.
  11. Ladymvb

    Palm candle test

    i tried csn 14, 12, 10 , and 8 and the flame was really tall in all if them i didnt have any 6 or 4 tp try i tried the flip method but i dont know why that scares me so much i am going to try the relief hole method