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  1. A full melt pool should not be reached within two hours ... some may take four, others more. Welcome!
  2. New England Made show

    You mean the cars are driving past your house? Hurry!! ... get out there ... set up some tables, put up a sign "Get Your Candles Here!"
  3. I'm still curious about this question as well, and I too have asked, so I'm hoping @Jeana will tell us at what temperature this wax is cracking so we all know what temps to avoid. I've still been pouring my wax from last fall at 140-150 and haven't experienced any issues with it, so I'm wondering if this is now something to be concerned with in purchasing newer stock. Also, I've never had 464 ( 5702-02-02 ) frost, even after burn sessions, it rarely does so, although I have had 415 ( 5715-00-77) and 444 (5715-02-02) do that a bit after burning the candle. Jeana ... at what temperature did you pour the candles that experienced cracking? P.S. I'd like to add that I really don't think frosting is so bad, kind of like the wet spots, it's just part of what this stuff is, I guess.
  4. Funny, I don't buy them, but hubby brought some home and since I hadn't had any in many years, I could really tell it wasn't the same ... my thought was that a Hydrox cookie would be better if I wanted that type of cookie. I know what you mean about the candy bars, Hershey's Special Dark is nothing like it was, which used to my favorite. I have an old set of refrigerator magnets that look like the old mini candy bars, one of which is that type, at least I have that, lol.
  5. I'm glad that worked out for you, at least for a while ... I just want to say that it was originally the advice of Moonshine that inspired me to go in the direction of additives, which I had been doing previously, but had stopped doing so until things changed a bit. The addition of a little stearic acid has been working for me.
  6. Temporary labeling

    I use little removable (might be Avery) labels, approx. 1x2" ... there's enough room to write the wick type, size, scent & %, ounces of wax, etc., they stay on as long as you need them and come right off.
  7. Yes, it is in many ways. Yet, you've probably noticed that with many cake mixes, cookies, etc. that there has been a change in the recipes due to the transfat being removed. I think we have to accept that with soy wax and the recent issues in the processing with the fats, etc., it may not be consistent. It seems nothing is the same anymore, like Oreo cookies, for instance, not the same at all, totally changed, all because of the transfat issue.
  8. Yet, if you bake at a high elevation, there are some tweaks that may be necessary. I think in the case of soy wax, temperatures seem to be a key factor in dealing with it.
  9. I'm still on the order I received late last fall ('17) from Candlewic, so maybe there were some changes in the wax over the winter. The pouring temperature is what also comes to mind in regard to cracks, maybe the new soy is more finicky in that regard.
  10. A good beer fo??

    Obviously, some people like the smell of beer, while others don't ... I personally do not think it's an appealing scent and pretty much have zero taste for it. I used to get requests for beer gel candles in which I used a caramel type of scent; for wine, I used to use a mulberry. Some of the coffee scents that smell like Kahlua or other liqueurs can be interesting too. I have an amaretto that I like, and some other "cocktail" scents can be nice since they are usually a combination of different fruits (i.e., pineapple/coconut, etc.) and there is a peach brandy scent that I've really wanted to try after smelling it, but haven't gotten around to it yet. While scenting a candle in a beer scent may appeal to some, it just isn't going to appeal to everyone, but nothing will for that matter. My husband will sometimes buy some specialty beer of one sort or another ... doesn't matter what brand to me! ...he'd better stay away, otherwise it can be a scene like the Pepe Le Pew cartoons!
  11. I wonder what is causing the large cracks ...? I've been pouring this wax, and I admit, I now add a bit of stearic and up'd my scent to about 8%, but I haven't been experiencing these drastic issues. Also, I haven't had much frosting. Sometimes I think it might be the climate, the humidity, temperature, etc., that is resulting in some of these differences in results.
  12. Adding honey to lip balm

    I think the majority of people don't really have a concern about it. I bought some alpaca fiber a few years ago, I was going to felt soaps with it, I did one and found that I don't have the patience for it, but the fiber is very nice and the one I did do is pretty cool. I would hope that most people understand that lanolin has to do with the wool, so don't have a problem with it.
  13. old suppliers?

    Of the names I recognize, I would refer to them as long-standing suppliers.
  14. When someone copies your design

    @bfroberts, if you have already invested in your logo and you want this as your logo, I think you should go ahead and claim it as your own, quickly. I think that is what I would do ... I'd get it "out there" somehow, especially published, either on a website, newspaper ad, phone book, etc. so it's documented that this was yours to begin with. That way, if they should come around trying to say that you have stolen their logo, you have published proof that it was yours first. I'd plaster that logo over everything I had ... sign, cards, flyers, promotional advertising, etc., essentially claiming it as your own. On the other hand, if you are no longer happy with it because it's been copied, then I guess you would have no choice but to design something else.