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  1. MY American Soy Wax Order

    Maybe they did some testing with low flashpoint oils and there were some safety concerns. Do you feel we should consider this when purchasing oils?
  2. GW 444 Pour Temp?

    I believe the recommended pouring temperature is at about 125-145dF ... I pour it at about 140-150, a little less if I got busy with something else and it cooled down a bit more, stirring once again before pouring. It seems that the tops were smoother at around 140-150 rather than 125. For the suggestions you mentioned to pour at 190, I've never seen that in regard to soy wax.
  3. Suggestions for "Snow" fragrance

    That does sound interesting! I missed that one in wandering through the list. "A cheerful blend of fresh mint, blooming jasmine and pine needles" -- that's how they describe it. There are good reviews for it too and I'm saving your comment in my notes for future reference. This is a great topic, imo, thanks @ellajoan
  4. MY American Soy Wax Order

    The manufacturer is recommending that fragrance oil with a flashpoint over 190dF be used in their wax, stating that this is due to possible sinking of the scent. So, with this being the case, they are specifically addressing the flashpoint and posting a guideline for particular scents that should/should not be used with their wax. I don't know if this is a good guideline to use with all soy waxes, but they seem to feel that scent can drift/sink in soy wax.
  5. Just to clarify, I wasn't suggesting to add more f/o to the 464, but to possibly try the 444 which holds more scent. As for raising the melt point ... I've always been under the impression that a lower melt point candle can create scent throw easier while higher melt point waxes can hold more scent. This is why I was attracted to the 464, as it has a lower melt point, so should not require as much scent. I must be missing something.
  6. That's interesting ... so it has more additive? The meltpoint of 444 is slighter higher, 120-125dF versus 115-120dF for the 464; and the f/o load is higher, at 9-11%. The adhesion isn't quite as good, I think, if that even matters.
  7. Sorry if I've missed some info here, but has it been determined that beeswax does indeed mix well with GW464 without any issues?
  8. I haven't had any issues yet because I'm still using older stock, but that's going to change with a new order I've placed. I switched from GW444, which has a higher fragrance load than the 464 because I was trying to see if I could achieve smoother tops and it has a lower melt point, so I figured the scent throw might be better without using as much scent. It seems that the 464 may be more popular than the 444, I bet some suppliers might still have some old stock of 444, who knows!
  9. UV inhibitor - when to use

    I see, the wax can age or yellow over time. I don't really know if that's a very big deal to most people. What I'm wondering is what is it? 2-(2-Hydroxy-3, 5-di-tert-amylphenyl) benzotriazole How much is used? I don't think it's a natural ingredient ... gee, I'm not sure about this. MSDS
  10. I think that perhaps you might try the GW444 which has a higher fragrance load ... that might help with the strength of the throw. It has a little higher melt point than the 464, so it takes a little longer to get going, but it can hold more scent. As far as mostly everything else, the two waxes are about the same in regard to pouring, wicking, surface condition, and other characteristics.
  11. @cornerfolds ... I just did a search for "fine glitter" on ebay ... there is some there! They are sold for DIY nail polish. There are some suppliers that will send USPS small packages, such as The Candle Source, Candle Cocoon, and I see that Mill Creek offers it, which I may try. I know there are some others, plus some that have been mentioned, but the shopping carts will usually automatically add in for UPS/FedEx. I always look at the shipping policy pages to see if they include USPS. If they do, then I try to put together a small order and send them an e-mail or call to see if it can ship as a small package. If it can, they can e-mail a Paypal request or you can order over the phone with credit card. My UPS deliveries are always filthy for some reason (I think they need to wash their trucks once in awhile!), so I prefer USPS if I can, but can't always do it.
  12. I hope you can do an experiment! That would be interesting ... especially if it helps with some of the issues. I was just thinking of cocoa butter off hand, but you're right, it's expensive, so maybe one of the less expensive natural butters. My thought was that possibly the addition of a teaspoon or so per pound might "do something" to make it so that the wax would perform closer to how it used to if there is such drastic change in composition or performance. If it worked, then maybe some of the wicking problems wouldn't be so bad. As I already mentioned, I'm awaiting a new order of GW464, so I'll have to see how that goes. I'm still using cotton square braids, so it'll be interesting to see what happens.
  13. UV inhibitor - when to use

    I have several candles of the same wax that are over a year old and they haven't faded at all without the use of any inhibitor. Now, they don't receive any direct sunlight, so that probably helps with color stability, but they are pastel in the first place, so it wouldn't really matter if they did fade a little. I personally don't think it's much of an issue unless you are making dark/bright colored candles.
  14. I ordered it from Candlewic ... so I'll get to see/experience what you're all talking about.
  15. Why is scent throw diminished?

    Peak's wax page mentioned it, but I don't know where else I've seen it, if anywhere.