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  1. birdcharm

    Heating WHILE mixing

    You're using a wax I've been using, which I heat to 185dF, adding scent after removed from heat, cooling to 150dF, stirring gently again and then pouring. The mixing part of your method seems to me as though you might be creating opportunity for air bubbles/pockets. Also, I do think you may be taking an extra step in the process that probably isn't necessary, adding to the time it takes to make the candle, the additional clean up, etc.
  2. I don't know why your candles are warping, but whenever I have flops, I chop up that wax and make chunk candles with it, rather than losing it. I'm wondering if the metal is contracting and expanding that could cause the warp ...? I've never heard of this before. It will be interesting to see what the pillar pros have to say!
  3. It sounds nice, I may try some this year. I was reading a review and someone said they thought it seemed to be "cleaner burning" or less oily than some others. If I get some, I'll be sure to post my thoughts about it!
  4. birdcharm

    Cashmere Woods - WSP

    Has anyone here used this scent in soy candles? I'm thinking of trying it, although it's hard to tell from the reviews, as one comment said it smelled more like a vanilla-type more than woodsy. So, I thought I'd ask here! product page
  5. That's interesting, thank you! Are there some other major differences that stand out to you in your experience? I see that it comes in pellets rather than flakes, and it seems as though the recommended temperature for heating might be a bit lower. Does it have a shinier appearance at all? Thanks again!
  6. I haven't done much reading about Millennium, so I thought I'd finally take a few moments and go out to read on a few sites. I hope you don't mind if I ask you a question about it. It seems to me that this wax is very white rather than a light ivory color as some other soy waxes, is that true? For some candle designs, this could be a nice change.
  7. birdcharm

    Heating WHILE mixing

    There is a certainly a place for heat guns in certain situations, such as what TallTayl has described with her beeswax, or with any surface flaws on soy candles, some artsy techniques with paraffin novelties, etc. However, I think there are other appliances that can be used to keep pots or glassware warmed that may cost less to use, as I have a feeling heat guns are not very efficient that way ... that's just a guess though. Also, with a heat gun, the heat is being blown around; on a hot plate, the heat is rising, so you're getting better performance unless you absolutely need directional heat or heat from above. If you need heat from below, than, imo, a heat gun is not your most efficient method. In one of my old candle books, it advised to add f/o slowly while stirring rather than pouring it in, I supposed this is an "old-fashioned" method of getting the wax and f/o to mix well.
  8. birdcharm

    Heating WHILE mixing

    I know! I'm going to warm my f/o first and hope it doesn't flare up!
  9. birdcharm

    Heating WHILE mixing

    If this hobby is made any more complicated by people with all of their new ideas, I think I'm going to give up! 🙃
  10. birdcharm

    What do you think of this meeting?

    I have some catching up to do in reading this thread, which I will have to do a bit later. Anyway, I just wanted to mention that one of the posts which included the actual link to their site might be able to clue them into this thread as it could show in their referral links in their web client database, so perhaps now that it's been displayed, it could possibly or should possibly be removed ...? I don't know, but I wanted to mention it for whatever it's worth.
  11. birdcharm

    What do you think of this meeting?

    Very interesting ... don't let it shake you up too much ... they don't know what they are doing or who they are dealing with!
  12. birdcharm

    What do you think of this meeting?

    It seems that if they were trying to get their price down through helping you order with a quantity discount, let's say for your wax or jars, then the way in which they asked would not be how one would go about that. If you were wishing to create a discount through helping your supplier make purchase minimums to receive a lower price on the raw materials, you wouldn't approach it from an angle of purchasing it yourself, you'd draw up an agreement, loan the necessary money to the local supplier and create a special pricing structure with them based on the discounts they would be granted by being able to purchase in quantity. That's it ... they would need to know nothing else ... they would instead be asking how much wax do you need to buy in order to get a discount from your supplier and go from there. It would be nice to think that they are simply trying to arrange a win-win relationship with you, but as others have noted, they said some things that tell you otherwise. I'd still sell them, but I'd keep them on a short leash. 😉 On the other hand, if they want to propose a loan along with a purchase order, then you may be looking at something more worthwhile.
  13. birdcharm

    Puzzled by votives

    When a votive candle in burned in a votive holder, it's similar to a pillar candle, but in a container for support of overflow since it's so small. In other words, it's not a "container candle" and is made with a firmer wax. So, that being the case, it doesn't require the wick to be stuck to anything. In a container candle made of soft wax, if the wick is not secured at the bottom of the container, you're going to have drift as the candle burns down. So, I think this is really a safety concern. I will condemn her method due to that reason alone. The crater issue .... hmmmm??? If anything, she could very likely be causing craters to occur using her method. Soy wax, in my experience, doesn't like a fast cool down, it seems to prefer warm glassware and a slow hardening. By pouring it in a glass that already has a big chunk of cooled wax in the center, it seems that the opportunity for air pockets, craters, wet spots could be maximized. That's what I think anyway.
  14. birdcharm

    Puzzled by votives

    Yes, that's what she did. I'm still wondering why.