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  1. birdcharm

    Newbie from NJ

    It's so pretty over your way! At least as I recall ... I lived in the north-eastern part of the state, just below the NY border, long ago!
  2. birdcharm

    Newbie from NJ

    Hi LRed & welcome, What part of NJ are you from? I once lived in the Garden State myself.
  3. birdcharm

    Hi, Everyone!

    Okay, still thinking about this ... maybe I can think of something in the here & now. Welcome to the World of Wax Where pouring candles helps you relax It doesn't take a lot of skill But, it requires much determination and will.
  4. birdcharm

    Hi, Everyone!

    Welcome to the world of wax ... ... there's a poem in there somewhere, I'll have to think about it!
  5. birdcharm

    New Kid on the Block

    Hi & Welcome I'm sure you'll enjoy it here!
  6. Hi ... I went to see about reading prior posts in the Gel Candle Making section, but that page only brought up the title for me and no threads were showing.  I'm on Windows 7, Firefox current browser.  It could be on my end, but I haven't had any other issues.  Regards, birdcharm

  7. birdcharm

    Greetings from Candles by Amy Lynn

    Hi Amy, I'm new here too, as are some others -- there are many professional crafters here, I think you'll enjoy it here!
  8. birdcharm

    New Member Onboard

    I think birds are very interesting little critters! Bats are too, I agree! And, it's fun to figure out what you're looking at -- can be frustrating at times though!!
  9. birdcharm

    New Member Onboard

    Oh gee! Those are magpies! https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Black-billed_Magpie/lifehistory
  10. birdcharm

    Hey everyone

    I'm new here too, and everyone has made me feel very welcome! I've been pouring GW444 -- similar to the GW464, with a couple of differences. I've never poured GW464, but jumped from GW415 to GW444. (From what I understand, the GW444 has a higher fragrance load than the GW464.) I've been repouring candles for some nearby neighbors in my small town, and next week, I plan to post a little notice at the Post Office bulletin board to offer my services. Welcome!
  11. birdcharm

    New Member Onboard

    Watching birds is a lot of fun, looking for the different kinds is fun too -- learning all the different kinds -- well, that's a lot of work!! I've learned a pretty good share of North American birds though, and, for resident birds, I can tell some of them by call, although it took a long time for that!! Candybee -- the fall migration events in the east are real treats!! You were lucky to see that! TallTayl -- I think birds are really a challenge to photograph! I used to have a beloved Budgie -- one of the things he said was "wanna go birding?" (or, + "baby?") I think you may have had Steller's Jays in Colorado, Scented ... check out the pics here: https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Stellers_Jay/id They are very pretty!! I think actual Blue Jays are only in the east, but I don't know where the boundary is off-hand.
  12. birdcharm

    New Member Onboard

    Thanks for the welcomes! As for "birdcharm" -- I was trying to think of a user name (long ago for another I.D.), and was stumped. Yes, I enjoy wild birds! So I coupled that with "charm" like on a bracelet and there it was. I married a birdwatcher years ago and have spent many wonderful days going out & about to see what is singing, nesting, migrating through and all those other things birds do!
  13. birdcharm

    New Member Onboard

    Hi ! I'm a wallflower who has been reading here the last couple of days! I've enjoyed this site, so right now I'm your newest member!