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  1. I found another thread that mentioned JS Grandma's Berry Griddlecakes being the same, but it was from 2006-2007 and JS now refers to it as Country Berry Hotcakes (not sure if it's been reformulated of anything in the meantime)
  2. Are you referring to this thread? Wait - disregard! I re-read and see that you said it is NOT Country Berry Hotcakes. UGH. Sorry.
  3. It happens even with the most expensive and sought after candles on the retail shelves. I don't think anyone notices (aside from us!)
  4. Heaven Help ME!

    Good luck! I'm only about 2-3 years in and it's already become like an addiction. I think just the creative outlet of it all.
  5. Yeah, not to be all conspiracy-theorist, it does seem weird that not a single one of their scents is impacted, when pretty much the largest manufacturer in the world has something like this happen. Maple Street's comments are also suspect to me, because he claimed to have 4 suppliers and they've all duped each other's scents. That may be true, but we all know that there can and will be slight nuances between any duped scent. It seems unlikely to be spot-on for every single application their FOs are used in.
  6. Good to know. I think I'm good on FO's for a while (doing my year-end inventory pretty much scared me straight! Lol). I have to look at everything again and maybe get some safety stock of my good sellers across all suppliers ....just in case. Luckily, I'm pretty low volume.
  7. Well this is quite the list of impacted FO's from RE....They just posted this on facebook a while ago and I think also sent out an email. YIKES CONFIRMED LIST Fragrance oils that will be unavailable (until approx. May 2018) once our current stock is depleted. Almond Crème Alpine Frost Amber Romance Amber Type Amish Quilt Angel Heart Apple Butter & Caramel Applejack 'n Peel Apples & Oats Atomic Fireball Cinn. Baby Powder Banana Cream Pie Banana Walnut Cake Bayberry Bird of Paradise Birthday Cake Birthday Cake Black Velvet Blackberry Sage Blackberry Sage Blissful Blackberry Blue Skies Blueberry Muffin Blueberry Parfait Bora Bora Butter Cream Butter Rum Capp. Cabana Coconut Caramel Pecan Cashmere Woods & Tonka Beans Celtic MoonSpice Celtic Moonspice (BODY SAFE) Cherry Slush Children's Room Chocolate Layer Cake Christmas Cheer Christmas Fantasy Christmas Tree Cinna Vanilla Cinnamon Cinnamon Bun Cinnamon Styx Citron & Wild Spices Clean Green Coconut Cream Pie Coffee House Cool Citrus Basil Cotton Candy Country Clothesline Country Gift Shop Cranberry Creamy Cinn. Vanilla Creme Brulee Cucumber Melon Cucumber Mint Downey Rose & Violet Dragon's Blood Driftwood & Sea Salt Essence of Jesus Eucalypt. & Thyme Eucalyptus Fiji Dates & Lemon Peel Forbidden Fruit Forget Me Not French Vanilla & Oak Fresh Squeezed Oranges Frozen Gardenia Gingerleaf Plum Golden Opium Grandma's Kitchen Green Tea & Cucumber Harvest Moon Honeysuckle Honeysuckle & Wht. Patch Hot Apple Pie Hot Apple Pie Iced Lemon Cookie Intense Almond Issey Miyake Just Peachy Kettle Corn Key Lime Pie Lavender Vanilla Lemondrop Pucker London Fog Luscious Vanilla MacIntosh Apple MacIntosh Apple Macintosh Apple Malibu Heat Mango Maple Glazed Bacon Marijuana Midnight Pomegrante Ming Fern & Lavender Molten Spark Monkey Farts Mulberry Frost Muscadine Muscadine Vineyard Neroli Oatmeal Milk 'n Honey Orchid Rain Oud Wood Paris Nights Passionate Kisses Patchouli Patchouli Oud Wood Patchouli Saffron Pearberry Pearberry Peppermint Bark Pina Colada Pineapple Brown Sugar Pineapple Cilantro Pink Berry & Tonka Bean Pink Lilac & Willow Pink Sugar Pink Sugar Pizza Plumeria Pumpkin Bread Pumpkin Crème Brulee Rapture Raspberry Raspberry Lilac Red Hot Banana Red Saffron Redwood Rosemary Mint Rosewood & Musk Salted Caramel Ginger Sea Island Grapefruit Sea Salt & Rice Flower Sea Salt & Yuzu Serene Waters Shangri-La Silver Birch & Vetiver Snickerdoodle Snowkissed Sugar Type Southern Vanilla Sparkling Ginger Sparkling Pomegranate Prosecco Strawberry Musk Strawberry Taffy Succulent Aloe Sugar Cookie Summer Breeze (Gain Island Fresh) Sweet ‘n Creamy (Peanut Butter Cookie) Sweet Amber Musk Sweet Potato & Brown Sugar Sweet Potato Spice Sweet Tarts Sweet Tooth Toasted Marshmallow Tropical Oasis Vanilla Lace Vanilla Lime Vanilla Type Velvety Vanilla Very Sexy for Him Vetiver Type Vineyard VL-Cherry Almond White Pumpkin & Lilac White Velvet Bow Wild Tuberose & Jasmine Winter Hideaway Yuzu ----------------------------------- POTENTIAL LIST Fragrance oils that may have limited availability (until approx. May 2018) once our current stock is depleted. Alaskan Wilderness Almond Biscotti Almost Paradise Amaretto Amazon Mist Amish Spice Loaf Apple & Pumpkin Strudel Apple Clove Butter Apple Harvest Festival Apple Jack N Peel Apricot & Honey Arctica Asian Pear Asian Pear Flavor Autumn Rain Awapuhi Seaberry Baby Fresh Badedas Bahama Coconut Bamboo & Sugar Cane Bamboo Cypress Banana Nut Bread Banana Nut Bread Bayberry Black Forest Beachwood Vetiver Berry Bundt Cake Black Cherry Black Currant Tea Black Oak Currant Black Raspberry Vanilla Blackberry Blackberry Scone Blue Lagoon Blue Sugar Blue Summer type Blueberry Blueberry Blueberry Burst Blueberry Cobbler Bonfire Bliss Breezy Meadows Brown Sugar Bubble Gum Bubble Gum Burnin' Love Cinnamon Butter Pecan Buttered Rum Spice Cake Butternut Pumpkin Butterscotch Butterscotch Marshmallow Butterscotch Rum Brittle Buttery Toffee Crunch Cabernet Crush Cake Bake Calabrian Bergamot & Violet Campfire Marshmallow Candied Ginger Candy Apple Sleigh Ride Candy Cane Candy Cane Cupcake Cantaloupe Cappuccino Caramel Pretzel Bar Caramel Sensations Cardamom Cedar Blossom Caribbean Day Spa Carmelized Pralines Cedar Sage & Blackberry Cedarwood & Patchouli Celebrate Christmas type Chai Tea Chardonnay Cherries and Chestnuts Cherry Berry Cherry Mist Christmas Bliss Christmas Past Christmas Tree Garland Cider Barrel Cinnamon Cinnamon & Spruce Cinnamon Glazed Baklava Cinnamon Red Hot Cinnamon Supreme Cinnamon Toast Clementine Lavender Cleopatra Clothesline Fresh Clothespins Coconut Grapefruit Coconut milk & Peaches Cool Water Corn Husk Cornbread Cornucopias & Gourds Cotton Candy Cranberry Orange Scone Cranberry Salsa Cranberry Yuzu Crème de Menthe Cuban Tobacco Cucumber Melon da Lime in da Coconut Danish Butter Cookie Danish Vanilla Custard Dill Pickle Dreamcatcher Earl Grey & Apple Elderflower & Moss Ezra Farmer's Market Harvest Fig & Cassis Fizzy Pop Flannel Sheets Flower Child French Toast French Vanilla Fresh Lemon Sugar type Fresh Lilac Frosted Winter Berry Frosty Pines Frosty Windowpane Fruit Medley Funnel Cake Gilded Amber Ginger Souffle Gingerbread Brulee Gingerbread Pumpkin Gingersnap Glazed Donut Golden Sands type Grand Marnier & Apricot Grandmas Cupboard Grandmothers Toddy Grapefruit Tangelo Green Apple Green Apple Green Grass Green Irish Tweed Green Pumpkin Green Tea Green Tea & Willow Havana Nights Hazelnut Hazelnut Coffee Hazelnut Latte Hipster Holiday Spiced Balsam Home Interiors Baked Apple Homemade Apple Pie Honey Bee Honeydew Melon Hot Apple Pie Hummingbird Nectar Iced Pineapple and Tangerine Icy Peppermint Italian Fruit Parfait Japanese Pear & Ginsing Jasmine, White Juniper Berry Cedar Juniper Breeze Karma Sutra Key Lime Kickin' Caramel Kimono Flower Lavender Lavender Apples & Oak Lavender Chamomile Lavender Mist Lavender Vanilla Leather Lemon Cheesecake Lemon Curd Lemon Éclair Lemon Ginger Tea Lemon Pound Cake Lemon Sugar Bundt Cake Light Blue Lily of the Valley Lime Freeze Lingonberry Wreath Little Black Dress Love Spell Love Spell (VS type) Lovely type Lumberjack Main Street Christmas Malted Milk Ball Mandarin Orange Mandarin Spice Mango Lassi Mango Peach Fusion Manuka Honey & Saffron Marshmallow Fluff Mediterranean Fig Merlot Mint Truffle Mittens & Mistletoe Mochacinno Molasses Cookie Monkey Bread Moon Shadow Moonlight Path Moscato Mulberry ( HI type) Nutmeg & Caramel Swirl Oak Barrel Cider Oatmeal Milk & Honey (CM) Oatmeal Milk & Honey Ooey gooey Caramel Orange Dreamsicle Orange Flower & Amber Orange Sorbet Passion Melon Patchouli Blend Patchouli Rain Patchouli Raspberry Peach Peanut Butter Peppercorn Peppermint Swizzle Stick Pickin' Pumpkins Pie Crust Pine Cone Wreath Pineapple Supreme Pinecone & Lime Type Pink Frosting Pink Hibiscus Pink Lemonade Pink Sugar type Pipe Smoke Pistachio Ice Cream Plum Tart Plumberry Spice Pomelo Sage Popcorn Praline Pumpkin Cheescake Pumpkin Cheesecake Pumpkin Cupcake Pumpkin Ginger & Apple Slices Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin Pie Spice Pumpkin Souffle Purple Sandalwood Red Currant Red Delicious Apple Red Velvet Cake Roasted Coffee Rocky Mountain Memories Rose Petals Rosemary Citrus Spritzer Rustic Lodge Rustic Rose Sage and Sweetgrass Salt Water Taffy Salted Caramel Popcorn Salty Sea Air Sandalwood & Shea Sangria Sauvignon Blanc Sea Grass & Sand Dunes Sea Kelp Sex On The Beach Shamrocks & Sunshine Snow Cone Snow Covered Pines Snow Taffy Southern Pecan Pie Sparkling Pine & Bergamot Sparkling Snowflakes Spiced Autumn Wreath Spiced Coquito Spiced Pumpkin Latte Spicy Apples & Peaches Stone House Reserve Strawberry Strawberry Buttercream Sugar Cookie Sugar Frosted Plum Sugared Spruce Sugared Strawberries Swedish Dream Salt Sweet Pea type Sweet Pumpkin Teakwood & Fern Teakwood Coconut Three Wishes Tea Tinsel Tree Tis The Season Tres Leches Cake Tropical Fruit Slices Tulips & Lilacs Turquoise Sky Tuscan Cypress Tuscan Fields Vanilla Bean Vanilla Butter Fudge Vanilla Crunch Vanilla Ice Cream Vanilla Kissed Chrysanthemum Vanilla Pound Cake Vanilla Sandalwood Vanilla Snowflake Vanilla Wafers Very Sexy For Him Victorian Pine Violet Blush Violet Leaf & Sweet Grass VL Spa Fusion VL-Pomegranate & Ginger Volcano type Voluspa Ambre Lumiere Type Warm n Cozy Warm Vanilla Nutmeg Waterlily & Jasmine Watermelon Welcome Home Whipped Cream White Choc. Apple type White Chocolate White Jasmine & Pineapple White Nectarine White Peach Sangria White Woods Wild Honeysuckle Wild Red Cherry Pie Wine by Candlelight Winter Linen Winter Wisp Winter Wonderland Woolen Blanket Zucchini Bread
  8. Uncut Fragrance oil suppliers

    Yes, a very good friend of mine has allergic reactions to soy and rarely burns candles since so many have have some sort of blend. She was gifted what she thought was a paraffin candle and her skin got really itchy and dry eyes. She called the company and they confirmed they use a paraffin-soy blend in that candle.
  9. Coffee fragrance oil

    Have you tried RE Coffee House? I don't smell burnt popcorn with coffee scents but most smell completely fake to me. My best friend has been asking for coffee scents since day 1, so she's my go-to Coffee tester and CH is her favorite. She also likes CandleScience Coffee and Hazelnut Coffee. I've sent her a variety of NG (neither of us like them) and also SweetCakes (love the cappuccino scent but can't get a throw from it). Coffee scents tend to smell super fake to me but if I stick to about 6.5% for Coffee House, it is perfect. Adding more brings out the fake smell. I use parasoy pillar wax for melts and I've used a blend of 6006-464 for candles. (Although I mostly make melts)
  10. Awesome! The goo gone has a strong smell too and it dissipates after a little while. I'm sure it works faster than overnight too, but I just like leaving it overnight and peeling the labels off in the morning. Good luck! I used this method a lot when I re-branded and needed to relabel a ton of melts. It was such a pain but I wanted to change the look of everything all at once.
  11. Goo gone! I rip a square of paper towel, put Goo Gone on it and place the square of soaked paper towel over the label and let it sit over night. The label or any remnants should come right off no problem. I don't color my wax and I use a pillar wax that pops right out, so I don't have good advice for getting the wax and scent out. :-(
  12. Have you tried any of these RE FO's?

    Here's the ones I have used. I've made parasoy melts with them, so that's the experience I'm basing this on. Bonfire Bliss - It's alright - I don't understand all of the rave reviews. They may have changed it over the years, because it doesn't smell like a bonfire to me at all, or it may be my wax. I thought I loved it when I first smelled it but I think the rave reviews were swaying me lol. There's something about it that just seems overly synthetic to me. Cardamom Cedar Blossom - I like this scent, it's kind of fresh and spicy. Coffee House - I really like this one! Good coffee scent, good throw. Elderflower & Moss - haven't put this in wax yet, but OOB it smells really nice. It's on my list, pleasant spa-type scent to my nose. Fig & Cassis - I LOVE this. It smells very familiar to me and I can't put my finger on it. But it's one of my favorites, great throw and kind of a complex (or maybe just hard to describe) scent. Redwood - I really like this scent, but I wish it was a little more woodsy and less soapy. It may be the way it performs with my wax, but there's a definite soap feel I get when melting this and I did also have a customer leave that in a review as well. (Edit: not a literal soap feel, just what the scent makes me think of)
  13. Winter Wonderland Dupe?

    I'm sorry that I'm not familiar with the Peaks version but have you tried Flaming Candle? I have their version and I love it! Just not sure if it's supposed to be the same thing.
  14. Just want to chime in and agree that NG has very reasonable shipping. It's too bad I'm not in love with a lot of their FOs. They're fine, I just like FC and RE more, with the exception of a good handful or two.
  15. NG 464

    I don't really use 464 but I have seen comments here and there that the manufacturer is out of stock. I don't recall the reason given, but I saw a post maybe last week about it.