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  1. Just want to chime in and agree that NG has very reasonable shipping. It's too bad I'm not in love with a lot of their FOs. They're fine, I just like FC and RE more, with the exception of a good handful or two.
  2. NG 464

    I don't really use 464 but I have seen comments here and there that the manufacturer is out of stock. I don't recall the reason given, but I saw a post maybe last week about it.
  3. Natures Garden

    What are you making? I make melts with a parasoy wax and have had a LOT of duds with NG, including some listed above, but it could totally be my wax, or my sniffer. Different wax or different application can make a huge difference. Some listed above that I also like are: Apple Orchard Christmas Cabin Mrs. Claus Cookies Pumpkin Crunch Cake Spiced Cranberry Not listed above that I like: Bamboo & White Grapefruit Brown Sugar Fig Sun & Sand Type Seaside Cotton Tomato Leaf (I love it, but it doesn't sell well for me, full disclosure - kind of a niche scent for gardeners, imo)
  4. Roasted Pinecones

    Lol are you the person that said that in the review on the the FC website?? That's part of why I was interested in this scent and I don't smell the Hollister smell AT ALL. It's still a good scent though. I'm melting it now and I'm pretty pleased. I have no idea what a roasted pinecone is supposed to smell like, but this has a nice pine-ish smell with a hint of something sweet, I'm guessing the berry note, but I'd never be able to detect berry without knowing it's in there. It's fairly strong in my parasoy wax melt at 7% though it is not wafting through my house quite as much as I would like (I have a pretty small house but not an open floor plan, so it always makes me happy when the scent makes its way to the back of my house).
  5. Does stronger OOB mean better?

    My opinion is that anything OOB doesn't mean much. I've had scents that smell amazing, strong and complex OOB and fall flat in wax. I've had blah OOB scents that smell great once they are in wax and fully cured. When I buy a whole bunch of scents during a sale or whatever, it's easy to gravitate towards the stronger smelling ones for what I want to make first for testing purposes, but over the past couple of years that I've been doing this (mostly melts), I've learned OOB means very little when it all comes down to it. I guess if I had to generalize, I have more success with good, strong OOB scents in the final product than less-than-impressive OOB, but I don't believe it to be cut and dry.
  6. Roasted Pinecones

    I just recently received this in one of their samplers. I put it in my tart wax and it smells really nice but I haven't tested it yet. I will say, on cold sniff, it reminds me of something else I couldn't put my finger on. (OOB and in wax). It's definitely a scent I've smelled before, I just can't remember where for the life of me. Could be something from another supplier or maybe just a candle I've smelled before, but I found it to be a pleasant, familiar scent. I am not sure if it's a true pine cone scent though and I don't believe I've smelled CS Pine Cones to compare to that. I'm testing it tonight and can hopefully have some better feedback!
  7. Opinions on Pumpkin Souffle

    I have both and prefer CS as well. I do use RE's as a blender for other pumpkin scents though. It's not bad, just not my favorite. I wish I was at home to be able to sniff both and describe the differences I detect. I'd say the CS is stronger and more decadent smelling, if that makes sense.
  8. Lumpy top in clamshell

    Hi everyone, I make wax melts in clamshells using parasoy pillar wax. When I used to make them in my main kitchen, there was always moving air, whether from me and the dogs walking around, opening doors, A/C being on, etc. Because of this (or so I thought), my tops were always a little lumpy. I moved my work station to my 2nd kitchen in my basement and like magic, I had some of the smoothest tops. However, I have not changed my formula, my location, etc. and all of a sudden, I'm getting lumpy tops again. My process is this: I heat my wax to 195, remove from heat, add FO at 180, stir for a few mins or until it reaches 150 and pour. Attached is an image of the same fragrance, but made on separate days. Temperature in the room has been consistent. I keep a small space heater on when I am working and it is on the lowest setting and it is not pointed in the direction of my work space. Is my counter top too cold, perhaps? (We haven't had cold weather here, but I suppose it's possible that my countertop is for some reason colder than normal). If so, is there something I could lay on my counter when I'm pouring to help them cool more evenly? Or maybe I'm way off and it's a different cause. Please help. I want my smooth tops back.
  9. I always look for reviews, but negative or no reviews doesn't stop me from buying. (Although I've learned that in many cases, there is a reason for low stars or a low # of reviews, especially with NG). But anyways, I always give something a shot if I think I might like it or it might sell. I will admit, in the beginning of my FO trials, I was the one making reviews like "This is great!" but now that I've been doing this for a while and I've worked with so many different waxes, I now try to leave reviews with what wax I used and at what %. Along with my thoughts on the HT/CT and sometimes the scent itself (even though it's different for everyone). I I haven't reviewed in a while but I plan to sit down and write reviews for some of my recent purchases. Just like its hard to buy candles online when you can't sniff them, it's hard for people to try scents sight unseen (or unsniffed), so I like to give my feedback.
  10. Quality fragrance oils

    I like some Natures Garden scents I tried, most Flaming Candle, most Candle Science, most Candle Cocoon and almost everything I've tried from Sweet Cakes (which is only about 10-12 so far). Sweet Cakes fragrances are the most complex I've smelled and the price is high, but you use less per lb of wax and still get good throw. (I've only tested a majority of my fragrances on wax melts, though).
  11. I tend to have not so great luck with any kind of crafty thing (Except melts/candles lol) so I don't have the highest of hopes for my plan, but I'm gonna try! I'm going to get my hands on this cream, good gloves and safety glasses and start practicing. Hopefully this weekend, but maybe the following.
  12. This is the Nest jar that I'm referring to. I think they're so pretty. (edited to add: I obviously haven't cleaned this one up, but I'm just saying the glass itself is my favorite out of any candle I've purchased)
  13. The etching cream is exactly what I was thinking. I've never done anything like that but I might get to experimenting this weekend. I was really more concerned about the safety of doing this. As in, does it make the glass more likely to shatter or anything? Of course, I'd test it repeatedly on my end before selling or anything, but if there was a major safety concern, I wouldn't even consider it. I haven't looked fully into it yet but I believe it's a acid-y cream that you apply to glass, leave on for a few minutes and wipe it off. The acid basically eats the surface of the glass, which is leaves the etched appearance. That's just based on some quick googling before work this morning, so forgive me if my description is the worst. Lol.
  14. Just wondering if any of you have etched any of the standard glass vessels you sell. My favorite candles to buy are Nest and they have beautiful candle jars that I think are so pretty. They're clear glass with etched vertical stripes. It got me thinking.... Maybe I could etch a design or my logo onto the glass of my candles. I tend to like a clean look on the glass itself and would rather put all pertinent information on the bottom warning label and and on the outer packaging, as opposed to a label on the glass. I feel like an etched design might give it the oomph it needs. Thoughts? Concerns? Advice?
  15. I really like the look of that jar without the bow. I'm not sure the bow adds anything to it. I'm not sure if it's the bow itself or the gold color, but for whatever reason, it doesn't really do anything for me. The jar itself is very nice and unique and your labels look great on it.