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  1. Lana

    Equestrian inspired scent ideas

    Do you buy from Nature's Garden? I like their Hayride scent better than the others I've smelled, which have been almost perfumey to me. It's also different than Fresh Cut Grass too. It almost reminds me of the scent of freshly mown hay wafting through the air. Kind of sweet, kind of that dried grassy smell...I don't know how to describe it lol.
  2. Lana

    New to the forum, not to candlemaking

    You have to change the name and adding “type” does not save you in the event of a lawsuit. The attorney for 2 companies just did a big sweep on Etsy. For about a week, there were zero listings for Frasier Fir Wax Melts / Candles and they’re slowly trickling back in. People are playing with fire when they keep using TM’d names bc Etsy will eventually just shut your shop down. Not to mention potentially being sued.
  3. Hi all. I just wanted to introduce myself. I've been a long time lurker, trying to absorb ideas and learn as much as possible. I've been making lip balms and what not as gifts for quite some time and it eventually led me down the path of tinkering with candles and melts. I have a "day job" but looking to sell a little on the side to family and friends. I'm trying to do it the "legit" way by securing the business name and insurance, etc, just in case. I've been testing for the better part of a year and have learned so much from this forum, along with a few others out there. I just want to thank you all and hope I can contribute now that I've finally gotten in the thick of things and beginning to make products I am truly proud of.