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  1. Natasha2106

    Hello and thank you

    Thank you for this list Candybee. I did look at this before but didn't scroll to the bottom, as I just presumed they were American suppliers. Good to see the list for Australia some of those suppliers I've never heard of or tried, so will give their fragrances a go. As my current supplier is very hit and miss with there fragrances. I tend to find 80% are bad and only 20% good, but it is a very costly experiment.
  2. Natasha2106

    Hello and thank you

    Hello all, I seem to be working backwards, as I have already posted a couple of questions before actually introducing myself, sorry for this! My name is Natasha, in my 30's, and live in South Australia. I lived in the UK all my life until we moved to SA 3 years ago. It was just myself, hubby and kids who moved with only a very small container of belongings shipped over. We haven't looked back, we love living here in Australia. I decided just a little over 12 months ago to make candles for myself as hubby had been made redundant and I couldn't afford to buy them. After starting to test and make, I suddenly realised how difficult and long process it can be to achieve the correct candle. But had to perservier as I also needed to do something to sell on the side to get us through the unemployed time. However, during the no spending timeframe (on luxuries) I have had an abundance of tester candles around the home to fragrance it. I love the fragrances and have struggled to find suppliers that have consistent quality of FO and stickums etc. I have now finally managed to get it down to 5 FO that work well and are wicked well and give a lovely fragrance. So hope to be selling these at a local market in the next month. It sure has been a long hard process, as I have been working full time and trying to do this on the side. I am married, have two daughters and two dogs. So my life was very busy before making candles came into my life, but not one to shy away from hard work. I lost so much time and money trialling things with useless information from some sites, and talking to some suppliers who tell you one thing, only to purchase a whole amount from them to find it is all rubbish and they just don't give sound advice. Am so pleased I have now come across your site as it has so much valuable information. My brain is buzzing with all the info and reading on here. I am so excited to be getting going with this!!