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  1. Burn tests

    I'm going to buy some different series of wicks and test side by side. It's just so frustrating. Wick down and they drown and there is no ht and wick up and they are too big at a third down. Really need to get these right this Year!
  2. Burn tests

    I use 4630 wax and they recommend htp wicks. I haven't tried other series, I will try some others and see what the outcome is. I did try cdn once but they didn't work well. Will see if I can get any other series. Thanks
  3. Burn tests

    Only used the one brand of wick. Do they vary that much between suppliers? I thought they would be the same being htp wicks
  4. Burn tests

    The tabs are still stuck as there is still some unmelted wax. I tried with smaller wick but they were looking like they were drowning on the first couple of burns, there was barely a flame.
  5. Burn tests

    Hey, just wondering if anyone can help out here. Ive been test burning my candles, 4630 In a double wick 4 inch wide jar, the first half of jar burning wicks work Well, however I've noticed that once jar gets to around third left and burning for 4 hours or more the wicks lose their rigity and move slightly and end up closer to the jar and this can cause the jar to become too hot. Does this mean the wicks are too big? Any advice would be great, thanks
  6. Help with fragrance name

    I'm confused and I can smell it lol. My nose just doesn't pick out the same as others. I'm liking Jasmine Spice and Exotic Jasmine. Thank you
  7. Help with fragrance name

    HI ALL, I have a fragrance that is called 'Istanbul' from our fragrance supplier, but I don't want to call it this. I have looked at the fragrance notes, but cannot decide what to call it. I have listed the notes below and hopefully someone can give me some ideas. Top Note: Fresh Rose ( although I don't smell rose as I dont like rose) Middle : Raspberry & Jasmine, Cinnamon, Nutmeg Base: Musks, spices, tobacco, patchouli, cedarwood and sandalwood I was thinking of having something along the lines of Spices & Jasmine. I'm at a blank with this, and the notes, don't sound anything like it smells. Any advice would be great, thanks
  8. Fragrance Strength Testing

    great idea. thank you. i will give this a go
  9. Fragrance Strength Testing

    Thank you for all the replies. TallTayl can I ask..... the salt you use, is it just normal table salt? And how much do you use ? maybe 1 tablespoon to 2-3 drops of fo? This would be a great way to see if I like the scent, as I'm struggling with throwing away so many wasted testers with no throw or horrible scents. Thanks
  10. Was wondering if there is an easier/cheaper/quicker way to test the strength of a fragrance, without having to actually make a candle? I have brought so many fragrances, and keep making testers but finding it quite a wasteful and expensive process, especially when the fragrance isn't as strong or nice as i would hope. Any ideas? Thanks
  11. Wick Issues

    Thank you for all your replies and assistance. i am just testing htp 72, so will let you know how it goes. I love the igi 4630 wax as this is the best for scent throw. I will try a lower rate of fragrance and see if that makes a difference. That would certainly be great too, as the fragrance was very expensive, so if I can use less - BONUS!! Will keep you all posted with the 72 testing. thanks again x
  12. Wick Issues

    I have a wick htp 72, does anyone know the difference between the 72 and 73?? - just found the 72 one, so I will try that also and see if that makes any difference.
  13. Wick Issues

    Ooops - omg no not 4cm lol. It is 4inches lol I don't have pics on me at moment, will burn the smaller wick later and get a pic. The larger is certainly better for scent throw but it makes the wick mushroom and the jar is far too hot. Natasha
  14. Wick Issues

    Hi all, I have purchased a beautiful fragrance from our supplier and now I am testing with the full jar, I am struggling to find a suitable wick. I am using IGI 4630 with 10% fragrance, and HTP wicks as recommended by IGI for their wax. I am using a 4cm diameter jar double wicked. when I use htp 73 the jar becomes very hot and it soots a little too much. however when I drop to a HTP 63, the wicks are almost too small. There is a small flame, a FMP but less fragrance throw. Also I'm concerned about the wicks drowning. Can anyone recommend on what else I can try. Not using this fragrance is not an option as I have 10 litres of it and it was very expensive. And when I used the sample and tested in the smaller test quantity I didn't have an issue with the wick, but now its made in the full jar I seem to be having an issue. Anyhelp would be great, thanks all. Natasha xx
  15. Hi guys, not been around over xmas as I have some time away from the candles to give myself a break, so I could come back fully charged ready to hit the business again. Was wondering how do you all work out the correct spacing for double, triple wicking. I did have one jar shatter as the wick was too close to the jar (during testing), I cannot see through the base of the jars so need to figure out the easiest way to ensure tht they are safely away from the jar, and also correct distance from each other wick. Any recommendations would be great. I did try to search on here, but couldn't find anything particular. (Probably not searching correctly) Happy New Year all