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  1. Hello from TX

    Welcome! I am a Tx girl too. I agree with your post. I have learned alot from these wonderful Crafters ,so much here to help with any craft you are making .
  2. Just Scents Oils I can't decide on....

    I have have Aztecs Copper Coconut ,amazing scent .I would think Just Scents is just as good .You will not be disappointed with this one .It is a Bath Body Works dupe .
  3. Pink Chiffon

    Flaming & Fragrance Buddy have this one .I find both are very good .
  4. Almond Pastry Replacement

    I agree with you on the scent from Keystone .I purchase the AP ,seems to be different. I am not getting the same results as before on many of the scents I purchased. I do not know why the oil is off from Peaks original ,maybe stored in the heat for a long while ,during the move .I see that Peak is back to selling oils again ,maybe try his site for the Almond Pastries .
  5. Kwym Gail. I sometimes spend the day smelling all my oils .I am so excited each time I get a oil package in the mail. My Just Scent order is out for delivery tomorrow.I am looking forward to both the Cotton Candy oils & Cherry Slushie . Of course I did order some samplers also .Creme de Menthe is one I am so looking forward to getting in the wax . I just love mint oils. I hope you get some great ones from Cierra .
  6. Darn ,I just know I missed out on something great.I had to keep looking at the overstock oils I already have ,to stay away from the sale lol. It definitely kept me from ordering .
  7. Looking for a Clean not Floral scent

    Candlesource has a Sun Washed Linen ,very very strong sun dried linen smell. Also lemongrass is a fresh clean smell .Clean Cotton is a good one from Candlesource as well.
  8. Recently Aztec has many scents that have been reformulated,they specify on their site the ones that have been .I have a pound of their Volcano as well.I will put this one in the wax & see if results are different.I know Candlescience Strawberry Shortcake has not been the same for me .I poured a pound of melts & no scent throw .I used the same wax as always ,so definitely think some oils have been reformulated .By the way Welcome to CS.You will love this site for any craft you create ,lots to learn here .I certainly have learned so much here.
  9. Reorganized my FO stash, wanna see?

    Yes I agree "Garden of Eden",love this name .Maybe I could call one of my scents Eden's Garden lol. I just turn it around , definitely love the name .I recently received a oil from CMS called Zen Garden ,have to get it into the wax ,I would love to call it Eden's Garden instead.
  10. I know so tempting Trapp,such a great deal. I talked myself out of this one .Lol do not want to add another supplier ,so I passed.The scents you chose sound very good thou .Tough decision right !
  11. Gail,Lol I am so proud I did not place a order.Wow such will power for me.I looked at ALL my oils & told myself NO,NO,NO. So afraid I would have to add another supplier ,trying to drop a few as it is lol.I just know I missed out on something good thou .
  12. Bath Bombs Cracking

    I have found with experimenting ,my bombs kept sinking in the tub .I omitted the epsom salt & they actually float on top of the water. I was thinking the salt was weighing them down.My grand daughter loves bath bombs ,along with making them .We have tried several batches , without the salt with good luck .We have had some cracking ,however the humidity in South ,Tx is super high most of the time. I think this makes a great project for your students ,great idea.
  13. Maple Street Valentine's Day Sale

    Thanks Gail! Ikwm I don't need any more either ,just very tempting lol.
  14. Maple Street Valentine's Day Sale

    Gail,If I remember correctly ,you use Cierra oils .I received a email for their VD sale ,10 samplers for $1 each. Do you have any recommendations from Cierra ? Thank you bunches 😀
  15. Cello bag size for Scalloped edge melts?

    Yes thank you ,I was thinking maybe these could get messy bag smears when stored to long.The melts just look so cute in the tiny little bags .Packing just prior would be alright for a quick sales ,hoping lol.