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  1. katmeltswax

    Welcome to our newest members this week!

    Welcome All !
  2. katmeltswax

    Hello from California :)

    Welcome! You will learn so much on this site,so many Crafters with a huge amount of knowledge.I have certainly learned so much myself since joining 😀
  3. katmeltswax

    Hello from TX

    I live in South,Tx small town Ganado ,just 20 miles from the Gulf. Hurricane Harvey hit landfall right in our backdoor. I get so nervous just thinking about hurricane season arriving again this summer .Hope we never ever have to go thru another one .Welcome to Craft Server & glad to have another Texan.
  4. katmeltswax

    Hello from TX

    Welcome! I am a Tx girl too. I agree with your post. I have learned alot from these wonderful Crafters ,so much here to help with any craft you are making .
  5. katmeltswax

    Hi... I'm Steven from Ontario...

    Hello & Welcome.This is great place to be for any craft journey you take 😀So full of great advice ,info etc...
  6. katmeltswax

    Hello from CA

    Welcome ! My advice is keep calm & carry on . Practice does make perfect .This applies to any craft you are making .You are in the right place to learn .
  7. katmeltswax

    Hi... I'm Steven from Ontario...

    Welcome ! You made a great choice to join ,you will learn so much here . I know I certainly have 😀I greatly appreciate the experienced Crafters & their advise .I know many here have been so helpful to me. What is your craft ?
  8. katmeltswax

    greetings all from Ga

    Welcome ! You will find alot of info here on the site ,so many Crafters with great knowledge ,wisdom & experience. This is the absolute best place to learn so much 😀
  9. katmeltswax


    Welcome! You are certainly in the right place to learn here on this site .I have only made a handful of candles myself .I make wax melts .I know many on here that can give you advice with lots of experience .I find this site to be very helpful with almost any craft you are making .If you browse around the topics ,you will find so much info on candle making ,wax,wicks, fragrances etc. I wish you the best in your candle journey .
  10. katmeltswax

    Hello from Texas

    Wow small world ,my mother was raised in Teneha ,Tx . I spent most of my childhood years spending the summers with my grandma in Teneha & many other family members in Center & Timpson. My parents owned a lake house on lake Timpson. I can remember many shopping trips to Shrevport, La as well. I have cousins in Logansport & surrounding areas .I live in South ,Tx near the gulf ,small town called Ganado .I was born & raised in Houston thou. Welcome & nice to meet you. You will learn so much here ,I certainly have .I just love this site .Lol I need to introduce myself also on the site.
  11. katmeltswax


    Welcome to the board You are certainly in the right place. There are a lot of crafters full of helpful advice here .I learn something new everyday here .This board is full of candle makers with a lot of wisdom & experience. Candle making can be such a rewarding hobby. It does not happen over night & every scent has to be tested . I have made some myself with great results & I will also say I have made some with not so great results. Candle making is a learn as you go adventure. I know you will find a lot of helpful tips here & I wish you great success with your hobby. My advice is have patience & do not give up ,test ,test test. I know others will chime in to welcome you as well ,Kathy
  12. katmeltswax

    Greetings from Candles by Amy Lynn

    Hi there :) I am a newbie to. You are in the right place .This board is packed with plenty of amazing crafters. I enjoy having such wonderful talented people to communicate with & learn something I did not know. Your certainly in the right place, many crafters with a lot of wisdom here. I feel like if I hit a bump in the road ,I can jump right in & find my answer. Everyone I have chatted with has been so helpful . I appreciate them very much Kathy
  13. katmeltswax

    Hey everyone

    Yes patience is definitely something you have to have when making candles. I wish you the best & never stop pouring...Please post results for us .Banana pudding sounds yummy! I have never ordered from NG & will be soon. I am going to try their Tangerine Dreams & Sea salt Caramels. I am looking for replacements for TCS in these scents. I have read nothing but good reviews about this company. Keep on pouring & never give up . God Bless ,Kathy
  14. katmeltswax

    Hey everyone

    Hi Pam ,I am a newbie as well. I am also disabled with spinal stenosis& fibromyalgia. I know how you feel going thru the chronic pain. I have good days & bad. I lost both parents & my brother within a 2 year time frame . It has caused me to have severe depression & anxiety .Life has been a struggle for me & I to wanted to do something to pass the time. I started making wax melts ,chunks & other unique items. It helps me keep my mind busy. I do make candles occasionally ,but mainly stick with the wax melts. I love making tarts & candles are such a challenge. There is so much more to learn about candle making & you are in the right place. I to have been reading this for a while & decided to join. This board is full of pros & they can be very helpful ,you can learn so much here. I can tell you my favorite wax for candle making has been the 4630 & zinc wicks. I like it because it is a one pour wax ,takes color well & has great scent throw. I know the wicking has been my biggest challenge. Each scent has to be tested & every oil differs .You are in the right place to learn & the members here are so helpful & kind. I admire your ambition & never give up on anything you want to do. You will be a great success with your wax adventure. God bless you ,Kathy
  15. katmeltswax

    New Member Onboard

    Welcome ,I am a newbie too. I live in South,Tx & love the hummers .I keep my feeders full & enjoy watching them everyday. They have finally arrived & just beautiful little birds.