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  1. katmeltswax

    Looking for a great FLANNEL fragrance ?

    I love Maples Jingle Bell Wreath & Oats & Honey ,both are super strong in my paraffin wax blend .
  2. katmeltswax

    Looking for a great FLANNEL fragrance ?

    Wow I had no idea MS had this scent .I just ordered the lb bottle from Aztec special intro price $13. I do like some of Maple Street oils & will order a sample to compare the both of these . I usually have good results with most any I get from Aztecs . Thanks for letting me know about MS.πŸ˜€
  3. katmeltswax

    Looking for a great FLANNEL fragrance ?

    yes yes yes!!! I placed the order this morning for the 1 lb bottle . I just ordered the Marshmellow Fireside as well. Aztec did not run the MF oil at intro price very long ,only 4 days . So happy I did not miss out on it . The next one will be Winter BBW type . I wished they would have done all 3 at one time , shipping 3 X's gets pricey kwim. These are all must haves for upcoming Fall/Winter season,hope they all work out πŸ˜€ I look forward to getting all of these .
  4. katmeltswax

    Aroma Bead Ornies not working out

    I can remember going thru Clevand back when I was growing up ,we traveled to Tenaha & Center to visit my grandma . I think back & cannot believe how Houston has just swallowed up all the smaller towns . I do not see much country living around the area anymore . It's really a huge mess .I have no desire to ever go back kwim. I did enjoy Onalaska & Livingston when we had our lake house for a couple years ,we practically lived there most of the time. We did finally return home to Ganado ,as we still had our home here . Belinda at least you have 10 acres to enjoy the quite when you want . I hardly recongnized Conroe area the last time I went thru the town , certainly has turned into a mini Houston that's for sure . I love South Tx overall ,no traffic to deal with is a huge bonus . I only have one complaint & that is Hurricane season .It is looking great for now & no chance of one coming so far this year .I hope the water stays cooler to avoid getting another Harvey ,can do without those monsters lol.
  5. katmeltswax

    Aroma Bead Ornies not working out

    I can imagine how it has grown by now . I remember Porter being a country town back years ago ,lol many years ago,in the 70's. I also recall when Cypress was a country town ,not anymore it has turned into the big city ,same as being in the middle of Houston .I lived in Cypress many years &my dad lived there his last 30 years of his life . It is all city now , horrible traffic .I do not miss Houston at all . I live down south near the Gulf waters now , pretty comfy here ,without all the big city issues ,traffic ,noise etc.kwim.
  6. katmeltswax

    Is KY parasoy tart wax the same as Flaming's Problend 650?

    This is good to know & thank you bunches . I am wandering now about Flamings 450 blend for melts as well ,pretty sure this one is all paraffin .I have a friend testing the 450 soon .Will report back πŸ˜‰ Lol I will certainly order some 650,love the fact the wax is granulated. Kat
  7. katmeltswax

    Aroma Bead Ornies not working out

    It is a small world .I know exactly where Porter is located ,I once lived in Conroe .That town has grown tremendously since I lived there moons ago lol.
  8. katmeltswax

    Is KY parasoy tart wax the same as Flaming's Problend 650?

    I was wandering how the Flaming wax is working out for you ? I hope you are getting great result! Thanks in advance πŸ˜‰ Kat
  9. I hope Susie is definitely just not aware of the 35 off sale . I did go thru my invoices last night .I received the discount in late Nov in 2016 &2017. I always waited each year to grab the VBN & more due to the high price kwim. I paid $25.32 for the 1 lb bottle of VBN . The orders were both shipped on Dec 4th. both years . I hope WSP does not stop offering this post black Friday sale b/c many of the oils are very expensive . I always thought the sale was at the beginning of each new year ,however my invoices state otherwise ,so let's keep a look out towards the end of November πŸ˜‰ I am curious as to why Susie is not aware of this big sales event ,thinking maybe she was not working at WSP during this time . Lol I am going to call & see if I can point this out to someone that can pull up my invoices & explain kwim. I just hope they continue to have this Big sale in the future.I see bfroberts member here purchased oils at the same time as well ,with the discount . Now I am getting worried this sale may not be offered in the future ,this would be such a disappointment 😑
  10. I went thru my past invoices with WSP ,found the sale date. I knew I had received 35% off in the past .According to my records ,I got the discount late Nov in 2016 & 2017 .Both orders were shipped Dec 4th . I am thinking this was a post Black Friday sale . I really hope they do this again this year .I always purchased the higher priced oils during this sale ,such as VB Noel & more. I know WSP has many flash type sales ,so definitely sign up for their email sales notifications. I will definitely post when & if I get the 35 off notice . Kat☺️
  11. katmeltswax

    McCalls Smores

    I just remembered Candlemakers Store will dupe scents as well .
  12. katmeltswax

    McCalls Smores

    Trapp ,I thought about asking Natures Items ,worth a try in case FB falls thru kwim. I will call the co tomorrow & ask if they dupe fragrances .I will let you know πŸ˜‰ Kat
  13. katmeltswax

    McCalls Smores

    😁I am pretty sure FB will dupe this one for you .I know it will be a popular seller for them .
  14. Pretty sure they used to always have this sale ,as I always looked forward to the discount .I will check my past invoices .
  15. I am glad someone else has seen this sale in the past . I remember getting the Jelly donut and VBN with the 35 off discount . I recall the sale being at the first of the year last year .I have also received 35 off in December as well .I will go thru my invoices & get the dates .I am confused on WSP saying g they have never had this sale ..lol I know they have & more than once . Maybe they are not planning to offer this in the future .I hope so thou b/c it really helps getting 35 %off kwim πŸ˜‰