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  1. Shari

    Hit or Miss Rate

    Unfortunately, having a list may or may not be accurate. What one may consider a hit/miss will vary for another. May also depend on the product it's being used in. I have some fragrances that are good in on product but not in another. Mind you, I don't make candles but soap and other B&B. Some of the fragrances I purchase will be great in say a scrub, perfume or bath bomb but not so much in soap. But, it may also help of there is a review by product perhaps?
  2. Shari

    Candlewic New Fragrances

    Which other companies version did you try? I agree that it's not pleasant at all. I will say I've been surprised a time or two with something I didn't like OOB but it ended up being pretty darn good. Don't have this expectation with this one though. So, no rush to try it.
  3. Shari

    Candlewic New Fragrances

    I got some Gee Your Hair from Oregon Trail and not sure I like it. Doesn't bring back any memories anyway and not very strong to my nose. Might try it in some soap or bath bombs to check it out in the near future.
  4. Shari

    The highest quality FO? From Europe perhaps?

    I agree with the above. The cost alone would be prohibitive. Then there's no guarantee the EO/FO's would even work in my products. I find as long as I'm purchasing from reputable suppliers there are great products or duds from each and every one of them.
  5. Shari

    A Sailor's Dream

    Very cool looking. I have some mermaid tail molds just haven't taken the time to play with them. There they sit on a shelf. Can't wait to see the cut.
  6. I don't make candles but B&B and I'm loving Raspberry Lemonade (WSP) and Vanilla Champagne (NG). I dislike anything floral. Though I do like Dragon's Blood too.
  7. Shari

    My Jelly Doughnut arrived!

    That's just beautiful!
  8. Shari

    Best birthday present ever!

    Wow, it's looking great!
  9. Shari

    Hello, new to form. Not candles.

    Hello and welcome to the forum! I don't do candles but Soap and other B&B. This is a great forum. Lots of talented people here and they are extremely helpful. Great group / no drama.
  10. Shari

    What do you think of this meeting?

    I think you handled the situation very well. I feel so bad for you. I too believe in Karma and it will come back to them twofold. Too bad their facebook doesn't allow comments....I'd so call them out....
  11. Shari

    What do you think of this meeting?

    I say go with your gut and trust it. It's generally right. I think they did many things very uncouth like and would be seriously concerned.
  12. Shari

    How do you dry your bath bombs?

    I too use Cream of Tartar with a bit of Kaolin makes a really hard bomb for sure and sturdy.
  13. Shari

    Pine cone label for new account

    I too love the red. I like the gold/yellow print too. Very lovely!
  14. I too make lists but I've also gotten to where I don't stress. I forgot one of my display shelves at my last weekend fair and made it work. I remembered it when I was 2 hours into my 3 hour drive. I've been doing it so long that it's not worth stressing over. Though I do dread the take down after a 2 or 3 day show. I'm so done by then.