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  1. NG --a review of fo order

    The Eucalyptus Mint is a pretty good seller in soap and scrubs as well. Forgot about that one.
  2. NG --a review of fo order

    I don't make candles but B&B. Coconut Cabana and Vanilla Champagne are two of my best sellers in scrubs and lotion. Vanilla champagne also sells well in roll on perfumes and soap. Unfortunately the Coconut Cabana doesn't stick in soap. Morphs to plastic.
  3. Unrefined Shea Butter

    I get the beige from Soaper's Choice but I don't think you're going to find it anywhere that cheap. https://www.soaperschoice.com/shea-butter-unrefinedshea-butter-unrefined-2 I haven't been able to find it any cheaper than this.
  4. I got my light box and just gave it a simple try. I am pleased as punch with it for 12.00. Here's a few taken with my Iphone and nothing else done to it. Not bad at all. Will be better once I do some adjustments. Sorry about how big it is....
  5. How much stock to bring?

    Unfortunately there's really no way to give you a number. It varies from show to show for me. I just take what I have. I make soap for example and I'll take 300-400 bars. Scrubs 40-60 or more. Lip balm 100-200. I may not need it all but I have it.
  6. Pink Chiffon

    I just recently ordered it from WSP. It was one of my favorite colognes before Bath & Bodyworks discontinued it. I plan on making my own if it's any good. Should be here in a couple days. If it's not close I'll have to try some of the others mentioned.
  7. How much stock to bring?

    I recommend taking as much as you can. You can never guess what will sell best or how much business you'll have. I don't sell candles but do B&B and I take everything I can. Nothing worse than running out of something knowing you have it at home. Especially if this is your first time. Shows are a lot of work but I love doing them.
  8. Bath bomb gift

    That turned out very pretty. Love the container. What a great gift. I'm sure she'll love it.
  9. Lebermith and Nurture Soap FO

    I just recently purchased a few of Nurture's but I too use them in B&B not candles as I find they a bit pricey as well. I used their 8th & Ocean last weekend in soap and it moved to just about soap on a stick in a tried and true recipe. I have a couple others to try in the next few weeks. Can't remember which.
  10. Those are lovely! I to have not gone that low. I pretty much use 6% (1 oz ppo). The only exceptions are really strong scents, then I'll go down to 4%
  11. What a great and creative idea!
  12. Pink Lemonade?

    I don't have a Pink Lemonade but Raspberry Lemonade from WSP is really good in soap, scrubs etc.
  13. I find her so entertaining.
  14. Creamy Sugar Scrub Recipe

    I actually made the sugar scrub with the foaming bath whip from WSP. I didn't care for it. I found all it did was exfoliate but didn't add any conditioning aspect to my skin. I prefer emulsified scrubs. I like the lotion like feel when using them and I don't need lotion after using.
  15. Thank you for sharing!!! I ordered one, fingers crossed it helps with my crappy photos.