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  1. Pink sugar

    I've been using Peak's Pink Sugar for years. Going to give TT's a try. I have several customers who love PS.
  2. I too use the Love Spell from NG. I have several Love Spell fans and I bought it from 4-5 different suppliers and let them decide. They all picked the NG version so that's what I've stuck to.
  3. Insurance Certificates

    I can't imagine selling without insurance. Not worth the risk. Crazy stuff in my eyes.
  4. I've placed my order. Thank you for doing this.
  5. I would be interested in a pound of Pink Sugar and a pound of Sweet Amber please. I've only ever used Peak's Pink Sugar so time to try something else.
  6. Is Soapalooza still selling FO

    I too recommend Fragrance Laboratories. She has a few that I really like. Sometimes shipping is a bit slow but I plan accordingly. I quit using Soapalooza for the same reason as others. FO's just quit working right for me.
  7. New ornaments and pendant scent diffusers

    Those are really lovely. What a great idea.
  8. Any candle engraver/etchers out there?

    I saw your website and your candles are beautiful. I've not seen anything like them.
  9. Halloween pictures of Candles

    Those are awesome! Beautiful!
  10. Shaving Cream scent in wax?

    I too like the Barbershop 1920's. I also like Bay Rum(WSP), Perfect Man or Cracklin Birch from NG. I make soap, shaving soap and aftershave with them.
  11. I like #1 and #2. Beautiful labels.
  12. Black Raspberry Vanilla

    Very pretty. I too find it's not a huge seller.
  13. I'm looking forward to being able to get the few I use and stock up. I'd not heard of them before and after checking their site, there are no reviews of their oils that I saw and hopefully they don't jack up the prices. Guess I will have to wait and see.
  14. And now the cut of the mermaid soaps.

    Those are pretty and cool at the same time! Great swirls and colors.
  15. Bath Bombs not Foaming

    I agree with Talltayle. SLSA does slow the fizz. I generally use 1/8-1/4 SLSA. Also, Baking soda/Citric should be 2:1 not 1:1 I use shea butter or avocado oil and alcohol. It takes a lot of testing to get them just right. Also, temperature/humidity when making plays a big part.