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  1. Soy wax back to normal???

    You use 1.2 % of FO ????? Which oils did you have to ditch ?
  2. Melts- Which of these three waxes would you pick

    4630/ 4625 never tried Flamings colors I like lone stars .
  3. Melt & Pour Frosting

    Thanks again for your advice 😊
  4. Melt & Pour Frosting

    I do thank you !
  5. Melt & Pour Frosting

    Is there any way to making frosting out of melt and pour without using a foaming bath base ? I was going to make bath bombs for my granddaughters birthday but I need more ingredients than I thought I would. So I decided to make her unicorn soap instead. I was looking at some online recipes and they say I need foaming bath base along with melt + pour along with a few other items. Is there any way to make the frosting with just using melt + pour ?
  6. An order to Fillmore

    I'm not a fan of the lavender Sage Rosemary. Smells perfumey to me
  7. Week/end plans?

    Good idea thanks !
  8. Week/end plans?

    Thanks so much ! Im hoping you could help out with another question lol ! She wants Cotton Candy FO, which I have. I use WSP and i think the vanilla content is 9 or10% do I need to add something to my mixture so they won't turn brown ? Thanks again
  9. An order I received

    Interesting. What do you mean by misbehaving?
  10. An order I received

    Are the oils from Fillmore?
  11. Week/end plans?

    My granddaughters birthday is coming up and she wants me to make her unicorn bath bombs i have a purchased recipe from TWH's that I'm going to use but I need some inspiration. Does anyone on here know how to add the eyelashes to the fronts . Are they painted on with mica ?
  12. Week/end plans?

    Omg .. What a nightmare:( I'm so sorry your going thru all this. Honestly, I don't know how you deal with all this . I'd be loosing my mind. I have a few friends that have septic tanks and when they have problems they're always huge and very expensive. Let us know how this turns out for you .
  13. Week/end plans?

    You make your own tanning lotion wow that's pretty cool 😎
  14. Explanation needed