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  1. I like RE Marshmallow too but to me it just smells like a rich,vanilla . I agree, no toasted in the least.
  2. Natures Garden recommendations

    Ive heard Gingerbread is good + strong. Hot Orange Danish - Oats n Honey is not super strong but nice. Pink Sugar (although I like ICS better but they are very similar) Tinsel is good but to me not super strong. BTW I feel Pink Sugar needs a super long cure but I use soy. I let mine cure for one month from both suppliers.
  3. Replacement Suggestions?

    Fear check Keystone Candle Supply, from what Ive read on here they'll be carrying Peaks original oils. Last time I checked they are in the process of shipping out phone orders, not sure if they're listed on their site yet ? How does their caramel apple throw ? You use paraffin right ??
  4. @ComfortandJoy I like your attitude + thinking . Im all for helping each other out Now I feel better about ordering a bag of coconut wax lol ! Unfortunately, I don't have endless funds lol So Im gonna try a few blends, one with coconut + soy and one with soy + some palm wax. I think for the heck of it Im going to try the Millennium wax from American Soy Organics .Ive ordered soy + palm wax blend candles from Etsy in the past and they were excellent. Im an Etsy junkie though lol ! love the B+B and candle shops. SO many good ones I have to say theres a few shops on there that have some of the best candles Ive ever tried at a fraction of the cost of high end candles and they are hands down way better
  5. Now the McCalls wax bars ( thats what they call their melts due to the shape of the clamshell) that wax isn't rock hard,especially after I turn my Scentsy melter off. When the melted wax hardens its way softer. Also, I noticed the tops, sink in similar to the KY pillar/tart wax + the pillar/votive blend from American Soy Organics they both have the same dip even though I fill the cups to the brim. Maybe they shrink ??? IDK ??? Don't get me wrong, its not vaseline soft just not really hard. Im sure the candles are different than the melts. Im almost positive McCalls candles are paraffin ???
  6. Is TFC Flmaning Candle ? BC has a firewood FO that has a super realistic scent & WSP has Crackling Firewood.
  7. So what is your gut telling you on what to either continue to try/ test or move on to something else im so confused right now 😢 I'd love to hear opinions from everyone 😊
  8. Trademarks and/or Copywrites?

    I did a quick Google search for you. I beleive if your also going to trademark a logo thats a different step to search that it already isn't being used trademarked. I could be wrong though, the attached link might address that. BTW how have you been, I haven't seen you on the board in awhile . Hope all has been well http://guides.wsj.com/small-business/starting-a-business/how-to-trademark-a-company-name/
  9. Thanks ! Funny I was thinking the same thing, some suppliers might still have old stock of 464 -415 or 444 . I guess its worth a shot to ask .
  10. I apologize if Ive already asked this question but which steric do you suggest, palm or steric acid ? Will they give different results ? How much per pound of wax ? What about palm container wax, can that be used to add to 464 ?
  11. Have you experienced the same issues everyone is reporting about their soy, wicking down + not as strong of a HT ? Have you recently bought 444 or are you using from an older stash of wax ? If your not experienceing any issues maybe I should just try 444 ???
  12. I think 464 fragrance oil load is 10% - so lower your % of FO. Also, I wouldn't add FO at 155-165, I add at 180 ish. Adding at such a low temp I don't think the FO will bind properly to the wax. Keep in mind when adding FO at a lower temp it drops the temp of your hot wax even more. Ive read some on here have mixed 70/30 - 464 -6006 but your wicks might change then too. Did the ECO 4 wick tunnel, it seems very small for a 8oz jar. Have you tried CD wicks or other series ?
  13. @TallTayl What about soy from American Soy Organics, say Millennium or their container wax. Or blends such as 6006 or 4630, do you think these have stayed the same or would they also have new issues such as HT and wicks ? It seems as if the only waxes that haven't had changes are paraffin + blend and palm wax ????
  14. Hi there Yup thats the part think stinks is shipping. I think shipping UPS or Fedex is just easier for most suppliers and with others the carrier will be determined by flashpoint of FO. Anything under I believe 200 must ship ground with UPS or Fedex. Also, distance from where your at makes a difference in cost as well. ICS ships USPS for the most part as long as FP is over 200 but I don't believe they carry glitter. If you just want glitter try Mad Micas + they'll ship those USPS and maybe nuture soap supplies as well ??? Another FO supplier is Just Scent for USPS delivery and Flaming Candle + Lone Star just started using USPS for orders that don't have low FP's. Check Brambelberry too not sure though ??? What supplies are you looking for and what coast ??