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  1. Moonstar

    Hey hey....looking for Hay

    I believe Sweet cakes has a hay scent that I've read many on here 'like.
  2. Moonstar

    Hey hey....looking for Hay

    Thank you for sharing!
  3. Thank you Sarah , super helpful !
  4. Moonstar

    Brambleberry FOs---for candles only...

    The champagne smells like ginger ale to me and it's strong
  5. Moonstar

    Brambleberry FOs---for candles only...

    Omg bb Espresso is amazing 😉 they also have a chocolate thats out of this world!
  6. I've never ordered from the Candle source. Any recommendations?
  7. Belinda to me WSP VBN is totally worth it. I even smell the candle after it's blown out, it lingers. Whos MCC ? It's just such a beautiful fragrance imo.
  8. Moonstar

    Is it time yet to co-op any of my dupes?

    That would be great ! I've only used the one from Indiana Candle supply so I can't compare it to anything. I wish I had a sample of TT PS , everyone raves about it !
  9. Moonstar

    Is it time yet to co-op any of my dupes?

    Sarah who's Pink Sugar are you using right now?
  10. Moonstar

    Merry Christmas and Hello!

    Hi and Merry Christmas 🎅🏻🎄❄️
  11. Moonstar


    Welcome ! Great bunch of people on here + you'll learn tons from all of them .
  12. Moonstar

    hello! 😊

    I think if your only adding 1-2 Tbls per pound in your wax melts the yellow beeswax from NG should be ok but I have no clue what beads of honey are lol ! As far as your question about the difference between white & yellow beeswax is just that - color difference. For example when I make lip balm sometimes I like to use the yellow because it has more of a honey scent + taste other times I like white because it doesn't have as much of a honey scent. Im sure theres much more complicated answer that TT can better address than than what Im giving but thats what I personally go by . I think Ive also seen a deodorized version of the white beeswax as well.
  13. Moonstar

    hello! 😊

    Thats what the lady at SW Candle Supply told me. She said thats what she adds to her soy. She said it will help with hardening the wax + with Hot throw as well. I haven't tried it as of yet, I only have beeswax from my local farmers market so its a dark golden color + smells heavily of honey. I need to buy white beeswax. She did say she only adds 1-2 Tbls per pound of wax. I also add some beeswax to my wax melts as well, not too much as I don't want it getting so hard that it takes forever to melt. So thats what Im gonna start with 1-2 Tbl. I don't know how necessary it is to use white beeswax but thats what Id like to use because Im uncertain if the natural honey scent will interfere with the FO. What kind of beeswax do you have at home ?
  14. Moonstar

    hello! 😊

    NG has white beeswax and their shipping is always reasonable. Ive been really wanting to try it. Ive bought candles that are soy + beeswax and loved them. Plus if I remember correctly the candle lasted longer too due to the beeswax.I believe those candles had more than a few Tbls of beeswax though. I bought them off Etsy Ive absolutely loved every candle + B+B product Ive bought from there. I just love trying others creations plus I like supporting small business Goldie, Id try adding some of the PB, doesn't hurt to try.
  15. Moonstar

    hello! 😊

    Goldie lately Ive been buying CD wicks from BC lately only because they carry smaller size wicks (5 & below ) that are 6" long. Smallest Flaming carries I believe is 5 ?? Other suppliers carry CD 3 & 4's but the length is only around 2.5".Also Im sure when I run out of my 464 and have to buy more of it I'll need to wick down as Trappeur has mentioned. Im sure Trappeur will chime in and better answer your question than I can. Im dreading trying to figure out wicking my new orders of 464 Has anyone on here mixed 464 with white beeswax before ? I remember when I ordered CD wick from SW candle ?? I don't remember the name but they highly suggested that I add some beeswax to help harden the wax + help give a better HT. I recall them suggesting about 1-2 Tbls. pp of wax. I never did try it though but I think I just try + see how it works out .