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  1. I think I remember reading that you've used the hydrating botanical mist, do you remember by chance what you used ? I hope I like it, I ordered a gallon lol !
  2. Thanks Candybee
  3. I didn't see any discount options ? The reason my shipping was so much was the weight, I ordered a gallon of hydrating mist + a gallon of her AC&E lotion. Each gallon weighed 8 lbs. and Im on the opposite end from her on the map. I think Im really going to like my choices though. Where exactly do I find these discounts - I don't see them .
  4. Thanks - I just went ahead and ordered the gallon of the hydrating body mist + A C&E lotion, she said thats her best seller hands down. Can I use the EO/FO modifier from RE or is poly 20 a better choice.
  5. Ive recently bought white gardenia from WSP + gardenia from MMS and I liked both. The one from Peak is super strong and you need way less than you normally would, IMO. Ive heard all the florals are really good from Pure Fragrance Oils but never purchased myself. CS has one with good review overall. Any review Ive ever read on gardenia or florals in general sites issues with either accelerating big time or ricing.
  6. Maybe they are referring to the kind you would put in the tub to soak ? What were you thinking ????
  7. I was thinking about talking to the manager at Costco to see if they would consider carrying soap + candle suppliers. Doesn't hurt to try .
  8. I had NO idea this can happen ! Thanks for posting this, I learned something new + useful BTW sorry your going thru this - what a nightmare .
  9. OMG you are too funny ! Thats what I thought - who knew ???
  10. lol ! yes, for sure but you are funny
  11. Your so funny
  12. Never heard of that one hmmm is BA bulk apothecary ? Is it supposed to be like pink sugar
  13. No, I haven't tried any of the Prada type. I've heard MMS has a really good pink sugar and I love that scent.
  14. I think I might go with the let them eat cake. Have you come across anything that smells like Prada's Candy ? Its similar to Pink Sugar but sorta different lol !
  15. So I just went to DayStar to check a few of these out. If you had to choose between the indulgent one + let them eat cake, which would you choose. Are they similar ? I need to choose one because they are +8.50 for 2 oz Amande coco sounds good too lol ! so does vanilla delicious + vanilla apricot