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  1. Hi Candybee :) I remember you once mentioned you had a favorite lavender that you used to order from a supplier out West. For the life of me I can't find it any old posts . 

    Do you happen to recall the supplier by chance?


  2. Moonstar

    New Christmas Oils

    Karen check your inbox . Not sure if you've been getting my messages?
  3. Moonstar

    New Christmas Oils

    I have I think 6-8 oz of that balsam and cedar that I'll be destashing if your interested.
  4. Moonstar

    You tube wax hauls

    Trust me your not missing anything . Can't believe I was even watching them 😂😂
  5. Moonstar


    Hows raisin bread in wax ? IS there mostly cinnamon in the FO ?
  6. Moonstar

    You tube wax hauls

    In a nutshell its a review . Some of these people need to get a life lol ! I mean the way they go on and on geez . Some are down right nasty and mean
  7. Moonstar

    Indiana Candle Supply

    Zucchini bread is strong . I noticed Just Scent also has a Strawberry 🍓 White Cake , wondering if they're the same . Hope somebody that's tried both will chime in lol @Belinda sugar cookie dough was light OOB and light in wax too 😢
  8. Moonstar

    Indiana Candle Supply

    Bulk Apothecary has a good grape 🍇 soda
  9. Moonstar

    Indiana Candle Supply

    What do you order from her ? I wanted to try the strawberry white cake -birthday cake - white cake- pizzalle - cranberry orange 🍊
  10. Moonstar

    Indiana Candle Supply

    I now see I did something wrong lol 😂 probably clicked onto something else. I could have sworn that's what it said though thank you 😊
  11. Moonstar

    Indiana Candle Supply

    Yup ! It's there . Not sure what the heck I clicked on to . I wanted to order the strawberry 🍓 white cake have you tried it ?
  12. Moonstar

    Indiana Candle Supply

    Apparently not lol 😂 Let me go check to see what happened lol
  13. Moonstar


    Trappeur can you please describe the white birch?
  14. Moonstar

    Indiana Candle Supply

    Hi All .... I just went on the ICS and it appears they only sell wax now ? The site has all been updated to. Anyone know anything about this ? Hope everyone had a great summer
  15. Moonstar

    Brambleberry FOs---for candles only...

    Thank you 😊