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  1. Anyone use a good raspberry. Most strawberries Ive tried smells very artificial to me so Im wondering if the same will be true for raspberry . On a side note I just received my WSP order, the only one I didn't care for was Coconut Rum Cake, its a 4 oz bottle. I paid $9.95 . If anyones interested, please let me know.I hope it was ok for me to mention that in this post. Im not really sure how that works. If I did please just let me know so I don't do it again in the future.
  2. If your still interested in the Coconut Rum Cake I just received a 4 oz bottle today and it wasn't what I was thinking it would be . Let me know if you'd like to purchase it . My zip is 48170 if your curious about shipping and I paid $9.95 for the bottle.
  3. Check these out . Only thing is that I had to have my pharmacist order these for me. You also need a crimper if I remember correctly and a syringe to fill the tubes so I don't know if this will be an option for you.
  4. I know TT and moonshine also ordered that wax to test. Im thinking about getting some too possibly but might wait to hear from all of you as to how its working out. I noticed they also have a tart wax but its quite expensive. Do you think the millennium container wax is ok to use for wax melts ? Wet spots don't bother me + Ive gotten those using 464 too. So what is it about this wax that everyone is raving about ? Please repost your thoughts on your results. BTW which wick series are you starting out with ?
  5. Bitter Creek has one too - have you tried that one ?
  6. Kandleckrazy thanks for posting that update. I bought a sample of that one + Flamings bergamot hoping to blend an earl grey tea. BTW who's GW ? If you wanna try a tea + lemon check out WSP Ice tea twist, spot on + worked great in wax melts . @Beaches FB also has one similar to what you describe called Tea + Cakes . Someone else carries one but can think of who it is right now . Maybe Candle Cacoon ?
  7. Bittercreek has one.
  8. I think that they're asking because they sell YL and probably would like for you to buy from them ? I love my sister in law but she's a little out there sometimes. Everything is about YL this YL that. She takes the lemon EO internally. She puts it in water or directly on her tongue, I don't remember. She wanted to have me take some once .... I said thanks but no thanks lol ! Im not ingesting any EO EVER lol !
  9. @coffeebean Thank you ! I think I'll give it a try.
  10. I don't detect any menthol ive read that NG has a French lavender,. WSP has several as well.
  11. @sandy511 I will for sure let you know. I already have CD wicks here along with ECO's from CS + Cotton Core from Peak. I'll start with the CD's. Thanks for the heads up on the FO load. Someone on the forum I think @franu61 that mentioned something interesting, or to me anyhow, that the HT worked best when their FO's were used ? I believe she bought the Millennial wax from American Soy ??? Sandy are you still using the Millennial wax ?
  12. @TallTayl When you say so so burns do you mean the wicks or your not liking the wax ? Or maybe it;s both lol !
  13. Im wondering why the HT would be better with their FO's only, kinda weird since I like FO's many different suppliers.
  14. You've encouraged me to try the Millennium wax, I'll order the 10b bag and a few oils. I think I'll get Lavender + Sage + maybe the Milk + Sugar you mentioned. Which wicks are you testing with ? Did you order from American Soy ?
  15. Which wicks have you found work best in the Millennium wax. Im thinking of getting a 10b bag to test. TYIA