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  1. Perfumers Apprentice

    Thanks, We have a lot of their aroma chemicals for blending perfume but they do carry a lot of really good fragrance oils also which we haven't tried in candles. I spoke to the lady who runs it before and she told me she doesn't have much knowledge about candles but her customers have reported that they use some of her stuff in candles. I just did a tester today of one of their premium FO's in a soyblend.
  2. CandleScience has always been nice to me... They are hands down the quickest when it comes to pack and ship out their stuff and they have the best prices there is in this business for the quality you get.. This compared to many other suppliers that sometimes sit and wait 4 days until they put the order in a box and sends it off (which amazes me as they have much higher prices). One of the products I and they have been struggling with is their straight-sided painted tumblers... They have been very upfront with that and have refunded anything that has been inconsistent with me. Always very friendly customer support. I don't know how their testing works. They recommend 6% in soy wax for fragrance load which gives you a pretty weak candle overall ... so ... I was told that only a fraction of people have reached out to them and the complaints have only been if the wax is rancid. But if you look at the recent reviews on their site it's a different story. So I'm with you there, something is fishy I posted a review regarding the 444 wax, I urge anyone else who has any problems with the GB waxes to do the same.. I think that's the only way the problem can be looked into. I understand they are a middleman in this and I doubt the manufacturer would say they shipped one year of badly performing wax to all the crafters in America. I'm switching to a blend for our line, which means I have to reprint $1000 worth of stickers, but I'd rather do that than sell candles that don't throw or have other weird problems. 2017 has been a weird year... I've lost some money and also taken the decision to give up on the weekly market here in LA as they have been very unprofitable... My girlfriend work in the beauty industry and sales are DOWN. They just need to focus on buying nicely scented candles instead of reading the news Hoping for a better 2018!
  3. I wonder if they are really honest about that - they told me that I'm the only one being concerned about the latest soywax situation....
  4. Perfumers Apprentice

    Have anyone here tested their fragrance oils in candles with any good results (not their molecules)?
  5. GW 444 Pour Temp?

    Yeah, I tried to pour when it's slushy also. Yes it's definitely better with 415 and 464 but 444 has the strongest cold throw for me so I'm sticking to it.
  6. GW 444 Pour Temp?

    Yeah like this... I haven't been able to prevent this from happening ever with 444 in my jam jars. Different pour temps, heating up the jars etc... So I gave up and heatgun each of them which takes quite some time. Pretty much like this:
  7. Uncut Fragrance oil suppliers

    I totally agree... I think what I meant is that if someone is allergic they should look for a product that clearly states that it doesn't contain anything of what they are allergic too. Unfortunately, paraffin has such a bad reputation, and it's blown up out of proportion.
  8. Uncut Fragrance oil suppliers

    No one should lie about what's in their products... But I haven't seen one paraffin candle yet label their candle "a 100% petroleum based product". If there it's paraffin in any commercial candle they will have no info on their labels. Why? Because you only want to market your ingredients if they are natural. Putting soywax blend on your candle will inform any customers about that it's mixed with something else, probably paraffin. Putting soy & paraffin blend will just make it sound bad these days. That's been my feedback from shopowners here in Los Angeles. Regarding allergens, who would even know what is in the fragrance oils one is using for their candles if they haven't made them from straight up aroma molecules. Saying pure soy and sticking anything else in it would be unethical. But you then have to make sure that it's pure soywax, and not a soywax like C3 etc....
  9. GW 444 Pour Temp?

    444 is a tricky one... great cold and hot throw but always leaves sinkholes for me regardless what pour temp I ever use. Could be the container I'm using too. I just pour and fix it later with a heat gun, never nailed a specific pour temp with 444 unfortunately.
  10. Uncut Fragrance oil suppliers

    I think it's because people have been hammered on TV, blogs, word of mouth etc.. that paraffin is bad for you... It's marketing. I live in California, we have a lot of people here who claim they only want to use natural products, eco friendly, gmo etc etc.. Then they all carry iPhones (which are manufactured by small children in third world developing countries) and driving huge SUV's (which slurps gasoline and pollute the planet more than any other car).
  11. Uncut Fragrance oil suppliers

    I think the customer is mostly happy if the candle scent the room in a strong but pleasant way, have a good cold throw so they know what they are buying, don't soot and have a good flame. Soy or coconut wax does give a nice rounded smell to the candle fragrance so I don't mind a blend of both soy and paraffin, to be honest. PF Candle Co's candles who are low scented 100% soy candles barely scent a normal room until you burned yourself 20 hrs into the candle.
  12. http://calcandlesupply.com/
  13. Uncut Fragrance oil suppliers

    Exactly.... Anyone heard from any other reseller regarding the quality control?
  14. Uncut Fragrance oil suppliers

    I just spoke with Candlescience... They just say the same thing to me, nothing has changed and there is just a VERY small percentage that has complained about this. I took a decision today to throw in the towel on pure soy and in the future mix it with paraffin and label it as a natural soy wax blend (hey that's what all the big guys do anyway and all buyers do believe they are buying pure soy)
  15. The GB 415 is 100% hydrogenated soybean oil, which does not pose a significant risk for skin reactions, but be cautious against labeling it as skin-safe for liability reasons. Without it being dermatologically tested and approved, you could be held responsible if someone were to have a reaction when using your product. GB 464 and 444 both have added additives... If you make them for yourself I'm sure it's fine, if you sell them I would look for a wax that is skin safe.