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  1. ThisLittleLightOfMine


    Well howdy! And welcome ... As you've already seen this place is AWESOME!! The knowledge here is unlike anything we can find elsewhere... Welcome and if you need anything just ask!
  2. ThisLittleLightOfMine

    Howdy All!

    O wow... So you definitely would like the whopping 4 degrees it was today! Lol
  3. ThisLittleLightOfMine

    Howdy All!

    Gotcha! I live about 4 hours from there!
  4. ThisLittleLightOfMine

    Howdy All!

    Hello to both of you and thank you so much for the tip old Glory! Where abouts does your brother love up here?
  5. ThisLittleLightOfMine

    Howdy All!

    Awesome ty!
  6. ThisLittleLightOfMine

    Howdy All!

    Thank you so so much candybee! The holidays were pretty crazy indeed! It's my busiest time of year at the salon so I will be glad to get back to a normal schedule!
  7. ThisLittleLightOfMine

    Howdy All!

    O thank you so very much for your warm welcome Vicky_CO! I was beginning to think maybe my post was in the wrong place and that no one saw it Can you tell me what helped you most in terms of a place to start on this forum. Do you make candles?
  8. ThisLittleLightOfMine

    Howdy All!

    What's your name? My name is Cami How old are you? I am 37 Where do you live? The majestic Bitterroot Valley in Montana How long have you been making candles? I am just BARELY getting started in candlemaking. Have been researching throughout the past 3 months and finally made my initial investment and am trying to nail down all of the many elements but soooo excited!!! How did you get started making candles? After years of buying MANY smellies I decided I would love to start making my own and then my entrepreneurial mind kicked in and now I'm taking a leap of faith! Are you married? Any kids? I am happily married to the most amazing man for 18 years now and we have 4 teenage boys that keep me hopin! If candle making isn't your primary job, what do you do? I am a full time manicurist and salon owner specializing in nail art of all mediums... It has been something that I have been passionate about for the past 12 years! Anything else we should know? As of right now I have settled on IGI 4627 as the reviews of the hot/cold throw are consistently amazing (once you get wicking right lol) I am also doing a mix for tarts but am open to any and all suggestions and help to launch forward and hopefully not make too many costly newby mistakes. Am particularly interested in FO that work well with the IGI 4627... After all why reinvent the wheel right?? I am so excited to meet all of you and continue to learn and hopefully be able to help others someday ...sort of the pay it forward mentality! God Bless you ALL for the time you put into this forum... Have been reading through it for the past couple days and there is SO MUCH info it's kinda overwhelming to know where to start but I am beyond grateful to have stumbled across this site in my journey!