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  1. Clear Black

    This container has me stumped

    Hey Trap. The jar is basically a 16 oz mason type with a slight shoulder. So standard wide-mouth opening for that type container. What I meant by "full full MP" is that even though the wick is centered DEAD ON im still getting a deeper MP on one side vs the other. One side of the jar has about 1/4" deep MP and the opposite only an 1/8" deep MP. There is maybe only about an inch of wax to be burned and I will be at the wick clip, so I was figuring the MP would be noticeably deeper at this stage of the container. Scent throw is about where it should be, but I would like a bit more of course, which is why I was questioning if it was getting a full enough pool to really throw the scent up. I think I will stick to my CD-20 for now since after reading comments here I feel most are correct in assuming the CD-22 would be too hot and too much.
  2. Clear Black

    This container has me stumped

    Yes the MP is much bigger but I am pretty dang dilligent on trimming the wick. I usually test in phases where I wont trim the wick like most customers unfortunately and then another phase where I trim it like it should be. Its always a bigger MP when not trimmed but also gets hotter naturally.
  3. Im currently using a CD-20. I feel as if I need to go to a 22 because I am down near the bottom of the container and still struggling to get a decent FMP going. You cant really tell from this angle, but if you look close enough on the opposite side near the label, there is still the wax hanging up on that side. The wick is perfectly centered, so thats not my issue. Its just not getting to a FULL FULL melt pool this far down. This picture is of the 2 hour mark after being lit. So after 2 hours, this far down in the container, I should have a bigger melt pool I would think. Problem is, even with the current wick my temp readings are at 150* near the neck of the jar. I feel going up a wick size would only add to the heat reading. Thoughts?
  4. Clear Black

    Crafter's Choice™ brand FO's

    That is still a significant increase in prices even if we do jot see it change the actual cost of the products. How soon after they remove the cart discounts will they raise the actual product prices is what I am curious about. Hmm
  5. Clear Black

    Crafter's Choice™ brand FO's

    So far they seem like an overall solid supplier other than not offering 1 oz sample FO's. I dont think I will be able to get the 2 oz bottle at $7+ just for testing. Not in my current budget anyways
  6. Clear Black

    Crafter's Choice™ brand FO's

    I just did the same thing and for BRV WSP vs Candle Science it was a $6 difference as well. Which makes it WAY more easy to swallow and maybe better knowing that they may perform better than the cheaper retailers. Lets hope I can locate some CC brand 1 oz samplers now
  7. Clear Black

    Crafter's Choice™ brand FO's

    Good point on the shipping. Had not thought of that factor. Next problem I am having is how to start testing fragrances when they do not offer 1 oz sample bottles. Is there another supplier that carries CC brand FO's in the 1 oz samplers? As always thanks TT
  8. Do any of you know what makes Crafter's Choice™ brand FO's so much more expensive than other brands that suppliers offer? Take Black Raspberry Vanilla for example. Candle Science offers their version in a 16oz bottle for $19.97. Wholesale Supplies Plus sells Crafter's Choice™ brand in a 16oz bottle for $35.95. I guess I am confused as to why there version is nearly 2x the cost. Is it a concentrated FO or are they just re-sellers marking their end up and selling to people like me? Take Monkey Farts FO again as an example. The Flaming Candle sells a 16oz bottle for $18.99. WSP sells the Crafter's Choice™ brand of Monkey Farts FO in a 16oz bottle for $36.95. Again, nearly 2x the cost. I ask this because there are some Crafter's Choice™ brand FO's that I really like and cannot find elsewhere but I cant get myself to pay nearly 2x the cost of normal FO prices.
  9. Clear Black

    Need your criticism please

    Thanks all so far!! Very good suggestions and I am playing with the idea now of just keeping the font black and just changing up the flame color. Good input, appreciate it!!
  10. Clear Black

    Striking out at the local market

    Also coming in late on the barcode issue. I use all mine from https://www.barcodesmania.com/ The prices are good and it was instantly available to me. I cannot confirm yet, but they also are registered with G1 to work instantly on Amazon. I was referred to them by a friend who had been using them for years with no issues.
  11. Clear Black

    Need your criticism please

    Just to clarify, I have currently 25 different fragrances I carry seasonally. Each label has the exact same design and logo, I just interchange the colors to match with the fragrance. So these are all the same logo, just the color will be different for each label. I only added different colors to show you or rather ask you if it works as different colors or not. Hope that clarifies that for you and thanks so far for the critique
  12. Im not a logo designer by any stretch of the imagination. I need to update my current logo and am leaning in this direction. Depending on the color scheme for the particular label, I can swap the colors out depending on that labels color pallette. Its just something I came up with in Adobe Illustrator while adding some info into my current labels. Let me know what you think if you dont mind
  13. Clear Black


    I sell locally at fairs currently. I own an ecommerce website, but have yet to build that or an etsy page. Hopefully over the winter I can get the ball rolling on those things.
  14. Clear Black

    hello! 😊

    Jeez mate, is that actually your place in that picture? Those exposed brick walls are spectacular!
  15. Clear Black

    hello! 😊

    Trap, the white bw is simply "bleached" in order to remove the color. From all my experience and info ive read its mainly for cosmetic reasons