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  1. Hey TT!! I woke up this morning determined to research more about what you have been telling me, just trying to soak up as much as I can. In so doing that I sorta stumbled upon this video: It explains the different carrier alcohols like you were telling me a bit. Im sort of a visual learner so once I watched this video it dinged in my head what you were trying to tell me about the Vodka and Everclear. Now the only thing im left still trying to figure out is the FO modifier and why she wasnt using any in this application. Maybe because she is making a perfume and we were speaking of air fresheners? I dunno lol. Also, you are an angel with your patience and understanding, and also willingness to help others like me who wont stop asking questions. Tons of respect for you TT. Thanks
  2. I dont have a jar I want to use with the wood lid Trap. I was just baffled by who would pay dam near $2 per wooden lid lol
  3. Just to edit on this.. the dimensions on this jar are 2.75" wide by 6.75" tall
  4. If I chose to use a jar lile this one? I know there are candles made in jars like this but ive never attempted one. Does scent throw take a severe hit on a tall jar like this one? I would have to really get the wicking down in order for it not to burn exceedingly hot further down in the burn. Thoughts?
  5. are people turning a profit when paying $1.75 per lid? You have to wonder of the reviews are faked in order to gloss over the fact you are spending probably over $2 per lid after shipping. Yet all the reviewers are saying their "customers" love them. So if the reviews arent faked, and these are actual busines people, I again ask how are they turning a profit by buying lids at $2 each? Do they just inflate the prices of their product to compensate for such a high priced item?
  6. Great thanks TT. Any chance you can share where you get you alcohol from? I am not familiar at all with it and would like the peace of mind knowing its the proper stuff. So far the only place I have seemed to locate some is: But I have never purchased from saveonscents before and am a bit leery of the site
  7. Hmm. Interesting information. One thing Im still unclear of is what % of the alchohol do you use per batch? And I assume you are using distilled water and not tap. Thanks TT
  8. First of thanks TT as always. So if I am following you correctly, you basically make your spray in two parts. 1st part is making your modified FO at 2-4%, then 2nd part being adding your modified FO mixture and water together to make your final spray with adding the perfumers alchy as a last step. So my next questions would be....according to that link I left above, it says to make your modified FO mixture at a 3:1 ratio of modifier/FO. Is this correct? And lastly, at what percent of the main batch do you add your perfumers alchy? Lol...another barrage of questions for you so sorry!!
  9. Is this what you use for sprays TT? I couldnt find anything resembling a modifier and when I googled it I came up with this Wait...I just found this I think you were referring to: But now I am confused even more. The first link looks to be a base for room spray correct? it also seems to be a better value
  10. Yes, actually after I replied to your request I went to my stash and checked the date on those 444 melts. It was from 2/26/17 and they smell better than the day I made them. Then again, the color is a very pale pink where as the day after they were poured they were very vibrant in color. Within a week the color had faded to where it is now so I would just go ahead and test without dye and see how you like. I think any potential customer is really after the smell of melts, color comes second and maybe able to skip that part. Post some pics of your melts here when you make them!
  11. The only additives you would need IMO is anything that would inhibit frosting. 444 has quite a bit of frosting and your colors will all but fade within a week. As for hardess and fragrance its just fine. I still have some I made 6 months ago that are smelling better than when I first made them. Albeit the loss of color. I was thinking next time I make them just try and go natural and leave out the color altogether.
  12. The beading condensation happens in all of
  13. Yes, but if you invested in the "business in a box" knowing nothing about chandlery before that, then god forbid messed up the process causing someones home to burn to the ground how would you feel then? I consider the money ive spent on this hobby part of educating myself in hopes of turning my candles into something that I can supplement my current income with. But at least I will have gone through the trials and tribulations on my terms and not just from a box
  14. If it werr me I would line those tins with a bit of wax paper and call it good. Some FO's have been known to react with tins and rust a bit
  15. Horrible if you ask me. Add to that the people buying this will probably just make it and sell it and trust that proper testing was already done