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  1. New England Made show

    I dont think I have ever bought anything that would qualify me as a wholesale buyer. I just buy raw ingredients at wholesale and pallet rate pricing so if that qualifies me it would be news to me lol! I think for next years show I may try and get a resale tax number somehow just so I can get in there and poke around.
  2. New England Made show

    No, just a bit further away than my actual street that would be great wouldnt it?
  3. New England Made show

    @Sarah S I wish I could get inside! But its a wholesale trade show, so unless you are a seller or a wholesale buyer you cannot get in. It is closed to the general public sadly
  4. Trap, at wholesale or pallet rate pricing at Candle Science 464 is $1.06/lb and 6006 is $1.50/lb so for $.44/lb more I think you could re-work your pricing to make it work?
  5. With the 6006 im testing woodwicks Trap. If I need to go to a traditional wick I will, but so far the wood ones are working. My problems with woodwicks tend to be in the bottom portion of the candle where the heat gets higher and the woodwicks throw this black gunk into the wax from the wick. No idea what it is but since the first day I tried wooden wicks its done this. Im trying a thicker gauge wood this time around, maybe it will behave better who knows.
  6. Needing some help

    This is why you see so many soy candles that are natural in color or white. Many dont dye soy wax because it makes the frosting more noticeable. I prefer the natural color of wax whether it be paraffin or soy so I dont care. Ive sold many soy candles at markets and not once did anyone make a stink about them not being dyed candles. I do think however, that dyed candles sell better or easier. People tend to gravitate towards color, but when it comes down to it wont fuss about an un-colored candle.
  7. New England Made show

    Just putting this up there for anyone interested in looking. The New England Made show is happening today and tomorrow here in Portland, Maine. Its literally less than 1/2 mile from my house. The sattelite parking lot for exhibitors is further away than where I live It is New Englands largest trade show and its sister show in the fall is down in Mass. There are a lot of B&B exhibitors as well as candles. Tons of jewlery and most of all nautical themed made products. Its a really nice show and one day I hope to get a spot in it. Maybe after I start wholesale if I ever do. Link to site: https://www.nemadeshows.com/ You can also pay a small fee in addition to booth spaces and get into the buyers book. Here is the digital preview of it: https://www.flipsnack.com/9E56F998B7A/new-england-made-buyer-preview-spring-2018.html Fall 2017's digital Look Book preview: https://www.flipsnack.com/9E56F998B7A/new-england-made-buyer-preview-fall-2017.html
  8. And just to add to that, there may well be a 100% paraffin wax that is better, it just seems that all the paraffin waxes I test seem to soot too much for my tastes, even with proper wicking. I havnt tried them all mind you, but the ones I have tried I ended up making blends of soy anyways. So I figured it would be easier to just use a pre-blended parasoy this way I can use one melter and not have to keep two melters going at once.
  9. I have only been testing 6006 for about a week now so take whatever I say next as just that. But immediatly I notice my whole house filling up again with scent. Not just the room im burning in, but upstairs too. And I am only curing for a day. A DAY! 24 hours and im burning. It honestly doesnt matter what I do, it seems I cant mess up the pour with this wax. I do have slight, and I mean SLIGHT dips near the wick. But they arent top to bottom like they were with soy. Im almost tempted to start doing a two pour style to get a nice even top. But the scent throw...my god. I use 7% FO usually, and it seems like a real nice sweet spot so far. Biggest issue is wicking. What I was using in the same jar for my 444 wax, is no where the same for this 6006. So im having to swap wicks out and gradually wick up each test. The way this stuff burns is more downwards than traditional side to side melt pool. Meaning, my mp is deeper than normal and im not getting that touching the sides melt pool I want yet. Of course, im still in the top 1/3 of the jar so time will tell I guess Take this how you will, but so far after a week im dumbfounded as to why I let myself struggle with soy for so long. Kudos to others who make it work for them really, hats of to you folks. I just think Im done.
  10. I HATE JARS!

    Yes, just outside of Portland! And I would suggest looking at Fillmore firstly. Start there and see if there is anything you like then move on to anywhere really. Being this far removed from the rest of the USA we really tend to pay the higher end of shipping rates. I actually mostly do tins, so I avoid paying for glass shipping as much as possible. I as well couldnt justify the added cost to get it out here
  11. I HATE JARS!

    Trouble is, up here in Maine we are not near any suppliers of containers. So we have to pay shipping usually to this end of the country sadly. And yes, the more you spend the less your cost per container will be. But until you start buying at pallet rates you will just need to realize that your costs will be higher. Same will go for the other ingredients in the candle as well. More wax you buy, the cheaper per pound it is. Etc etc Im my opinion, $2.10 is a bit high for a jar. But, it also depends on what kind of candle you will be making and your target customer. You could target the more "luxury" themed candles thus rendering your $2 per jar moot. But if you are selling to a craft fair type demographic and trying to keep your retail prices under $20 then ya, $2 per jar is a bit high. So I would first figure out what type of candle you plan on selling and go from there. Who will your target audience be? And then start building your candle around this. I know TT has some input on this as I recall her having a customer base that her candles cater too. Me? I do not have this and will take any customer I can at this point lol
  12. Temporary labeling

    I use green or blue painters tape
  13. I have to say I agree with TT on this. Ive been using 444 for 3 years now and as of last week will no longer buy this wax. I have sinced started testing 6006. Ive had it with Soy, something is just wrong with it. With initial testing of the 6006, it does soot if your wicks arent trimmed when they need to be. If You keep up on your trimming, I have zero issues with soot, perfect creamy wax, and excellent throw. Why do I want the headache of soy again?
  14. This! I am soooo impatient and sometimes make a second tester just so I have something to burn.