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  1. Natures Garden recommendations

    Pumpkin Crunch Cake, strong, sweet and spicy.
  2. Soy drops

    No that is a picture from google, but I think that is epsom salt.
  3. Just Scent

    If you like coffee scents Caramel Cinnamon Latte
  4. Soy drops

    I think the salt you use is personal preference, big and chunky or fine. I am not familiar with the super soft but I know if after a few days it doesn't absorb all the oil just add more salt.
  5. Holiday Nest is wonderful. I think I get it from Bulk Apothecary. I use in potpourri and it has sold out first for the last two years, even after doubling the amount the second year. This year I am hoping to have enough for the whole fall winter season. I call it Winter Tyme. I also smell pomegranate, mandarin orange, pine, cloves and cinnamon with a hint of vanilla.
  6. New ornaments and pendant scent diffusers

    Those are fabulous. When I first saw them I thought cool clay disks. Then I see all the steps I am truly amazed by their beauty and your talent.
  7. Soy drops

    So many ways to package. Cellophane bags,organza bags, deli tubs, Mason jars, sell it in bins or bowls bulk by the scoop. It is pretty so it is nice to be to see it through the package.
  8. Who is up for a board challenge?

    Bump. TallTayl opened this topic to all I think there are a lot of members on here who we would all like to see and hear their insight on what CraftServer means to them.
  9. They are all incredible. Loving the sangria!
  10. ICS Coffee Bean soap

    Wow wow wow. Bet that fights the middle of the night onion hands!
  11. Not a bad soaping day

    That was some incredible work. The Sassanach (English rose and Scottish heather) sounds intriguing.
  12. Honeysuckle Pear II

    That is too pretty, probably smells divine. Pear is a great blender, as versatile as apple.
  13. Tried to do the Cosmic Wave

    Yes great first try. Does look like beautiful marble.
  14. My Soap Curing Racks

    Very efficient use of your space.
  15. And now the cut of the mermaid soaps.

    Those are fantastic sure to be a hit!