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  1. Lavender Sage?

    I was recently at Hobby Lobby, and I sniffed a candle there (can't remember the brand) called Lavender Sage. It was very pleasant, and I could smell both scents equally well. I knew I had the Pure Fragrance Oils Lavender Sage at home, and after sniffing it later, I was disappointed that it wasn't near as nice. I think the candle I smelled had more of sweetness to it, and wasn't so "astringent" smelling, for lack of a better word. So, I decided to try and sweeten mine up with some brown sugar FO. Then, I had some Frank and Myrrh sitting there that I'd just made soap with, so I thought I'd put some of that in too. I ended up with a pretty good smelling manly scent. But it was nothing like that candle! Anybody have any ideas for how to sweeten up the Lavender sage besides brown sugar? Is there a white sugar FO out there? LOL. Or maybe I need to start with a really sweet smelling lavender. Is there such a thing?
  2. Rose Geranium

    Yep, that's usually the case. Some places also sell Honeysuckle EO, but there is no such thing. Only honeysuckle Fragrance oil.
  3. DOLLAR TREE JARS? yay or nay?

    Where do you get your lids for the DT jars? I haven't seen any at DT.
  4. Displaying Candle Tins at a Show

    Nice! Not often you see amber jars. What kind of lids do they have (can't quite tell)? I'm also curious about how they burn when the wax gets low...being taller jars, does the flame struggle to get enough oxygen or has that not been an issue? I'm a newb at chandling.
  5. Satsuma FO

    Wow, that's a bummer!
  6. Satsuma FO

    TT, did you try the one that OT carries? They don't have a Satsuma, but they do have Satsuma Guava.
  7. Colonial Candle

    Hey folks, Colonial Candle has some good deals right now in their clearance section, plus you can get an extra 25% in clearance this week with the code CleanOut17. Thought this might be of interest to those of you who see the need for some R & D. ;-) Oh, and shipping is free after $30. Among other things, I bought 10 of their "French Quarter" Simmer Snaps (2.4 oz) at only .30 ea. after the code).
  8. Thanks for the update. It's always nice to get to the bottom of a problem like that.
  9. Volcano type

    This is so strange---we have burned the Anthropologie Volcano candle and didn't think it had very good throw. And we were burning it in the bathroom. Maybe we got a dud.
  10. What are your Favorite Coffe scents?

    Hi Moonstar. Which Lemon Verbena from Lebermuth is the one you like? I see 3 different ones on their site at this time. Also, looks like they don't have the jasmine frangipani anymore. What else would you recommend from them? G
  11. Nothing makes me more mad soaping when

    Or, you could have told him you were pouring "Butt Naked" candles and had to do it right.
  12. The Candle Source

    I think you must mean the Vanilla Champagne because I don't see that they have a Vanilla Chardonnay. It sounds really good though!
  13. The Candle Source

    Who do you buy it from?
  14. The Candle Source

    What's this about a Vanilla Chardonnay? Sounds good!