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  1. ghostrider

    Any good recommendations from Bulk Apoth?

    BA patchouli is awesome and has great throw in soy
  2. ghostrider

    Bulkapothecary =20%OFF fragrance oils Sale

    I ordered a pound of patchouli. It is awesome FO and 20% off makes it a reasonable deal.
  3. ghostrider

    Hello from Cleveland

    Thank you for the welcome
  4. ghostrider

    Hello from Cleveland

    Thank you for the welcome, The nick comes from a line in my favorite movie growing up 'Top Gun', I really wanted to be a fighter pilot, like most 8 year olds. Top Gun - Buzz the tower
  5. ghostrider

    Hello from Cleveland

    Thank you!
  6. ghostrider

    Hello from Cleveland

    Its a long learning process to produce quality candles. Hopefully one day I will get there. But for now its just test, test, test and then test some more. But I love it.
  7. ghostrider

    Hello from Cleveland

    Been lurking and learning for a long time. So much great information here that has really helped as I learn the art of candle making.