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  1. bfroberts

    You tube wax hauls

    Oh the youtube vids. I try to stay away, but sometimes I get sucked into one lunacy after another, and then I come away with my mind blown. People are STUPID. I'm insecure about my candles. Always have been. When they are great I worry that people won't like them because some youtuber said they should be hotter than the fires of hell in 6.3 minutes flat....you know, to get that full melt pool STAT. But on the other hand, I see so much product that is so poorly made in so many ways. I scratch my head and wonder how people can be happy with that. Yet they are. It's the only place I know of that leaves me feeling completely inadequate and vastly superior at the same time.
  2. bfroberts

    Your startup costs?

    I've sold a lot of candles, melts, room sprays and soap, and I'm relatively certain I'm still in the red.
  3. bfroberts

    So Many Waxes

    It would probably be easier and cheaper to troubleshoot what you've already got rather than jumping into something totally new. If you're inclined to try and figure out what the problem is, let us know what wax, wick, FO, container you're using and we'll see if we can help.
  4. bfroberts

    That's what SHE said...

    I'm in awe of your knowledge of........obscure things......lost arts, self-sufficiency. Not just the knowledge, but the actual desire to do things, figure things out. Or as my husband would say....making chicken salad out of chicken shi..... He's good at that too. Me, I'm just good at aligning myself with people that can do that. 😉
  5. bfroberts

    Major Dissapointment

    Wow, what a bummer. I can imagine being all pumped up because of having a primo spot at a big event and then this. I guess the good news is....the next event HAS to be better, right? Good luck!
  6. bfroberts

    That's what SHE said...

    Just the one question, Sponiebr...... do you actually seek out these most unlikely pastimes.....or do they seek you?
  7. bfroberts

    Frangrance Buddy 20% off sale

    I haven't tried Sweater Weather or even smelled the BBW version. It just sounded like what I need to round out a collection I'm doing. Maybe I need to rethink it....or at least go to the mall and smell BBW's. I was just flying blind on that one. I was kind of excited to get it, but then I opened my package and realized I didn't order it, and I was disappointed. The FO's I am re-ordering aren't really anything earth-shattering. Just filling some gaps in my fall/winter collections. Harvest Gathering, Circus Concessions, Victorian Christmas, Pumpkin Pie Perfection & Christmas Splendor.
  8. bfroberts

    Frangrance Buddy 20% off sale

    Thank you for the generous offer, but I'm just gonna go ahead and order it. I'm sure it'll be fine. I thought I had ordered Sweater Weather when they had the sale, but apparently I forgot. And I got a couple in the sale that I really like and I want to go ahead and re-order those too, so I'm just gonna put in another order with FB today. I actually have a great Sweet Pea, and I haven't even considered using it, but it does sound like a good alternative. I'm gonna pour a tester and see.
  9. bfroberts

    Frangrance Buddy 20% off sale

    @katmeltswax I need a scent for baby shower favors. I do NOT want to do Baby Powder. I was thinking something lavender-ish. Do you think Bella would be appropriate? And you were right about Fairy Garden. It's great. Thanks for the recommendation.
  10. bfroberts


    Yes, it's relatively reasonable when ordering several pounds. I would love to utilize them more, but it's just not cost effective for me. I've sourced a couple of oils I originally got from RE from other suppliers that have more reasonable shipping....Salty Sea Air, Sweet Pumpkin. I haven't found a replacement for that awesome Lemon Verbena though.
  11. bfroberts


    I wanted to order 1# of Beachwood Vetiver from RE, but I refuse to pay $18 to ship one pound of FO from SC to NC. Not.ever.gonna.happen.
  12. bfroberts


    Not to be the proverbial party pooper here.....I love a good experiment as much as the next guy.....the more hair-brained the better, I always say. BUT it might be prudent to reconsider gifting candles made with non-candlemaking stuffs (i.e. stir sticks and assorted flammable whatnots). People, even friends and family (or maybe especially friends and family) tend to get a bit peevish when the curtains catch afire.
  13. I've tried all kinds of blends looking for that holy grail. At the end of the day, I didn't find that anything I blended was superior to what's already on the market. Your wick choice could be somewhat dependent on your percentages. For parasoy, I use 6006 and zinc wicks. I think it is something like 70 paraffin/30 soy. CD wicks work well with it also. But I'm curious...if you are looking to go parasoy, why not just use 6006?
  14. bfroberts

    Best birthday present ever!

    You lucky duck! I'm green with envy. It's beautiful. ...and I hate you a little bit.... J/K Enjoy!