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  1. bfroberts

    Best birthday present ever!

    Congratulations! I would love to see photos of your progress. I freely admit to being insanely jealous.
  2. bfroberts

    Good wax with wood wicks?

    I've had some decent success with wood wicks in 6006.
  3. bfroberts

    The Last Couple of Weeks...

    Love the owls. I'm partial to that green one in the back. The color is perfect for that vintage style owl. Is that Hobby Lobby wax the Country Lane wax by Candlewic? If so, I'm sure it's a great wax.
  4. It hasn't been as easy a transition as I thought it would be. I'm gonna drop the FO load and see what happens. If palm isn't finicky with FO's, then the problem is obviously in my process, and I've got plenty of experience working with that kind of failure...LOL One thing I have noticed with a couple of my scents is that the fragrance is more...what's the words I'm looking for.....true, I guess. The scents is more true with palm than with 4630 or 6006. Specifically, I've got a Spicy Apples & Peaches that is a big seller in melts but it was always a little off in a candle. Yet in the palm wax, it smells just like the melts. The palm also doesn't seem to be as picky with heavier scents as other waxes. I'm not having to wick up as often as I do in the other waxes.
  5. I'm just moving beyond Peak scents when mine run out. All that shady business with Peak, and now Keystone has so many of the Peak scents out of stock, discontinued or reformulated. I'm just over it. Fortunately, I'm not dependent on any FO's from anywhere. You cannot totally rely on any supplier. Too many closures and discontinued scents taught me that lesson a long time ago.
  6. Thank you for the input. I was using the CSN wicks with the pillars and they also burn very well in my containers, so I thought I would streamline by using all CSN. I also tested RRD but didn't get any noticeable difference in throw. I have tested CD and Premier both with palm in the past, and it would probably be a good idea to give those a whirl while I'm at it. Should probably try dropping my FO load to see if that makes a difference. Stranger things have happened. I am getting some super strong throws with some of my FO's, but the ones that aren't throwing at all have just stumped the heck out of me. My florals and herbals are blowing the doors off. Most fruits are doing well. My tobacco isn't throwing, my spicy apple that I've used forever isn't working, nor is my vanilla. It's just really blowing my mind.
  7. Kinda disappointed actually. I've been pouring a lot of palm pillars and I'm happy as a clam with those. So then I thought I might transition over to container palm for my containers since I'm not super happy with recent batches of 4630. I've got my wicking down pat with the container palm, or so I thought, but I'm having major problems with HT. CT is great. HT - not so much. Several scents that I've used for years just will not throw with this wax. It reminds me of my frustration when I was using soy, and I thought that was long behind me. I was under the impression that palm would throw most anything (kinda like 4630), and in my past dabbling I was happy with it. Now that I've started testing ALL my normal product line FO's with this palm I keep running into road blocks. I'm using container palm from Candlewic, 5-6% FO, and I've tested RRD and CSN wicks. Curing at least a week. It just blows my mind that some of my staple FO's won't throw. Is this normal? This finicky-ness with FO's? Would another palm wax possibly be better? This is my first experience with CW's palm. I used to buy my palm from Peak.
  8. bfroberts

    What gives gel candles a bad name?

    I'm gonna go have nightmares now.
  9. I've had the same experience. Either the wick won't burn at all or it's a torch. I've only used the Unity 2 ply wicks.
  10. bfroberts

    Hacked---AGAIN! Anyone else?

    That's nuts. In that case, now would be a good time for someone to steal mine. My credit score just nose dived about 40 points.
  11. bfroberts

    WSP June 26 20% sale

    @Sarah S Nope, haven't received my orders yet. Far as I know they haven't even shipped. I'll let you know what I think when it gets here. I only bought 8oz since I also plan to try the one from Flaming. I'm actually kinda anxious to try Flamings, but I gotta practice a little restraint for the next few days. LOL
  12. Thanks for the descriptions. Can't wait!
  13. bfroberts

    Peaks Fragrance Oils

    Shady business is what it was. Is.
  14. bfroberts

    WSP June 26 20% sale

    What I should have done was gone shopping in my FO cabinet instead of ordering from WSP. One thing I ordered was Clove because I needed it for a blend. What did I find in my FO cabinet today? A bottle of Tanzanian Clove from The Scent Works. Heaven only knows how old it is, but it still smells mighty good.
  15. Wow, that is one gorgeous candle!