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  1. bfroberts

    feedback on wick test please!

    Based on my experience, I think you'll have to wick up.
  2. bfroberts

    Consumer Preferences in Wax

    My customers don't care. At all. Not one iota. Which is a good thing for me, because I am so done with soy.
  3. Heavy bakery scents make me nauseous.
  4. bfroberts

    Jars, Tins and Popular Scents?

    All I can add to this discussion is to say that Flaming's Asian Sandalwood is very nice in wax. And pretty darn potent. I'd definitely use it in your candle line.
  5. bfroberts

    Hacked---AGAIN! Anyone else?

    I order from them on a regular basis and always use my PP debit card. I've never had an issue. Guess I dodged a bullet..
  6. bfroberts

    4625/6006 Wax

    Yes, you can mix the two with good results. The 6006 has just enough soy to be a little temperamental with some FO's, but all in all, a blend of the two can produce some nice tarts. I'd start with a 50/50 blend and adjust your percentages to get the consistency you prefer for your application. I'd probably use around 60% 4625 to 40% 6006 if I were pouring clams.
  7. bfroberts

    Merlin's Forest

  8. bfroberts

    When someone copies your design

    My artwork was created by a graphics company in another state. The salesman is a good customer of ours. His graphics company designed my artwork and they hold the rights to it, not me. My graphics company didn't do the artwork for the other company. I assume this other artist just poached it from the web and tweaked it.
  9. bfroberts

    When someone copies your design

    I saw the copycat label at a local print shop, not on the actual product. I just know they've ordered a run of labels, and I know what they look like. The print shop knows I am displeased, but I don't think they care. They'll run anything for anyone as long as they pay. If they run this order, and this label actually makes it onto my competitor's product, I will cut ties with the print shop entirely. I am already making plans to do that. My situation is a little unique, in that I'm not just a candle shop. We have a lodging business, and we have a store onsite. My product brand is the same as our business logo, to tie all of our products together. For example, it would be kind of like the orchard account Trap has to make store brand candles for the orchard. Meaning, the orchard isn't a candle company, but if you see their branded candles, you know where they came from. If I showed the label, the world would know what our main business is, and I learned a long time ago not to put that info on the web in forums, because people can do nasty things with that info. The copy cat label is using my background image, just changing it to full color, they added a tiny squirrel, and changed the name from "XXX Candle Company" to "YYY Candles". It is basically a mountain scene, with three component images that are specific to our area. Those three things have never been put on a label together for any kind of logo or product in this area. It was a unique idea to combine those three components, and the chance that someone would come up with that idea on their own and have it drawn exactly like mine is impossible. Its the exact same image + a squirrel and a little more color. I am a variety/souvenir store with a lot of product, but only a tiny part of that is candles. The other company is a much larger company. They will purchase far more labels and sell far more candles than I ever will. They have enough purchasing power to make my account irrelevant. You'd think they could come up with their own damn design. However, this isn't the first time they have poached ideas from me. This is a cut throat area to do business in.
  10. bfroberts

    When someone copies your design

    I knew a TM wouldn't be worth the time and expense since a subtle change is all it takes. I'm big on brand recognition and it was my goal to create something that would be instantly recognizable as my brand, and set it apart from all the others. It just feels like all that hard work was for nothing. I just had the logo reworked last year, and it's already copied. Thank you for telling me what I already knew. There's nothing I can do. Thankfully, today feels slightly less bleak.
  11. I was just wondering, in the event that someone copies your product label design, what would you do? Their design is subtly different, but from a distance, the label looks exactly the same. What would be the best course of action? To change my design? That is what I am inclined to do, which is frustrating, because I went to great lengths to create a design that was original and recognizable. The other company is much larger and has a much larger customer base. I am heartsick about this.
  12. For me, 60z works with many FO's in 4630 in the status jars, which I think are the same diameter. I have to wick up to 62z with heavier oils. There will be a little hangup early on but it will clean up further down. The throw is good with this combo, but the mushrooms cannot always be totally eliminated with every FO. It's a trade off. Some scents that work really well with 4630, 3" jars and 60z wick are MacApple, Spring Rain & Honeydew (all from CS).
  13. bfroberts

    Can we safely use FOs in our laundry?

    Most scents I've put in it work well. I don't use any yellowish FO's for obvious reasons. My favorites at the moment are White Tea & Berries from CS, True Lavender (I''m still using True Lavender from Tennessee) and Pine Bough & Apple from Aztec. Pretty much all the laundry type scents I've tried work well. Cotton Tree (CS), Basil Sage & Mint (Flaming), Clean Green (RE), Rain Water (CS) are a few others I like.
  14. bfroberts

    Black Friday Sales

    Thank you for the heads up. That sounds more like my kind of sale. :)
  15. bfroberts

    Can we safely use FOs in our laundry?

    I've tried to scent homemade laundry soap with both EO's and FO's, but the scent never comes through the wash. As an alternative, if I want to freshen something up, I just spray a few pumps of my room spray into the dryer with the clothes and let it tumble a bit. That usually works pretty well. I use the air freshener/body spray base from The Candlemaker's Store. It's the best I've tried, and with the right FO it is a real powerhouse. My daughter loves it so much she just spritzes a little on her clothes when she puts them on in the morning. I also use sachets made with cellulose fiber and lavender FO.