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  1. Natures Garden

    Any favorites from NG? I tried putting it in the search but not one thing comes up which I know there are posts on it
  2. Aspen Bay jar Vocano candle Capri Blue

    I was worried about the fuel smell too
  3. Fragrance Buddy

    Awesome! Thank you everyone
  4. Light bulb rings

    Ok thank you!
  5. Fragrance Buddy

    Does anyone use oils from here? Any thoughts? TIA
  6. Do you know the one that is good from BCN or WSP?
  7. Light bulb rings

    Do you think they are ver popular, Flicker?
  8. Does anyone use these with their oils?
  9. Aspen Bay jar Vocano candle Capri Blue

    So I had I bunch of oils to order from MS and I look and nothing. I look at my phone 12:33 just shoot me!!!!!!!
  10. Aspen Bay jar Vocano candle Capri Blue

    Anyone love others from Aztec? Who can order one scent? Like get really!! Lol
  11. Aspen Bay jar Vocano candle Capri Blue

    I don't see that scent at Aztec
  12. Aspen Bay jar Vocano candle Capri Blue

    I see one at FB.. do you think that is the same one? Just wondering. I've never ordered from there but I do need 1 oil from Aztec so I'll try that one since several of you have recommended! Thanks so much! She thinks it the best candle ever.
  13. I have a friend that said this is the best candle she ever had. Anyone know if there is a dupe of it? TIA
  14. Needing help like seriously BAD

    Boy, you nailed me right to a tea!! I read your post and looked around for a camera or something! Like how does she know all my hiding secrets? Lmbo