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  1. shaped melts

    Thanks so much Belinda! Appreciate all the help everyone!
  2. shaped melts

    That is what I figured. I know everyone's cost will be different but would anyone mind sharing how much they sell them for. Do you for example put like 8 ounces per bag? I know it would depend on how big your shaped melts are..Do you ever so like a pound per bag? Thank you so much for replying to my post
  3. shaped melts

    Just a quick question! For those of you who sell these, how do you figure out you prices? I know I have at least 800 molds but don't do anything with them because I never know what to charge. They are so cute and I know they would sell very well for me but I sit, just looking at them all. Do you charge so much per pound and it's just st a standard price? Or so many per bag and that's the price! TIA Hope your having a great day! I know I'm counting down the days until SPRING!
  4. Rustic Esc. has a new marshmallow!

    Oh that is such a bummer.. I like BB but it's definitely not the same as McCalls
  5. Rustic Esc. has a new marshmallow!

    Did you try it Trapp? I'm dying to know!!
  6. Looking for a sweet coffee scent!

    Does it smell at all like burnt popcorn? Every coffee scent I have tried smells just like burned popcorn.
  7. Your Favorite Laundry Scent

    Thanks all so much! Now I got a bunch to choose from. Anyone ever try that Apple Mango Tango? I think that was what it was called. Or the Gain scent?
  8. Do you a favorite? If yes, would you please mind sharing? TIA
  9. Candlescience sale

    I TOTALLY AGREE! NG is definitely best for shipping plus $1 if you buy 5 bottles which is no problem for this addict lol I don't think I've tried FB but the free shipping would be nice! Have you tried MSC? They only charge $8 for any amount of oils which is nice.
  10. Candlescience sale

    Oh YAY, Spring is going to be on its way! Sorry Gail! I didn't mean to get you excited but I think I would have felt the same way. and I totally agree with your post. For me AH/RE is super high shipping. I'm always trying to find oils I can replace with RE. I do love several of their oils and I try to hold off till I need as many as possible so shipping is at least a bit justified.
  11. Rustic Esc. has a new marshmallow!

    Oh Trapp! Please do! I've been looking and trying samples forever but no luck! Please share your results as soon as you can! I'll be looking at this post a million times lol
  12. Candlescience sale

    Seems like I remember they have the 1oz sale around Fall. Do they have 2 sales and if yes does anyone know when?
  13. Rustic Esc. has a new marshmallow!

    OH MY GOODNESS!! I told myself absolutely no more oils till I test the 258,699 that I already have. But I have been looking for Campfire Marshmallow forever. Even tried blends but just couldn't nail it. Now, I'm gonna wonder my butt over there and you all know how that goes! Well you gotta make it worth for the shipping! Oh please Jesus help me stay under a hundred bucks lol
  14. Looking for a sweet coffee scent!

    Thanks so much!!
  15. How long is to long?

    Thank you all so much! I've been making candles for about 10 years and I have it in my head that if I haven't used them in about 6 months I toss them. How stupid is that?