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  1. Daisymay66


    No one?
  2. Daisymay66

    McCalls Smores

    I have tried a couple times to mix my own. No luck
  3. Awesome! Thank you Katmeltswax
  4. I wonder if it’s always the same time of year??
  5. Daisymay66


    Does anyone use their oils in candles? Favorites? TIA
  6. Daisymay66

    McCalls Smores

    Fingers Crossed
  7. Daisymay66

    McCalls Smores

    Thank you TT and Trapp
  8. Daisymay66

    McCalls Smores

    I have been trying to find a dupe of this forever! Anyone have any suggestions?
  9. Does anyone know what time of year they have a 35% off sale? Or maybe I can’t ask that here, If not I’m sorry! I loved the Vanilla Bean Noel as well as the Jelly Donut! Thank you so much for sharing!
  10. Daisymay66

    Opinions on Pumpkin Souffle

    Has anyone tried MSC compared to CS Pumpkin Souflee?
  11. Daisymay66

    Experience with Indigo Fragrances???

    I have also tried to find a good raisin oatmeal cookie but never found one. I’ll make sure to check back on this post
  12. My WSP order is supposed to be here today I can’t wait
  13. Do you all sell the VBN all year long or just of a Christmas scent?
  14. Awesome! Thank you girls so much! I’ve never ordered from there and the last thing I need is another supplier but now I just gotta try that VBN.. and I might as well try a whole pound.