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  1. I am assuming you are not pregnant yet...so maybe get him started now with you by his side walking him through your process. I always need to be hands on when learning anything new!
  2. Cello bag size for Scalloped edge melts?

    Thought I might add that I bought the one I posted a pic of was from Gtbags
  3. Fragrance Oil Finder

    Yes...it’s been gone for some time now. ☹️
  4. Cello bag size for Scalloped edge melts?

    This is a 3x3 and the zip part is not included in the measurement its a snug fit...but it fits.
  5. Hello! Glad to be among peers.

    Welcome Cheryl Ann....love that you are a "hippie at heart"!
  6. Peak Fragrances Reopening?

    My curiosity had me look again on Facebook for Peak Fragrances...this is what I saw....very recent post too. Seems the logo has changed...but nothing else.
  7. Can we talk one more time Pumpkin Pie?

    OOps....I meant Candle Science!
  8. Can we talk one more time Pumpkin Pie?

    Pumpkin Soufflé from RE....has become my favorite...kind of takes the bite out of the pumpkin and not overloaded with spices.
  9. Needing help like seriously BAD

    Hey Trapp....what kind of sale is Bittercreek having?
  10. New ornaments and pendant scent diffusers

    Incredible! I remember last year(?) you posted a picture of Christmas ornaments you made. They were so rustic looking. I would buy them!!
  11. Looking for a Plum fragrance

    Does this smell mostly like plum? I have been looking for a straight foward plum scent for awhile now.
  12. Halloween pictures of Candles

    You inspire me!!
  13. Years ago, my husband asked for a beer scent. I don’t remember where I got it, but it smelled like the carpeted floor of a stinky old bar. Never let him light it.
  14. Halloween Labels

    All are hauntingly awesome!! They really celebrate the season!