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  1. Well this is what I do.... I put a 10 pound block in a very heavy duty plastic bag and loosely close the end. I take a hammer and pound away. Great stress reliever. I kinda like Belinda's method too!
  2. Very cool looking soap.
  3. Well if you read facebook posts after he announced the closing, there sure is more to the story! His wife Nachelle Wallace made a few comments to help clarify the situation. Not pretty. I dont want to quote or judge, so please go to the facebook post to see for yourselves.
  4. Congratulations on your new account! LOVE the jars and definitely the sleek black lids! Your label is gorgeous...but my eyes were drawn to the smaller font with the word threw me off a bit. Sight wise that is.
  5. Hello Amaiya. There is a link pinned under the Business Side of Things forum. You will find a lot of ideas and tips that should help you get on your way.
  6. Love it!
  7. I have been using Fillmore. No problems here.
  8. When I lived in NM for 10 years, my oils were in a cabinet in the garage above my work area...pretty dang warm in there during the summer months and pretty damn cold during the winter months. Oddly enough only a very few of my oils ever went bad! And some were there for a few years. Just goes to show you how some or most oils can take a lot of abuse. Now that I am in the northeast, they are stored in the basement in a cabinet.
  9. I agree! VERY nice scent. I used it in melts with CBL 141 and the throw was outstanding.
  10. I guess I am 'old school' and use the double boiler system after transferring the wax from the presto pot into the pour pot. When all ingredients are mixed in, I take it out of the double boiler and wait till the pouring temperature is reached, then pour. May have to purchase a griddle!
  11. Bonfire Bliss...very nice.
  12. Definitely the old tyme lids...either color. of course they are the most expensive! And number 5 for the so pretty. It would make me buy the candle.
  13. I use paraffin, CBL 141...and I fill it up to the where the rim starts. Sometimes I wait a couple of hours and fill to the top of the rim. Sometimes I don't even get to it till the next day. I pour a tad hotter on the second pour.