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  1. I just recieved an order from Candles and Supplies for the same type jars Bath and Body Works has. Almost the same size And the lid fits the Bath and Body Works jar I have here at home http://www.candlesandsupplies.net/17-oz.-Oversize-Tumbler-w-Hammered-Copper-Lid-per-case-24
  2. barbaranj

    Lone Star sample sale

    I haven’t ordered from Lone Star in ages. But I love a good sale! Any recommendations out there?
  3. barbaranj

    Mill Creek ... any suggestions?

    One that I didn’t see mentioned was Fireside Musk. All year round scent IMO. Fireside Musk 203 Curl up by the fire with this blend of warm sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla and light musk that form the base for mid notes of violet and, jasmine and mingle with light citrus top notes.
  4. barbaranj


    Hi again Candle Guy. I have used the 36-24 like you have in CBL 141 for votives but they did not drown out. In fact...they did great for the first two hours and they mushroomed like crazy. I also tested HTP 31.....way to small... Here is a picture after a three hour burn. Zinc is on the left, HTP on the right. I think birdcharm is correct in suggesting the 34-40 zinc so I would try that next. I wish I could be of more help. I thought I had more notes on a successful votive wick. This is Clean Cotton with CBL 141.
  5. barbaranj


    Damn, I wish I was home with my notes. I can get back to you on Monday when I get home, but hopefully someone will be able to guide you much sooner than that!
  6. barbaranj

    New Christmas Oils

    One that I tried and really liked last year was RE’s Winter Wisp. it is soft but strong, if that makes any sense! Here is the description: The winter wind blows across a Christmas tree lot with cheery notes of iced cranberry and juicy mandarin, fresh green pine and fir needles, spicy cloves, and a heart of creamy vanilla, warm woods, a winter musk.
  7. barbaranj

    What makes your product unique?

    I agree with Jcandleattic. I think unique also encompasses visual. A product that instantly draws the eye...labeling, packaging, presentation, etc. should standout to attract customers. Once they lean in.....hopefully the product itself will amaze.
  8. barbaranj

    Eyeballs and Wachs Wax Paint

    Thanks so much Hopie, for the info and for the application tips! Looking foward to more of your creations!
  9. barbaranj

    Eyeballs and Wachs Wax Paint

    Hi Hopie. They look awesome!! I tried searching for this paint but no luck 😕. Would you mind sharing?
  10. barbaranj

    What is the easiest way to sell?

    There is a link to indie business insurance above....at the start of this forum.. I believe one offers insurance to candles...without having to make soap or cosmetics
  11. I love them...great work! They are so smooth and so shiny! Beautiful.
  12. barbaranj

    Hit or Miss Rate

    Maybe Forrest is trying to say how many oils you re-order compared to NOT re-ordering after your first impression with them?
  13. barbaranj

    When Zincs die in 6006

    bfroberts….CBL125 is Candlewic's version of 4630. I love this wax...zinc wicks work incredibly well with this wax in the 8oz square mason. Even though it is a one pour wax, I often use a heat gun to smooth the tops. This is a non-issue for me.
  14. barbaranj

    Fragrance pairings

    Me too ! 😉