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  1. Can we talk one more time Pumpkin Pie?

    OOps....I meant Candle Science!
  2. Can we talk one more time Pumpkin Pie?

    Pumpkin Soufflé from RE....has become my favorite...kind of takes the bite out of the pumpkin and not overloaded with spices.
  3. Needing help like seriously BAD

    Hey Trapp....what kind of sale is Bittercreek having?
  4. New ornaments and pendant scent diffusers

    Incredible! I remember last year(?) you posted a picture of Christmas ornaments you made. They were so rustic looking. I would buy them!!
  5. Looking for a Plum fragrance

    Does this smell mostly like plum? I have been looking for a straight foward plum scent for awhile now.
  6. Halloween pictures of Candles

    You inspire me!!
  7. Years ago, my husband asked for a beer scent. I don’t remember where I got it, but it smelled like the carpeted floor of a stinky old bar. Never let him light it.
  8. Halloween Labels

    All are hauntingly awesome!! They really celebrate the season!
  9. Got featured on House Beautiful

    How awesome is that!!!
  10. Thank you so much CristinaD for asking about these jars! And thanks to all who answered! I have been searching too.
  11. First Show of the Fall Season!

    Your setup would definitley lure me in. Gorgeous! Good luck!!
  12. Gorgeous! Love the orange lids...very fall festival vibe!!
  13. Storage options

    Any plastic container with the number 5 on the bottom is fine for your melts. They will not lose any scent. You can find quite large ones in any walmart or target.
  14. Great information Candybee....I will keep this info if I ever sell wholesale. And good luck to you njcurely!!