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  1. old suppliers?

    I was so sad too! Willowwoods was located in western PA. A small but amazing business and customer service. What was sadder was the owner had MS and she just couldn’t run her business anymore. I was hoping she would sell her formulas to another supplier but I guess that never happened. She had the best oils...amazing dupes too. I was never dissapointed with any of them. Another thing she did was charge the EXACT cost of shipping. I truly miss that company.
  2. These clamshells?

    Thank you beesknees. But DANG....pretty pricey !
  3. These clamshells?

    Does anyone know where I can buy these two piece clamshells? Thanks!
  4. I keep mine in the bags they come in...then into clear plastic containers. Each container holds the same type wick (zinc, CD, etc.) .
  5. What wax do you use for clams?

    I have been using 141 for years. Very hard wax...pops right out of the clams and warmer bowls. Fragrance longevity is excellent. I have cut down on the fragrance load to about 5% per pound with most scents. Love this wax. I have blended with 30% 125 but it didn’t make enough of of a difference to mess with it again. Let well enough alone, I say! Sarah S....I have some 129 but never made tarts with it. I will give it a go and see how it compares to 141...
  6. Barbie, you must have at least 8 posts and be a member for 30 days before you can post in the Classified Forum. Is there anywhere else on social media you can post a list....perhaps Craigs List? There may be some of us within resonable driving distance that may be interested.
  7. Tin containers

    Candle Husband...Here are the first 3 hour burn results. The wax is not dyed or scented. The zinc wick mushroomed like crazy! The CDN seems the best of the 3.
  8. Cello bag size for Scalloped edge melts?

    Thanks! I actually do not sell these individually, but if I did, I would most likely sell them for $1.25 each or five for $5.00. These were packaged for the tart swap we had in the fall.
  9. Tin containers

    Hi. I would try an ECO 12 if you have any. I checked Candlewic’s website and that is their suggestion for a 3” diameter container. I just got a couple of pounds of CBL 130 and am going to start testing with CDN’s, CD’s and then zinc cored.
  10. Flower Pot Votive Jars

    Your labels are always so pretty against the color of your wax, I would pick clear.
  11. Is this really that ugly?

    Trapp.....I absolutely love the whimsical label....you were going after whimsical and you got it down pat! It is eye catching and the fact that you named it Peppermint Treats, the foodie art is perfect! It made me smile!!! Which means I would pick it up off the shelf!
  12. New label for a gallery

    And yet another for the middle one and straight line. Gorgeous.
  13. CS Peppermint Bark

    Trapp! What I need is to get rid of oils! 😉 Thanks for the offer though!
  14. CS Peppermint Bark

    Trapp....I have some Peppermint Bark from CS....about and ounce left that I will not be using. It's on the older side, but still smells strong OOB> It worked great for me in paraffin. I am going to send it to you . Barb