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  1. Honeybadgeress

    Greetings from West Virginia

    I DO LOVE NC! Most BEAUTIFUL place on Earth, I think. Blessings on you and your soap making adventures Dear Soul!
  2. I just like Sphinxes, even though I am, indeed, a Honeybadgeress.

  3. Honeybadgeress

    Greetings from West Virginia

    Pleased to be on this site, already have had a pressing query answered! I am female- old enough to know better, and live atop an actual mountain in West Virginia, where everyone around me is a retiree from somewhere else, as I also am. I make Organic(Mostly) Hot Process soaps, but am endeavoring to learn how to do regular Cold Process- seems easier. But, WHEN do you know in COLD PROCESS that your soap is not what you want??? Must you wait 4-6 WEEKS! to find out!??? OUCH! (A worry I have.) I also sculpt, and from these, make silicone tray molds. {The generic designs I find online are sickly sweet, most of them, and the ones that aren't simply look computer generated, rather like toys. The decent few are rather pricey, and are usually mass produced somewhere outside the US.}sigh In any event, Soaping makes me happy. And I am pleased to be here. Blessings.
  4. Honeybadgeress

    ORGANICS: Anyone using WOAD?

    I am SO TIRED of making BROWN SOAPS!!! Any suggestions? Also, IF MICA is an organic substance, wouldn't the use of it for COLOR keep it within the Organic heading?