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  1. CandleWic has a scent called something like Black Tea with Orange and Almond. To me it smells just like Lipton Tea.
  2. The Original Herbal Essence is really good. It does have a great hot throw, I love it. I do candles, melt and pour soap, shower gel, lotion, sugar scrub and any thing else I try in it. I still have never found anything else that can compare. I will try the WSP lavender next order with them.. I just placed an order so I can do melt and pour soaps for my daughter's wedding, so it will be a few months. Who is MMS?
  3. SC Lavender & Herbs has a good hot throw in 464. I like a strong herbal Lavender, and that one is pretty good. The best straight lavenders I have used are actually Candle Science Lavender and Nature's Garden French Lavender. I have not liked most of the others I have tried.
  4. I agree! I dislike the Sweet Cakes Strawberry. To me it is too sweet and not realistic. Never tried the BCN or WSP, but sounds like I should try the WSP. Out off all the samples I have tried I like the CS Strawberry Shortcake best, but it's still not quite what I want. Early 2013 when I first started making candles RE had a Strawberry Jam on their clearance rack that I bought. That was the best Strawberry I have ever found and I don't understand why they discontinued it. I am still hoarding a few candles I made from it. I have tried strawberry samples from every place I have ever ordered from, and none have measured up.
  5. I use the CSN's from Candle Science with container palm and pillar palm.
  6. I just noticed that Rustic Escentuals has dumped some more scents in the clearance rack. I have smelled most of them but I don't remember the Aloe. Has anyone smelled that one before, and if so, can you please describe it? Is it grassy? I'm thinking I might have had a sample at one point and don't remember if I liked it or not. They never smell like the supplier's descriptions, and even if it's marked down, I am wary...I plan to place an order for a couple of them.
  7. I would love to find a dupe of Faberge's Wheat Germ and Honey shampoo from the 70's. That, besides Herbal Essence were my favorites. And they just went away, with no notice. Just gone.
  8. I love the Original Herbal Essence, it is very close to the shampoo from the 70's, not the "new" stuff from the 80's that most people think of as the original. It's the real original. The Oatmeal Milk and Honey is great too. I like the Lavender and Herbs too. I did not like their Strawberry at all, it is over rated too. I will be sure try their Blackberry. I have never found one I liked. Happy New Year to you too!
  9. Celtic Moonspice from RE is good. I personally like Baked Apple because it's mainly all spice to my nose. Lots of cinnamon in it. If you like ginger, Golden Opium is an earthy ginger type of scent.
  10. I have yet to try CP, but do plan to. I use Sweetcakes Toasted Almond in everything and love it. MP, bath bombs, lotion, shower gel, soy candles, palm candles. It is not an actual toasted scent, just a really nice almond. I have no idea how it will perform in CP . I bet the website says something though, they usually have notes on that listed.
  11. I finally got to smell my order from the sale. I really love the Peony, what a deal. I also like the Hazelnut Vanilla, and the Cucumber Mint and they are well worth the $10 or so each I paid for them. I detest the Vanilla Blossom, it is so disgusting. Next time I will be more careful about ordering scents like that. I can't wait for the next 35% sale from there. I wonder when they normally happen?
  12. That will be around Christmas:) He told me anything I ordered during the month of December for my expensive hobby goes under the tree. I literally snuck that one out of the box because it was the one I was most unsure of. I should have followed my instincts. I KNEW when I saw the one reviewer saying that she smelled baby powder it would have it, but I was swayed by all the other reviews.
  13. Ooops, just saw the note saying we should not post sales in here. Sorry! The Vanilla Blossom is awful IMO. To me it smells like baby diapers. Just horrible! I read the reviews and only one said anything about baby powder. All the others said how it was such a beautiful fragrance. I hate baby powder, and this screams of it. I have not smelled the others, as m DH confiscated them to put under the tree,
  14. Ooops, just saw the note saying we should not post sales in here. Sorry! I am pretty sure I tried the cheaper Cucumber Mint because while I do think WSP has good quality oils, I try to get them on sale and even still, never order the most expensive ones. So I'm thinking the CM I tried was the one I ordered today. I have never tried Peony, Vanilla Blossom or their Vanilla Hazelnut, but they all have good reviews so I am taking a chance. Even on sale, their 2 oz are pricey, since I always get samples for $1 an ounce on sale from other suppliers.