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  1. Does anyone make chunk style melts?

    I had to google Wesson Oil Parties ...hahahahahahaha
  2. Does anyone make chunk style melts?

    I think they use oil in fish and chip shops yes Thanks for the info, I only want some to try to see if it helps in the piping bag for making cupcake candles , as I am finding soy wax sets up too quick and the piping nozzle gets clogged I've just been to Waitrose which is a supermarket over here and asked for Crisco, they looked at me gone out! They don't sell it, but I've just been told by a friend I can buy it from a sex shop lol as they use it for ermm well I can't say on here , no wonder they looked at me weird in the supermarket
  3. Does anyone make chunk style melts?

    Thanks I've found one place that sells it, I'm going to get some
  4. Does anyone make chunk style melts?

    I'm in the uk, we can't get that over here, I was thinking it was like vegetable oil? But surely that would smoke when the candle burned
  5. Does anyone make chunk style melts?

    Like a cooking oil then?
  6. Look at this wick!

    I would imagine you break it with your fingers like a normal shaped wood wick
  7. Jelly Jar Chunk and soy

    I love these
  8. Does anyone make chunk style melts?

    What's Cristo?
  9. Look at this wick!

    Gorgeous, wish you could just buy the wicks
  10. Soap balls

    I made a load of soap balls last night with gloves on and rolling them, but you can buy a melon scoop
  11. Scary Lye Incident

    I would love to try beer in cp
  12. Adding Gel wax to soy wax

    Thanks very much, would LX wicks be ok with gel?.. Normally make my soy cupcakes with an LX OR ECO wick, just wondered if the gel would affect that as when I made gel candles a long time ago I used a zinc core wick
  13. Adding Gel wax to soy wax

    That's good news. Yes what proportions and does the gel affect the colour much
  14. Did I dream it or did I read somewhere you can add gel wax to soy wax to whip and put in a pastry bag to pipe on candles as it makes it easier to pipe?
  15. My advice would be not to even think about putting them in stores until your happy that your formula and wick is perfect