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  1. Yes, SE corner. My son lives in Cottage Grove. He is the Park HS softball coach, Cottage Grove Middle School SS teacher. Wife is elementary principal, Grey Cloud Elementary. GoldieMN
  2. Welcome Ashley! Where in Minnesota? GoldieMN
  3. GoldieMN

    Retesting Pumpkin Souffle

    @Trappeur I was using Candlescience Pumpkin Souffle, but it smells like Fillmore Nutmeg Ginger to me only lighter. I don't think I will reorder it. I don't need two scents that smell the same. Not sure if I ever tried RusticEscentuals Pumpkin Souffle. . . GoldieMN
  4. GoldieMN

    Aroma Bead Ornies not working out

    @Skk5233 Sounds good, thanks. GoldieMN
  5. GoldieMN

    Aroma Bead Ornies not working out

    My oven is probably off, but at least now I know what to set it at and how long to bake the ornaments. I know I have some roofing nails around here although drilling does tell me if the beads are not cooked enough. My ornaments run in size from about 3" to 4". Asking others about price, it has been suggested $2.25 to $7.00. Right now I'm thinking $5 for all shapes/sizes. Does that sound about right? I am just selling them around town, no shipping, no online selling. GoldieMN
  6. GoldieMN

    Aroma Bead Ornies not working out

    I had problems with a couple batches of PlasticPellets4Fun bead ornaments. They started coming apart when I drilled holes in for hanging. I noticed that area was softer and beads were flaking off so I put them back in the cutters and baked again. I sure hope this won't affect the throw! Now, I have to set my oven at 350 and bake for 13 minutes. GoldieMN
  7. GoldieMN

    Aroma Bead Ornies not working out

    For those having problems with beads coming apart, I have had success slipping the ornament back into the cookie cutter and baking again. Maybe those "bad" beads could be saved by baking longer. GoldieMN
  8. GoldieMN

    Natures Garden

    @ScentedPleasurez Yup, that Mistletoe is great! GoldieMN
  9. GoldieMN

    Natures Garden

    Rustic Escentuals: Spiced Pumpkin Latte, Amish Quilt, Christmas Bliss (although you may already have a similar pine that works for you). GoldieMN
  10. @TallTayl So 1.55% oil to salt to begin with. So we don't use anywhere near as much oil with salt as with wax or aroma beads. Looks like I need to go add more salt to my containers! GoldieMN
  11. Well, I searched the forum for recommended ratios of solar salt to fragrance oil. I was going to follow the 1 to 4 ratio used for aroma beads then realized that would mean 8 ounces of oil to 32 ounces of salt. Yikes! If that is what those people charging $20/lb. used, I can see why they charge so much. lol Anyway, I found four different ratios and decided to try the 10% oil to salt. Mixed today so we will see how they perform after dry. I know a few of you made these last year. Do you have any recommendations as to a good ratio of salt to fragrance oil that worked for you? Have they caught on with your customers? GoldieMN
  12. Isn't .25oz. to 1 lb. salt too light on the fragrance oil? If you follow 4:1 ratio, it would be 4 oz. to 1 lb. What is recommended for the salt crystals? Same as aroma beads? GoldieMN
  13. GoldieMN

    Fragrancebuddy Labor Day Sale!

    I would try to remove the $5 code then try the LABORDAY code. If that doesn't work, I would start all over by deleting everything from the cart. Or try contacting them? GoldieMN
  14. GoldieMN

    Sewing machine recommedations?

    I was just telling my friend, today, how great my Kenmore sewing machine has been for the past umpteen years. Unfortunately, I don't think they make them anymore. Sears still sells sewing machines. Maybe check their website? GoldieMN