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  1. Is This Frosting?

    @moonshine Yes, I use 464. If I could build my clamshell business, I would probably give up pint candle jars as it is so frustrating trying to get the right wick for a good hot throw. I have over 100 lbs. of 464 to go through but then may try 444 depending on results @TallTayl gets with testing. Are you using 464? GoldieMN
  2. Is This Frosting?

    It did a little on a couple that had only a bit of frosting, but I gave up on the others. There were only 5 or 6 that had been left in a cold car that it happened to so I just use them for myself. GoldieMN
  3. Burn tests

    That is what I'm seeing with the RRDs--mushrooming quickly. Thought I had things figured out with these tiny Mason jars then decided to do a second test burn just to be sure. I can keep the jar cool enough to carry around to the end with the RRD 29 but it is a pitiful flame. HTP 41 gives me a nice flame but halfway down, the top starts to get hot. Melt pool is large as well. HTP 31 was cool but the wick struggled and went out eventually. Thanks for the explanation. So you are still testing or have you found your wick? GoldieMN
  4. Burn tests

    @TallTayl With that in mind (flame getting less oxygen as candle gets smaller in a container), would you use a wick that has a very, very small flame, but the container never gets too hot to pick up? Or should this be another thread? GoldieMN
  5. Maple Street has also come out with a statement on Facebook concerning this issue. GoldieMN
  6. I know nothing about the chemicals involved, but I would think there has to be more than one company that produces them. Unless those chemicals are as unique to the company as fragrance oils are. Just thinking out loud. . . GoldieMN
  7. Fire Starters

    I made them in two sizes: Dollar Store (smaller than regular size) and regular size found at grocery store. Packaged them 3/$1.50 and 2/$1.50 respectively. I really struggled with pricing; wasn't sure if I could sell them for more. All the smaller ones sold. Used old test wax and added the dried, colorful potpourri from Dollar Store and small pine cones but want to glam them up even more like others have done. GoldieMN
  8. How sweet! Three gold stars for you, @TallTayl.
  9. EXACTLY! I taught HS business for 25 yrs. so was able to incorporate the "real world" everyday into class content bt ut would wonder why the math teachers didn't provide more of this in their teaching. Not patting myself on the back as my classes were all naturally geared toward vocational education. The State of MN actually tried to force teachers in all areas to incorporate this into everyone's curriculum. Don't get me started. . . GoldieMN
  10. I find all sizes of books for various projects at secondhand stores like Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc. GoldieMN
  11. @Valmek Your question: "I was trying to ask if the candle looked right as I filled with my desired weight 8 ounces and almost to the top" If it were me, I would fill to the curve. Any higher than the middle of the curve, test to see how hot they get. I use 16 ounce jars and the weight on the "filled" jar is 12 ounces. GoldieMN
  12. Yippee! Tax time!! (dripping w/ sarcasm)

    I do them myself as well. HATE it and always have to do the long form. GoldieMN
  13. FO in a diffuser?

    Some oils will melt the plastic in some diffusers. So it could be the diffuser you have to be concerned about. GoldieMN
  14. burnt out :(

    Not sure how long you have been feeling this way, but this time of year can be depressing for many. I would hate to see you give up and lose your customer base only to realize you still love making candles. If it were me (and this is REALLY hard for me to get moving on), I would clean up, rearrange, etc. my candle/craft room so I can get excited about starting up again without thinking about the mess. Not saying you have a mess; I usually do! Take part of the day to find different ideas, as others have suggested, for jars, labels, different things to make from wax like tarts, aroma beads, clam shells if you aren't making those now. I don't know if you have been dealing with all the soy problems this past year, but it almost made me give up on making candles. I spent so much time trying to get my jars to work. My saving grace was making clam shells. I absolutely love the amber color of a just-poured clam shell, and there is no problem with the hot throw as there is/was with the 464 in jars. Actually thinking this through, I am going to start testing my ounce oil samples by making single clam shells. Please keep us informed. Sometimes just talking this through with a friend helps. And there are so many friends in the candle-making boat here who will throw suggestions out to help you get through this whether you stay with the candles, take a break, or move on to something else. Take care, GoldieMN
  15. New Store - New Label

    Love the black one. The sunflower becomes a signature design for the line while the scent names will stand out on the black. Great job, as usual! GoldieMN