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  1. An order I received

    A few suggestions in this thread: GoldieMN
  2. Thanks for responding. It is always good to hear what others do. I check my clamshells before selling to be sure they will pop out. I just thought that customers expected that. In the past, if I got a stubborn one, I would put it in the frig for a few minutes. But I don't keep any of them in the frig--personal or retail--either. Yes, I've been dealing with the wax from hell for over a year now with my jars but didn't have problems with clamshells. I guess I will just up the Pillar Blend. GoldieMN
  3. Soy wax back to normal???

    @Trappeur Do you mean 7.2%? GoldieMN
  4. I know what you mean. I love the smell of gasoline or a garage after the car's been parked in it for awhile. Would love to get one ounce bottles to test. GoldieMN
  5. Almost threw in the towel on this whole candle/clamshell business, yesterday. You may have read the post where I posted a picture of frosting occurring in some of my clamshells. I decided to add the recommended 1/8 tsp. of UV inhibitor to a pound of wax to see if that would stop the very visible frosting. Nothing else changed when I made these new clamshells except this was a new batch of Maple Street clamshells, and I poured at a lower temp to help with the frosting. Poured them last week. Was testing to make sure they would pop out of the package, a few days ago, but they wouldn't budge. I use a blend of 464 and the old Ecosoya PB and never had this problem. Made another batch adding more PB this time and tried popping them out, yesterday. No luck. Even though I'm trying to avoid frosting which can occur if they get cold, I cooled a few of them in the frig. Still wouldn't release. Some questions I have: Do you expect the wax to pop out of your clamshells? Do they pop out without getting them cold? Do you use a mold release? GoldieMN
  6. @Clear Black Maybe these truckers would start buying from you. Beer, gasoline, beef jerky fragrances might get them interested. Here is a post about some "different" scents: GoldieMN
  7. Whoa! Quality control=F Love the label, lid and jar though. Maybe not even quality control. More like someone doesn't know what they are doing. GoldieMN
  8. FO Suggestions for GW 464

    AND they sell Premier wicks! If you want just a few, though, I can send you some in a few sizes. GoldieMN
  9. FO Suggestions for GW 464

    Forgot to mention, a number of us test our hot throw as well as how hot jars will get by pouring without a wick. Then poke a hole in the wax and insert a wick to test. It is not secured on the bottom, but at least you can burn at least 3/4 of the jar before the wick slumps to see how the wick performs. If I notice the test jar getting too hot or no hot throw, I pull that wick out and try another. Those jars you have no hot throw from now, you can melt that wax and use that wax to test your wicks you have coming. No need to wait two weeks to cure. I've had a number of booboos that I just melt in my oven on lowest temp my oven will go. I didn't explain that very well so if you need further explanation, ask away. GoldieMN
  10. Latest Wicking of 464

    @Trappeur Thanks, good to know you didn't have to wick back up with the new soy. I'm at a point where I have to order more wax and wondered if it would be another testing nightmare. At least I have two wicks to start with--Premier 770s and CD 10s (pint jars). Those are the two that worked out for me with the last three boxes of wax. GoldieMN
  11. FO Suggestions for GW 464

    First of all, welcome to soy hell. Just kidding. . .kind of. . . I use 464, pint jars, and have had luck with Rustic Escentuals Spiced Pumpkin Latte, Amish Quilt, Apple & Pumpkin Strudel, Christmas Bliss, and others. Fillmore container's Iced Lemon Biscotti, Nutmeg Ginger, Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper (is throwing strong right now first time testing). I don't care for floral or perfume scents so I don't test those. I've had good luck with Premier 770s in these jars as well as CD 10s or 12s. My latest jars using these wicks are from Lot F, dated 5/04/17. I will test new batch of wax as I receive it to see if I need to change my wicks again. I follow the same procedures you do. A number of others use 464 and will be adding suggestions to this thread, I'm sure. GoldieMN
  12. Now that we've got our wicking figured out for 464 soy from 2016-2017, has anyone gotten newer Lots of 464 such as from the last few months of 2017 and had to wick up again? If I got this right from what Candlescience said, it was in the processing not the FDA requirements that caused those batches that caused us so much trouble. Would we now be getting wax that should be back to what it was before those F Lots we previously discussed here? Also, for those recently purchasing 464, what is the date on your carton? GoldieMN
  13. Week/end plans?

    @Candybee Yes, kneading! He must have separation issues. Although they are almost a year old. lol GoldieMN
  14. Week/end plans?

    @Candybee My three cats all sleep in one large dog kennel with a semi-puffy dog bed. "Houdini" always pushes and pushes and pushes the puffy corners before going to sleep. He doesn't sleep anywhere near the corners just has this need to push down on them. Crazy cats. GoldieMN
  15. Funny Customer Stories - Light Side of Biz

    @Candybee There was a shop in town that had candles they claimed you could eat. They were sold by a manufacturer, not locally poured. I had forgotten about that until you posted. GoldieMN