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    We drive right by Farmington on our way always hoping it is actually the sign for Framingham where we live. I am getting the house for my daughter to live in for her last two years at U Maine. There is not too much to do in the Old Town/Orono area. Karen in MA

    I am in the process of buying a house in Orono right now. Just drove up there twice this week right through Portland. @LittleMissSunshine Where are you located? It is a nice drive up North once I get past Portland there is barely any traffic. Karen in MA
  3. Cricut cutting machines

    Yes it can do larger labels I am just not sure on the size maximum off hand. The label that is printing is 2x4. I buy ink roughly one a year in the colors but have to purchase usually an additional black cartridge. I think it is about $110 for a pack of all 4 cartridges. I love it and though originally had a bit of buyers remorse over the price I do not regret it one bit. Karen in MA
  4. An order to Fillmore

    Sorry everyone, we were without power last week with snowmageddin part two, part three today. I use an HTP 126 that I get from Fillmore. I have also used an Eco8 or 10 in the past but it is nice to get my wax, jars and wicks all from Fillmore. Yes the one from Fragrance Buddy. I believe it was a Moonworks Dupe. The green apple is a personal favorie of my daughters and a good seller for us. Karen in MA
  5. An order to Fillmore

    I use 444 and use all of the scents you mentioned. I love Lavender Sage & Rose and it sells really well for me. I actually hate the smell of lavender but can tolerate this one. I am sure it is too late but I would forget the Sugar Cookie. I was not a fan of it and just stick with Sugar Cookie Royale. The French Pear is nice but I really don't sell a lot of it. Green Apple is awesome and so is Caribbean Dreams but then again I love anything coconut. Karen in MA
  6. My Cierra Order

    Good evening everyone, So I received my Cierra order today. It took 8 days to get here and one of the bottles leaked, not much but enough that the labels came off and I had lots of wiping to do. Here are my thoughts OOB today. and by the way I have a Community Candle order coming tomorrow. Patchouli Spice: so this seems heavy on the Patch not much spice. Maharani Padparadscha: Just plain curious on this one. : This is nice OOB it has a clean non floral smell I cannot quite place. I am going to need a good name for this. I will take any suggestions. Lily of the Valley: Nice basic Lilly of the Valley Honey Almond : Heavy on the Honey not a lot of Almond I think this will be interesting in wax Holiday Eggnog: Hoping this also can be used as a substitute for Grandma Swinging Egg Nog: A very good replacement for Peaks OOB Cinnamon French Toast: I find this to be very similar to Sunday Brunch from Aztec Cedar and Spice: I am not sure I like this OOB it has an almost dirt scent to me Cherry Vanilla: Very strong I am not sure I really smell the Vanilla in this Cannabis & Exotic Spice: Not sure on this one but sounded interesting : So my husband liked this OOB and I have it in wax now I smell more Spice than Cannabis. This will also need a different name. Blueberry Pumpkin Pancakes: I am assuming this will be the same or similar to Blueberry Pumpkin Patch: As I thought just like Blueberry Pumpkin Patch that I think smells like Blueberry Poptarts by the way Black Cherry: Okay like most Black Cherry Autumn Lodge: Not sure what I smell with this one. Amish Harvest: Getting this to see how it compares to Peak: Not like Peaks. It has an almost plastic smell to it OOB Woodstock '69: I smell more Nag Champa than Patch. It almost has a Eucalyptus/Medicinal smell but that could just be my sniffer playing tricks on me as the oil has a green hue to it OOB Almond Extract : Hoping this can replace Almond Pastry: Nice and strong. OOB very close to Almond Pastry from Peak Black Licorice: I love licorice so this is for me; This is yummy. I am a huge black licorice fan so this is a keeper OOB. My husband wanted to eat it as it was that good. Oxford Scentsy Type: Interesting maybe I can use this as a book scent. : I am not sure on this yet I need to sniff this more or put it in wax. Sea Glass: Curious how this will compare with WSP: not like the Sea Glass from WSP, a Crafters Choice scent. This one is more of a Sea Mist kind of scent from CS Karen in MA
  7. Are you ready for some pictures?

    Love seeing all the pics. I am a sucker for lots of cute furries also. We currently have 3 rescue dogs but I will gladly give up one that is a complete brat. 3 rescue cats, one rabbit and 14 chickens. We have had our beloved Bernese duchess cross the bridge at almost 13, very old for a Bernese and our wonderful Boxer Duke, he ruptured something and went septic in hours it was the worst day and having to make the heartbreaking decision to ease his pain was agonizing. We also had a little guy Scooter and orange tabby who was born without back feet. After having him fixed the stress was too much and he developed FIP. It is very sad to see them go as they are so much members of the family. On another note I also had my gallbladder out years ago but still from time to time get a gallbladder attack, worst pain ever and it always seems to get better when you get to the hospital or are on your way. I guess if there is any sand like sludge left from surgery it can get caught in the duodenum and cause an attack. After I had it out I lost 70 pounds and the Drs kept saying it had nothing to do with the surgery but as I have found out from so many people they have had the same issues after surgery that I did. Have a great day and you take care of you as you have all those little 4 legged furries counting on you. Karen in MA
  8. Apricot Wax Usage

    Has anyone tried the Coconut/Apricot blend from Candlewic? I am placing an order for some other supplies and ran across it, I believe it may be new as I have not seen it listed before. Karen in MA
  9. Luxe Linen and Parasoy

    Sorry I just saw this. Thank you for the offer but I am thinking if I like any of what I ordered I can just add it to a reorder. Thanks, Karen in MA
  10. Cricut cutting machines

    So I bought it about it in 2015 and they have since upgraded their models. I paid under 3 for it as there was a special at the time. When printing labels I had such a hard time with my printer where they would line up then the next sheet would be off then I would adjust things and same thing one sheet would work then the next wouldn't. I also could never get the middle set of labels to ever line up so the middle rows of each sheet were wasted. Lets not even talk about printing round or oval labels. I did a lot of research on printers before settling on this one. I figured the cost would equal out at first since I would not have all the wasted labels. Karen in MA
  11. Luxe Linen and Parasoy

    I would be president
  12. Luxe Linen and Parasoy

    So you are all bad enablers. So I placed an order with Community. And I see that I completely forgot to order the Luxe Linen, the fragrance I went there to get. This is what I ordered: Tuscan Lemon Blossom Tropical Serenity Beach Bohemian Rainbow Twist Barnwood & Burlap: Curious if this will be like the plain Barnwood that I get from Aztec Bohemian Christmas Lavender Eucalyptus Warm Bourbon Cider Witches' Cauldron: I am assuming this will be similar to Witches Brew Odor Eliminator Additive Candles: I usually use Odor Eliminator from CS so I thought I would give this a try, Has anyone used it and I would think it would eliminate the actual candle fragrance? Zinc Core 60-44-18z 3 inch: I am going to try this on the pesky 2.5 oz jars I have been trying to wick. Crystallizing Container Palm Wax: I thought I would give this a try but I am not sure if some of my customers will turn their nose up at Palm Karen in MA
  13. Cricut cutting machines

    I also have a Primera printer, I have the LX 900. It was a bit of sticker shock but i do not regret it at all. I love not having to deal with printer drift and the ink last forever, I have run my ink all the way down to 1% left before changing them. Karen in MA
  14. Frustrated with soy...

    Not too far from me in MA. My daughter is at U Maine Orono so I do the drive up several times a year. Karen in MA