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  1. What is your #1, VERY favorite FO?

    Just one is sooooo hard but I think I would have to say Apples and Maple Bourbon from CS a close second would be Hummingbird from NG. Karen in MA
  2. Candle Science Caramel Popcorn

    I have used it in 444 with good results. I just received some of the new scents yesterday. I really like the Wassail a def mulled cider scent. I am not sure on the white birch scent yet, I have to put that in wax. The cranberry woods is very tart smelling OOB. Karen in MA
  3. New Fragrance at Fillmore

    I have poured the Cider Donut and the Nutty Caramel Crisp. I have all of the ones mentioned above except for the new tobacco one and will be ordering that one later today. I love all their oils except for the Leather one, I was not thrilled about that one. The Nutty Caramel Crisp has a nice sweet nutty smell. So far so good. I have not poured the donut recently but if I remember correctly I was not impressed, I though it should have been a bit sweeter. On a side note I am so excited they are going to start carrying the 4 oz mason jars. Karen in MA
  4. Good morning everyone, I am trying to come up with a new name for Blonde Moment. I am thinking it is just not going to sell well with that name. What does everyone call their Blonde Moment or do you just keep the name. Thanks, Karen in MA
  5. A good candy corn?

    Trappeur I use the Candy Corn from The Candle Source. It has been a great seller for me, I use 444. Karen in MA
  6. Peak Replacement testing results

    I like this news about them reopening but am a bit angry he did it this way. I know he has personal stuff going on but I know myself and probably thousands others have spent unnecessary money in testing oils to get ready for the upcoming busy holiday season. This makes me leary on how long he will stay open, hopefully it goes well and he will be open again for a very long time but I know I will be stockpiling the much needed fragrances while I can. Karen in MA
  7. I know this is late in replying but I have always had great luck with the Fresh Coffee from CS. I also sell a ton of Brazilian Coffee & Pure Cane from Aztec, it has a more cream and sugar kind of smell or what we here in MA call a regular coffee. Karen in MA
  8. Peak Replacement testing results

    So I got 3 orders today with some scents to test as replacements. So far I am not doing to good. I will say that as a few have already said Almond Creme from RE is very similar to Almond Pastry OOB. The birthday cake from RE was good and actually similar to Cookies for Santa but the oil itself is very dark. I also got birthday cake from The Chemistry Store and it smells similar OOB but I am unsure if it is as dark in color as the RE one. So far none of the holiday scents are even close to Winter Wonderland or Holiday sparkle almost all of the scents I have tried all have a heavy note of what seems like eucalyptus even though not listed in the description. Karen in MA
  9. Peak Replacement testing results

    Charlie Libengood at Maple Street Candle is having many of the Peak scents duped. Check out his post on his Facebook page. Karen in MA
  10. Peak Replacement testing results

    The specific scents I need are Almond Pastry, Holiday Sparkle, Winter Wonderland, Old Towne Bake Shoppe, Grandmas Swinging Egg Nog and Cookies for Santa. All the rest of Peaks scents that I used I can probably get else where but these are the main ones I am on the hunt for. Karen in MA
  11. Peak Replacement testing results

    I sent all the 1 oz samples I had to Charlie, I know on his FB page he had listed all the samples he has received so far. Karen in MA
  12. Peak Replacement testing results

    So I got my order from Bitter Creek today and their Cookies for Santa was not even close. My daughter thought the egg nog had a high alcohol smelling content just like booze she said. On a side note the Honey Pear Cider smelled heavenly OOB. Karen in MA
  13. Peak Replacement testing results

    They are not being duped just for me. He asked people what they would like duped and of course many spoke up. Of course I did not have samples of what I was looking to be duped specifically but if my samples help someone else out then all is good. I do believe he said on Facebook that some samples have already been sent out to be duped. He has not said how many he plans on carrying at this time. Karen in MA
  14. Peak Replacement testing results

    I actually just sent 34 one ounce samples to Maple St today for duping. Karen in MA
  15. Hi all so since my last post about Peak was tremendous I figured I would start another. I just got my first order of scents to start testing for replacements. I have ordered from Indiana Candle, Elements, Wellington, Rustic Essentials, Bittercreek and The Chemistry Store. My order of Indiana came today: Almond Pastries, Holiday Cookie, Christmas Past, Christmas Wreath. Christmas Kitchen, Harvest, Glazed Cinnamon Donuts, Fireside and Sugar Cookie Dough. I was really hoping the Almond Pastry was gonna be close as it is the only place with it listed as the same name and it was not close at all. Of course I have not put any of these in wax but OOB they are not even close to what I needed from Peak, Almond Pastry, Cookies for Santa, Grandmas Egg Nog, Holiday Sparkle and Winter Wonderland. Maybe people can continue here with their replacement testing orders and thoughts. Karen in MA