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  1. Good evening, Has anyone here ever offered drop shipping? I have a wholesale customer that would like to offer drop shipping. I am a bit miffed on the best way to go about it. Would you be willing to share how you all do it? Karen in MA
  2. Hi everyone, Does anyone know know if there is a fragrance oil like Young Living Thieves. I have found essential oil blends but am looking for one for candles. Thanks Karen in MA
  3. So yes I know I have way too many fragrances but i guess I need to start using them. I found a bottle of Lemon Squares that had sucked in on itself and split right up the side. I then had to make 6 pounds of Lemon Squares so not to waste the FO. Now we are going through each drawer of FO and relieving the pressure in each bottle by opening them a bit. Now I have to make cherry amaretto as that split also. This is why I love the FO from Fillmore in the glass bottles. The Lemon was from NG in a solid white bottle and the cherry from TCS in a clear plastic bottle. What a mess this has made. Done venting now carry on. Karen in MA
  4. Hello everyone, I am in need of some G 70 Olde Tyme Lids. I usually get all my lids from Fillmore but they are out and are not expecting them until June or July. I have searched high and low for them so I am wondering if any of you have any suggestions on places I may have missed. I did find them for 1.55-1.99 a piece and no way that is way too high. I pay .69 a piece. I will attach a pic so you can see what lid I am referring to. The pic is a different color than the black but I am open to any color. Thanks, Karen in MA
  5. I generally pour when the wax is at an applesauce like consistency if that makes sense. I have very little frosting and gave up worrying about the occasional wet spot a few years back. Karen in MA
  6. I use GB 444 due to the higher melting point and use it in my clamshells and scent shots just fine. I still have some eco PB and that is what I use for my free standing molds. I still have tons so I can hold off a bit in finding a new PB wax. Karen in MA
  7. So I got my order yesterday. First I have to say the packaging was top notch. The three I got came in amber jars like Fillmore uses. The 16 oz was in a cardboard mailing tube and the other smaller jars were wrapped in heavy foam like packaging. The caps were then also sealed in plastic. Not sure it has to be quite so heavy duty and that may account for some of the higher costs. I ordered a pound of the coconut lemongrass. It is lovely, I put that in wax right away last night. I also ordered Old West, I know not another leather scent but it is very light on the leather has more of a Hay smell to it that could be the dried brush and firewood. My husband smelled it and immediately thought it would work as a nice book scent as I have been on the hunt for one and have not been happy mixing my own. I also got the cotton candy. Both hubby and my son like the one from Candle science better so I will see if it is better in wax. Since it is so pricey I am going to call Lebermuth and see if they are maybe the supplier for them as Lebermuth has the Coconut Lemongrass and it is much cheaper per pound. Karen in MA
  8. Thank you for the app options. They do look good but some are a bit pricey for me but maybe good for some others on the board. Don't you hate when you are looking for something particular but just cannot seem to find what you want. I may just give Flok a try.
  9. I also do most of my sales at markets and fairs. I was hoping to find something that I could use with a QR code. They scan it when they make a purchase. I looked at Flok and it may have its possibilities but was hoping there might be some other suggestions. Karen in MA
  10. I am glad that you all agree with me that this is just wrong. I have never done this nor will I ever. I had a friend a few years back decide she was going to make candles after talking with me about it. She mod podged pansy petals and dried flowers on the inside of a jar before filling it with wax. It looked real pretty until it caught fire. Needless to say she does not make candles anymore. I was just amazed at how many I found on Etsy like this. Should be listed as all natural soy candle vegan friendly bubble gum scented essential oil torch. Karen in MA
  11. Has anyone used any kind of loyalty card app? I have a paper business card like frequent buyer card but people always forget to bring them back and I think a lot of people just get rid of them. I am looking for an online loyalty reward like app. Something that they can use on their phone since just about everyone has a smart phone. Does anyone have any suggestions? Karen in MA
  12. Good afternoon everyone, I wanted to get some opinions on this subject. I have been poking around Etsy to do some price comparison and keep coming across candles with dried flowers and herbs on the top and throughout the candles. Many of the shops that offer them had over 100 great reviews, not a one mentioning the house almost burned down. I was always under the impression that this caused a huge fire hazard dried florals and flame equals trouble. This is the main reason I have never done it myself or even tried it. What do you all think of this? Have any of you ever done it successfully? I am attaching a picture of one for example. This is not my candle and there is no business name to protect the innocent. Karen in MA
  13. Buttercream Crunch from Cajun is the best I have ever smelled. You will not be disappointed. I am waiting for my Cotton candy from MMS, it should be here Monday. Karen in MA.
  14. So you are all enablers. I placed an order with them over the weekend. A very small order of just 3 scents as they are very pricey. I ordered the Coconut Lemongrass, if I love it I may try Lebermuth as they are much cheaper on this scent. I also ordered Cotton Candy, I had been using the one from CS. I do not sell much of it so I never really looked for another supplier. The other scent i ordered was Old West. I am not sure if this is going to be like all the other leather scents I have tried but we will see. Other than the price the shipping is long for me as it s 4 day delivery for me so I will not be getting my order until Monday. Karen in MA
  15. That is funny you called them out. I was at a fair yesterday and there were a few like that there. I figured I was not the only one who felt this way. Karen in MA