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  1. Terry

    TT’s 2018 Faire Days

    Looks great - wishing you a successful season!
  2. Terry

    Hello! Glad to be among peers.

    Welcome Cheryl Ann! I am in the almost 60 crowd (58), lol...
  3. So that's why I had to sign in again today! I like it!
  4. Terry

    A Little help getting to know you.

    Hi Valerie and welcome to craft server! This is a great group lots to read up on and lots of great people willing to answer your questions!
  5. Terry

    New member out of lurkdom

    Welcome to the board and good luck with your new-old creations!
  6. Terry

    Hello from Ecuador

    Hello and welcome Monica
  7. Terry

    Big hello!

    Big hello to you too and welcome!
  8. Terry

    New to the forum

    Hi Lora (love the way your name is spelled, BYW!) Welcome to the board!
  9. Terry


    Hello and welcome to the board!
  10. Terry

    Greetings from Candles by Amy Lynn

    Welcome! You will feel right at home here
  11. Terry

    New Member Onboard

    Welcome birdcharm I like cardinals they are beautiful birds as well as blue jays. And bats are definitely cool, they just got a bad wrap!
  12. Terry

    Hey everyone

    Hi Kathy and welcome to you too! NG is not one of my usual suppliers so I would love to hear about your findings on NG Tangerine Dreams as I am also looking for a TCS replacement.
  13. Terry

    Hey everyone

    Hi Pam and welcome to the board!
  14. Terry

    Hello World...

    Welcome! I am sure you will love it here, so many knowledgeable people who are willing to share and help out! Soap making has caught my interest lately as well, inspired by the Soap of the month forum. Be sure to check it out if you haven't already - would love to have your recipe calculator... will PM you...