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  1. Rain Forest

    Very pretty, nice colors!
  2. Help with a name

    I renamed it NY Apple Harvest since I live in NY and the state is one of the top producers of apples.
  3. Hello! Glad to be among peers.

    Same here Boho
  4. Hello! Glad to be among peers.

    Welcome Cheryl Ann! I am in the almost 60 crowd (58), lol...
  5. Love Spell

    Really pretty!
  6. Paraffin Wax

    That's what I thought - thanks for the feedback ladies.
  7. Wondering..... In these day of soy, coconut, palm, beeswax - Does anyone use paraffin wax alone and have a thriving business?
  8. Lonestar has 22 new fragrances

    I wouldn't doubt if they cruise this board !!
  9. Black Raspberry Vanilla

    So pretty!
  10. New ornaments and pendant scent diffusers

    What a great idea - those are perfect! How long does the scent last on the pendant and does it irritate your skin at all when wearing it? In your opinion could a larger pendant be used as an air freshener in a car? You are one "Jane of all Trades"
  11. I too love round soaps. Your labels are great and so are your scent choices! I would buy one (or four) in a minute!
  12. Ahhh, Old Glory, nice to hear her name again! Miss her sense of humor and her all around candle-making/business advice.
  13. I bought a pretty glass jar

    Very pretty!
  14. Honeysuckle Pear II

    Pear and honeysuckle sounds like a wonderful combo!
  15. So that's why I had to sign in again today! I like it!