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  1. Oooo, very nice and so inspiring!
  2. Has anyone ever tried stearic in 4627 wax? I've been wanting to try a bit of this to harden the wax up and to slow down the burn.
  3. WOW Sponie!! Thank you for that very in-depth explanation! You gave me a present on YOUR birthday ha-ha! I am going to have to read and re-read your post to absorb. I believe I have seen Valerie's YouTube video but will give it another view for sure. Floating soap eh? I know I did stir the soap A LOT after the vaseline stage to try and get it down to about 170 so I can add the yogurt and honey mixture. So I may have incorporated air too. Although I had the lid on during the cook except for when stirring I may try the plastic wrap and cook at a bit lower temperature. My highest temp was 224 degrees, too hot. Typically what oil/butter do you SF with? Can any oil/butter be a SF? You mention silk. How much of a difference does silk make? I suppose it makes the soap smooth as in glide on your skin. One reason I used honey at all is the label appeal when I sell one day. The other reason was my son's girlfriend's mother is a beekeeper! She gave me a jar so I added some in and am planning on giving them soap after it's cured. Personally, I'd rather add it into my fruit shakes - it's just too good for soap! Eventually I plan on looking into natural colorants and EO's. Not now until I find my best base recipe. I am with you Sponie - HP all the way! I've seen some really nice swirls with HP and know it can be done. Never again will I buy the "beauty bars" of "soap" at the store. Enjoy!
  4. Thank you JCA - your comments are helpful esp. about the stearic. I added this ingredient because I understood that it hastens the cook and makes the bar a bit harder than without. Actually the white pieces in the soap don't really bother me, just wanted to know if it was just aesthetic or a technique/ingredient issue. Thank you Candy - I did use full water, the default of 38% on the soapcalc site. I added the yogurt thinking it would thin out the batter at the end of the cook, total cook time was about 20 minutes (not including the time to melt the oils in the crock) to reach the gel stage at which point I removed it from the base. Melting the oils takes about 45 minutes or so, UGH! Would melting the solid oils in bursts in the microwave destroy any of the properties I wonder? Next time I will try lowering the heat a bit and cook a bit longer. Thanks again to you both for your expert advice and encouragement always! XO
  5. I made two 2-lb. batches of soap on Sunday. Sorry about the qualitiy of the pictures. TT's Tonic - (just love tthis - the best scent ever!) olive oil 40% coconut oil 25% lard (manteca) 20% shea butter 10% castor oil 5% 1.6 oz stearic acid 2 tsp sodium lactate 2TBLS honey 2TBLS full fat greek yogurt 1 oz FO WSP Sun & Sand lard (manteca) 50% olive oil 20% coconut oil 20% grapeseed oil 5% castor oil 5% 1.6 oz stearic acid 2 tsp sodium lactate 2TBLS honey 2TBLS full fat greek yogurt 1 oz FO 1 tiny spoon of pink mica Both.... My kitchen smelled delightful WOW! HP method temps up to 220 f, all oils thoroughly melted (stearic in with the oils) yogurt in a warm crock with the honey and 2 oz discounted from the total water (yogurt/honey liquified). After the cook I scraped the crock and made soap pancakes! - The Tonic recipe has some nice dense bubbles and the S&S recipe is very creamy. I love both! So a few things - 1) I see white spots in the soap. I was pretty careful about not scraping the cooked soap on the side of the pot into the batter when stirring. I feel I mixed and melted well would anyone know what this could be ? 2) Also, the soap gives when I press in although it's not too soft. I ran both recipes through Soapcalc and the oils fell within the quality ranges. I am hoping cure time will harden the soap or perhaps I do not have a good mix of ingredients? Should I increase the stearic? 3) I found that even with the addition of yogurt after the cook the batter was a bit thick and I might have had a hard time coloring if I wanted to. Any suggestions? Thank you my dears!
  6. Nice on the 20/20 vision Sorry to hear about the dr appointments though, hope it's nothing serious!
  7. Moonstar - It's great that you will be able to see again! I brought my mother for cataract surgery last week and the other eye will be done next week. She's 82 and already sees the TV screen clearly with that one eye. When we went for the consult I asked the Dr. if I could be a candidate for cataracts in my late 50's. It's so frustrating not to be able to read labels and such without glasses especially since I used to have 20-20 vision!
  8. Glad to hear you are feeling better TT and thanks for sharing. I can just imagine how scary that was. I can't even deal with the dilation of my pupils at the beginning of the exam - it throws me right off kilter!
  9. Thank you from me too!
  10. Sandalwood, baby powder, pepper, floral sounds like a good starting point..... - thanks Scented.
  11. The next time someone quotes this list please add the two scents below-- Thank you! Bartlett Pear Asian Sandalwood
  12. Thank you for putting this very helpful list together Scented! By any chance in your travels have you come across any subs for their Asian Sandalwood? @Candybee I know you are another user of this scent.... Aside from the sandalwood, what do you think the "Asian" part of this scent consists of? I am not too good at describing the different scents that compose a FO but if I can get some of the ingredients I will try and blend it myself.
  13. -Almond Pastry -Amish Harvest- Rustic Escentuals has one by the same name -Banana Nut Bread-The one from Candle Science and Cajun are good replacements in my opinion. Also, Banana Walnut Cake from RE. -Asian Sandalwood -Birthday Cake -Black Canyon -Botanical Orchard and Nectar -Cinnamon Balsam -Cookies for Santa -Freshed Brewed Coffee - if I remember right Fillmore coffee is strong OOB -Home for the Holidays -Lavender -Lemon Pound Cake -Candle Science version smells very close OOB. Have not put it in wax. -Ocean -Paris Twilight -Twilight Woods -Wild Mountain Honey - TT - I use the one from brambleberry. -Winter Wonderland
  14. Some good advice....
  15. If You have a Facebook account just search out Peak candle supplies and it will pull you onto that site where you can read everything