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  1. Looking for coconut milk mango

    The Candle Source has a Coconut Water and Mango but it's a B&BW's dupe so I'm not sure how close it is to what you're looking for.
  2. Easter Fragrances

    Hey Trapp! I've been lurking LOL! Still here! I would love to see your place with all the Dogwoods! We have tons of bluebonnets here and some dogwoods but probably not as many as you have. Texas Candle Supply has some good oils although I'm thinking there's been a reformulation in his leather. It just doesn't smell as strong as it used to to my nose but it could just be me. His other oils are great from those that I've tried. I love Cowboys on the Beach! I think I might have a sample of Dogwood but it would take me forever to find it LOL! Kerven had a good idea with the jelly beans and coconut cake. Those are very popular at Easter. I love JS absolutely fabulous cake. It has coconut in it to my nose. I hope you find what you're looking for!
  3. Easter Fragrances

    What about a dogwood scent? Maybe that and Easter Bunny Burps or Peeps. Texas Candle Supply has Dogwood. I'm sure other suppliers do too.
  4. This Ol' House

    FB has This Old House and to my nose it smells almost identical to the one from Tennessee. I don't care for it personally but I had a couple of customers that did.
  5. Air Freshener ornaments

    I've been ordering my beads from aroma beads online and loved them until they changed their beads. I'm not sure what's going on but my fresheners aren't smelling as strong as they did. Bitter Creek North has great beads but they are higher and cost more to ship for me but I may have to start using their beads again. I just ordered some beads from Cajun's and Scent Deals (I think that's their name). I've used Cajun's before and even though they weren't my favorite beads they did have a scent to them. For some reason their beads, Aztec's and NG's seem bigger and need to bake longer in order to mold together. As far as oils, you're going to get good and bad oils from every supplier. Are there any particular type scents that you're looking for?

    I'm not saying they don't have duds though, but that most of their oils are really good.

    Anything you get from them will more than likely be great.
  8. Aroma bead freshners

    I'm having a problem with that too. I asked about this on their facebook page and they assured me that they smell but to my nose the last batch I made didn't smell as strong as before. I'm wondering if there's something wrong with the beads. I'm going to order from BCN and compare even though they're higher in price and higher to ship. I may have just got a bad batch of beads because aroma beads online have great products. I also use Texas Candle Supply and have had no issues with their oils.
  9. Aroma beads question

    That's what I've always read on here. Are you a member of the group on Facebook, Aroma Beads 101? Margie Novak could probably answer that question for you but I know I don't use HDPE bags for my wax because I've read on here for years that it will suck the scent out.
  10. Wax tarts

    What is USA? Is that the same as stearic acid?
  11. Interlude dupe?

    Thank you! I may just send them a message to see if they can do that for me.
  12. Melts- Which of these three waxes would you pick

    For portion cups I would also use 4625/4630 at 50/50. That's a perfect blend for cups. I've tried Flaming's dyes as well as Lone Star's and they're the same in my opinion. Can't go wrong with either one!
  13. Interlude dupe?

    I love the Frances Denney perfumes Interlude and Hope but you can't buy them anymore without paying an arm and a leg. Does anyone know of a Fragrance oil that smells similar to one of these? Or where I could possibly have them duped? I just hate it when some of your favorite perfumes sky rocket in price or aren't sold anymore at all. The same thing happened to Anne Klein II and Royal Secret II. I used to buy both of those for $20 for a large bottle and now they're over $100 if you can even find them that cheap! Thanks!
  14. Looking for coconut milk mango

    Would love to find this one too! I hope someone chimes in that knows where to get this one. It sounds great!
  15. Wax tarts

    Is soy container firmer than paraffin? I've never used any so I'm not familiar with how it would do in shapes or clams. I have poured straight 6006 in clams before but I think it needed just a little bit of pillar wax to firm it up a little but I'm sure there are some that use it straight. I used it straight for shapes when I first started but it was too soft even though it held the shape. They just melted too easy when I had them in bags at a craft show.