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  1. Belinda

    Aroma bead ornies

    Larger in my experience has taken longer to soak up and you have to bake them longer. Having said that, I soaked some of Cajun's beads and started out with only a small amount of FO instead of putting the whole amount I would use in there at one time based on their instructions on their website. I've always just put the amount of oil I wanted to use in all at the same time. Anyway, they have soaked up very well and I was even able to add more FO and they are soaking it up as well. I'll know more once I bake them. I have had good results with these beads in the past but according to one of the above posts they've apparently changed. I did get some beads from NG and put them on to soak also. They are the smaller beads which I have preferred in the past because they seemed to soak up oil faster and better. I had never read Cajun's instructions to only use a small amount of oil at a time so that could be the reason they were taking so long to soak. I've been making these for years and had my bake time and temperature down and never had problems until recently. I think you'll be happy with NG's beads. Let's just hope they don't change too.
  2. Belinda

    FO Companies

    I'm the same way. I wish I could narrow it down and there are a couple of suppliers that I won't order from anymore like MC or Candle Makers Store (I hate that there are no descriptions and I have quite a few of their sample bottles) but I need to cut more off, especially since I haven't really even gone public yet and most people around here want leather and manly scents. I could order from Texas Candle Supply alone and please most of my customers LOL! Hopefully that'll change once I retire and can really get into making and selling.
  3. Belinda

    Aroma bead ornies

    That's great news! I'm going to put some on to soak today and see what results I get. If I like them I'm going to place another order from them. If they're good I sure hope NG doesn't switch like everyone else has been doing. Thanks!
  4. Belinda

    Best Black Ice

    Did Cajun say they had changed their beads? I'm just so frustrated as I know you are. This is ridiculous for sure! Have you ever tried C&S beads? I haven't but I'm just wondering how they are. Let me know what your thoughts are on BC beads. I liked them a lot when I used them but Aroma beads were so much cheaper and quicker for me to get and seemed to be the same as BC so I quit ordering from them.
  5. Belinda

    Sticky aroma beads

    Aroma beads is switching again? I wonder if putting them in organza bags would be better? I hate to do that since so many love the shapes but if they don't smell what else can be done. Why won't they just go back to their original beads for crying out loud! I don't mind paying more to get a good product.
  6. Belinda

    Best Black Ice

    Did you hear back from Cajun yet? I have some of their beads that I need to bake that I ordered after my last 10 pound bag turned out better than the ones from Aroma Beads. I'm hoping they last but if you're having trouble with them then I won't order anymore from them for sure. I'm just at my wits end about these stinking beads! I don't know why they had to go and change. It seems someone even mentioned having trouble with the ones from Southwest too. I think it was a private message from someone in the group of Aroma Beads on facebook.
  7. Belinda

    Favorite Melt/Tart waxes

    Oh wow! I bet that is a little hard having summer time during the holidays. I live in Texas and sometimes it gets warm here during Thanksgiving and Christmas and I absolutely hate it. In fact it depresses me LOL! I want it to be cold at Christmas! Do y'all have really cold weather there during your winter season? I've always wanted to go to Australia.
  8. Belinda

    Sticky aroma beads

    Have you noticed the beads from Aroma Beads changing the last few months? I used them for years and had great results and then they switched to a different bead and I've had nothing but problems with them. They claim they're the best beads on the market but I beg to differ.
  9. Belinda

    Aroma bead ornies

    Did you use Cajun beads or NG? I've got some black ice beads soaked that I'll try to bake this week and see how they do. I just don't know what to do either. I ordered a freshener from the people that own Aroma beads just to compare it to mine and mine look and smell so much better. I was shocked because from what he says they sell a bunch of theirs. It was also priced higher than the ones I make and smaller. It made me feel really good about mine LOL! But, like you said it's driving me crazy all this trouble we're having with these beads! I just go some from NG in and I'm going to test them against Cajun's. I'll let you know how things turn out and please do the same for me. I may just have to quit making these things.
  10. Belinda

    Aroma bead ornies

    I've been making these for a few years now and just recently have been having tons of problems with them. I've tried Scent Deals beads and if I'm not mistaken they are the Prime beads that Aroma beads online has switched to and that's when my problems started. I have some beads from Cajun's that are working pretty good and just got beads in from NG. I'm having the same issues you are having with some scents not seeming to stay in the beads and also them not cooking in the middle and falling out. It's very frustrating because it costs money to do all of this testing especially after you had your system down and weren't having problems. Are you letting your beads dry before you bake them? What amount of fragrance are you using in your beads? Where are you getting your fragrances and which ones did you use? Some fragrance just isn't going to be strong and what smells strong to you may not to the next person and vice versa. Leather seems to be a hard one to get to stick in the beads for me and yet that's what most people want.
  11. Belinda

    Best Black Ice

    I'll defiantly let you know! I just got the NG beads in today. Plan to soak some this evening and see how they do. I've used them before but just can't remember how they compared to the smaller beads.
  12. Belinda

    Best Black Ice

    @katmeltswax, I'm having a terrible time finding good beads. I was buying from aroma beads online and they were great. A few months ago they changed to Prime beads and I've had nothing but trouble. They claim it's not the beads that they are the "best" but I have to disagree. I have some from Cajun's that are pretty good, however they are the bigger beads if that makes sense. They take longer to soak up scent and you have to bake them longer but I'm ok with that as long as they handle scent well and don't fall apart on me like the Prime beads are doing. I'm having trouble with Prime beads not melting in the middle but around the edges and the owners of Aroma beads online say it's the humidity during the summer etc. but I never had this problem before. Bitter Creak North has good beads but they are higher and shipping cost is high to me. I have used their beads though and they worked great, unless they've also switched to Prime. I don't know though because I haven't bought from them in awhile. I have some beads coming in from NG to compare to Cajun's beads so I'll let you know how theirs do. Funny thing is I've used Cajun's, Aztec's and NG's and settled for Aroma beads online because of them being superior to the others, then they went and changed on me and they are terrible in my opinion. Hope this helps you! I'm sorry I wasn't more help than this though. If you find some good beads please let me know!
  13. Belinda

    Best Black Ice

    I agree with Katmeltswax. It's a very strong masculine cologne scent. I'm not crazy about it but it's one of my top sellers in aroma beads.
  14. Belinda

    Best Black Ice

    Thanks! I actually think I ordered some of theirs before and liked it. I'm glad you reminded me!
  15. I wish I knew why she's out of so many things. I did ask her once and can't remember what she said but that she wasn't going anywhere. I might ask her again since I want to try her Vanilla Bean Cookies. I actually may already have a small bottle. LOL!