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    I work with special needs children
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    I've been married for 36 years and have two wonderful sons. I'm a teachers aide for special needs kids and have been for 16 years.
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    I love to read and watch movies. I love anything early american/colonial or primitive.
    Love chocolate.
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  1. Belinda

    Aroma Bead Ornies not working out

    You had family in Tenaha? My grandparents and dad were from Bald Prairie, up around Centerville I think. I think that's a couple of hours from Tenaha though.
  2. Belinda

    Strongest Leather

    Really? Have you tried the one from Lonestar and Texas Candle Supply too? I may need to order some from BC then. Leather is my biggest seller, especially in aroma beads, but I just can't get it to hold like it used to. Where in Houston are you located? I'm in Cleveland, about 50 miles north of Houston.
  3. Belinda

    Wanting to give chunks a try

    They defiantly look yummy!
  4. I've used both waxes and can't tell any difference in the two. I think the wax from JS is the same also only hers is higher.
  5. Belinda

    Sticky aroma beads

    If you don't mind sharing, where do you get your beads? Several of us have had a terrible time getting quality beads.
  6. Belinda

    Aroma Bead Ornies not working out

    You should see Porter now! The new 99 over pass has gone through and shopping centers, RV parks and a waterpark and I don't know what all is there. It's like Houston has become the Blob and just taking over everything. When husband and I married and moved to Cleveland (that's where he was from and I was from Houston), Humble was nothing. Then it grew and so did Conroe. Porter and New Caney were still sort of out in the country, but not anymore. New Caney has really grown along with Porter with the new theme park and all that stuff going in. We still live in Cleveland and have 10 acres and I used to feel like we were in the country but even those walls are closing in it seems.
  7. Belinda

    Fragrance pairings

    I've been wondering about her too. I think I did send her a message on here months ago and never got a reply. If you hear anything please let us know. She was always so pleasant and like you said, so helpful. I miss her and several more that used to be on here a lot that you never see anymore.
  8. Belinda

    Aroma Bead Ornies not working out

    Do you live in Conroe?
  9. Belinda

    Creme Brulee

    I'm sorry, just now seeing this. I personally love their cream brûlée. I did have a bottle become a little sour once though.
  10. Belinda

    So what are you getting from Daystar?

    I didn't know she was having a sale. Did you get an email?
  11. Belinda

    Strongest Leather

    Those beads should be good but even before Aroma beads online changed their beads I had some leather ones that just weren't strong. I thought it was the leather FO so I bought from DS, TCS and LS. I still can't seem to get them to be really strong but they are defiantly stronger than they are in ABO beads since they changed them. I have some beads from Plastic Pellets but haven't tried them yet.
  12. Belinda

    Strongest Leather

    Which one are you using right now? I have used Texas Candle Supply leather, Lone Star and The Candle Source leather all with good results. For awhile I was using Texas exclusively but for some reason it got to where it didn't smell strong in my aroma beads so I switched thinking maybe it was their leather but now that I've had so much trouble with beads lately I think it's the beads that aren't working right. Which beads are you using if you don't mind me asking? Did you settle on a brand?
  13. Belinda

    What do you think of this meeting?

    @Trappeur, I am SO sorry you had to deal with this sort of thing. How sneaky for them to do someone like that! What goes around, comes around. Let's hope some of his candles don't burn someone's house down and he gets sued! You handled yourself very well and you're much better off not having to deal with people like that. Their reputation will be the ruin of them while yours will remain intact and people will know they can trust you and you make an outstanding product versus their amateurish candle making. If they'll do you the way they did then they'll do others the same way. It won't take long for word to get around about them. It's really sad that there are people out there that have no conscience when it comes to how they treat others. Hold your head high and be glad you're rid of them! You deserve better my friend!