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    Yes. Craft server is totally independent of Peak, and has been for some time. We will be ok here. No worries.
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    Packaging sniffies for people unfamiliar with my dupes has plagued me forever. Thanks to a little technology I LOVE making sniffies now! Cover: a simple Kraft jewelry box with my logo in black gloss vinyl. I used a silhouette cameo 3 to design and cut the logo from a durable vinyl called Oracal 651. What's inside: eight 1 ml vials of my fragrances. (These have not yet been filled). This is enough to scent a tea light, or a bar of soap. It's plenty to scent salt in a warmer several times. The printed Kraft card was cut with the siLhouette also. I told it how big I wanted the card, how big/how many/where the bottles would go. The back side side of the card so you can see the little vial tabs secured in the card. The card sits on a white cotton like cushion, so it should survive most shipping rigors. so many ideas for slick summer product are circling my brain right now!
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    When I left Bitter Creek two years ago after 17 years, and 20+ candle making experience and having closed my personal business down in January 2015, I said NO MORE! Not gonna do it! Well, I got the itch. I can't seem to scratch it. Oh God what am I thinking? LOL I am going back into the business of making candles and soap. Much smaller this time, a much more limited line, and only things I want to make...because when you don't NEED to, you don't WANT to if you don't enjoy it. Sooooo, with this I am on a quest to find new fragrances I can't live without! This time around, 10 main fragrances with 2-5 seasonal scents I change out. Yep, simplicity wins! One size jar, clamshell melts, CP soap, Room spray and car fresheners. That is it! No more pillars, votives, tealights, lotions. Done with those. I don't like making them. Sooooo I'm back! (Yes, I am nuts!!)
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    I took sooooo many candles to the only craft show I'm doing this year and sold a whopping 11. I sold more melts than candles so I did make a modest profit. Very modest. I was feeling a little down today because I have so many candles in stock that I didn't need to make any more except for gifts for my family and one kind for my cousin. Then out of the blue, I got an order from a Facebook customer for 24 candles! Then my friend called me and want to come over and buy candles, and she bought 14. Then my cousin ordered 3 that I have to ship, then another customer messaged me and is coming over Friday to buy candles. I feel better now.
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    Hello everyone, We have taken the time to read through this thread and would like to let you know that we hear your feedback, and we sympathize with your frustrations. As always, our goal is to provide the best service possible so that you can focus on the success of your business. We'd like to take a moment to share how we're working to ease your concerns. Fragrance Discounts First, a policy change. We appreciate your feedback regarding a discount when purchasing multiple bottles or when a larger size is out-of-stock. Outages are our responsibility and not the fault of our customers. Moving forward, we’ll be making changes to our policy to better accommodate you if you need an item that happens to be out-of-stock. Shipping Cost As online shoppers ourselves, we know it’s annoying to pay for shipping, period. It’s something we take very seriously and are continually working to reduce shipping costs. This was the fundamental reason why we opened a warehouse on the west coast to better serve those customers. This fall we added USPS First-Class Mail delivery as an economical shipping option and are working to provide additional choices, including flat rate shipping. Split Shipping First, we'd like to apologize for the aggravation this option has caused. We've put a tremendous amount of work into fulfilling orders from multiple locations to specifically reduce shipping cost and transit times. We do our best to keep products in-stock at both sites, but on occasion, some items may go out of stock before replenishments arrive. As an industry first, we intended to offer the split shipping option to customers who can’t wait for the item(s) to come back in stock in their primary location. As Candybee correctly noted, we have improved. When we opened our west coast warehouse in 2015, it took us a while to appropriately forecast due to the different purchasing behaviors of our west coast customers. In 2017, only 2.3% of orders were split shipments. Most were caused by the soy wax outages and the manufacturing issues with our tumbler jars. With that being said, we are working to minimize this occurrence and fine-tune our forecasting to make sure we have the stock you need where you need it. Shipping Times We're obsessed with shipping your supplies as quickly and safely as possible. We were the first to offer same day shipping and continue to ship all orders until 4 pm same day. Unfortunately, UPS recently made changes to their shipping zones which has affected travel time. For instance, the northern half of Virginia was in a one day zone from our Durham NC warehouse but is now in a two day zone. The enormous influx of holiday packages UPS now processes have also affected shipping times in some areas. We realize that we should have proactively informed you of these changes and will do so if any new developments occur. Our current transit map can be found here: https://support.candlescience.com/hc/en-us/articles/200694115-How-long-will-UPS-shipping-take- Straight Sided Tumbler Jars Our straight sided tumbler jar line was the hardest product launch we've ever done. As a company, it is important to us to have the best products available. We switched glass and painting suppliers twice trying to improve both the quality and availability of this product. We would love to offer colored glass that isn't painted, but we haven’t found a supplier that meets our standards. If that changes, we will absolutely offer it. Tumblers are some of our most popular glassware, and we've only seen a small percentage of jars get damaged during long-distance shipping. With that said, we recognize this is unacceptable and are working to fix this issue immediately. In the meantime, if you do receive jars that are damaged, please contact us at support@candlescience.com for a refund or replacement. Keeping You Informed 2017 was an eventful year in the soy wax and fragrance industry. EcoSoya Brands introduced their new Quantum soy waxes which presented new challenges for those accustomed to their previous soy waxes. Many fragrance manufacturers have also been affected by the recent citral shortage. We realized that we need to share more information with you the about these events. Moving forward, we will strive to be more transparent and open about the reasoning behind our actions and developments in the industry. We sincerely apologize for all your frustrations, and we thank you for sharing your input. It is your feedback that helps us improve our products and services. As always, we are eager to hear your thoughts and comments. Feel free to reach out to us here and to our dedicated community liaison at community@candlescience.com. Sincerely, The CandleScience Team
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    So I finally got everything packed in the car making last minute checks to make sure I had all my tablecloths, signage, products, etc. At the last minute I realized I left my extra tables at my market stall. So I had to run down to Walmart and buy another 6' table. It was kind of a blessing as I stopped for gas. If I hadn't stopped for gas I wouldn't be able to get it in the morning. I have to leave before 5 am and the gas stations don't open until later. Here is a sneak peak at this years fall candles. I have been wanting to use the orange lids for quite a while and finally got them. I made up labels to match the lids so they have a real nice fall appeal. Wish me luck! Will try to post pics of my set up tomorrow.
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    A customer tipped me off that I had one of my candles featured on House Beautiful. That would account for the sudden spike in sales of Cinnamon Vanilla candles today. LOL Not sure if it is OK to post the link, but there I am, right alongside Pottery Barn, Nest, White Barn, Yankee, WoodWick, and Bath & Body Works. Grateful for the increased exposure. http://www.housebeautiful.com/shopping/home-accessories/g4715/best-fall-candles/?slide=2
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    This is the first time in my life I can recall people bitching and complaining about speedy service. Everything comes with a price. Other suppliers don’t permit you to change your order AT ALL let alone provide the 15 minute window. I think we’re getting this blown out of proportion. Having worked for large manufacturers and distributors I understand there are limitations written into the software to ensure business processes are streamlined. If a box is already shrink wrapped on a pallet on the truck it is ridiculous for us to expect them to break down that pallet to find one box. Let’s be real here. Multiply this one isolated incident with the hundreds of orders that come in a day and suddenly they’re not meeting delivery requirements. Then everyone will moanand groan that candle science is too slow. Procedures must be adhered to in order to protect the business. The customer service person was simply following orders for her position. I’m sure they would welcome a look at their procedures along with a nice price increase to offset the new costs and losses.
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    I feel so accomplished. This year, my accumulation of FO's outgrew the one cabinet in the kitchen I used. So I had to find shelves in my closet and in my bedroom and I hated having them scattered out throughout the house. So I cleaned out a couple of shelves in another cabinet, moved stuff around from here to there, and now my FO's are all back in the kitchen, kind of organized according to supplier, and I even have room for more. Which is good because I have 6 pounds coming from NG today. It's not a perfect system, but it's better. I don't have a workroom, so I make do. Want to show us your stash? I like to see how others do it.
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    Aww, well thank you for all that! Your candles are stunning, I always love the upscale look of your work! I adore those amber jars and your embed technique is on point! 😍 Totally with you on Flaming Candle, I LOVE them. I wish so badly that they carried my wax, wicks and had a larger jar selection. But their oils are SO stellar, many from them are staples for me. Their shipping is the best, reasonably priced and super fast! I can't live without their Balsam Fir, Woodland Foliage and Mocha Mint! I have actually never used lids for my tumblers; I place them in super clear poly bags and tie off the top with ribbon. Then I place them in a 4x4x4 gift box with tissue and peanuts and then pop that box in a priority box. Thanks so much for your kind words sweetie, here's a few pics of some things I've done recently, I did some Nightmare Before Christmas themed ones, the other is a rustic jar and the last are my handpainted doll head candles. Have a great night and thank you as always! 🖤🤗
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    The entire fragrance oil industry could go on strike for 6 months, and I'd still be good. Heck. maybe even a year! If I did run out of something, it would force me to try one of the many unused FO's gathering dust on my shelves.
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    Connecting the publicly available dots, back in December of 2016 she incorporated National Fragrance Corporation. Then that was followed up by forming Peak Fragrance Company, an entity within National Fragrance Corporation. So it is is easy to see that the plan to form a new fragrance company was in motion for a long while before the sudden closure of Peak Candle Supply. It is also very possible that "National Fragrance Company" holds all of the fragrance codes, licensing them for whatever period of time to Keystone or anyone else they please. It is possible keystone purchases the fragrances directly through the new National Fragrance Company or Peak. Who knows how their business model is set up. I don't particularly care. As someone who worked a couple of decades in a former life through many mergers, acquisitions, liquidations, etc. the dots are simple to connect. The original brand entity, Peak Candle Supply, liquidated its inventory assets through Keystone Candle Supply. A new venture called Peak Fragrance Company was formed, and is using its own original codes now held by the new mother brand. All of this drama could have been prevented had it not been for the public outbursts on social media. All brands associated with this are now stained, including the vulture fragranciers who looked to cash in on the closing. All Peak had to do was announce that their Candle Supply line of business was closing. Anyone who shopped there knew for over a year THAT was coming. Geez, those continuous, long and catalog-wide stock outs were a dead giveaway. They could have prevented the panic by ensuring the plan to keep supplying their unique fragrances would continue and provide a pathway for their customers to continue. instead, we all know what happened. And it caused a service disruption within their customer base. For some it was as devistating as when EcoSoya suddenly without sufficient warning stopped supplying their wax, then missing promised deadlines only to show up to market with a sub par product. Everyone learned a valuable Economics 101 lesson: Availability of substitutes. There are other waxes. There are other fragrance providers. We will survive, it is just uncomfortable for a time as we test and adapt. The memory of the discomfort stays pretty fresh in our minds forever though. Once brand trust is gone, it is expensive to restore, if it even can be restored at all.
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    OH MY GOODNESS! This is already rubbing me the wrong way! I have spoke to Keystone several times and yes they purchased what I thought was exclusive rights to all coding for Peaks FO.... The really messed up part of this is how honest and hardworking the owner of Keystone is and now we all of the sudden see another Peak website pop up out of the blue????? Only this time Peak Fragrances? WHAT?!?! Holy smokes! I will be contacting them tomorrow to make sure that they are aware of this! I am so sad for her! At bare minimum I would DEMAND that they change their name COMPLETELY!!! That's such bulls**t! Wow..... Just wow!!!! I seriously hope that we all band together and make it very known that the people at Keystone are extremely honest, hard working people and THEY deserve our business and they have been the ones working their tail feathers off trying to get us some of our favorite FO's from Peak. Ugh! I'm sooooo.... MAD! 😡 Vent over.......... Sorry everyone just don't like slimy people!
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    Thought I would show some pictures of Hallowoeen candles I made up. I did these last year too. I have so many different jars, it is great way to get rid of them. Thanks for looking. Trappeur
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    Just thought I would share how my new tablecloths looks. I got some fitted crinkled tafeta sage green tablecloths and some pink zebra satin table overlays to jazz it up a bit. I also use the overlays on the risers. Not sure you can see them in the photos. New tablecloths pic: soap boxes set up, on the riser are lip balms, hand soap, and bug spray. Shaving soaps, dog soap, and candles. For fun I found a pink zebra pattern and used that as the base for my candle labels so they match my pink zebra table overlays.
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    So this is a new technique to me, so I wasn't sure how my first try on this was going to come out. I am not totally happy with it, because I just didn't get the spin I wanted using the silicone 8 x 8 cake pan. I only wanted to do 2 lbs, Had I used my good slab mold which holds more, I probably could have gotten a better spin action. Supplies Needed: Slab mold, preferably Measuring cups or other container for all of your colors ( I used 4 here) Supplies recommended but not necessary: spinning lazy susan type thingamajig....lol My recipe for today. Just click on the pic, saves me from listing each thing. I did use full water, and I use 1 oz pp of fragrance in all my soap. It is a high lard recipe and a NICE bar of soap IMO My color inspiration for this one. I'm using an OLD True Raspberry fragrance from WSP that I got years and years ago that still smells awesome. I had never soaped with this oil, so I was hoping it didn't accelerate. It didn't. My little mold Oils and lye water measured, cooled to about 115 Blend until JUST emulsified. You want a very thin batter. I only gave it a few whirls with the SB Separate all of your batter into your containers with your colorants. Now start pouring your colors into the corners of your mold, alternating as shown Keep pouring this way until you have used all of your batter. In hindsight, I should have done the middle, but will do that next try. Once filled, you want to quickly spin your mold, unfortunately, I did not get pictures of me spinning because I needed both hands. Also, because I was trying to spin my mold on a towel, on the counter top, I didn't get any spin action at all in the center. I just couldn't get a good spin. This is where my wood mold would have worked better, or a lazy susan type deal. I didn't want to continue spinning because the outside edges were getting muddied a bit. Because I didn't get a good spin in the middle, I had to hit it with a bamboo skewer to get some swirls. Plus, soap was going over the sides while trying to spin this thing. I was a bit disappointed when I unmolded today. Number 1, I unmolded from this mold way too soon LOL....I couldn't wait. It was way too soft I was not impressed with my handiwork. But because these were thick bars, I thought, hmmmm.....way too big, I'm going to cut them in half. They will be small bars, about 1/2 inch, but who cares? I don't sell my soap these days, they are for me, family, friends, coworkers etc.... so I cut them......and WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO! I am so happy with how these look INSIDE! Next time I try this swirl technique, I will use my slab mold, which holds over 3.5 lbs They smell FANTASTIC! I think my colors came out pretty close to my inspiration colors. I plan to use those color palette inspiration things more often going forward. I always get stumped on colors or I just seem to use the same colors over and over. This was a really fun technique to try, and I'm so glad I did it, finally. I hope some of you will try it, and show us pics!
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    Ok, so here is my take. I worked for 17 years for one of the larger US Supply houses. I started making candles about 22 years back. I began with paraffin, and in the interim used soy, and settled into a parasoy blend. I can to this day tell you it's not the wax, it's finding the right wax, wick, scent and container combo. My candles will be equally strong, but not always using the same exact scents. I can say it's possible across the board, but I usually find people that say their throw isn't as strong are under wicking and or using a jar with too narrow a diameter. Scent comes from melted wax, thus the surface area is important.
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    Hey guys! We just launched five new fragrance oils you should check out, Tomato Leaf, Lush Linen, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Grapefruit & Mint, and Bamboo and Coconut. These five fragrance oils have a 1 oz sample bottle sale at 0.99¢, running through this week.
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    Just wrapped our last show of the season! No more markets or shows until April! Yahoo! I'm officially on vacation, except for website sales. Time to sew, read, and play video games. LOL And let my assistant handle pouring and packing at the slower pace we have Jan-March. We made more than 28x our booth fee at this last show. This one is a goody. All the vendors were raving about how well they sold! My Dh was there a good chunk of the time, and he is a BORN salesman. That may have helped our bottom line. LOL Sold loads of holiday soaps and threw away quite a few empty cases that we had brought candles in. I can't remember a time when I had so little unpacking to do when I got back. LOL Lip balms were so-so sellers, but sold OK-ish. And I'm happy that I sold most of my holiday / winter tarts. The few that I have left will be perfect for our use. Then the non-seasonal ones will always sell whenever. Really happy with this show. Every last-minute Lucy and last-minute Linus comes and buys lots of presents at this show, because they know they've pretty much run out of time on having gifts shipped. Ha ha The only real surprise was how few Christmas Tree candles we sold. Normally we sell a ton at this show, but we came home with half a dozen, which is WEIRD. Oh well...I'm still happy as a pig in slop.
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    Keystone Candle Supplies was feeling motivated. September 8 at 8:13pm · BIG NEWS!!!! We have recently(well today actually) purchased all remaining inventory of Peak's Candle Supply. Over the next few weeks we will be listing the products. We will be carrying the same scents Peak had and NOT DUPLICATIONS! Please bare with us as we have a lot of sorting to do! Please share to let everyone know!!
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    Got my head in the game last week and made a few new ones and restocked a few others. Left to right: 2 rows of Winter Birch (a twist on crackling birch) Badde Guys (leather, oud, soft musk, clove, etc) Goode Guys (ocean, brine, Irish hillside grass, etc) Egyptian Musk sparkling Grapefruit Plague Doctor ( similar to thieves blend-my own twist) Sassanach (English rose and Scottish heather) 3 rows of Lavender Patchouli and 2 rows of Bergamot Violet at the end. now to make the next 150! Onward!
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    I hope she had a bra on? Trappeur
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    People love to use the good ole it's natural approach to soy wax. I always ask them if Margarine is considered all natural, or how about Crisco? Then I go on to explain that soy is even further hydrogenated than those two. I left info on Hydrogenation process as well as the use of Hexane to produce the final product. My answer was it's about as natural as plastic. I also noted that crude oil which makes paraffin is a fully biodegradable end product as well and well, it comes from the earth so is just as natural if not more so than soy. Also it's good to point out that EVERY single crop of soybeans has some degree of roundup ready beans that infiltrate it. There isn't an organic soy wax I am aware of.
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    I think once I use up all the stock on this I'll cry. It's not a favorite of mine, but it is for our customers. I don't know that anyone has one, and at some point, I should probably look. When I think of an old house I think of some of the old massive supports or tattered and faded wallpapers, so I have a method I use that I guess is called a crumble press, which allows for a mosaic, old/rustic look. It's unforgiving though and requires a lot of pressure to get the air out and sometimes holes and slight cracks happen.
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    I have been so busy with the holiday rush -- both filling orders AND placing them (lol) -- that I failed to notice this message in my Etsy shop manager until just now. Celebrating! I knew I was close and was watching a week or two ago to hit this milestone, but spaced it off until today. Ha ha "Congratulations, you've made 7000 sales! Take a moment to pat yourself on the back! You've earned it."
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    Excellent. I want them to mend their family, live happily ever after, and get back to providing us with great candle stuff.
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    Just made these today. The green & brown is coconut lemongrass. The pink & red is pink grapefruit. Will pop them out of the mold tomorrow because I need the molds to make more! In the mold pics:
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    Turned out nice, even though the scent made my perfect Christmas Red color turn pink, and then give yellow spots throughout the tops of some of the soaps. (That damn Golden Embargo does that EVERY TIME, and I only use .5oz per lb too because it's so strong, I don't need more than that and it sticks like crazy!) Anyway, I love it. Now I have a "His" and "Hers" type set of bars. (Because I make this same design using activated charcoal and black oxide for a black tux look)
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    Finally got this made, but can never stick with a solid design that I like. Was going for branches in green and got too much sun on the top perhaps. Ignore the background though. These still need to go through a background erase.
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    My own. The craziness started with a gift candle in a ceramic bowl. Loved it so much I now make my own crockery for candles. here’s a medium sized one still wet on the wheel that I just threw from stoneware. It will be about 7- 8” wide when done.
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    product photography is one of the most important features of your online shop. Clear, attractive photos can product stand out and sell out. If you're like me, and live in a place where natural daylight is not always available or optimal, a lightbox might be just what you need. This one kept coming up in my Facebook feed, so I thought for $12.50 what the heck. It arrived quickly and set up in about a minute. It's pretty tiny at 9"x9" but is perfectly portable and useful for small items like B&B products. The lights are run run from a USB cable that connects easily to your computer, phone or a common wall plug adapter. Two different crafty foam backgrounds came with the box, one white the other black. The notches in the material hook to little tabs in the back of the box. Other colors could be made from just about any material. Here is a quick Iphone snap with no filters of a lip balm tube unedited on the white background. It's a little dark with grey shadows where the white should be. I could go out and find my grey card and white balance, or I can just let the Iphone do the magic. While looking at the photo in the photo gallery, click on the edit tool. Tap on the light balance button circled in pink. Then slide up and down those options til you find something you like. Tap Done when you're satisfied with the choice. Then crop put out the extra white space using the crop tool. Drag in those corners til the photo looks how you want. Not bad for a minute of my time! Here is the same tube on the black background. The pic is cropped but otherwise unedited. Next post I'll show you Picasa, a free, easy photo editing tool that will make your life much easier.
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    Seriously I am in love with heat transfer vinyl. This story started a few weeks ago when my middle schooler announced we needed to make t-shirts for her gym class volleyball team for extra credit. 7 kids, no problem. She knew what she wanted, for the most part, so we designed a logo and having only a teensy amount of experience with iron on printable transfers and fabric paint we set out to hand make these. It was a crap ton of work hand cutting the names and numbers with the exacto, painting three coats of white, and pressing with a hand iron to cure the inks. Two sided meant twice the work. But hey, I love that kid and who needs free time anyway? Those took us about 8 hours after all was said and done. Well, by now the itch had to be scratched. I wanted to make these faster, and “funnier”. Heat transfer vinyl to the rescue. I load up the silhouette cutter and off we go. Here’s one I made for hubs for giggles. I’m super low carb, and he, well... What i I really wanted was a custom t of our cattle dog, Dipper. He’s got this happy attitude about him that is infectious. Remember that portrait from Christmas? I took that original photo and turned it into a digital sketch. then i I loaded the sketch into the silhouette cameo design software and cut it into heat transfer vinyl. Each teensy little negative space was a total eye test to weed out. here it is on the vinyl piece ready to heat onto the t. And here’s the final piece. i hope hubs likes it. This one is way too big for me to wear. Though I would find a way if he hates it.
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    I thought I would share some Kodak moments of my cat Munchkin who has been sitting in the same spot at the counter for over 5 hours watching me make candles...Geesh, what patience a cat has.......She sits at the counter with her legs crossed, falls asleep there with her legs crossed and eats there like a human being mind you....Now she knows better than to be sitting on top of the counter when I turned my back...oh well....Been a while since I put up any pictures of my animals so took a break and took some pictures....Everyone talks about their kids...I talk about my kids (my cats...).lol Thanks for letting me share......Trappeur
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    Hello Jfear, I feel your pain with CS. And everything you say is so true. I for one think they pad their shipping. Why is it that some companies like Flaming, like Candle Cocoon and I know there are another handful can ship at great pricing and CS is so much more. I think it's bullsh.....t when you hear they have never heard any negative about the change in waxes or oils...Pure bull..... I will say their oils are exceptional and top notch without a doubt and I do order order from them fragrance oils for that reason alone. As far as those jars go, that is the reason why I never did order any of those amber, black and white because of the bad reviews seen on their site. The colors are sprayed on and they are not a pure colored glass. They scratch easily. And the fact they don't have lids is another turnoff for me. By the way, how do you sell yours without a lid????Or do you box them? I've attached a picture of an amber jar that I ordered from Container and Packaging. Pricing is pretty good and they have assorted lids I haven't sold any to a store since I do wholesale but I'm going to get some presentations ready to show. The few places I have showed the jars to just love them in the amber. A 1 1/2" square label fits them just perfect. And the pricing isn't that bad for a pure amber glass jar. The largest they make is the 9oz. Sure wish I could find larger so still are on the hunt. As far as them shipping from 2 locations I haven't had that problem yet as I have lucked out with them always having stock in their NC plant but I'm sure I will one day! Why can't you wait till everything you need comes in at whatever location you use. That is my suggestion. My main supplier being that they are close is Flaming and I just LOVE the fact that they will put wax, jars, oils, wicks etc all into one box instead of separate boxes like CS does. By putting in same box you have 1 shipping price. I believe I asked CS to do that one time and they said that the chance that an oil will leak if they put in the box of wax they don't want to jeopardize...I can understand that. Hasn't been a problem with Flaming, but sure could happen. Now Flaming double boxes and I see no reason at all why CS couldn't do that or for that matter any other company. That is my opinion. We are at all suppliers mercy if we want things bad enough. I know none of this helps you but I'm with ya and agree with everything you said! Have a good day Jfear. Geesh I remember when you put up pictures (just fabulous pictures) of things you make....Got any more new ones? You have a wonderful eye for presentation!!! Trappeur
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    Over my many years of selling and giving candles away, there is an interesting trend I've noticed. Men seem to love candles more than women do. Is this just me, or do other people notice this as well? Over the past several years at my craft shows I can't tell you how many times it was the men that commented on my candles, or bought my candles, or ALMOST bought a candle before their wife/gf pulled them away, and then case in point - since today is "Giving Day" I brought candles for my Business Unit here at work. Consists of 13 people (including myself) 4 women, 9 men. I put the candles on their desks before they came into work this morning. Anyway, once they found out I am the one that gave them the candles, it was the men that were more grateful. I mean the women said thank you, but the men gushed over them. Just thought I'd mention this trend. Or maybe not a trend, since this has been my experience for the better part of 20 years now.
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    My last craft show of the year as a vendor is this weekend, and I just finished day 1. By the end of the day, I am exhausted, but in a good way. It was a very good day, and I had to scramble to see if I had anything here a the house that I could fill in the gaps with, because I did so well. By far my biggest seller was a mix of my own making that I called The Scottish Moors. It's a mix of Celtic Storm, a touch of Embargo, with a bit of Cool Water and Duck Farts (LOL - an Aztec scent, I always change the name - it's like a fruity water scent) I had 15 bars of that this morning and all I have left is the unwrapped "sniffer" bar. There is no second place that I could tell, I'll have to tally tomorrow when it's over, because it was all over the place and few of almost everything sold. For candles, also no clear winner, as all of my 16oz jars sold, and I only have a handful of 5 oz jars left. And was too tired to make more tonight to take tomorrow. (I'm too old to pull all nighters anymore!! LOL) I didn't take any bath bombs with me, because right now the market is saturated with them, and I didn't want to just be another booth that offered them, however, to fill my booth for tomorrow I am taking some, so my booth doesn't look so empty. LOL I'll let y'all know how I do tomorrow when it's over.
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    There's still time to save yourself....
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    My labels aren't real fancy, because I make them myself with the help and aggravation of Microsoft Word. I even took the picture of the creek. Several years ago, I was out driving on a country road taking pictures of trees and wild turkeys and this creek, never dreaming that one day I would use it for my logo. I added the red border and garland to make the label Christmasy. I like how it turned out once I managed to layer the garland clip art over the creek photo. Boy I spend a lot of time wrestling with labels....and deciding on a font.
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    Well, the good news is I'm going to need to make soap every weekend until next September to be able to fill my tables at the shows next year. I sold out of almost everything, and only had 2 boxes to bring home with me. The ONLY thing I didn't sell one thing of, was a soap I made with a mix that had Asian Sandalwood in it (and I cannot for the life of me remember what I mixed it with, will have to look up my batch notes) Bad news, I am freaking exhausted!! LOL I'm so glad I had the foresight to take tomorrow and Tuesday off. I swear. I don't think I could have made it to work tomorrow feeling the way I feel right now. Plus I have laundry and cleaning to do that I normally do on the weekend that didn't get done since I wasn't home. I will have to tally my records tomorrow also, but I think I'm very close to 20-25x my booth fee. YAY
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    Hi all! Sorry I've been keeping to myself lately. So much going on!! No more craft fairs til fall for me and I have plenty of soap until I start making fall soaps. So I've been working in my garden, went on a small vacation to Branson with my mom and kids & grandkids, working on updating tiles and paint in the house, dealing with my son being in jail for who knows how long ? And the list goes on. So I finally tried something that I've been wanting to do for a while. Fluid pour acrylic painting! It reminds me so much of pouring soap but has some pretty awesome effects. So I thought I would share my first ones with you. It's been a lot of fun trying something new to distract my thoughts.
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    Not to drag on this thread, the only thing I can say is I personally spoke to the owner of Keystone and she told me that she DID buy the codes for Peaks oils and the oils they are carrying and will carry are NOT dupes but will be made from the codes. Trappeur
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    I like this news about them reopening but am a bit angry he did it this way. I know he has personal stuff going on but I know myself and probably thousands others have spent unnecessary money in testing oils to get ready for the upcoming busy holiday season. This makes me leary on how long he will stay open, hopefully it goes well and he will be open again for a very long time but I know I will be stockpiling the much needed fragrances while I can. Karen in MA
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    I don't need care how many years someone regurgitated information, you can't tell what *your* wax will do when too many variables are added to the equation. If i base my wax/wick needs on a test with my grapefruit FO, I would conclude I need a wick that is two sizes too small. If I base my wax/wick conclusions on my Amber, I would be overwicked by 5 sizes. Tell me, how am I to know how my wax performs when either of those tests is concluded? Once I figured out my wax, testing fragrances moved along at warp speed. It is completely asinine to assume all fragrances behave the same and not know what your base product is. Totally insane and it creates a longer time and more expensive testing period. I hear so much ridiculous information every single day coming from suppliers that I have learned to ignore it. If I wicked as candlescience or brambleberry advise I would have burned my house down by now. I think suppliers love telling us to test their way for one simple reason: it sells more wax, wicks and fragrance as newbs try to put pieces of a puzzle together. Period. Cash flow keeps them in business.
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    The very first for this Faire was Witches Brew. A patron walked up with a nub of an ancient black candle in a zip loc baggie and asked if I could replicate the scent. In all honesty I told her I could not even smell it, but if she described what she remembered we could work on it. I put together a couple of sniffie blotters and mailed them to her. She made a couple of suggestions - ending up combining several I sent and we nailed it. Witches Brew is still a number one selling scent in soap, wax melts, soy candles, and cast iron cauldrons. Next year my daughter and I expressed our love of the Faire's homage to the Renaissance danse macabre by creating a scent blend described in the prior year's newsletter. We read that when the dansers progress through a village people feel a chill in the air, a waft of smoke and hint of pipe tobacco. We debuted the scent in soap early in season 2 to instant embracing by the troupe that performs at our Faire. It is now their signature scent. A bar of that first batch sold at a benefit auction for performers for over $100! It is a top 3 requested scent by patrons every year in every single product. Last year was Sleepy Hollow. What would it smell like to be IN the story book Sleepy Hollow? Burning leaves. Grass in your rake. Graveyard dirt. Bonfire of woods. Voila. Sold out of it in several product over the weekend. Each week at Faire has a theme. Steampunk week is the only time Absinthe is served. I smelled the drink, then translated that into a soap/candle, etc. ditto with honey mead. This is our look opening weekend yesterday and the day before. I will look for/take pics of the Brew and macabre to add.
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    My favorite smelling candles are all the ones I make myself and don't buy from other retailers ?
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    These are some fresh made facial soaps I make with fresh avocado puree, avocado & grapeseed oils. This FO, Juniper Aloe (RBB) stays fluid for a while then suddenly accelerates on me. So I have to work fast. But its worth it because they smell awesome! In the mold: Fresh cut pics:
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    I forced myself to stay out of the yard today. Ha!! I had to get soaps made for the end of next month. All Peak fragrances. Love Spell, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Pink Sugar and Sweet Pea. 10 lbs of each ? I didn't take a pic of BRV. I did water flowers though ? I think my back hurts worse after making soap than it does when I work in the yard?
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    Keep in mind though, melts are a great way to get an idea of what the scent will smell like in wax, but that the scent will change when a flame is introduced. Some will throw and some will not, even though they tested great as a wax melt. So testing in a candle environment is always helpful. Yes, testing is expensive, but it's the cost of having a great product to put out on the market.