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    I’ve been expecting this notice... EAP Innovations has been the first supplier I have read to notify customers of impending soy wax price increases and potential shortages. Stock up if you plan to keep with soy for the coming year. If the recent soy wax product was half way way decent I would buy up as much as I could fit, but this jankiness just adds a bold insult to the needless injury caused to soy chandlers. From a business owners perspective, soy prices have been what kept me trying to make it work. If it rises to become on par with other, more elegant waxes the choice to dump it forever and ever is simple. If I have to raise prices anyway, I might as well use a nicer wax.
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    Part of a wholesale order just cut. It's been a while since I made soap, but it was like riding a bike!
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    Ask her definition of organic. Some people have no idea what they mean using the word. It just sounds and feels nice to say. It may be pretty simple. Soy wax is about as organic as margarine as they are made the same way - by soaking soybeans in hexane to capture the oil, then hydrogenating the oil to make it a semi solid wax-like substance that is easy to burn. Soy beans are grown in fields that are sprayed with too many chemicals to list. Cotton wicks are thought to be all natural, but more pesticides are used in cotton production than any other domestic crop. Then the wicks are bleached to look appealing. All wicks is have some sort of chemical treatment to make them burn well in various waxes. Aside from the the above comments, safety is first. In order to manufacture a safe candle with hemp, etc. wicks an awful lot of testing needs to be completed before sale. All that adds up $$. Will the account be profitable enough for you to go through the hassle and expense of all that? If not, accept that the shop is not your target market, and focus on places that ARE to sustain your business,
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    I was doing some testing the other day and it dawned on me, that I do things COMPLETELY different. When I need to test wicks, I pour 1 jar with my wax/fo/dye combo as usual with NO wicks. Once the wax is fully cured, I drill a hole out for the wicks. I cut the tab off the wick, place in the hole, heat gun it a second to fill the small bitty void, trim and light. You can now test one size, if it does not work, level the top off, pull the wick that didn't work out, replace with another size and test again. I've done this for years, and it makes testing SO much faster and easier. Bruce Campbell from Wicks Unlimited taught me this years ago. I have saved so much time and money it's probably not funny. I hate testing wicks, so this method goes fast and is very easy on resources.
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    Since there have been recent posts about marshmallows I happen to go over to Rustic Esc. to order some things and oh my gosh, they have a new fragrance called "Campfire Marshmallow". They still have their original best seller called Toasted Marshmallow that so many use. I'm ordering this one .....sounds great and has more of what I am looking for with cocoa and vanilla.....Keeping my fingers crossed this will be close to what I have been trying to blend. They also have other new scents that sound really good. Just thought I would let everyone know. Trappeur
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    I don't have anything current but here are a few from May 2017 at a regular market I do on Saturdays. Head on shot here some shots from the sides close up of the front This is me. I am always looking like a wreck because I have hair that has its own mind and won't stay styled no matter what! I was 64 in this pic. This is an incentive to take some new photos once I realized I don't have anything current! I do 3 markets a week plus craft shows so I will try to remember to take some fresh pics!
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    This was my outdoor booth setup last spring and summer. It’s basically the same this year too.
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    Someone mentioned the problem of keeping popsicle sticks centered, which is a problem I also have, and that got me thinking. I already had an idea in my head but the problem was what to build it out of. The device below is made from foam board, it may not be ideal but it was all I could think of that was thick enough and that I could cut a curve in, if some crafty person has a better idea I would love to hear it. This one isn’t pretty, but the razor knife I used was dull and a little rusty. It works well, if you bump the popsicle stick it will spin, but the hole stays in the center, and the wick doesn’t move. The wick will need to be clipped with something, a hair clip, cloths pin, or some other clip. I’ll probably cut my wick shorter and use a small binder clip, but something lightweight would be better.
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    So here is the soap I was going to name Dante's Inferno, but after cutting it, it just did not scream "inferno" to me, Dante's or otherwise! LOL However, I wanted to keep the "dragon" theme since it's a blend of Dragon's Blood and Cracklin' Birch. So, I decided to name it Kilgharrah (Points to anyone who knows who that is without having to look it up!!) Anyway, I love the name, and even though the soap didn't turn out like I wanted it too, I do love it. (I couldn't find my red oxide anywhere so I used Nurture's Really Red, and still got pink. I don't know how people get such a vibrant Christmas Red by just using that without a touch of oxide. I've never been able too!) Anyway, here it is, in all it's glory. In the mold - Right before the cut - And finally, the cut and a close-up - LOVE the rivers I got.
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    I will also offer some sage advice that was given to me on this board. Make two candles to test and set one aside for a month. That way you can see what the curing process is doing to your product.
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    @moonshine came up with a marvelous idea: melt a the waste wax from failed tests into a giant cauldron container. Wick with huge wicks. Burn all summer outdoors. With all the fails I have I could apply for a category with Guinness. 😫
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    I'll see if I can find photos of my set ups.
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    I already had a bunch of Fo's in my cart, just waiting for FB's Memorial Day sale. Had fun browsing around yesterday, deciding what to add to make $100 to get the free shipping. Unless they've recently changed policies, you get free shipping with $100 order before the discount is applied. How great is that? Then last night, and this morning, I totally talked myself out of ordering this time...there will be other sales, I need to use what I have first, so many I haven't even tried yet, my cabinets are full....etc, etc, etc, Then I got on FB website and looked at what was in my cart...and I want them!! I need to restock at least one FO anyway, right? And what's a few more pounds of fragrance oil, right? Buying new fragrance oils makes me happy right? Why not do it while I can still make candles and can afford it, right? The spirit is truly willing, but the flesh is truly weak. We shall see which one prevails.
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    I believe I may have posted these pictures b/4....not sure, but I'll put some up again. I'm rather different than other people as I bring furniture with me and props and set up that way. The first couple of pictures are of a show in Maine I helped my sister with. Other pictures are here in Georgia. Trappeur Of course, I always had my little Bonnie with me at all shows..... This is me getting ready for the show. This is a collection I did of different size canning jars of which I tied burlap around the neck of the jars with a sprig of eucalyptis. These sold right away.
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    The one on the left is a pyramid I'm still testing wicks on, not sure if I like this color, which is sand...but could use it to layer some more rustics with. I scented this one in Hot Apple Pie, because it's my dear David's favorite, so he'll enjoy burning this one. The one on the right was a "remelt" from the star candle I previously posted, I bashed it up and remelted and poured it. I was wondering if it would still "remottle", and what color it would end up, lol!
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    Okay, so I poured another candle last night. I'm still awaiting a few molds to arrive, so I used the pyramid again. I scented this one in Creamy Vanilla for the test burn, since I like vanillas
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    I poured these over the last few days for testing wicks. First one is Honeydew Melon scented with aquamarine dye chips, second one is scented with Ocean Waves. We'll see how these wicks burn now that I've changed them out.
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    It's been a while since I soaped this. I am using Nurture's BRV with berry twist and neon pink micas. This is filling my house with its scent. Its just beautiful! First time using berry twist mica. I like the color combo. I wish they would photograph better because the soap colors came out so nice. In the mold: Cut pics: Another in the mold pic:
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    I can't find the thread but someone said that with all the things going wrong with all these soy waxes and with so much testings of new waxes that I'm seeing that they are going to try high end waxes. And then I see that there is a price hike coming into effect on soy waxes??? I believe it was Tall Tayle who said she would rather go with a higher end wax than futz around with all these problem waxes of soy. My question is "what is a high end wax?"....Does a high end wax offer so much good all the way around and you don't incur problems like what is going on now? And what brands of "High end" wax are you talking about? Trappeur
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    If you have both use both. Use the rubbing alcohol on the stickers while you drink the moonshine. That is the best of both options. 😀
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    I find that during the holiday season, most are sold as gifts. between shipping and gift giving and enjoyment before lighting, there’s plenty of time for a cure outside of my shop. I light my own within days of making for safety tests. If the candle burns safely within days after making, and improves with time, that is acceptable, just my opinion. This comfort comes with having performed extensive tests and lots ( and lots and lots) of time to observe the candles. Plenty of commercial candles have a dirty burn even after sitting on store shelves. McCall’s comes to mind. If the wick is not trimmed super short those soot stack even after years of sitting, but they are safe.
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    By now I'm sure everyone knows how much I love Candlewic's waxes, but I have always been frustrated that they don't accept PayPal in their checkout options. I really hate using the CC to order from suppliers, it complicates my bookkeeping and is a PITA. Well, I recently discovered that Candlewic will send you a paypal invoice if you email them your order! And they honor their promotional codes with email orders, as well as their free sample promotion. Maybe this is old news to y'all, but I was pretty excited!! It took a couple emails back and forth, mostly because I didn't send them enough info the first time, but the lady I corresponded with was very nice and helpful, and it was a very easy process. I just wanted to pass that along for anyone who might not know already!
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    So true, Gail. I am in the same boat. I have been forcing myself to use up oils I am tired of just so I can buy new ones. I bought 7 lbs of new oils just last week, and here they are with these Memorial Day sales making it hard for a girl to stay strong. A couple of years ago I told myself I could buy oils until my FO cabinet was full and then I had to stop. Ha. Now they are on top of the cabinet, under the cabinet, in totes, in kitchen cabinets, and any other nook and cranny I can find. And here I am shopping the sales again.
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    Don't know about hay scents but as far as a hay flavor get a cup of Chinese Pu-Erh tea. Make sure it's the black kind in the little turd shaped knots. It tastes as much like a stable floor as you dare to get... No need to thank me, it's nothing really. I'm just mister helpful here. It's what I do... Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services