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    Yes. Craft server is totally independent of Peak, and has been for some time. We will be ok here. No worries.
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    I took sooooo many candles to the only craft show I'm doing this year and sold a whopping 11. I sold more melts than candles so I did make a modest profit. Very modest. I was feeling a little down today because I have so many candles in stock that I didn't need to make any more except for gifts for my family and one kind for my cousin. Then out of the blue, I got an order from a Facebook customer for 24 candles! Then my friend called me and want to come over and buy candles, and she bought 14. Then my cousin ordered 3 that I have to ship, then another customer messaged me and is coming over Friday to buy candles. I feel better now.
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    I lit this little mini mason jar candle today and used 1 cd 3 wick but I need a smaller one. I see I can get a cd 2 from Bittercreek. If that doesn't work would a tealight wick work? Is a tea light wick smaller than a cd 2? I did something I don't normally do. I poured this teeney 1 3/4" tall mason jar candle yesterday in Fillmores Nutmeg and Ginger and burned it today (using 464) ...I just wanted to see something....I always wait 2 weeks, but got a hair across my butt and thought "let me light this thing...". Well I was at a cabin today which is a 2 floor cabin and I just couldn't believe (no kidding) that this candle I had in a bathroom scented not only the main floor of the cabin but up to the loft also. Is this weird or what? Never in my wildest dreams did I think that something like this could happen in such a small candle (the size of a shot glass) and no less scent 2 floors! I blew it out an hour b4 I left and when I went in the bathroom, I could still smell the bathroom all scented...... On top of this all, I stopped at one of my accounts which is a little country store out in the boonies which sells quite a bit of my candles and I thought I would show them this candle to see what they thought...Omg, they said they wanted a couple dozen.....! Now let me ask you this....Who in their right mind would buy this little dinky candle? I know I wouldn't...lol...But hey, I just have to go to Dollar tree and see if I can get those mini salt and pepper shakers that Sponey said they had - 2 for $1.00 and fill them and sell them...so I'm on a mission... Well back to my original question....if a cd 2 doesn't work, what else should I try? A tea light or what? I snuck a few extra pictures in.....lol Just b/4 I left to go feed the horses I was going to feed Munchkin so I had her dish all set up at the counter and then plum forgot to feed her and left and when I got back, this is what I found sitting at the kitchen counter...Look at her! What a puss on her face! I could tell she was disgusted with me. She has only been fed 5 times today! Geesh! Do you think she has me trained or what? If looks could kill, this would be the photo. Now here is little Bart...He's not so little anymore but growing like a weed. I hope his legs stop growing sometime. Sorry I got off the subject...lol Trappeur
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    So I finally got everything packed in the car making last minute checks to make sure I had all my tablecloths, signage, products, etc. At the last minute I realized I left my extra tables at my market stall. So I had to run down to Walmart and buy another 6' table. It was kind of a blessing as I stopped for gas. If I hadn't stopped for gas I wouldn't be able to get it in the morning. I have to leave before 5 am and the gas stations don't open until later. Here is a sneak peak at this years fall candles. I have been wanting to use the orange lids for quite a while and finally got them. I made up labels to match the lids so they have a real nice fall appeal. Wish me luck! Will try to post pics of my set up tomorrow.
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    A customer tipped me off that I had one of my candles featured on House Beautiful. That would account for the sudden spike in sales of Cinnamon Vanilla candles today. LOL Not sure if it is OK to post the link, but there I am, right alongside Pottery Barn, Nest, White Barn, Yankee, WoodWick, and Bath & Body Works. Grateful for the increased exposure. http://www.housebeautiful.com/shopping/home-accessories/g4715/best-fall-candles/?slide=2
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    OATMEAL, GOAT MILK, HONEY & ALOE SOAP This month I chose to do an oatmeal, goat milk, honey, and aloe vera soap. It's perfect for this time of year because I find it helps my skin best in cold weather. It's perfect for dry, itchy skin and the aloe and oatmeal are very soothing. If you get winter itch you know what I am talking about. I find February and March to be the coldest, driest, windiest winter months so I want a soap that moisturizes while it helps relieve my dry itchy skin. I don't make traditional "full" milk soaps. Instead, I always split my milk with another liquid. In this case I am using aloe vera juice as it helps make a more gentle soap that adds extra punch to help combat dry, itchy, flaky skin. If you want to make a full milk soap I will cover that later during the adding of milk. This is a fairly easy soap to make even for a beginner who has never worked with milk soaps or using honey. Honey accelerates soap batter because it speeds the process of saponification by creating extra heat. But if you follow my instructions you may easily add an eccelerant like honey like a pro. For this recipe I am using Essential Depot's red soap mold. I will be using 35oz of oils in this recipe which fit nicely into the mold. This recipe will produce approximately 11 4oz soaps. I'm using my favorite basic lard soap recipe because I personally love a good lard soap. However you may use any recipe you wish. Its the additives that gives this soap its personality. I am using a 33% lye solution and standard 5% superfat using soapcalc.net INGREDIENTS: OILS Olive Oil 15.75oz (446.50g) @ 45% Coconut Oil 8.75oz (258.06g) @ 25% Lard 8.75oz (258.06g) @ 25% Castor Oil 1.75oz (49.61g) @ 5% ADDITIVES 4.92oz Lye (139.46g) 5oz Aloe Vera 5oz Goat Milk 1oz Honey 1 tbs Colloidal Oatmeal 2.2oz Fragrance Oil (optional) Whole Rolled Oats DIRECTIONS: Prepare lye solution using cold aloe vera juice from your refridgerater. Pour 5oz into bowl. I use hard plastic bowls and rubbermaid spatulas for my soapmaking. Next carefully weigh out your lye crystals and add them to the aloe juice. Blend thoroughly to dissolve the lye crystals, set aside to cool. I use a large hard plastic spoon to stir my lye solution. Next, weigh out your soaping oils. Gently warm your solid oils and add them to your liquid oils. Blend them altogether in large bowl. I am using a rubbermaid spatula to mix my oils. At this point I pour out cold goat milk into a glass and put aside. I am using fresh goat milk by Meyenberg in my recipe. They also make the canned. If you want to make a "full" milk soap use 5oz of the canned but do not add any water to the milk. This was it will stay concentrated. Since It is already condensed this will give you the equivalent of 10 oz of goat milk equal to your full liquid requirement without changing your water discount. Next I weigh out my honey in a small plastic cup. I pop it into the microwave for a short 20 second burst. Then when I take it out the honey is liquified. Do not overcook your honey. Experiment with your microwave in short 10 second bursts. The honey should be liquid with a few bubbles on top. Overheating can ruin the honey and cook your container. The reason I always liquify my honey before adding to my soap is that I have found I will get ugly dark brown spots in my batter if I don't. Once the honey is liquid, add a tbs of cold goat milk to the honey, then stir. This will help temper the honey milk mixture. Then add the honey mixture to the cold milk in the glass and stir it altogether. Add this to you soap batter. The honey I am using for this soap is a clover honey from a local apiary. Normally I use only wildflower honey because I simply prefer it. But I always use wildcrafted honey from local crafters or apiaries here in the valley where I live. As the bees harvest from local flora that helps produce a more beneficial honey product that hasn't been over pasturized as local beekeepers filter their honey. Next add your colloidal oatmeal to the batter. Don't worry about what the batter looks like. We are going to emulsify it with a stick blender. I am using Aveeno bath oatmeal. It is 100% colloidal oatmeal but you can buy it from a soap supplier or sub oat flour and get the same results. I prefer colloidal oatmeal as it is ultra fine ground and won't make a scratchy soap. Colloidal oatmeal will provide a smooth skin exfoliation without giving you that scratchy feeling. Next I take my stick blender and emulsify the batter and it should look like this: Check your lye solution. By this time it should be cooled enough to add. I tend to soap at room tempurature but rarely check my solution with a thermometer. If the bowl feels cool to the touch on the outside I know its ready. Pour in your lye solution and stick blend thoroughly to mix in the lye. Next, I add in my scent. I am using fragrance oil for this at 1oz per pound of soap oil. So for a 35oz oil recipe that comes to 2.1875oz. I rounded it up to 2.2oz. I am using the Chemistry Store's Sandalwood Rose FO by Lebermuth. I have never used it before so this is a first time test soap for me. As a side note, this FO was a dream to use. No acceleration or ricing. It does have some vanillan in it so I expect that as it cures it will discolor to a tan or brown color. The scent is a very soft and feminine floral with notes of wood and musk. Continue stick blending your soap batter until you reach medium thick trace. Then carefully pour the batter into the mold. I like a medium trace so that I may texture the top with a chop stick or bamboo skewer as pictured below: Last, I sprinkle whole rolled oats on the top to finish my soap and give it some charm. I like to use the whole oats sparingly so I only sprinkle a line of oats across the middle of the top. I clean off the edges of the mold where any soap batter droplets fell and cover the mold. I am using Essential Depot's red mold pictured below. Twenty four hours later I have these newly cut fabulous oatmeal, goat milk, honey, and aloe soaps ready to put on my soap racks to cure! I like to cure my soaps from 6 - 8 weeks so they are extra mild and conditioning. Enjoy!
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    Connecting the publicly available dots, back in December of 2016 she incorporated National Fragrance Corporation. Then that was followed up by forming Peak Fragrance Company, an entity within National Fragrance Corporation. So it is is easy to see that the plan to form a new fragrance company was in motion for a long while before the sudden closure of Peak Candle Supply. It is also very possible that "National Fragrance Company" holds all of the fragrance codes, licensing them for whatever period of time to Keystone or anyone else they please. It is possible keystone purchases the fragrances directly through the new National Fragrance Company or Peak. Who knows how their business model is set up. I don't particularly care. As someone who worked a couple of decades in a former life through many mergers, acquisitions, liquidations, etc. the dots are simple to connect. The original brand entity, Peak Candle Supply, liquidated its inventory assets through Keystone Candle Supply. A new venture called Peak Fragrance Company was formed, and is using its own original codes now held by the new mother brand. All of this drama could have been prevented had it not been for the public outbursts on social media. All brands associated with this are now stained, including the vulture fragranciers who looked to cash in on the closing. All Peak had to do was announce that their Candle Supply line of business was closing. Anyone who shopped there knew for over a year THAT was coming. Geez, those continuous, long and catalog-wide stock outs were a dead giveaway. They could have prevented the panic by ensuring the plan to keep supplying their unique fragrances would continue and provide a pathway for their customers to continue. instead, we all know what happened. And it caused a service disruption within their customer base. For some it was as devistating as when EcoSoya suddenly without sufficient warning stopped supplying their wax, then missing promised deadlines only to show up to market with a sub par product. Everyone learned a valuable Economics 101 lesson: Availability of substitutes. There are other waxes. There are other fragrance providers. We will survive, it is just uncomfortable for a time as we test and adapt. The memory of the discomfort stays pretty fresh in our minds forever though. Once brand trust is gone, it is expensive to restore, if it even can be restored at all.
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    OH MY GOODNESS! This is already rubbing me the wrong way! I have spoke to Keystone several times and yes they purchased what I thought was exclusive rights to all coding for Peaks FO.... The really messed up part of this is how honest and hardworking the owner of Keystone is and now we all of the sudden see another Peak website pop up out of the blue????? Only this time Peak Fragrances? WHAT?!?! Holy smokes! I will be contacting them tomorrow to make sure that they are aware of this! I am so sad for her! At bare minimum I would DEMAND that they change their name COMPLETELY!!! That's such bulls**t! Wow..... Just wow!!!! I seriously hope that we all band together and make it very known that the people at Keystone are extremely honest, hard working people and THEY deserve our business and they have been the ones working their tail feathers off trying to get us some of our favorite FO's from Peak. Ugh! I'm sooooo.... MAD! 😡 Vent over.......... Sorry everyone just don't like slimy people!
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    Thought I would show some pictures of Hallowoeen candles I made up. I did these last year too. I have so many different jars, it is great way to get rid of them. Thanks for looking. Trappeur
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    Just thought I would share how my new tablecloths looks. I got some fitted crinkled tafeta sage green tablecloths and some pink zebra satin table overlays to jazz it up a bit. I also use the overlays on the risers. Not sure you can see them in the photos. New tablecloths pic: soap boxes set up, on the riser are lip balms, hand soap, and bug spray. Shaving soaps, dog soap, and candles. For fun I found a pink zebra pattern and used that as the base for my candle labels so they match my pink zebra table overlays.
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    So this is a new technique to me, so I wasn't sure how my first try on this was going to come out. I am not totally happy with it, because I just didn't get the spin I wanted using the silicone 8 x 8 cake pan. I only wanted to do 2 lbs, Had I used my good slab mold which holds more, I probably could have gotten a better spin action. Supplies Needed: Slab mold, preferably Measuring cups or other container for all of your colors ( I used 4 here) Supplies recommended but not necessary: spinning lazy susan type thingamajig....lol My recipe for today. Just click on the pic, saves me from listing each thing. I did use full water, and I use 1 oz pp of fragrance in all my soap. It is a high lard recipe and a NICE bar of soap IMO My color inspiration for this one. I'm using an OLD True Raspberry fragrance from WSP that I got years and years ago that still smells awesome. I had never soaped with this oil, so I was hoping it didn't accelerate. It didn't. My little mold Oils and lye water measured, cooled to about 115 Blend until JUST emulsified. You want a very thin batter. I only gave it a few whirls with the SB Separate all of your batter into your containers with your colorants. Now start pouring your colors into the corners of your mold, alternating as shown Keep pouring this way until you have used all of your batter. In hindsight, I should have done the middle, but will do that next try. Once filled, you want to quickly spin your mold, unfortunately, I did not get pictures of me spinning because I needed both hands. Also, because I was trying to spin my mold on a towel, on the counter top, I didn't get any spin action at all in the center. I just couldn't get a good spin. This is where my wood mold would have worked better, or a lazy susan type deal. I didn't want to continue spinning because the outside edges were getting muddied a bit. Because I didn't get a good spin in the middle, I had to hit it with a bamboo skewer to get some swirls. Plus, soap was going over the sides while trying to spin this thing. I was a bit disappointed when I unmolded today. Number 1, I unmolded from this mold way too soon LOL....I couldn't wait. It was way too soft I was not impressed with my handiwork. But because these were thick bars, I thought, hmmmm.....way too big, I'm going to cut them in half. They will be small bars, about 1/2 inch, but who cares? I don't sell my soap these days, they are for me, family, friends, coworkers etc.... so I cut them......and WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO! I am so happy with how these look INSIDE! Next time I try this swirl technique, I will use my slab mold, which holds over 3.5 lbs They smell FANTASTIC! I think my colors came out pretty close to my inspiration colors. I plan to use those color palette inspiration things more often going forward. I always get stumped on colors or I just seem to use the same colors over and over. This was a really fun technique to try, and I'm so glad I did it, finally. I hope some of you will try it, and show us pics!
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    Ok, so here is my take. I worked for 17 years for one of the larger US Supply houses. I started making candles about 22 years back. I began with paraffin, and in the interim used soy, and settled into a parasoy blend. I can to this day tell you it's not the wax, it's finding the right wax, wick, scent and container combo. My candles will be equally strong, but not always using the same exact scents. I can say it's possible across the board, but I usually find people that say their throw isn't as strong are under wicking and or using a jar with too narrow a diameter. Scent comes from melted wax, thus the surface area is important.
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    The entire fragrance oil industry could go on strike for 6 months, and I'd still be good. Heck. maybe even a year! If I did run out of something, it would force me to try one of the many unused FO's gathering dust on my shelves.
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    Keystone Candle Supplies was feeling motivated. September 8 at 8:13pm · BIG NEWS!!!! We have recently(well today actually) purchased all remaining inventory of Peak's Candle Supply. Over the next few weeks we will be listing the products. We will be carrying the same scents Peak had and NOT DUPLICATIONS! Please bare with us as we have a lot of sorting to do! Please share to let everyone know!!
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    Got my head in the game last week and made a few new ones and restocked a few others. Left to right: 2 rows of Winter Birch (a twist on crackling birch) Badde Guys (leather, oud, soft musk, clove, etc) Goode Guys (ocean, brine, Irish hillside grass, etc) Egyptian Musk sparkling Grapefruit Plague Doctor ( similar to thieves blend-my own twist) Sassanach (English rose and Scottish heather) 3 rows of Lavender Patchouli and 2 rows of Bergamot Violet at the end. now to make the next 150! Onward!
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    I hope she had a bra on? Trappeur
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    People love to use the good ole it's natural approach to soy wax. I always ask them if Margarine is considered all natural, or how about Crisco? Then I go on to explain that soy is even further hydrogenated than those two. I left info on Hydrogenation process as well as the use of Hexane to produce the final product. My answer was it's about as natural as plastic. I also noted that crude oil which makes paraffin is a fully biodegradable end product as well and well, it comes from the earth so is just as natural if not more so than soy. Also it's good to point out that EVERY single crop of soybeans has some degree of roundup ready beans that infiltrate it. There isn't an organic soy wax I am aware of.
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    I can't remember the last time I posted a picture of my soaps, so here ya go. Hot process doesn't mean no swirls! From front to back: Twilight (Candle Source), Forest Muse (Scent Works), South Pacific Waters (WSP), Lavender Sage (Moonworks)
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    @KrazeKelly@kandlekrazy@Candybee You asked for it... This is what the "cut" ended up being. Slainte, Sponiebr: "Don't blame me, I'm just the pot stirrer."
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    Thought I would share pictures of the canning jars completed and delivered to my Apple orchard account for Valentine's Day. I went with the 2 different labels as everyone saw on a previous thread. I did these 32 oz canning jars and 8oz tins for a Christmas collection and they were well received and sold very fast, so I did a collection for Valentines Day. They loved them so I was very happy with that. This is a 32oz canning jar of which I put the label on the 2 piece lid that comes with the jars as I can buy them in the grocery stores of Dollar store and not have any shipping and prices are cheap for a set of 12. I would have liked to have gone with a nice old timey lid on the canning jar but it is a wide mouth and I can't find so I did them this way. The lid and rings are silver which the label has silver in it. So......wax is 464 - I use 1 cd20 wick and they all have my little embed sitting on top of the wax. I found in the Dollar store these little red glitter things of which I modge podged to the glass so each jar is a little different. The tin is a 8oz from Flaming... I wholesale the 32oz canning jars for 20.00 each and they retail for 29.00 I wholesale the 8oz tin for 6.00 and they retail for 10.99 Close up of tin: This is the lid that goes on the canning jar. I really bothers me that when applying the label because there is a little flair up dip on the edge the label has just a couple little creases but I smoothed the best I could and really you don't even notice it when you look at the jar. And no one has ever said anything about it. So it is what it is..... I did a custom blend of vanilla bean noel, lovely lilace from CC and Gardenia and couldn't think of a floral name so came up with "Floral Petals" and then did a catchy saying underneath the name of "From me to you".....lol Another tin. I love Peach Nectar from CS and just renamed it to "Sweet Georgia Peach" On this canning jar I went with just 1 red emblem which I modge podged on. When I attached the ribbons on the necks of the jars I know how people when they pickup the jars the ribbons get abused and at times get the bows pulled out and they look real crappy looking. When I had my shop I could fix the jars immediately and keep my eyes on them, but being I sell to shops and am not working there I really have no control over how the candles are abused. So after I tied the bow, I put little dabs of super glue behind the backs of bows and pushed them into the ribbon band so now, no one can rip apart my bows! lol All the embeds are different. What ever I grab first....lol Breakfast time.....lol Now here is a picture of a possum who comes to eat with the cats. I have walked out to feed the cats and not only are all of them sitting and running around to be fed, but there is also a possum who waits. One day I was looking and counting heads of who was eating and mixed in amongst this bunch is a possum right in there sides touching sides as they all eat together...Then one day a couple of weeks ago I'm standing on the porch looking at the cats laying in their beds and wow and behold but what do I see?A possum sleeping in one of the cat beds......so I snapped a picture and poor thing...I woke him up.....I thought I had seen it all till I saw the possum sleeping.... Here is Bart again (the orange one). He has 1 sister and 1 brother. This is his sister Maggie who fetches. I'll put up a video...you will crack up when you see this cat Maggie fetching. And this is Barts brother, "Coal". Thanks for looking..... Trappeur
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    Had a little macabre fun with clay tonight. (The handle photographed strangely, but I still might adjust it.) can't and a new generation of pendants taking shape. And some Navy Mom ornaments Can't wait to see how it all fires.
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    I have been so busy with the holiday rush -- both filling orders AND placing them (lol) -- that I failed to notice this message in my Etsy shop manager until just now. Celebrating! I knew I was close and was watching a week or two ago to hit this milestone, but spaced it off until today. Ha ha "Congratulations, you've made 7000 sales! Take a moment to pat yourself on the back! You've earned it."
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    Excellent. I want them to mend their family, live happily ever after, and get back to providing us with great candle stuff.
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    Just made these today. The green & brown is coconut lemongrass. The pink & red is pink grapefruit. Will pop them out of the mold tomorrow because I need the molds to make more! In the mold pics:
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    Well I got some masons painted and distressed them....LOVE them tonight I lit some tea lights in them and I am so delighted I'm doing a gallon Mason, half a gallon and some other huge tall one tonight to put on my new shelf with my brick wall ?
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    Turned out nice, even though the scent made my perfect Christmas Red color turn pink, and then give yellow spots throughout the tops of some of the soaps. (That damn Golden Embargo does that EVERY TIME, and I only use .5oz per lb too because it's so strong, I don't need more than that and it sticks like crazy!) Anyway, I love it. Now I have a "His" and "Hers" type set of bars. (Because I make this same design using activated charcoal and black oxide for a black tux look)
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    I think the attraction to soy is all the hype soy candle makers made about it being "safer" to burn, allegations of poisons and toxins in paraffin being a fuel byproduct... That is what I always hear about anyways when people remark how glad they are I have soy candles....I set them straight on it because if you research it it's all BS- a huge marketing gimmick to sell soy I started with soy and that's what I mainly make, it fits my area of what people want and it's really all I know- I have been playing with parasoy for a couple years and planned to introduce a line with colors and a different type jar because my soy are not colored but I can't seem to get it together keeping up with the soy and messing with wicking all the scents I want to offer advantages to soy IMO are you do not see the soot unless you wick it really bad and it does burn cooler, other than that there are many disadvantages as the parasoy takes color beautifully, it does not frost and it's so much easier to get a strong throw along with the creamy look plus you can pour hotter ?
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    Over my many years of selling and giving candles away, there is an interesting trend I've noticed. Men seem to love candles more than women do. Is this just me, or do other people notice this as well? Over the past several years at my craft shows I can't tell you how many times it was the men that commented on my candles, or bought my candles, or ALMOST bought a candle before their wife/gf pulled them away, and then case in point - since today is "Giving Day" I brought candles for my Business Unit here at work. Consists of 13 people (including myself) 4 women, 9 men. I put the candles on their desks before they came into work this morning. Anyway, once they found out I am the one that gave them the candles, it was the men that were more grateful. I mean the women said thank you, but the men gushed over them. Just thought I'd mention this trend. Or maybe not a trend, since this has been my experience for the better part of 20 years now.
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    My last craft show of the year as a vendor is this weekend, and I just finished day 1. By the end of the day, I am exhausted, but in a good way. It was a very good day, and I had to scramble to see if I had anything here a the house that I could fill in the gaps with, because I did so well. By far my biggest seller was a mix of my own making that I called The Scottish Moors. It's a mix of Celtic Storm, a touch of Embargo, with a bit of Cool Water and Duck Farts (LOL - an Aztec scent, I always change the name - it's like a fruity water scent) I had 15 bars of that this morning and all I have left is the unwrapped "sniffer" bar. There is no second place that I could tell, I'll have to tally tomorrow when it's over, because it was all over the place and few of almost everything sold. For candles, also no clear winner, as all of my 16oz jars sold, and I only have a handful of 5 oz jars left. And was too tired to make more tonight to take tomorrow. (I'm too old to pull all nighters anymore!! LOL) I didn't take any bath bombs with me, because right now the market is saturated with them, and I didn't want to just be another booth that offered them, however, to fill my booth for tomorrow I am taking some, so my booth doesn't look so empty. LOL I'll let y'all know how I do tomorrow when it's over.
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    I thought I would share some Kodak moments of my cat Munchkin who has been sitting in the same spot at the counter for over 5 hours watching me make candles...Geesh, what patience a cat has.......She sits at the counter with her legs crossed, falls asleep there with her legs crossed and eats there like a human being mind you....Now she knows better than to be sitting on top of the counter when I turned my back...oh well....Been a while since I put up any pictures of my animals so took a break and took some pictures....Everyone talks about their kids...I talk about my kids (my cats...).lol Thanks for letting me share......Trappeur
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    There's still time to save yourself....
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    Well, the good news is I'm going to need to make soap every weekend until next September to be able to fill my tables at the shows next year. I sold out of almost everything, and only had 2 boxes to bring home with me. The ONLY thing I didn't sell one thing of, was a soap I made with a mix that had Asian Sandalwood in it (and I cannot for the life of me remember what I mixed it with, will have to look up my batch notes) Bad news, I am freaking exhausted!! LOL I'm so glad I had the foresight to take tomorrow and Tuesday off. I swear. I don't think I could have made it to work tomorrow feeling the way I feel right now. Plus I have laundry and cleaning to do that I normally do on the weekend that didn't get done since I wasn't home. I will have to tally my records tomorrow also, but I think I'm very close to 20-25x my booth fee. YAY
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    Hi all! Sorry I've been keeping to myself lately. So much going on!! No more craft fairs til fall for me and I have plenty of soap until I start making fall soaps. So I've been working in my garden, went on a small vacation to Branson with my mom and kids & grandkids, working on updating tiles and paint in the house, dealing with my son being in jail for who knows how long ? And the list goes on. So I finally tried something that I've been wanting to do for a while. Fluid pour acrylic painting! It reminds me so much of pouring soap but has some pretty awesome effects. So I thought I would share my first ones with you. It's been a lot of fun trying something new to distract my thoughts.
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    Not to drag on this thread, the only thing I can say is I personally spoke to the owner of Keystone and she told me that she DID buy the codes for Peaks oils and the oils they are carrying and will carry are NOT dupes but will be made from the codes. Trappeur
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    Black Raspberry Vanilla got some bright colors going there
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    I agree with that. But for quite some time, they were constantly out of things they said they had, prices are high (compared to others I use), support wasn't great. I am glad they are coming back slowly with just one main product. But they lost all credibility with me over the past few years. So, I won't be in a hurry to go back. But I do agree.... at least they are now trying.
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    I like this news about them reopening but am a bit angry he did it this way. I know he has personal stuff going on but I know myself and probably thousands others have spent unnecessary money in testing oils to get ready for the upcoming busy holiday season. This makes me leary on how long he will stay open, hopefully it goes well and he will be open again for a very long time but I know I will be stockpiling the much needed fragrances while I can. Karen in MA
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    My favorite smelling candles are all the ones I make myself and don't buy from other retailers ?
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    These are a few of the pink candles I've recently done ... mostly in Strawberry-Cream (combo of strawberry and creme brulee) and Peppermint-Vanilla. Used GW464 and advice found here regarding pouring at about 150dF.
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    Made a couple more batches today. Blue/green is an ocean/water/lavender blend. Don't have a name for it yet. It came out pretty nice. The second one is a total swirl/color fail. Its one fugly soap but it sure smells beautiful. I used black canyon and colors are black/copper/lavender/cobalt.
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    Keep in mind though, melts are a great way to get an idea of what the scent will smell like in wax, but that the scent will change when a flame is introduced. Some will throw and some will not, even though they tested great as a wax melt. So testing in a candle environment is always helpful. Yes, testing is expensive, but it's the cost of having a great product to put out on the market.
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    Well, - at least it smells good... LOL
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    I might not be a Chippendale, but I'll betctha look... Black Raspberry Vanilla yogurt and aloe in a (finally) CP test batch. Green and Purple mica with TD for the white, all in an experimental permanent mold liner (the loaf mold is a break down mold). You'll have to wait for the cut... Cheers! Sponiebr
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    Several batches made today. I've been making 10lb batches and splitting them lately. So today I made 10lbs of Tuca Tuca which is a *ush dupe from Nuture Soap. It moves pretty quick. I didn't scent the color portion because it's supposed to discolor dark so I colored the scented part black. Smells really good. Then I did a 10lb rebatch of 50 Shades remake. Then I split a batch and made 1 Plumeria and 1 Pineapple Mango. There is oil on top of the Pineapple Mango ? Most likely put it in the crockpot tomorrow, bummer. Then 10lbs of Lilac. One log mold and 1 slab with piping. Hope it sticks!! It's a wonderful lilac. Pooped now. Gonna sit on my butt for a while. ?
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    Since there'd been a few questions about the apricot wax, I poured a couple of candles to share with the group. Attached is the Accu-Blend apricot. No adders. 1 oz Coconut Cream Pie FO ppd of wax. It was stirred significantly longer than usual because it's a heavier vanilla based fragrance, and I'm aware that FO is "challenging" (pain in the...) to fully incorporate. It was poured on 01/21/17, so I was ready for a burn test. Last weekend, there was no FO pooling on the candle surface. This weekend, I have puddles. I'm uncertain how well it conveys via picture, but the shiny oily looking surface is FO. I was hopeful last weekend that the extended stir time had alleviated the pooling. FWIW, it's not my methodology...or if it is, others have the same fatal flaw. I had been considering this wax awhile. I purchased an apricot candle from another chandler--I was fairly certain it was this wax, and she later confirmed my assumption was correct. Her candle arrived at my house...with pooling. Temps were warm at the time, so I gave it a pass, blotted off the excess, and burned it. I ended up with a robust tiki torch. If you plan to use this wax, please, please, please test extensively. I can't emphasize this enough. The supplier recommends 8% max fragrance load. I used less than that. The other chandler used less than that. We both had pooling. This isn't a wax you can just melt, add FO, and sell. If you plan to use this wax, you'll need to create a custom blend of your own using it. I hesitated posting this because Accu-Blend is a great company. They have good products. Their customer service and sales group is great. I just don't want to see someone rush the testing and sell product without realizing that added tweaks will be needed to make this wax work.
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    Okay, here it is. So simple! 12oz Baking Soda 4oz SLSA 2.5oz CoT (Cream of Tartar) 1.25oz Vegetable Glycerin 2.5oz Cocoa Betaine .25oz Fragrance (I use FO not EO, always take usage rates into consideration) Sift all dry ingredients into a metal bowl. Mix all liquids then pour into dry mixture. Mix until well combined. If mix is too sticky, add small amounts of baking soda until correct consistency. If too dry, add small amounts of glycerin until the right consistency... I found this amount of each ingredients was just perfect. You have to work a little fast because by the end I had noticed it was starting to set a bit and wasn't as easy to scoop, however, little over 2.5 hours later and they are solid enough to package. They do crumble fairly easy when squeezing hard, but that is what they are supposed to do when running under the bath water. Because of the glycerin, after I was cleaning the utensils, my hands were uber soft!! And they hold their scent perfectly. When I went down to switch out my laundry my entire basement smelled all Tutti Fruiti!! LOL
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    Palm wax fell victim to the well-funded and powerful soy wax marketing & lobby.
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    I am officially closed for the Holidays!!!! Yahooyyyyy!!! These are the last of the Gift Basket Orders, Bows still to be added and gift tags, then they are done. Ready for pickup on Friday!!!I I'm so dang tired, lots on my plate this year, with my Moma dealing with Health issues, lots of time away from home. I'm still So Thankful for my Family, My Friends My Customers and This Forum. Enjoy Your Hollydays!!!!