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    Thought I would show some pictures of Hallowoeen candles I made up. I did these last year too. I have so many different jars, it is great way to get rid of them. Thanks for looking. Trappeur
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    I hope she had a bra on? Trappeur
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    Here's what I put together for a local social club event held last week. All are made from bisque fired white stoneware clay. They remain porous to soak up scent to slowly diffuse. The clay is wedged, rolled, compressed, stamped, cut out, then dried. Once dry, all edges are wet sanded with a fine sponge. Then off the first firing - a slow bisque to cone 04, or a little over 1900*F which took about 24 hours to fully heat and cool. Once cool I hand stained each one-by-one, then bisque fired again quickly this time, which took a little over 12 hours. some I just stained with red iron oxide (just like what is used in soap). Others I layered with some low fire matte turquoise glaze to provide a patina. Here is a snap showing the glazing steps from freshly fired blank to fully glazed. First is the "blank". The second is the underglaze black used to fill in the recessed regions. Once dry, the black is wiped mostly off by the third step. The 4 th step is the application of the iron oxide. 5th is much of the excess iron oxide removed. The last is the glaze applied to some, but not all. The image is the club's logo turned into an unmounted rubber stamp at rubber stamps.net. I had several sizes made so we have the flexibility of just the head for pendants, a middle size for adding a logo onto mugs, plates, etc. and the large one for ornaments. The ornaments were packaged in a muslin bag stamped with the club logo. A little perfume vial of "Pine Ridge" essential oil blend was included, along with a description card. The back of the card thanked the guests for all they provide throughout the year. These are some of me of my favorite things to make. When I began rebranding I made a bunch of these in small pendant form to include with retail orders. You can use just about anything to create textures. During the holidays I use fondant stamp presses to make gingerbread men, snowflakes, mittens, etc.
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    Black Raspberry Vanilla got some bright colors going there
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    I have recently installed a basketball hoop over a trash can where I do testing. Let's just say I have become a very good shot
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    Wow Soshiegirl when I get some money saved up I'm going to give a bunch of these a try. Every scent you have recommended to me has been wonderful...well all but 1 (lol)...you've really got your stuff together...I love reading your posts and recommendations...A couple weeks ago I called Just Scent to ask a question and it was after hours like 2 hours...(didn't realize it) and the owner picked up. Well, long story short we were on the phone I bet over an hour. This woman was so very nice and so informative and made a lot of suggestions for different scents (I was actually looking for a marshmallow (again))and a cider.....well I wound up getting so many samples and 1 pounders that I'm really liking so much! One I just poured for a shop 24 of them is called Cranberry/orange....just lovely! Just looking at her pictures alone, I could order 1 of everything on her site! And I have never even ordered from them except for Chestnuts and Brown Sugar. She was so nice and so funny! She had a sale going on at the time and she threw in a few 1 ouncers to me at no charge...I told her she should come over here where the supplier section is and advertise when she is having a sale or something new comes up and unfortunately she had some bad run ins with some nasty members who were on this forum years back b/4 Vicki took over and then Tall Tayle and she just never came on to the board back then when things happened. Well actually I was here then and I had the same problem with nasty members and I would never come here for that reason, but it has been a long time since then and all those nasty people are far gone down the road and now this forum was run by at the time Vicki and now a super lady, Tall Tayle! Yaye! I told her all the horrible people are gone and all the members here are just awesome, like family..... and to rethink about coming here once in a while. I would gladly do business with an honest and nice person who took my interests to heart so I'm going to start more testings with Just Scent just for the fact she was so nice to me.....You treat me nice, you get my business......that's my motto. Trappeur
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    6006 is awesome wax. I wait 24 hours and then start my test burns. wthomas57 is correct - two weeks is completely unnecessary. And if a fragrance doesn't throw between 7%- 8% I move on. Like Sarah S said - there are so many great FOs out there - don't struggle trying to force one. Years ago I started with only ten fragrances. I had two sizes of candles and the rest in tarts. And I sold out at my first holiday craft show. I spent 9 months in R&D just to get to that point - so don't feel stressed about time. It takes time to craft a candle that burns properly and safely. Customers will buy from you even if you only have five holiday scents ready - simply because you've created the very best Pine, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Cranberry, and Pumpkin scented candles. Customers know quality when they see it and smell it. And they'll hear it in your voice when you talk to them - because you'll exude 100% confidence in your products. Just focus on your best candle/scent combos. Don't feel rushed. Make your display and packaging as professional looking as possible. Offer a nice holiday stocking stuffer special. Something affordably irresistible. :-) And be ready with your business story. People really LOVE knowing Why you do what you do. It helps them fall in love with your product even more. And it helps them see you as a real person - someone working hard to make your dream come true. The number of fragrances you offer won't matter. The quality and appearance of your product will. It sounds like you're really working hard to do this right. So don't try to rush testing. It will drive you crazy. Focus on what you have that's genuinely good to go. I think you'll be a hit. Just my two scents. ;-)
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    I may be a an outlier on this topic as I changed my process on this not too long ago. I used to always wick for the 100% proper burn and hope the customers do that and I have the label to fall back on if I get any complaints. However... no one burns 100% properly. Hell, its hard enough for us to do that even testing, lol! I know NO ONE.. NOT ONE CUSTOMER who burns the right number of hours each time and who trims each time. Just doesn't happen. So, here is what I do and why. "Properly burned' and "properly wicked" candles offer a little leeway. What I mean is, a half size too small or too large and the candle will still work fine most of the time. So, I ATTEMPT to wick for regular customer habits... longer burns, less trimming, etc. Then, as long as the chosen wick(s) that passed that test also does fine with regular burn times and being trimmed each time... then its a winner. But conversely, if I find a wick that does well with proper burns and trimming... but not with power burns or lack of trimming, than I probably keep testing. Because for most customers that wick isn't going to be a good choice. I have learned (most of the time) to find a pretty good balance between the two. Look at it this way though.. what would you rather have happen if you had to choose: 1) customer complaint that not all the wax melted and left some hangup when finished.. maybe even tunneled... and you have to offer some customer service? or 2) customers power burn or don't trim. or both ... and you dont consider that... then their candle becomes incredibly unsafe and shatters, starts a fire...and so on. Yes, they didn't follow the warning and instructions, but you think that is going to make you feel better about their disaster? Or, do you think your business could recover from bad publicity like that? Perhaps. Perhaps Not. I'd rather just offer a customer an occasional replacement candle if for some reason one doesn't quite live up to expectations. But with enough testing, i honestly feel you can avoid both of these scenarios. Those are my thoughts anyway.
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    You inspire me Daisymay...... What truly wonderful thoughts and things you try and do everyday....all to shed some happiness on people just to make their day a better one. If we all took your attitude and did what you do to bring a smile to someone even if just once in a while, the world would be a better place to live in. How genuine you are...is making me stop to think now....what could I do today to bring a smile to someone? And for your samples and oils.....well, if you can afford to keep on buying (I'm just as bad as everyone else here most likely is) to support your addiction, go for it. It brings you happiness and the anticipation/excitement of knowing the ups truck is going to be hitting your driveway today is a highlight like it is for me. There are plenty far worse addictions to be concerned about than just a (few) (lol, lol) samples or oils I believe. Daisy, put your mind to ease and don't beat yourself up over this....look at how you have brightened days of others who like you said were needing a picker uppper? If you want to get rid of some of your oils or 1pound bottles, just go and list them here.....See how happy you would be making someone else, so all us fo ho's can buy more? lol Please have a nice day Daisymay. YOU deserve it! ...... Oh by the way......don't know if you order from Bittercreek....but did you see the sales they were having this month? I went and indulged myself on it. Maybe I made your day a little better and put a smile on your face..... Trappeur
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    I don't know a thing, I saw that on FB this morning. Checked the website and saw they have 2 fragrances listed so far. The whole thing is just gives me a bad vibe.
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    While I was mucking my stalls the other day analogies were running through my head. Imagine waxes on a molecular scale to be like balls. Paraffin wax is generally like a ping-pong ball. Soy wax is like a base ball. Beeswax is like a bowling ball. Now imagine you are trying to get and keep a ball in the air by blowing through a straw. How much effort would it take to blow a ping-pong ball into the air? Pretty easy right? A coffee straw would do the trick with little effort from your lungs. How much effort would it take to blow that baseball into the air? A lot more right? And probably a bigger straw to keep enough air moving to prevent it from falling back on your face. Finally that bowling ball. How big of a straw and how hard would you have to blow to get that into the air at all let alone keep it there? Those straws you're blowing through are the wicks. The force that you have to blow is the heat energy applied to the fuel. We can't expect to keep a baseball in the air using the same straw we used for the ping-pong ball. So we can either use a bigger straw Or lighten the baseball so it's more like a ping-pong ball.
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    I wouldn't doubt if they cruise this board !!
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    Went to Hamilton OH, almost 2 1/2 hours from my house, but I picked up my aunt on the way to keep me company. She lives in Greensburg, right off 74 so it is real handy. Got 4 cases of wax and 20 dozen jars, so you can imagine what I saved in shipping charges. They have their 16 oz Specially priced FO's available for sale. So I ended up getting: Granny's Pumpkin Pie (have had this one before; use it as a mixer) Country Clothesline - toss up between that one and Cotton Linen, but my aunt and I thought Country Clothesline was a little nicer Bergamot - I really liked this one. Kind of an herbal orange. Cotton Candy - I wasn't even going to smell this one, but my aunt picked it up, and I sniffed it and liked it. She said it was her favorite of the ones she smelled. I was anxious to sniff the Pumpkin Spice Latte, and it did smell pretty good, but I have to stick with the Spiced Pumpkin Latte from RE; it is so good that I don't care if I could save a few dollars if I got this one. The only ones I ordered to pick up was Snow Cream, which I had bought a little bottle of years ago. Kind of a butter mint scent. And Summer Orange which was my free one. There's not a lot to choose from in the free FO's when you spend over $100. I already had several. It's a nice refreshing orange. It would be a good blender too. Here are some samples I sniffed that I liked, but some cost more than I usually pay for a pound: Hot Maple Toddy Fresh Strawberry - Really nice strawberry scent. I will probably get this one next time I order. Better than the Strawberry cream I also smelled. Lavender Fields - I don't usually care for lavender but I like this one. I wrote it down one other time when I went there, but still haven't bought it. I need to though. Mocha Cappuccino - This one is good but at $24 a pound, I'll stick to the coffee ones I get from RE Oak Moss - also expensive but I actually liked it! Raspberry Creamy - looking for a replacement for Millcreek's Raspberry Cream, which was discontinued. This one is close Cedarwood Spice - I may get this one some day. Nice! Cedarwood - also nice, but I like the spiced one better Woodberry - this one was different, wish I would have written down what I thought it smelled like. Coffee Caramel - I have Caramel Cafe from RE, so although I liked this one, RE's is just as good....and cheaper. Clove - I would like to have this one to blend Bamboo Lime - I like this one! And finally.....guess what?? They have a fresh ground coffee that smells like coffee! There were some very unusual FO samples. Like Burnt Rubber and BEEF! I didn't even sniff those. Met a very nice lady there who makes soap and was excited to find out The Candlemaker's Store is about an hour from her house in KY. She was having fun sniffing samples too. When I was checking out I told the guy I wished I had called ahead and asked to smell a Grade B fragrance oil and compare with the regular priced fragrance oil. He said if I liked the regular priced FO's I wouldn't be happy with the Grade B's. So there you have it. I said, so you get what you pay for? And he said pretty much. Or something like that. I asked him if the specials were grade B, and he said they were B minus, because they were even cheaper than the Grade B's! But the website says they are full strength. I think it depends on the FO. I have a few specials I've liked and some I didn't. One of my best sellers last summer was a $9.99 bottle of Botanical Breeze. Too bad they don't carry that one any more. All in all, it was a good trip with my Aunt. I always love sniffing new FO's and going to Cracker Barrel for lunch was an added bonus. Then we took a long detour through the country and went to Metamora, IN....everything was closed though during the week except the grist mill museum, where they still grind corn and wheat. Very interesting.
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    Not big enough, considering upgrading to a small dumpster.
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    There are a lot WORSE things we could be addicted to And if you really have too many FO's, please do list them for sale on here...so you can help enable the rest of us!
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    We had our first 'big' fair of the season today and did great but there was one woman who walked into our area and immediately pulled her t-shirt up over her nose, moaning, groaning and complaining about the "stench". Thanks to the wonderful people on this board and a thread I recently read I had the perfect come back at her. I looked her straight in the eye and said "I'm sorry you feel that way, you are missing out on our wonderful products." The two women across from me immediately gave me a thumbs up and as soon as she huffed away they busted out laughing. Why even walk into the area? And why not just keep walking? Why do people feel the need to moan, groan and complain, just keep going! (and by the way she smelled like cow poop!).
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    OMG Gail your funny......that Marijuana story again? lol.... Ok....There was a guy friend of mine who worked at a restaurant who used to buy a few candles from me. One day he asked if I could do a Marijuana scent as he was a pot smoker. So I did searching for that scent and the only one that peaked my interest was RE Marijuana and it had good reviews..so I ordered it. Well in my mind, I'm thinking, well it must might be a new scent I could offer....lol...my husband had lots of pot smoking friends so here I go and order a whole pound from RE and pay a rediculous shipping that was just about the same price for a pound of the oil. This oil I got in the pot and my God it was the nastiest foul smelling scent I have ever smelled. It did not smell like pot at all as I happen to like the smell (and nope, I don't smoke it either...either). It wreaked so bad and was embedded in my house for days, no joke. I opened my windows and I could smell this disgusting rank scent out in my driveway. You talk about using 6% per pound????Well I swear you could use 1% and you'd have a hit with this scent..... Well I made up 1 dang candle anyways. I immediately took that pound of Marijuana oil, wrapped and wrapped it in double bubble wrap and brought it to the basement, and double boxed it to bring to the dump. I could still smell that scent....probably cause I must have had the scent on my hands and it rubbed off onto the box I put it in. And the worst thing about it, it was embedded in my nostrils I couldn't get it out even smelling coffee. I can't believe RE still sells this. This is the worst smelling oil I have ever used. Another scent I don't like but I do pour for an account I have because it is such a good seller is Flamings Chardonnay. Now I'm not a wine drinker (only my chocolate wine...)lol...Well this scent is so much a true scent of Chardonnay but it is so very strong and being I don't like wine, I can't stand making this, but I do. I'm sorry for all you wine drinkers out there....but really...who wants to have their house smelling like wine? That's just nasty I think.....This is another scent that lingers like that Marijuana but nothing as bad as that one. One day, the shop owner said to me as I was bringing an order to her, that the last batch of candles I made for her I must have changed the amount of oil in it when making as she couldn't smell it and even said her customers were complaining, yeah..right........ok, that hit a bad note with me. I would never do that and to be told I did something different when I said I didn't is just not right. So I brought home one of the 8oz tins I made for her in that scent and went to a friends of mine's house and lit up that tin (sitting outside on her porch). Well within 5 minutes she said to me, it was the most putrid scent she ever smelled and was so darn strong....and we were outside too. Blew that darn candle out real fast because we both started gagging...I told the shop owner what I did and how horrible she would think I would change something and not say anything when I never did. Long story short, I didn't take back any candles, she sold them all and never said a thing to me, but placed another order..... Trappeur
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    That address is the address they were in 15 years ago, when they first came to Colorado. Or at least, very close to where they were located. They were here in Colorado for several years (I think almost 8 years) before they opened a second location in PA. So, what, now they are back? And I was under the impression (as was everyone involved) that he sold the manufacture codes to the original fragrances to Keystone, so who will have the real deal (if this is in fact the same as Peak Candle Supply - who btw on Facebook said he just wouldn't be able to pull it together to make it happen) I thought only 1 person could be the "owner" of the fragrance codes, but I really am not 100% sure on how all that works. If that's the case, these can't be the originals. I don't see anything listed on the site posted, so? IDK. I'm over Peak, Keystone, and this. As someone else said, there are too many great oils elsewhere to have to deal with this headache inducing bulls*&%&*t - malarkey.
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    I have never found "sparkle light" anywhere else. onenthing I DO know, is if/when you decide to switch to glass glow, order all you think of might need, and a little more before the holiday season. It tends to go out of stock everywhere all at once.
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    I love Pilgrims' Pie. It's a real Primitive scent if that makes sense. I also love their gingerbread, apple dumpling, Christmas cabin, christmas memories, Clove, Kickin Cocoa, Pumpkin Apple Butter, Sugar Cookie Brûlée , Christmas wassail, Orange clove, Pumpkin crunch cake, Snicker doodle latte, and Trick or Treat for Fall/Winter.
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    @Moonstar I feel your pain! I am not giving up on coconut wax, I'm just realizing it too will be subject to the fluctuations affecting the performance of soy wax these days. My gut is telling me that to achieve a good candle in this current situation with the wax problems, I'm going to have to formulate a blend of different waxes so that each one brings something to help or compensate for the issues with the other wax(es). Unfortunately, we have been let down by the suppliers and we are basically on our own and forced to blaze new trails. All we can do is try to help each other as best we can.
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    I put in an order with RE for a few things, including one of my favorite FOs, Havana Nights. If you're a fan of masculine or cologne type scents, this is so amazing, rich with spices and tobacco, a hint of patch and I swear I smell rum... So good! Anyway, I got the new Gilded Amber as a sample FO and it is wonderful! I love ambers, I must have at least a half dozen varieties, and this one is particularly nice, strong but not real heavy, a beautiful floralish top note that makes it seem airy and bright. I haven't put it in anything, hopefully it doesn't change. I can't decide if I want to soap it or wax it!! Decisions, decisions, lol. Also, because I can't resist a deal, I ordered a couple of the clearance FO's, the Cornucopias and Gourds and the Corriander Citrus. Curnucopia is very subtle, but really a lovely fall scent, and I've mixed it very successfully with some other more expensive scents to punch it up a bit. Very earthy and leafy but dry, if that makes sense. Reminds me of the corn fields this time of year in my area. The Corriander is very clean with a strong citrus top note, with a green heart and a very subtle musky dry down. Really nice. I think I'm going to make a kitchen soap & candle combo with that one. All in all, I was very pleased that I took a chance and ordered the big bottles of those. now I have to resist going back for a big bottle of that amber!
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    Will do, @Kerven I have seen it on a couple of supplier websites that gb 444 and 464 don't play well with beeswax. I just tried a blend of coconut wax, gb444 and stearic at 5%. I am waiting a couple more days to test. I do feel that coconut wax needs to be blended with a more viscous wax like soy to keep the wicks from slumping, which is what I have encountered with several different wick types in coconut wax. (ECO, RRD, CD, HTP) @Moonstar - I've seen coconut wax melt points listed at ~ 121-126, which is the same as gb444. However, straight coconut wax is a lot thinner than the gb444, regardless of stated melt point. It's a lot different.
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    Oh trap.... I feel your pain. It happened to me with most of my fragrances. These same fragrances are eye watering in melts. Quick test to see if my hypothesis has merit: if you put some of the wax from that candle into a melter, can you smell it? melters have a predictable temperature of melt pool. I think certain fragrances have a wick temp range required to launch them into the air effectively regardless of the melt pool size. This is why I totally disagree with the size and depth of mp being the baseline for great HT. I routinely burn a dozen candles at a time when testing. When nobody can smell a thing 'it ain't the melt pools!'. A tiny cube of my melt wax scents the entire living space in a typical melter, confirming it's got nothing to do with the melt pool size, but the temp. Rrd wicks (cotton cored) burn a little hotter near the flame with similar MP as the cd series I have been using. RRD made a HUGE difference in my first test using my dragons blood. an8 oz tin with cd16 in C3 was undetectable in my living room. I yanked the cd16 and replaced with an rrd47 and voila!!! We can smell them! They are not anywhere near what I remember from these tins, but at least I am on the right track to repair the soy change damage.
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    We burn a candle in our office all day every day, so in addition to normal testing, I also see what my candles do on a power burn. I think most of my customers are the light it and forget it types, and I wick with that in mind. To that end, I think I wick cooler than a lot of people do. Seems like the wicks I use are always a size or two smaller that what everyone else uses for the same wax/jar/FO combo. I do pre-trim to about 1/4" and my candles burn reasonably well without additional trimming. I make that a factor when testing, because I don't think most customers trim. I use FO's that work with my set up rather than trying to change things to make an FO work. That's somewhat limiting, but I don't really mind.
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    We have a possible opportunity to get into a few local boutiques ( a small local chain of 2 very popular fashion shops). The shops have requested a line sheet w/ minimums and wholesale pricing. I have no idea what that is, but I'm guessing it's a catalog of our candles with how many we'd like to buy and at what price. I need some guidance in setting a wholesale price. Our candles are 9 oz, and our cost per candle is $3.20-$3.40 each (biggest cost being shipping--dang it!). Are we undercutting if we charge $7.00 wholesale and give a suggested retail price of $12-$15? We are currently selling at a "booth rent" shop for $12 each or 2/$20. But these shops are much higher end, and this will be wholesale. Just needing some guidance. Hubby thinks we are underpricing. Picture of candle is below, just for reference..
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    How big is your trash can?
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    If you replicate God help us all. RIP Craft Server
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    Honestly, unless you are shipping their FO's you don't really need to know what the flashpoints are. They are meaningless for anything except shipping regulations, and gel candles, (but even then it's mostly because of polarity and nothing else) Flashpoint has literally LITERALLY nothing to do with when you should add FO, how much FO to add,. what temp to add FO at, NOTHING. And suppliers of all people SHOULD KNOW THIS, and stop equating flashpoint with all the other BS crap they associate it with.
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    This smells so good but doesn't have the cereal smell but I love it i got a little off center but the soap was to thick to swirl some more.
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    I made these with a locally brewed ale called Truck Stop Hone Ale. Honey Pear Cider and Apple Pumpkin Cider Mixed with Creme Brûlée. i kept out a little for the top and got glycerin rivers for the foam. All in all they came out nicely and sell,well enough. I left the Ale out for several days and shook the jar to get rid of foam. Mixed my lye in an ice bath to keep the volcano dormant. I hope to lure a couple of micro breweries into my web.😎
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    Got a last minute order for a Halloween collection of candles and came up with these label designs. Now I am awful at names and this is the best my brain came up with for names of 6 scents I will do. What should I change? Any suggestions I could use I would sure appreciate it. The caution label will have all other pertinant info on it. Thanks. Trappeur #1: This scent will be a pine.
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    I have had people come to my booth, pick up and smell almost every single thing I have and THEN tell me they can't buy because "scents give me a headache" or "I'm allergic to scents" One lady told me that, and I immediately took the soap out of her hand and said, "Oh then you probably shouldn't be handling these if you are allergic" She was shocked that I called her on her bluff. She's probably never had that happen before. I have my first show of my season this Saturday. I'll let you know any weirdo's I encounter. LOL
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    Since there have been recent posts about marshmallows I happen to go over to Rustic Esc. to order some things and oh my gosh, they have a new fragrance called "Campfire Marshmallow". They still have their original best seller called Toasted Marshmallow that so many use. I'm ordering this one .....sounds great and has more of what I am looking for with cocoa and vanilla.....Keeping my fingers crossed this will be close to what I have been trying to blend. They also have other new scents that sound really good. Just thought I would let everyone know. Trappeur
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    This is a few of the chunk tarts in that blend
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    @Jcandleattic I think your spot on when you said its an acquired taste (patchouli) About a year 1/2 ago I ordered a small bottle of dark patchouli EO , I thought Id try it just for the heck of it. OMG I was sick when I took the cap off. I even tried the tiniest bit in M&P. Ive never encountered anything that strong + gross in my life. Im talking 1 maybe 2 drops at the very most,Im not kidding you it was the strongest scent Ive ever smelled lol ! I threw it all in the garbage because it was permiating thought the whole house. I was making a sandwich the following day and my bread had that smell/taste too LMAO so I threw it out in the garbage. I think I lost a few pounds that week because the thought of that smell/taste on my food was grossing me out LOL !
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    I made a tart in Dragons Blood in the palm wax, at my old job, I had a melter in my office, and decided to put 1 (small tart out of one of the small tin molds, you know what I mean, I think the tart maybe weighed 1oz...) in my melter. I had to leave my office shortly after I turned my melter on to run across the street I can't remember for what, but literally when I came back, when the elevator doors opened to my floor, I was almost knocked over by the scent. LMFAO - umm, yeah, I got told I couldn't do that anymore, people were complaining it was so strong. The tart wasn't even completely melted... LOL Now mind you my floor we had 40 offices, that ringed the perimeter of the floor, and no matter where you went on the floor you could smell that 1 tart. HAHAH
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    Finding a great cheesecake, marshmallow and butter rum is like finding a unicorn laying down next to a pot of gold with the power ball numbers flashing over it's head. I feel your pain. . As for cheesecake, Just Scent had one that wasn't bad, I want to say it was New York Style cheesecake. My favorite marshmallow comes from Daystar, its called Marshmallow the Original (from Soap Silly); I could drink the bottle on this one. No toasted notes just sticky sweet goodness. Aztec has a toasted marshmallow, which I like, but I get no toasted notes at all. As for butter rum, you got me on that one. If you find one that smells like the lifesaver, please let me know. I wish you good luck on your search.
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    Prices of wax are based upon their raw components. Petroleum for paraffin, soybeans for soy. These are commodities and prices fluctuate based upon supply and demand. Finished candle prices are partly based upon cost and partly based upon what consumers are willing to pay as well as popularity of the items, and even by fashion and propaganda.
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    Wow, I love all those names Belinda...I think I like "Forest of No Return".....How bout this? And I did one for Ghosts..... like Barbara suggested.....So now I have to get a blueberry pie fragrance....
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    I had 2 one ounce bottles of Fall Festival from the last Lone Star ounce sale. I was on the fence about them, because their reviews of it are great, but oob I smelled a faint rotten apple scent and not much else. I went ahead and used them, and added a half ounce of cinnamon to it. I used 2 lbs of 464 and made 3 little 6 ounce candles and the rest in melts. This was 4 days ago. As I poured them, I still was not very impressed. Yesterday I sniffed one of the melts, and it did smell pretty good. i never do this, but I put it in the melter. Normally I cure my stuff for months. That melt had a powerful throw, and it smelled great! What a surprise, this never happens for me. I generally know if I don't care for something in the bottle, it's a waste of wax to try to use it. Not this time. Now I can't wait to burn the candles, but I think I will give them another week or so. The scent reminds me of walking in a store that is selling fall candles. I will have to get more of this one.
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    I need to get some flavors!! I love to make marshmallows ... although I don't know about selling food items, I'm sure there's probably some licensing that has to occur first. Not to go off-topic, but for personal and gifts, these things are great. Here's a photo of a tray before they were cut, I'll try to share more sometime in the O/T section.
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    I have wholesale accounts. My one huge apple orchard account for the life of me I swear, there is no top #1 sellers as they are all sellers. Lucky for me. I can put in any type fragrance whether it is a spa type, woodsy, baking, fruit and they are gone. As long as the name of the Apple Orchard is on the label, it sells. I have never ever seen anything like this in my life and I'm sure won't ever again. They are tourist stop, bake shop, wine tasting venue and a huge orchard that is open year round. People come up from Atlanta in bus loads headed only to this apple orchard. All different seasons they have the "pick your own apples or berries, or whatever the season is...then you pick. Also big is anything in canning jars like homemade dips, sauces, etc. They also make their own wines/hard cider....That's my next venture I've been working on to create candle fragrances in their own names in wine and ciders. Then I have another good account that is only a couple miles away and they are right down town from the apple orchard - maybe like 3 miles from one another. Now this is somewhat of a high end account and they can't sell a thing that I sell at the orchard account. And I know they get the same shoppers going to both places. Now this account sells more spa type scents with only like 3 mountain scents mixed in like Christmas Hearth that I renamed to Crackling Firewood, VBN changed to Toasted Vanilla. Its amazing how the few scents they carry are the same exact scents as the apple orchard account and only the names have been changed to reflect a different atmosphere and clientelle such as theirs. Now this shop has one of the candles burning 8 hours a day they are open and I've been there and actually seen and heard people coming right through the front door asking what beautiful scent is that in there....So her leverage there is by keeping candles going all the time. Great way to promote the candle business. And just by walking into this shop they get 2 to 3 times the amount in $$$ for pretty much (but slightly different) jars than the orchard account. Their biggest seller has been all summer and now into fall Pineapple Cilantro which was renamed to Island Pineapple, then Lux Linen, then Lemon Verbena and all those friggin wine scents....especially the Chardonnay which I can't stand to make.... I'm very upfront and honest with my clients and tell them as it is. And no one has the same jars. I make it so each account is special and they have their own look with their own jars and labels. Now another account is right down the road from my house a mile and believe me I'm way out in the sticks/boon docks..... I've even rode my horse to this store to get an ice cream......now how funny is that? This is a very pretty General corner store, a country store, very neat, clean and very warm and welcoming. They cater to the locals and in the summer they rent canoes and kayaks so they have the people who come to the mountains here and rent cabins and then of course the ones from Atlanta who have their second weekend homes they come up to for the holidays and weekends. They are pretty much like the apple orchard account and in fact I use the same canning jar but with their own label. Consistant sellers since this spring and even now into fall....Farmhouse Cider, Balsam Fir, Jolly Rancher Green Apple, Cinnamon Broom, Bananna Nut BRead, Peach Nectar, Orange Creamsicle, Coconut, Fresh Linen, Wild Mountain Honey, Lemon Biscotti, Fresh Strawberry, and even Pineapple Cilantro. Actually what ever I make for the orchard account I make extras as I know this little country store will take the rest. So these are the scents that have been selling for me. Trappeur
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    Ok, as Jc mentioned above, start with Marie Gale. She wrote a book about soap labeling, and another about Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). If you are on facebook, Modern Soapmaking, a group run by a friend of mine Kenna Cote, has many pages of how to and similar articles about starting a soaping business. the Handmade Soap And Cosmetics Guild is another fabulous resource for insurance, legal considerations, how to's, etc. and finally Indie Business Network (IBN) also handles soap maker business insurance guiding the small business owner through the ropes. When selling just soap with absolutely zero claims you do not have to register with the FDA or worry about the FDA knocking on your door. You are not even legally required to label the soap. When you do consider labels, refer to Marie Gale's books for the specific requirements. The second you make any claim or reference to XYZ ingredient smelling medicinal, or alluding to what an ingredient can do you are now a classified as drug maker by the FDA and can open yourself to a visit. If you decide to use melt and pour, or surfactants like SLS or SLSa to name but two, that is considered a cosmetic and is also governed by the FDA. Cosmetics have specific labeling requirements also. It seems like a lot to take in at first, but tackle it one step at a time and it gets easier. Before considering selling soap, please check the laws in your state and county for registering your small business and insuring. Product liability insurance and general liability insurance (offered at both IBN and HSMG) are a good idea to budget for before selling. Lots of things to budget for when starting a business. It seems overwhelming, but it is all just a cost of doing business.
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    I called them at 5:00 but they close at 4:00. I'll call them tomorrow and just come right out and ask if they have some of Tennessee's. I would think personally when a company does buy out another company it would behouve them to be honest and say either yes or no. They only stand to bring in more business to their company for people who would come to their site and buy the oils plus you know it is only going to bring them more business to sell their own supplies and oils. That is the way I look at it. Correct me if I am wrong. It would be a win win situation for them. Trappeur
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    I use the 8/9 oz flint straight sided jar with Premier Wicks. Here's a pic of our jar/label for one of our fall scents (this is Flaming's "Leaves").
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    Since I only do retail I had to look up exactly what a line sheet was. Googled some good material. https://www.handshake.com/blog/what-is-a-line-sheet/
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    I am loving the adjectives you all are using for the scents you can't stand. I have to come up with some better ones for the FO's I abhor. @Lorelei, acrid metalic vomitus underscent!
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    I sell shaving mugs I get from a local potter. She makes them special for me for my shaving soaps. They have a well in the bottom where my soaps fit just right and my company name on an applique she puts on to. They are beautiful. I have a lot of people ask me for shaving brushes too but I won't sell anything that isn't handmade by me. The shaving mugs are the only things I sell I don't make. Sooooo... I have been pondering making my own shaving brushes and looking into that. The shaving knots in badger fur can be expensive so if I do make them they won't be cheap. The handles I would commission a local woodworker to make for me if I decide to make the brushes. So I am just keeping the idea on the back burner for the time being until I feel ready to add the expense of making them... plus the time to learn and make them. Here's some photos of last years mugs. The ones I have for this year are even better but I don't have any pics of them. BTW-- TT makes some nice pottery and shared some pics of her shaving mugs in the craft section I think..