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    I know a lot of you master batch your soap stuff. The most I would premake is a triple batch that was split into different scents if needed. If there was a mistake to be made during soaping, I have made it. For procedure and comfort reasons I could not bring myself to do more. Until today. I have a small mountain of Faire stuff to make, and a wholesale account suddenly began ordering heavier and more frequently than usual, so I was wiped out of a few things. This master session was a scary big move that would only work in a single session, which happened to work out perfectly. I started the lye solution last night. Holy crap that was a lot of lye solution. It sat covered in a pail in the sink and was still over 100*F this morning 😳. Silly me didn’t go back to stir periodically so some of the lye had hard panned - which I filtered out. So, I made more lye solution and heated the filtered crystals back up with it and mixed it all together. Problem solved. First thing this morning I started melting enough oils to fill all of my tall skinny soap molds. Filled a 5 gallon pail. I don’t have a big enough scale to weigh that out so I trusted myself (hard to do when making soap. Too many big expensive mistakes made in the past. ). To mix I poured from pail to pail and broke out the squirrel mixer. That was fun. This recipe/formula will only work if the oils are completely melted and clear, and about 90-100*F, other wise the stearic in my hard oils settles too much and creates a mixing mess and stearic spots, so I cant premake this too far in advance. I reprinted my batch sheets so I could triple check each pour, and by golly the oils were perfect right down to the last grams. Made 10 varieties and it was actually kinda relaxing. I was able to keep up with the dirty dishes as I went along, no need to rush as in the past while splitting batches. I almost can’t wait to do this again tomorrow. Almost. It’s still a crap ton of work. Photos to follow. I feel much more confident About being able to keep up with restocks this way.
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    First up, Bollywood - not exactly what I wanted, but I like it. Lime Envy - Man, I cannot wait to cut this one!! And my helper! She helped create a Christmas one I didn't take a pic of, but will when I cut. She picked Home for the Holiday's, Red, Green and white for the colors, and wanted Christmas Tree embeds. She's very happy with it. (she made and poured the M&P trees)
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    Irish Pride - in the mold and cut. I liked it better before I cut it. Home for the Holidays Cut Bollywood - Christmas Spirit - Lime Envy -
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    I had my identity stolen once - my credit score went up 100 points
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    I'll have you know I haven't ordered any fragrance oils since 5/18 when EAP had their free shipping promo. Well, today I get an email from Rustic Escentuals with a $5.00 off code with a $55 purchase. The code is SUMMERSALE So I restocked a couple of coffee FO's I love, and ordered 2 bottles I've been wanting since their sample sale last year. Then I saw the shipping only went up 18 cents if I bought another 16 oz bottle, so what else could I do? Have to justify their expensive shipping. All to get a whopping $5.00 discount. But I'm a happy camper now.
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    @Trappeur, oh my! You are an angel on earth! So sorry you went through all that with Friendly. You really have a lot on your plate with all your sick/injured animals, and now the nasty skunks! You said you just can't save them all, but think of all the animals you have rescued and loved. Reminds me of one of my favorite stories...let me see if I can find it and copy it for you. One day a man was walking along the beach when he noticed a boy picking up and gently throwing things into the ocean. Approaching the boy he asked: "Young man, what are you doing?" The boy replied, Throwing starfish back into the ocean. The surf is up and the tide is going out. If I don't throw them back, they'll die. The man laughed to himself and said, " Do you realize there are miles of miles of beach and hundreds of starfish?" "You can't make any difference." After listening politely, the boy bent down, picked up another starfish and threw it into the surf, then smiling at the man, he said; "I made a difference to that one."
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    @Faerywren Hopefully @Donitawon't mind me posting these. At one time I had the words/instructions that went with the pics, but they are pretty self explanatory.
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    Pretty much I do as what KK and Sebleo said. I depend on reviews on others here who use the same wax as I use. I always read the reviews on the candle websites also but I don't trust those as much though. It especially is very interesting when I see reviews on sites where people who use the same wax as I and this one said it throws and is an awesome scent and then another person says quite the opposite. I find those reviews interesting....I have bought many a larger size bottle like the 8 and 16oz just cause it was a great deal and geesh, you just never have enough oils even if the oils start falling off the shelves when I open the cabinet doors. And it's fun too...if I can't enjoy what I'm doing and if I want to spend the $$$ on something that brings enjoyment even though I might be losing out....well...oh well...is what I say...it's my money. I don't have to answer to anyone but myself. I've even went off others reviews off the board here and bought just because so and so said it was awesome....and then I get it in wax and it stinks and I just can't imagine that the person who recommended it said it was awesome!....Well to each their own is what I say. Trappeur
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    Well color me shocked, I never would have thought so many people would buy a pound of FO without trying it first. Probably comes from me being a newbie and a hobbyist. OTOH it gives me hope that one day I will have that much confidence in my ability to pick FOs that I will buy a pound without trying a sample first. I've learned a lot from this thread. Candle making is like an onion, there are layers and layers and layers and sometimes it can make you cry.
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    Well WSP is having a store wide 20% off sale Tues June 26.... Well I better get my VBN from them on that date. And free shipping after I think its $40.00 worth....Can't miss this. Wonder what else is good from them as I don't order from them. Trappeur
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    I doubt any of us orders a one pound bottle of a FO we haven’t tried before, so at some point all of us scroll through the list of FOs on a supplier’s website trying to decide which FOs to order. Some supplier have star ratings supposedly given by their customers, I would like to think those are accurate despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Then there are the descriptions that tell us how wonderful each FO smells, I swear these people could make the emissions of an angry skunk sound like something you’d want to try. OK maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but I’m sure you know where I’m coming from. So how do you decide which FOs to try? My method is to go through all the FOs on the website and make a list of those that I might want to try, usually between 20 and 30. There are currently six list on my desk; OK I know I have a problem, but my FO addiction support group says it is OK to make list of FOs as long as you don’t buy them. So when I fall off the wagon, like I did yesterday, I decide how much I’m willing to spend and I pick that many FOs off my list. It is definitely a hit or miss proposition, but I think with this method I’ve managed to get my hit rate up to something slightly better than a blind baseball players batting average. So how do you choose?
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    Yes, I'm really actually way WAY behind. I usually start my holiday making in January/February, so they have a nice long cure, however, it just didn't happen, so I figured if it doesn't happen NOW it's not going too. My philosophy with my soaps, is if they are not made and cured by September, they don't go to market that year, so I needed to get on the ball!
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    Here's the cut of the Ghost swirled laundry soap.
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    Lol guess I still have a ok memory at age 54 now .I remember & did not forget .I have been super busy with grandkids the entire month .It's been quite the adventure to say the least . They are spoiled lil darling brats lol. I truly enjoy their company always . Grandkids are lil Blessings . Also alot of work lol 😀
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    same here. I took out all the FO, focusing on the clams I can only get from crafters choice. Seems a lot of FO are still in stock, so many people passed on the sale too... waiting for the nice 35% one that comes up once a year! Willing to co-op some of the WSP 10 lb kegs. Most are reasonably priced at 10 and 25 lbs.
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    After searching and searching....and SEARCHING....I came to the conclusion that I want SIMPLICITY! So, this is the type of label I want to do, easy in my word program. I typed one out in a matter of minutes, so this was what I came across while surfing. It looks great on white paper, so I'll print them out on the clear that I have and voila, instant labels and more time to "create". I will post a picture when I get them printed. https://madebycreativelabel.com/clear-product-labels/clear-product-labels-bathsugars/
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    Depends. If it sounds intriguing and the price is not outrageous, I will order a full pound and forego the sample size. It's rare, but I do do that, and was really bad about doing that when I first started out (of course back then typical price was right around $11 a lb. LOL) I look at the notes - base, middle and top, and see what they consist of. If they are the notes in an FO I am looking for and if they sound intriguing enough, I will put it in my cart. For me, it is really based on what *I* think my customer base will like because even though I have repeat customers, I honestly only have like 5-6 fragrances that I repeat over and over. Otherwise everything else is either a blend I have created or a 1 and done type of scent.
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    Haha! I have some FOs from FB and Aztec. I also have a 'wishlist' of oh, 21 different companies 🤣 Cajun's is one I haven't checked out yet though.
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    I'm making notes about notes I need to make
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    Whether it's this system or another, having a system is something I aspire to. Thanks for a peek into yours.
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    I'm going to tape this to my forehead. A philosophy that applies to more than wicks, I think.
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    I started out with a presto pot - and still use mine, but more for wax melts so I don't need to melt as much wax for wax melts. I have also used the presto pot if I needed to do demonstrations or a class. I do like them and you may want to consider getting two due to their affordability. Another plus with two is while you are using one, you can have the other going to start melting the wax for another batch you need to pour later. Going with a bigger melter you need to ask yourself how often will you need a bigger melter. For example, are you needing a bigger one just for speed of melting wax or because you are expecting to do a bigger volume of candle making in the next weeks and months? I did go with a bigger melter but that was because a few years back I opened a candle gift shop and used a portion of the shop as my work shop. I knew I would need a bigger volume wax melter due to needing to make more candles to not just stock the shop, but to keep up with e-commerce and other wholesale orders. There are some good LARGE wax melters - with hefty prices via candlewic and candlesandsupplies candle suppliers. My advice, if you are slowly growing, stick with the presto pots. Two melters may be better and more of what you need - especially if you have the space. Also consider better managing your time when melting the wax. I get that you are preparing for candle making while it melts, but presto pots can hold a steady temperature for hours (I would never have them running over night). So perhaps consider turn it on and fill it up first thing, and then answer an email or two or make your phone calls, then go back to making candles. This is one thing I do to help better manage my time - get my to do list and fill up my wax melter first thing in the morning, then do 1 hour (or more) of computer work, and then in the afternoon have non-stop uninterrupted candle making time. Once done with making candles only then I check and follow up with emails, social media questions, and phone calls. Good luck!!! Michelle
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    Grandkids really are the best 😘
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    That looks like a direct heat melter. What I discovered when I had one is that it created very hot wax at the bottom while the top 2/3 of the melter remained solid. It scorched beeswax which needed only 145 to melt. For volumes of wax I much prefer water jacket melters. The heat is more evenly distributed around all of the kettle surfaces. A presto pot is also direct heat, but heats a much smaller mass. How much wax are you looking to melt at one time?
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    Hoo boy. I'm still testing and working things out, but it's exceptionally hard not to just buy everything from every recommended supplier on here. Ideally my main suppliers would be Nature's Garden, Wholesale Supplies Plus and Bulk Apothecary due to my proximity to them, but actually going to the places is difficult due to them not being open on weekends 😭 Nonetheless I'm currently very pleased with Brambleberry, Flaming Candle, Texas Candle Supply and Candle Cocoon. I'm rather fond of NG, WSP and Candle Science as well, but I only have a handful of fragrance oils from them. Need more to form a solid opinion of course, lol. I just splurged on a bunch of samples from Lone Star from their sale. After I test out the candles I made I'll see how I feel about them. It is waaay too fun collecting different scents.