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    Connecting the publicly available dots, back in December of 2016 she incorporated National Fragrance Corporation. Then that was followed up by forming Peak Fragrance Company, an entity within National Fragrance Corporation. So it is is easy to see that the plan to form a new fragrance company was in motion for a long while before the sudden closure of Peak Candle Supply. It is also very possible that "National Fragrance Company" holds all of the fragrance codes, licensing them for whatever period of time to Keystone or anyone else they please. It is possible keystone purchases the fragrances directly through the new National Fragrance Company or Peak. Who knows how their business model is set up. I don't particularly care. As someone who worked a couple of decades in a former life through many mergers, acquisitions, liquidations, etc. the dots are simple to connect. The original brand entity, Peak Candle Supply, liquidated its inventory assets through Keystone Candle Supply. A new venture called Peak Fragrance Company was formed, and is using its own original codes now held by the new mother brand. All of this drama could have been prevented had it not been for the public outbursts on social media. All brands associated with this are now stained, including the vulture fragranciers who looked to cash in on the closing. All Peak had to do was announce that their Candle Supply line of business was closing. Anyone who shopped there knew for over a year THAT was coming. Geez, those continuous, long and catalog-wide stock outs were a dead giveaway. They could have prevented the panic by ensuring the plan to keep supplying their unique fragrances would continue and provide a pathway for their customers to continue. instead, we all know what happened. And it caused a service disruption within their customer base. For some it was as devistating as when EcoSoya suddenly without sufficient warning stopped supplying their wax, then missing promised deadlines only to show up to market with a sub par product. Everyone learned a valuable Economics 101 lesson: Availability of substitutes. There are other waxes. There are other fragrance providers. We will survive, it is just uncomfortable for a time as we test and adapt. The memory of the discomfort stays pretty fresh in our minds forever though. Once brand trust is gone, it is expensive to restore, if it even can be restored at all.
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    OH MY GOODNESS! This is already rubbing me the wrong way! I have spoke to Keystone several times and yes they purchased what I thought was exclusive rights to all coding for Peaks FO.... The really messed up part of this is how honest and hardworking the owner of Keystone is and now we all of the sudden see another Peak website pop up out of the blue????? Only this time Peak Fragrances? WHAT?!?! Holy smokes! I will be contacting them tomorrow to make sure that they are aware of this! I am so sad for her! At bare minimum I would DEMAND that they change their name COMPLETELY!!! That's such bulls**t! Wow..... Just wow!!!! I seriously hope that we all band together and make it very known that the people at Keystone are extremely honest, hard working people and THEY deserve our business and they have been the ones working their tail feathers off trying to get us some of our favorite FO's from Peak. Ugh! I'm sooooo.... MAD! ๐Ÿ˜ก Vent over.......... Sorry everyone just don't like slimy people!
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    My last craft show of the year as a vendor is this weekend, and I just finished day 1. By the end of the day, I am exhausted, but in a good way. It was a very good day, and I had to scramble to see if I had anything here a the house that I could fill in the gaps with, because I did so well. By far my biggest seller was a mix of my own making that I called The Scottish Moors. It's a mix of Celtic Storm, a touch of Embargo, with a bit of Cool Water and Duck Farts (LOL - an Aztec scent, I always change the name - it's like a fruity water scent) I had 15 bars of that this morning and all I have left is the unwrapped "sniffer" bar. There is no second place that I could tell, I'll have to tally tomorrow when it's over, because it was all over the place and few of almost everything sold. For candles, also no clear winner, as all of my 16oz jars sold, and I only have a handful of 5 oz jars left. And was too tired to make more tonight to take tomorrow. (I'm too old to pull all nighters anymore!! LOL) I didn't take any bath bombs with me, because right now the market is saturated with them, and I didn't want to just be another booth that offered them, however, to fill my booth for tomorrow I am taking some, so my booth doesn't look so empty. LOL I'll let y'all know how I do tomorrow when it's over.
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    Well, the good news is I'm going to need to make soap every weekend until next September to be able to fill my tables at the shows next year. I sold out of almost everything, and only had 2 boxes to bring home with me. The ONLY thing I didn't sell one thing of, was a soap I made with a mix that had Asian Sandalwood in it (and I cannot for the life of me remember what I mixed it with, will have to look up my batch notes) Bad news, I am freaking exhausted!! LOL I'm so glad I had the foresight to take tomorrow and Tuesday off. I swear. I don't think I could have made it to work tomorrow feeling the way I feel right now. Plus I have laundry and cleaning to do that I normally do on the weekend that didn't get done since I wasn't home. I will have to tally my records tomorrow also, but I think I'm very close to 20-25x my booth fee. YAY
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    Not to drag on this thread, the only thing I can say is I personally spoke to the owner of Keystone and she told me that she DID buy the codes for Peaks oils and the oils they are carrying and will carry are NOT dupes but will be made from the codes. Trappeur
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    I thought I would share some Kodak moments of my cat Munchkin who has been sitting in the same spot at the counter for over 5 hours watching me make candles...Geesh, what patience a cat has.......She sits at the counter with her legs crossed, falls asleep there with her legs crossed and eats there like a human being mind you....Now she knows better than to be sitting on top of the counter when I turned my back...oh well....Been a while since I put up any pictures of my animals so took a break and took some pictures....Everyone talks about their kids...I talk about my kids (my cats...).lol Thanks for letting me share......Trappeur
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    I've been playing around with blending 4630 & 6006. Some of my scents that are great in 4630 but duds in 6006 will throw in a blend of the two. The good throwers aren't really any stronger with the addition of 4630, just that more FO's will potentially work with the blend. I've played around with it for a few weeks now, and initially I was happy with it. The last few days, not so much. I revisited some candles I had tested several weeks ago. They are 50/50 4630 & 6006, so roughly 15% soy. I am finding they burn significantly different now than they did a week after they were poured. I didn't think the cure time would matter so much with so low a percentage of soy. At a 5-7 day cure, they burn more like 4630. At a 3-4 week cure, they burn more like 6006.....so the wicking that I thought was pretty well dialed in is no longer up to snuff. I've thought on it for a couple of days. This morning I woke up and said to myself....why am I bothering with this mess? I can make great candles with either wax on its own. Maybe, if you factor in the fact that a few more scents will throw with this blend than 6006 alone, then maybe there is a small benefit to blending. But at the end of the day, in my very humble opinion, nothing beats the ease of 4630. So what I need to do is ditch the 6006 entirely and go back to 4630. Which is what I am going to do. Unless I change my mind.
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    Candybee remember what you said you use for a Christmas blend with Balsam fir, candy cane, peppermint and vanilla?? Well I'm doing the blend now. You pretty much went 50/50 from your post. I did the q tip test and omg......love love this blend of yours. But the candy cane and peppermint for me takes over pretty much the pine. And also I ran out of the balsam fir so I bought a couple of pounds a couple weeks ago of BC "A northwoods christmas" which I'm using till I get the balsam from Fillmore. Northwoods Christmas is a blend of pine and I think it is cranberry but I have never smelled anything but the rich pine so I'm using this. So what I've done is 50% northwoods, 20% candy cane, 20% North pole (Peppermint from Flaming) and 20% VBN from Flaming....omg....this is to die for! Thankyou so very very much....omg this is going to be a favorite of mine. I already ordered my labels and named it "Snow Farm"....Can't wait! It's going into 2 shops I sell to. See my label? thanks so much! Trappeur
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    Either way I'm still buying my so called "Peaks" oils from Keystone.
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    That address is the address they were in 15 years ago, when they first came to Colorado. Or at least, very close to where they were located. They were here in Colorado for several years (I think almost 8 years) before they opened a second location in PA. So, what, now they are back? And I was under the impression (as was everyone involved) that he sold the manufacture codes to the original fragrances to Keystone, so who will have the real deal (if this is in fact the same as Peak Candle Supply - who btw on Facebook said he just wouldn't be able to pull it together to make it happen) I thought only 1 person could be the "owner" of the fragrance codes, but I really am not 100% sure on how all that works. If that's the case, these can't be the originals. I don't see anything listed on the site posted, so? IDK. I'm over Peak, Keystone, and this. As someone else said, there are too many great oils elsewhere to have to deal with this headache inducing bulls*&%&*t - malarkey.
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    I don't know a thing, I saw that on FB this morning. Checked the website and saw they have 2 fragrances listed so far. The whole thing is just gives me a bad vibe.
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    While I was mucking my stalls the other day analogies were running through my head. Imagine waxes on a molecular scale to be like balls. Paraffin wax is generally like a ping-pong ball. Soy wax is like a base ball. Beeswax is like a bowling ball. Now imagine you are trying to get and keep a ball in the air by blowing through a straw. How much effort would it take to blow a ping-pong ball into the air? Pretty easy right? A coffee straw would do the trick with little effort from your lungs. How much effort would it take to blow that baseball into the air? A lot more right? And probably a bigger straw to keep enough air moving to prevent it from falling back on your face. Finally that bowling ball. How big of a straw and how hard would you have to blow to get that into the air at all let alone keep it there? Those straws you're blowing through are the wicks. The force that you have to blow is the heat energy applied to the fuel. We can't expect to keep a baseball in the air using the same straw we used for the ping-pong ball. So we can either use a bigger straw Or lighten the baseball so it's more like a ping-pong ball.
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    Please don't take this as me being a jerk, but have you done a forum search? There are tons of threads on this very topic, with lots of great info. Also, many suppliers have tutorials on this. WSP, RE, and NG all do, just to name a few.
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    Lol at Kat......So you don't detect any hillbilly in the fragrance Kat? So let me ask you this....lol...What should we be looking for? I mean, what does a hillbilly smell like anyways? lol Trappeur PS: I know for a fact we're loaded with Hillbillies where I live....
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    I know all my soaps are looking the same but I know what I need to change now. Ed Hardy cut
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    Still hoarding my Flowerbomb from Moonsworks this one does not discolor.
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    I call mine Holly Jolly Apple during the holiday season ,works for me ๐Ÿ˜€
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    It just NEVER FAILS! I just CAN'T do it! WHY!!!!? I'm SMART... I'm WELL READ... But I just CAN'T READ Cracklin Birch Without FIRST reading Cackling Bitch... <---- 100% failure rate right there! (Best DAMN name I've EVER SEEN!) Oh and BTW: beautiful soap -Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services.
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    I know what you mean about viscosity. Some thicken over time, to almost syrup. But that is not how to measure the candle performance of FO. The aromachemicals in the FO determine how well it will throw for you. Some are very volatile and get into the air quickly (lemon, Sage). Others will take a lot more effort (vanillas, patchouli, spices, etc).
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    I too was over and bought some Peak oils and spoke with Pam. She reassured me that she did buy the codes and will be carrying their oils.
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    I am addicted to Peak's Black Canyon and will buy it where ever it is available. That's one oil that I have never been able to duplicate or find at another supplier. And I am extremely grateful that the Craftserver forum is still active. The long-time members of this forum have contributed so much to newcomers, never hesitating to give valuable info along the way without flipping the finger at a newcomer while claiming proprietary issues like some other forums. I want to give thanks to various members that have helped me throughout the years but there's just to many of them to list without missing someone so I will move forward and focus on the crafts that I love..........candles, B&b, etc. Whatever the issues are/were with Peaks, I have to express my heartfelt thanks to Alan, Nachelle and their staff for the many years of service and guidance. Where ever their lives take them, I wish them well.
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    I am recovering from a cold and can't really smell anything right now but, I am working on an order of air fresheners and M& P soap. The air fresheners are 1. lavender, and 2.cranberry/pine mix. The soap is nag champa. My hubby wondered what the GOOD? smell was. I told him it was cranpineberrynagender.
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    I would fill the cookie sheet with water, weigh the water, then multiply the result by whatever the specific gravity is for that wax. Example, if the cookie sheet holds 2 lbs of water, typical soy wax has a specific gravity of 0.89 or so (googled specific gravity of EcoSoya wax). 2 lbs times .89 = 1.78 lbs of wax. You can get closer with grams, but you get the idea.
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    For my fire starters I use a 1oz or 2oz paper portion cup (I sell those in my day job lol..) Pack in some wood shavings then fill it up with old left over candle wax, or failed tests!! If I don't have any wood shavings...I just shred up all my old letters and threats from the CRA (Canadian equivalent of the IRS), put those in the containers and burn them...gives me a great sense of satisfaction!! LOL..
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    I just called Keystone and spoke to Pam the owner and asked the questions we are all wondering about as I would like to get a couple things from them . She said she knew about Peaks opening back up and there was nothing she could do about it. She said anyone can duplicate fragrances. She said she did in fact buy all the codes from Peaks so these will always be the original formulas Peaks had. I even told her that I noticed some of Peaks oils that she has listed on her site are more expensive than the new Peaks site and some she had cheaper than the new Peaks site. She said she went by the prices of what Peaks charged her when she bought everything. Too bad....I think she got screwed on this deal. But she was so very nice. She is going to work on getting prices lower and she always has free shipping on over 49.00. She said her wax will have free shipping but when you look at the prices of her wax which will be up on her site next week the prices will include the shipping. So that is the scoop on this deal from what she said. Well, I'm going to place an order for some things. She said 95% of the Peaks oils are on the site now....just a few missing. Trappeur
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    I placed a pre-order last week and the owner called me yesterday to get my payment information. Right now, I will just stick with Keystone. As mentioned above they have been working their butts off trying to get everything straightened out and then this?!! Wow! It probably isn't any of my or our business but I sure would like to know what the owner of Keystone thinks about this!
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    I've lost all the respect I had for Peaks. I understand family hardships but this whole thing from the way they closed forward has been downright sketchy! Honesty goes a long way in my book.
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    I wouldn't doubt if they cruise this board !!
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    I love Pilgrims' Pie. It's a real Primitive scent if that makes sense. I also love their gingerbread, apple dumpling, Christmas cabin, christmas memories, Clove, Kickin Cocoa, Pumpkin Apple Butter, Sugar Cookie Brรปlรฉe , Christmas wassail, Orange clove, Pumpkin crunch cake, Snicker doodle latte, and Trick or Treat for Fall/Winter.
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    Candlewic - just called and asked because I need some wicks, but now will try to hold off because they are having a Black Friday Sale too. She didn't know what would be included in the sale though. Oh man....at least 3 of my suppliers are having Black Friday sales. Don't know if that's good or bad.
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    Well, I've been up since 4:30 making candles....got 60 done..phew! Munchkin is still sitting on the same bar stool as she sat through her breakfast and now lunch and now I need to go an deliver an order. Now isn't this the laziest cat you ever saw eating?
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    I will not look. I will not look. I will not look.
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    I don't think I've ever let a loaf sit this long before cutting! Over two weeks! It's just been that crazy! Here is the Cracklin birch all sliced up. I'm so pleased with the swirl. I know the photo is terrible, but it's a lovely warm tan with red and yellow hangar swirls. I also got around to wrapping some for the craft show next weekend. Center is my Lovespell blend, back left is Polo Black and back right is Chanel 5. Again, apologies for the bad quality. ๐Ÿ˜ mamma needs a new iPad!
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    You all have been great at suggestions that I really studied and came up with this. I combined names that everyone threw out and came up with these 2 labels? What do you think? I showed the labels to my sister and a couple friends and they just love them. I do too! Thanks everyone! The Winter Wonderland will be Candybees blend of Pine, Peppermint, Candy Cane and Vanilla The Jolly Holly Frosty will be Hollyberry. Thanks! Trappeur
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    I think "soy candle" is probably the better choice. First, because soy crops are not completely natural. Second, I think you use UV additive. So, probably better to leave the "natural" to the minds of the consumer. Also, our the f/o's we use aren't natural. It's a delightful and simple design, very sweet.
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    When she closed up for the last time she shared what each scent was and where she got it. I don't remember seeing that one, but it could be listed somewhere... this is the page from the wayback machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20130214060453/http://moonworkscollection.com:80/item_38/Scarlet-Moon--FP200.php it sounds right up my alley. you can also call PFO, and ask if they will do a special buy. If enough people want it they will have it made and bring it in.
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    Those divots (on the cups and tarts) are a direct cause of cooling too fast. They won't do this if they are covered for 15-30 mins and poured as low as you can possibly pour. As for the dip, To be very frank, it typically doesn't level out on its own until around 50 percent container wax, maybe even 60. That may or not be possible and still get them to release. It's all very much a balancing act between the release and the look of the tops. but I've gotten some very soft waxes to release when blended, including 4627. It just takes lots of work in blending, patience and testing.
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    My guess is ... of course they do! To tell you the truth, I bet it is still the medium of choice among many candle makers. I make soy candles and gel candles, but I'm never without some good old "regular wax" around for novelty candles, pillars, votives. For me, coconut is too expensive; beeswax also for that matter, plus I think you need to have more patience than I do to work with it (although I do use it for lip balms); and I won't use palm wax -- so soy, gel, paraffin are my main waxes.
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    Yesterday I made some more wax melts in a few different fragrances + Ill do a few more Sunday night. Thats about all I can handle. I used WSP Christmas Wreath really like this one and Spiced Cranberry BCN. Ive had WSP Hot Cocoa + their Marshmallow in a bottle - I used 4 oz of HC +2 oz marshmallow + added about 1 oz of the Daystar Marshmallow Original Belinda sent me ( thanks Belinda) I plan on using this blend in some vintage enamel camp mugs so I'll have more than plenty of my blend for that + enough for wax melts for gifts. Even though my sons graduated from school I still plan on sending his old teacher + paras Christmas gifts. They don't call them Special Needs teachers for nothing. These people have very challenging jobs yet their pay + benefits are always being chipped away at Makes no sense to me. Anyhow, they have become like family to me. I tried pouring Daystar's Vanilla Delicious again to see if Ive changed my mind - Nope , I still don't like it. It smells like play dough to my nose + overly sweet at the same time. Sunday, I'll work on Fillmore's Christmas Tree + Nutmeg + Ginger.
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    Now that I'm pondering all this, maybe I'll mix the KY 133 with some GW 415 and IGI 4630, and see what I come up with. It'll be a Frakentart! ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†
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    I was with Peak when I first started making candles about 10 - 12 years ago (not quite sure). They were my first supplier and just about the only one around. But after all this crap, I will never buy from Peak or Alan again. I didn't like the way they just closed the doors, especially at the start of the busy season. Don't trust him and there are others duplicating his fragrances, so if they are even close, I will keep the fragrances in stock.....if not, I will drop them from my line. I am tired of Alan's playing games!!!
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    You should be in one of the FB groups! Where one person is duping some and a supplier as well and just egging stuff on. Sure is a supplier I'll never order from again. I ordered from them once when they first started and their oils were about par to me. But they were great about butting in when someone was looking for an oil. Think they tried to get in all the groups they could. Like a soap opera!!
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    To me it looks like you have to create an account to see anything on that site, and I haven't done that, but it seems weird the blog post would be from Alan, when it's Nachelle that opened the site, and the business in her name, etc.,? I just don't get any of it, and am left scratching my head, so I'm done with the whole thing. None of it makes sense. None of it was done with ANY level of professinalism. None of it resembles a well run business.
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    Keystone Candle Supple bought Peak inventory including codes for their fragrance oil. They have a website that should be updated with Peak oils, and they will be labeled as Peaks, ready for ordering very soon from post on Face Book. Some have called in to order and they have been placed.
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    HTP wicks are AWESOME in 4630. I mean, seriously. And I've tried a lot of wicks. I can't believe none of your suppliers recommended them. I thought they were the go-to wick for 4630.
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    During early ugly Facebook rants she mentioned they were close to reopening. Then it all fell through. Dirty pool if keystone foots the bill to take over, and has direct competition from the original source.
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    I have never bought anything from before, and I certainly don't plan to now. This sounds like the most unprofessional company. I'm sure their oils were great, but a lot of great vendors have great oils. And with Keystone offering the former Peak oils, it seems pointless to throw in with this company now. Just IMO!
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    Mahogany Spice might be one you don't judge by sniffing. It blooms in wax and is pretty nice ... different and more all-seasons perhaps. Fall and winter will work well. Peppermint and Cypress comes out almost straight mint, but there's a bit of freshness with it that doesn't just scream peppermint. Sorry I cannot remember what Holiday Sparkle or maybe it was Holiday Frost was like. I have a few others we've not used.
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    Thanks you! I've been there once before to pick up an order, it was pouring rain, my aunt was with me, and we were pressed for time so it was a bit of an adventure! I'll have my kids with me this time, they do NOT like it when I start sniffing samples, lol. They hate it even more when I start asking them to snif! I looked at the Snowflake, does it smell like cold air? I feel like a lot of the snow fragrances are just dressed up mint. I think Mad Oil's Snow Witch is the best snow fragrance ever, and I haven't been able to find anything else like it.
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    Ok, Im going to fill you all in on a little secret. Im a big rig truck driver when not making candles for fun. Thats how I pay my bills and how my daughter is going to college. The single biggest customer for my company for the longest time was Yankee Candle. We had the sole contract for all of North America to haul their candles to retail stores, and then lump inside. This was the case up until a few years ago when the candle industry moved away from dry van shipping. (In laymans terms, thats just a regular everyday trailer) Why they did you ask? Because too many of their candles would melt en route and damage claims were through the roof in warmer climates. So, the big candle companies set into motion a new plan and tactic of shipping the candles cross country. From that point on, most candles, including ALL of Yankee Candles products, are now shipped via reefer trailer. Reefer trailers are "refridgerated" trailers that can maintain sub-zero temps or whatever temp the shipper requests. Thats the secret to how candles of all viscosity, whether soft or firm, are shipped and do not melt.