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    This is the first time in my life I can recall people bitching and complaining about speedy service. Everything comes with a price. Other suppliers don’t permit you to change your order AT ALL let alone provide the 15 minute window. I think we’re getting this blown out of proportion. Having worked for large manufacturers and distributors I understand there are limitations written into the software to ensure business processes are streamlined. If a box is already shrink wrapped on a pallet on the truck it is ridiculous for us to expect them to break down that pallet to find one box. Let’s be real here. Multiply this one isolated incident with the hundreds of orders that come in a day and suddenly they’re not meeting delivery requirements. Then everyone will moanand groan that candle science is too slow. Procedures must be adhered to in order to protect the business. The customer service person was simply following orders for her position. I’m sure they would welcome a look at their procedures along with a nice price increase to offset the new costs and losses.
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    Hey guys! We just launched five new fragrance oils you should check out, Tomato Leaf, Lush Linen, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Grapefruit & Mint, and Bamboo and Coconut. These five fragrance oils have a 1 oz sample bottle sale at 0.99¢, running through this week.
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    My own. The craziness started with a gift candle in a ceramic bowl. Loved it so much I now make my own crockery for candles. here’s a medium sized one still wet on the wheel that I just threw from stoneware. It will be about 7- 8” wide when done.
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    Finally got this made, but can never stick with a solid design that I like. Was going for branches in green and got too much sun on the top perhaps. Ignore the background though. These still need to go through a background erase.
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    You mean the cars are driving past your house? Hurry!! ... get out there ... set up some tables, put up a sign "Get Your Candles Here!"
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    The most important thing to know about your business is your own lane. I often find your posts audacious, as if you really don’t understand the purpose of this forum. We are a collective of makers, not flippers. I, and many of my close friends, DO make a living solely from our hand made products. It is most definitely possible. The thought of buying from some rando supplier for cheap overseas to flip to people who assume we are the makers is offensive, especially when you consider that the ingredients are potentially risky and will require testing to ensure safety. How many of us have our own analysis lab to ensure no lead, arsenic, or whatever is in our bath products? I wish you well, but please do not use this forum to peddle snake oil info. Know your lane. This type of thread is not it.
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    I have an old school supplier like that. Glass bottles from this particular place require more protection, and have a max of 6# per shipping box. They ship fedex, so it makes no sense for me to order fewer than 6 because the shipping will be the same for 1# as 6#. could also be a strategy to get people to order more to make their average order size worthwhile. The bubble wrap and risk are higher than PET. ETA, for glass to ship safely, it needs an absurd amount of dunnage to qualify for insurance from the shipper. If you have a few empty glass 1lb bottles, fill them with water, pack into a smaller box as if being shipped by more economical means. Then drop the box from shoulder height to a concrete floor a couple of times. This imitates the automated packing lines of most shippers. After one or two drops the bottle will shatter. No shipper will pay out insurance unless the bottles are packed according to the DOT rules complete with a minimum amount of packing material between the items and box sides.
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    In the end the cheapie is less spendy than fiddling with a cardboard box, Tissue, external lights, etc. and it folds into a little thing you can travel with. How about the next thread we talk we talk about taking and editing photos?
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    I have sold so many Eucalyptus & Spearmint candles. Not my personal favorite but others sure like it. The Coco Mango is special to me. Last summer, my Granddaughter, Great granddaughter and I went on a trip to Ohio. Our first destination was the Nature's Garden store in Wellington, Amish country. I had a list of fragrances to sniff, and not enough time to sniff them all. Coco Mango wasn't even on the list, but my granddaughter picked up a sample and sniffed it and really liked it and I did too. When we got to our hotel that night, the room smelled musty or something, so I swiped a little Coco Mango on a light bulb and put some on a tissue on the table between our beds. Our room soon smelled so nice! So from now on, I'll associate the smell of my Coco Mango candle with the lovely trip I took with my granddaughter and her 2 year old daughter. We had a lovely time.
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    I was doing some testing the other day and it dawned on me, that I do things COMPLETELY different. When I need to test wicks, I pour 1 jar with my wax/fo/dye combo as usual with NO wicks. Once the wax is fully cured, I drill a hole out for the wicks. I cut the tab off the wick, place in the hole, heat gun it a second to fill the small bitty void, trim and light. You can now test one size, if it does not work, level the top off, pull the wick that didn't work out, replace with another size and test again. I've done this for years, and it makes testing SO much faster and easier. Bruce Campbell from Wicks Unlimited taught me this years ago. I have saved so much time and money it's probably not funny. I hate testing wicks, so this method goes fast and is very easy on resources.
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    I think once I use up all the stock on this I'll cry. It's not a favorite of mine, but it is for our customers. I don't know that anyone has one, and at some point, I should probably look. When I think of an old house I think of some of the old massive supports or tattered and faded wallpapers, so I have a method I use that I guess is called a crumble press, which allows for a mosaic, old/rustic look. It's unforgiving though and requires a lot of pressure to get the air out and sometimes holes and slight cracks happen.
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    Now is your chance to stock up on all the fragrances you’ve wanted to try! All 1 oz fragrance oils are just 99¢ starting now, til midnight EST, March 16th. Shop All Fragrance Oils
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    Well, here is my entry for a beautiful mushroom Pam......lol I took this picture on Nov. 18, 2007 and have saved it all these years....don't know why.....but I did. I think at the time I DID think for a mushroom it was a biggun and real pretty. Back then, I used to use dye in my waxes. This wax is C3. Trappeur
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    GB/Akosoy have been horrible for well over a year. Their other blends(444 and 415 specifically) vary wildly from lot to lot. Side by side tests vary consistently by several wick sizes. I test naked wax in tins with wicks from the same bag side by side by side, so the variables are very limited. The ONLY variation is the wax itself. One contributing factor that i can pinpoint using 415 is the moisture levels in “fresh” wax. When a case sits open for a year or longer quite a few of the inconsistencies start to fall more into line with what I would expect, but the throw is still not what it used to be. Who can afford to prebuy a years worth of wax and hope for the best? Ako fell behind with production and is pumping it out as ast as they can. We were informed about moisture in the lines last fall by Candlescience, after being pressed about other issues, but geez, where was the announcement about it? We have all wasted countless $$ trying to make this awful wax perform well enough to stay in business. It has to smell to sell. I’ve had to make a switch to other wax blends this year. Those soy waxes just underperform every time. I thought it was just me and a lack of skill using soy wax (though I have over a decade of successful chandling experience, lol). To compare, buy lots of candles made with that wax from other chandlers who claim it works well, and lo and behold there’s zero throw and the burns are not good. So it’s not just you and me.
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    Ditto that. I've noticed that sometimes it even comes down to WHERE you are burning the candle
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    If you haven't made a candle yet all of your cost should be considered your initial investment and once your business starts making money you should be trying to get a return on that investment plus pay yourself a reasonable wage. Normally in a new business you would not expect any return on your investment for a couple of years, and you would be lucky if you can pay yourself during that time.
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    I beg to differ with you on this mate. Branding is not more important than your product. IN MY OPINION branding and product development should be paired together 50/50. Of course, I dont have any scientific or hard evidence to support this claim so I wont give it an arbitrary 95% claim of anything to back my argument up with. Of course, do what you will with your own products. If branding to you is more important than your product then thats entirely up to you. But I strongly urge you not to pass off your own opinions as facts to others without solid evidence of said claims. A lot of these new folks joining this board may take that information and run with it and potentially do more harm than good. I suggest if you want to help people, lay it out in a way that it is your opinion on the matter and nothing more. Just my $.02 on this topic. Moving along now
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    Etsy didn't work for me, but I think Etsy could work well for some people given a few important factors. Some things I noticed: 1. The competition on Etsy is intense, and simply getting seen by customers is hard, especially if you don't have the startup funding to pay for bumped ads. Then even when you do get seen by shoppers, there are already so many heavily established shops with lots of orders and reviews, that enticing customers to give yours a try is a very tricky tightrope walk. For example, if your prices are average, then most customers choose competition that is more established. If your prices are too low, though, then most customers assume the quality of your products must be poor. If your prices are too high, then only the rare customer who is both adventurous and with lots of money to burn, and who equates higher prices with higher quality, will consider giving you a try. Getting off the ground is difficult. 2. All of this means that your marketing really needs to be on point, especially for something like a fragrance-oriented item, since people can't smell it through their monitors. It's important to know your target customer demographic and offer them a fantasy as much as a product. This includes everything from the aesthetic quality and theme of your photos (rustic, goth, high fantasy, classy, etc), to the way you describe the scents (story driven, fantasy driven, bold and direct, etc), to whether or not you play up the ingredients used in the products. It was easy for me to eyeball the quality of many items, just because I know how they are made, and even to recognize when a seller was fibbing a bit about something (or was new to their craft and had been tricked by a supplier), such as those claiming a product had "real vanilla essential oil." Or, something like an item with real "sandalwood essential oil" yet a $6.00 price. Similarly, there were "tells" when something was made with merely cheap fragrance oils, yet the seller was using weasel wording to make it sound like something so much more. The ones who were still successful, though, were the ones who understood the importance of fantasy and marketing. Their customers were thrilled all the same, and so long as the less-than-forthright descriptions weren't putting anyone in potential danger from product use, frankly these sellers had accomplished a job well done. These were sellers whose creative talent when far beyond the actual products they were selling. From the marketing to the packaging to the descriptions and any extra touches. For example a customer buying something such as a fantasy fairy potion, not a high quality perfume. Was it literally some fragrance oil and carrier oil, put into a bottle likely ordered from Amazon or AliExpress? Yes. Was the customer loving their fantasy item? Yes. So hey, gotta give credit where its due. These sellers knew how to make their target customers happy. 3. Customer psychology plays a huge role in everything. If your shipping would normally need to be $7 for a $10 item, most shoppers won't touch it. On the other hand, change the item price to $20 with FREE SHIPPING, and suddenly you'll get some customers lining up. It doesn't have to make logical sense, just has to appeal to the age of Amazon shopper psychology.
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    I worked on my 1st loaf today - I tried to copy the ocean layered soap Hawaiian Breeze layered design. While my colors are off and I still need to work on my swirls at least I learned how to layer. Hopefully the pic didn't come out huge....
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    More fragrance changes the dynamics of the candle system. It lowers melt point, for starters. You could achieve the same by adding another liquid oil for much less $$. Before tossing in more fo, which could cause other problems, like sooting, id change wicks and see if that fixes the throw. In my waxes often a slightly bigger (not necessarily hotter, just able to consume more wax) wick makes all the difference in the world. ETA, some fragrances actually inhibit the burn, meaning more of the problematic fragrance only compounds the problem wasting more $.
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    My go to vanilla for years is CC Vanilla Voodoo. Trappeur
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    Does anyone have the number for the FO addiction support group?
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    This ^^^ I just placed an order with one of my EO suppliers. I forgot an EO and contacted the company right away. They were able to add it, but if they hadn't, it would have been okay. I don't expect to be able to add to an order once it's been processed. We live in a different world now where everything is electronic. Back in the day, we could have added to our order that we would normally would be waiting for A LOT longer, right? It's just the way things are, and one of the costs of doing business is absorbing our mistakes. It's really on us to make sure we are keeping accurate inventory records and making sure we have our order lists double checked before we order. (Ask me how I know LOL) It's a bummer that this happened, but I really don't think CS is under any obligation to do anything.
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    At least for my 8oz tureens I solved my problem of not being able to center my wicks, as a bonus I could wick a large patch quickly with this device. I just made a hole in the lid, inserted the PVC pipe, centered it, and glued it in place; I mashed the little tabs that allow the lid to screw on so that now it just lifts off. The PVC pipe has the same diameter as the wick tab there isn't much room for error. This concept would work for any container where you could get the lid on and off quickly and drill a hole in it big enough for the PVC pipe.
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    I don't make candles but, uh, yanno, WHERE she left them "uncovered" for a month might be an important bit of info... Like, when one of my customers was telling me that my soap was really weakly scented, covered in orange dots (I had a FLIP'N HEART ATTACK at that one), and they didn't want to use it to try it out... Me: "(Wait... whut?)" "You didn't try it?" Customer: "No, it smells a little gamy, like used cooking oil or someth'n..." Me: "I'll get you fresh bar, but can you bring me the soap so I can take a look at it?" Customer: "Yeah sure... One sec... (Goes over to van and pulls bar off of dash board) Here, see what I mean?" Me: "Duuuuuuuuuuuuude.... no.... You can't..." 3 months on a black dash board in FLORIDA... Yeah, that'll make just about ANYTHING smell a little gamy... SO, did they leave the candles uncovered for a month on their dashboard in full sunlight? And scientists were AMAZED! Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services
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    I actually bought a Light box the other day ( not the same one) as well as some lighting and I was able to take really nice pictures with it. Makes a huge difference.
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    Update time! The cera bellina so far seems to be a success. Been using it at 10% of my overall formula for my solid perfume batches, and so far the weird texturing hasn't happened in these ones.
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    Got my jars, got my wax, the 2 FO's I ordered plus the free one, and I only bought 2 of the $9.99 specials. Smelled lots and lots of samples and wrote down a few. When I placed my order, I wrote in the comments that there were 4 scents I particularly wanted to smell, and didn't know if they were included in the 250 or so samples available to smell. Asked if it would be possible to sniff those if they weren't. So they just included the 4 samples in with my order for free! I should have asked to smell a dozen. JK.
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    Hate to say it but I've just about given up on soy as well. The rest of my soy is probably going to be hardened and used for melts. Every single time I find a fix for the soy issues the next shipment of wax puts me back where I started. It has been more trouble than it needs to/should be. Even though the coconut waxes are beasts to wick at least they're consistent. Have there been issues with non-big-brand soy waxes?
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    I disagree with this statement. It is not a raw material. It is a blended, finished product which is intensely marketed as such. There has never been this level of inconsistency and underperformance with soy as there has been for the past 18 months. Manufacturers insist nothing has changed, but clearly it has. Many of us here have been using the same wax blends for over a decade and only recently have experienced such horrible product fails. The statement is like saying duncan Hines chocolate cake mix is a raw ingredient that you should expect to have to tweak with butter, chocolate and more or less flour from box to box to get what you have always expected in a cake made from their mix. it may take a few cases to figure out the problems with the lot, and still Duncan Hines INSISTS nothing is wrong.
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    Clear Black I do quite a bit of big jar candles all the time which require 3 wicks...mostly, 5", 6" and 7" diameters. Actually I'm working on one now that is a 9" diameter. Here are a few pictures of the styles, well lots of pictures...lol.....I got on one of my picture rolls.... Trappeur
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    The money is in the FO sales. Wax is a very small margin product by comparison.
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    Yes you definitely are posting as a "know it all" facts about what your saying I personally after reading your posts and your watching your video would never buy a thing from you - you are only looking at profit and profit only along with how many "views" you get - you don't seem to give a crap about quality in your product and that is not what this all about here on this forum of course we all want to be successful but having a quality, safe and exceptional product is and should be number 1 I wish you luck I really do but your blogs and videos are very unsettling - especially to the new people here that actually want to learn and know the truths in this business
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    before jumping ship on your current fragrances, have you tried different wick series? often the wick makes the biggest difference in throw. it takes a while to find the right one for your wax, fragrance and container combo, but it will save a ton of money in the long run. generally, if I don't get throw from a new scent, I'll scoop some from the dud candle and put it into a wax warmer - making it act like a melt. If I get throw, it is the wick, not the wax or fragrance that is the culprit.
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    I kinda strayed off topic in another thread by posting a couple of my cute / funny customer stories. So I decided to start a new thread about the lighter side of business - funny things that have happened to sellers here. Two of my favorite customer stories...sweet little old lady comes up to buy a bar of soap. I hand her the bag and give a friendly reminder to make sure the bar is well-drained between uses and not left sitting in a puddle. Her response, "Oh, I'm not going to use it in the bathroom. It's for my underwear drawer." LOL Then I once had a cute little boy in his Boy Scout uniform come up to my booth and marvel at the candles. "How do you get them to smell so good? Do you, like, squeeze pine needles or something?" I stifled a grin and politely explained how we scent candles. Your stories? Let's have a good laugh today.
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    I believe it when you say you read this on other sites. I just wanted to clarify that it is not a statement on the CS page you linked. It's no joke that the capacity issue often gets confused as the recommended usage amount. I think its important to clarify to new chandlers starting out that there is a difference between recommending 12% FO load and the capacity of the wax to hold a load of up to 12%. Capacity only has to do with how much FO a wax may hold before leakage occurs and not necessarily how much you should use.
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    Well being that we are talking about costs and accounting here is how I figure up my wholesale pricing and what I found works best for me. Case of Jars: 21.99 (a case) x (4 cases ordered at a time) plus shipping and tax is 124.14 124.14 divided by 4 cases (48 jars) comes to 2.58 a jar (my cost) I always round up so my cost per jar is 2.75 a jar. (Gives me a little e way) Note: I never order 1 case of jars from anyone. It's always at least 4 cases Wax - 50 pounds at 56.49 plus shipping and tax is 88.37 88.37 divided by 50 pounds makes the wax 1.76 a pound Fragrance oils cost I figure 20.00 a 1 pound bottle plus shipping and tax is 21.63 21.63 divided by 16 oz in a pound makes this oil 1.35 cost per ounce of oil. 1 wick: 10 cents l label: 25 cents Caution Label: 5 cents So my cost to make 1 candle jar based on the jar being a 16oz jar: 1 jar: 2.75 Wax 1.76 Oil: 1.35 Wick: .10 Label: .25 Caution: .05 _____________ Cost: 6.26 I charge 12.50 to the shop (my wholesale price) I see they retail to the customer usually around 26.00 to 28.00 a jar. Now the thing I could never really figure out was how to incorporate time and labor and that really needs to go into the production of each candle, but when you think about it, we pay shipping to get the product to us and then we turn around and charge to the shop the shipping it cost to get to us PLUS now we are charging the same shipping again to them because in figuring out wholesale pricing it is supposed to be at least double of what it actually costs to make the product. So actually the store is paying shipping twice! I never thought that was fair. But I know what shops sell this same style jar from other companies so my wholesale pricing to them is well within a fair price. So in essence when figuring out wholesale pricing to the shops even though I don't have time and labor figured into the costs, I know the shop is paying for shipping twice, some of the oils I use are not 20.00 a bottle but maybe 14.00 , 15.00, 16.00, etc a pound, or maybe I got the oil on sale so I have some extra monies figured in there. Also my labels I get a great pricing and always order them when they have sales and it is ALL the time so I am cautious there. But I still figure out my costs for labels at the regular price to the shops and whatever savings I get by ordering only when they have their sales is a savings that is passed on "to me", not them. Heck, I'm worth it. With all the time and labor plus delivering all the candles personally by me to the stores all the extxra savings I figure is my time and labor. I have to put gas in my truck to deliver, electric used in my house, cleanup, paper towels, water, taxes....all these extras plus I know there is a lot more not even said. Now too, since I sell wholesale, I am dealing in volume and I'm delivering anywhere from 48 candles to hundreds of candles at a time to each delivery. I don't ship but personally deliver. So when I figure for example the example I just cost out above here, I'm making roughly 6.50 profit on each candle and times that per dozen I'm making 78.00 a case profit but that is 1 case of jars. I deal in cases and cases. Bottom line....for me, I'm good to go and happy. So it may sound like 78.00 a case is great, but really think about. Some of you might disagree with the way I do things, but I do the best I can and like we all do, I work my ass off to put out a great product that the public buys and most importantly is a safe product and I have reorders on going all the time. Profit is not a bad word I learned a long time ago. One shop in town who is a great client of mine, when I first landed the account, she selected high end jars and when I priced out the jar it was x amount so I told her that being we are just starting out, I would sell that jar to her at 1.25 less than what I should be charging. I told her I had high hopes for her shop and me and that if she would keep her prices at a certain amount, I believed she could sell a lot of candles so if she priced her jars accordingly to what I suggested I would take a little loss on the profit I made just so I could secure her account..Bad mistake for me! She not only doubled my price, but added 3.00 more on top of the doubled price. I was not a happy camper. In fact I was pissed. Here I was thinking I was being a kind person offering to lessen my price and look what she does....so a lesson learned. I have since changed my thought of mind and I don't feel sorry for her 1 bit when I cost out new things to her. Granted she has a shop and her overhead....So...well so do I! I'm such a very laid back person and would never gauge anyone but being in this business for me I have learned so much and continue to every day. Well so much for my input. Trappeur
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    I have a large customer base at my gym (sweaty people love soap!), and most of my transactions are very casual requests to bring in a favorite soap or body butter the next time I'm in to teach or whatever. I keep it very low-key, and the managers are very cool about letting me run my side business as it were. Probably because they buy from me too, lol! Anyway, one of my most popular fragrance blends is one I call "Dirty Love". Yeah, I have that kind of clientele. 😆 One of the girls recently seperated from her husband, and he wanted to buy some Dirty Love incense because he missed having that fragrance around the house... Well, they still do Spin class together, and apparently right before class started, he says to her in a loud voice, "Hey, I thought Sarah was going to give me some of that Dirty Love!". To which she replied "Um, no, Sarah's Dirty Love is for me, not you!" 😂😂😂 When she told me about it, I just about died laughing! I also assured her I had plenty of Dirty Love for everyone! 😉 You can't buy that kind of PR, lol!!
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    In the past I avoided ordering from here, because I couldn't find anything I truly liked. The only one I had previously liked was their "Fruit Loops" one, and I could find that from multiple other suppliers. Well I got my order from NG today, and I have to give them props. Either they've upped their game or my sniffer has changed. Here are my thoughts on what I ordered.... Coconut Cabana--this one is a tropical dream scent for me! Absolutely loved it! I mostly smelled the coconut and plantain, but also the bamboo, apple, and vanilla. Smells fresh and edible! Hawaiian Suntan--perfect dupe for Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen. Another thumbs up for a summer scent. Very different from Coconut Cabana, but still summery. Green Clover and Aloe--the strongest and truest of the (MANY) I've tried. Very clean and fresh smelling. White Tea--a much milder tea than others I have smelled. Think it will shine more in wax or would make a great mixer. Vanilla Champagne--this one smelled closer to 7Up to me, but you can definitely note the bubbles. Also less sharp than other champagnes I've tried. Mango Papaya--this was listed as a Best Seller on their site. Very fruity and sweet--likely too sweet for my liking, but we shall see. Ocean MIst--this one is growing on my OOB--at first I smelled water, now I smell some mild linen notes. I may re-brand this as "Beach Wedding." Also one of their bestsellers apparently. Buttermilk Pancakes--I've been looking for a waffle candle, but this is a definite pancake. Perhaps I can mix w/ some vanilla malt scent to waffle it up. Nice, not sure how it will throw. Maple Sugar--similar to many maple sugar/brown sugars I've tried, but hoping it will mix well with Buttermilk Pancakes (above) Mojito--Smell lots of lime and not too much mint. May mix this bad boy with CS Mojito ( that one had too much mint and pineapple and not enough lime) and see what happens. Fresh Basil--a true basil, not too strong, just a tad "cologne-y" to my nose. Excited to try this w/ CS watermelon as a mixer. Look our summer, here we come! Let me know if you've tried any of these and how they performed for you!
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    I don't have very many customers yet still, more like a handful of people who like my stuff and keep coming back for more, they just text me when they want something made, and then come over to pick it up, very casual cash type transaction. One of the ladies who has me make her things, though, is really fun to well, make things for. She never texts me saying general things she likes or wants. It's always a process, and always about a story or some historical thing she fantasizes about, and then we text back and forth until she decides what sorts of notes she wants in it based on the story/fantasy. She's the really creative/imaginative/eccentric personality type. For example, the last one was based entirely on Cleopatra, so she is doing searches online for smells that she feels represent Cleopatra in some way or another, based on what Cleopatra wore, common cuisine of that area and time period, common plants in the area, etc. In the end her list of notes that she wanted was a combination that I never would have put together on my own, but she is reliable in regards to, no matter how it turns out, if she asks me to make it, she buys it, so I'm always like okay whatever let's do it. I just adjust ratios of FO's and EO's while blending to try to make it as pleasant as possible based on her personal tastes. What is funny (in a cool way) to me, is that some of her combos, despite seeming a bit bizarre at first glance when she texts them to me, and despite in some cases having uh, interesting story ideas behind them, have turned out pretty nice! I think my favorite one so far that created for her, was based on some creative writing story idea she came up with about an elderly woman's ghost haunting a house, and this story had all manner of wildness in it from sex to murder and so on. So she wanted a scent to go with it while she is writing it. So she is texting me all these notes together, like patchouli, pumpkin, vanilla, gardenia, cinnamon, etc and then she adds, "Can you add the smell of blood?" And I'm just like, "Uhhhhhhh.. turmeric?" So then turmeric goes into it. Plus various other things. Cracked me up, but her murder-romance-old-lady-ghost blend actually smelled pretty good.
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    @kandlekrazy Confession: I've destroyed more than 1 perfectly good commercial "coconut wax" candle trying to get a good look at the wick so I could ID it. I've also yanked a couple of wood wicks out. The obsession is real
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    CP soap is normally very mild and since its made from scratch it doesn't typically have some of the skin drying chemicals some M&P bases have. If the CP soap your friend uses is harsh it could be from a variety of reasons and not simply how its superfatted. I just wanted to clear that up before anyone reading this may walk away thinking CP soap is harsh compared to M&P. All soaps whether M&P or CP vary widely depending on ingredients and recipe used. So it is up to the soaper to produce a bar that carries the qualities and benefits you are looking for. So either method may produce a mild soap. However, getting the base right is essential when it comes to M&P since that is your main ingredient as it were. Bases vary widely and some are much better than others. The difference from one base to another can be huge.
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    Layers can be tricky. The key will be to not pour too hot for your second layer. For the first layer, a helpful trick to know if it is hard enough to pour another layer is to blow gently across the surface. If it ripples, don't pour a new layer yet. Once it no longer ripples, you are ready to pour a new layer. Spritz generously with rubbing alcohol and make sure your next layer is at or below 125*F. If it is too hot, it will be at risk of breaking through your first layer. It does take lots of practice and even when you think you have it, you may run into some trouble. Another trick I have seen is that if the layers fall apart, keep some clear base on hand and you can use it as a glue if you are in a pinch
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    I saw your thread as venting. No need to apologize or feel bad. I learned something new as well. I figured if I placed an order outside of business hours it would not start getting processed until they open. I certainly would not think the shipping department opens earlier than stated business hours. All in all it was an informative thread.
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    It's been a long time, but I have. I can again... The Christmas Tree was inspired by one of Bruces inspirations, and the lighthouse, I think I saw something similar in a magazine...
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    To whom it may concern at Candle Science: You certainly have a great operation, very organized and well run. Thankyou for putting up the video for all to see. To start off, your oils are truly some of the finest out there in the candle industry that I love. I consider high end wonderful throwing fragrances and I have never ever had a problem with them. I have always recommended your company and have always made suggestions of oils that I have purchased to others and for the most very proficient in ordering and shipping immediately. I really have no problems except once in a while shipping charges but it is what it is with any manufacturer as far as shipping prices go of which we have no control of. I do understand that. And I realize that Amanda who I spoke with yesterday is just an employee who works for CScience and she has rules that are set up that she must abide by. I have taken all this into consideration. I just wanted to express my feelings as to what happened yesterday and explain the reasons behind my thoughts. In all honesty in this situation after I realized I had forgotten a little bottle of oil and tried to get it added to the order of which I was told I couldn't, I really thought to myself that those were just words said to me as I felt being that my order wasn't a big one, I was more of an inconvenience to your company and it was too much also an inconvenience to cancel the label, reprint a new label and pull the order and add the forgotten oil. Maybe if my order was large enough to make it worth your time, maybe it could have been done...I don't know. I understand with such a big operation as Candle Science is, everything is processed in a very orderly manner. But you know...if that was me answering the phone and talking to a customer such as me, I would have walked away from my desk, gone to a person in charge and tell them of the little incidence here that has happened and suggest to the person in charge that they just ship out that little bottle of oil and don't charge me for shipping just for the sheer purpose of great customer service or credit me just for the shipping. That is what I would have done. Anything is possible and can be done in any company and I consider that as a cost of doing business and keeping a good customer satisfied. Although my order was not a large one, I'm sure that there are plenty of customers out there who order in small amounts and if you add up all the small orders that CS receives, it adds up to quite a bit and we small companies keep the big ones going in business. Great customer service goes a long way. As it was told to me per the chat manuscript above, I had to put through another order for the little 8oz bottle of oil and pay more in shipping than what the oil cost. What could I do? Nothing....so I placed that order. If I didn't need this oil for a client of mine who I have been using the Christmas Hearth for years, I would have ordered it from another company that I had also just placed an order with and their Christmas Hearth is almost a dupe of CS Christmas Hearth, but I just couldn't take a chance with this one account of mine and switch out oils as she knows her fragrances. So I had to have your particular oil. So I did have to order that little 8oz oil from CS and pay more in shipping than what I paid for the oil. What's done is done and we move on. The extra shipping I paid for this oil is not going to break my bank, and I'm not trying to get anything for free here, believe me, but for principle sake and great customer satisfaction all I'm saying it just sure would have been nice to hear that "we appreciate your business and we value your continuing business, so we are sending out the oil to you at our expense of no charge for shipping".....that's all...Wouldn't that have been a nice thing offered to me? Yes....my answer would be ...and In my mind I would have thought "well, there are still a few companies out there who actually care about their customers....what such a nice thing they did!" Thankyou for taking the time to read this. And I will continue to order from Candle Science. Trappeur .
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    I'm sorry, but I've worked in a successful online business in which we had same day shipping and have received such calls myself in a deadline-oriented, fast-paced atmosphere. In this circumstance, with the customer trying to add something within 15 minutes (!) of placing the order, imo, the order should have been pulled and repacked. It's really NOT that big of a deal, truly. A little pain and inconvenience, yes ... but if the company is not so backed up as to process an order within fifteen minutes, then they should certainly have the time to make a consideration for a repeat and loyal customer. Cancel the label for goodness sake, put the additional purchase in the box and redo it.
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    Hey Trappeur, When our warehouse team arrives in the morning, their priority is to process all open orders to meet our same-day shipping guarantee. You can see the warehouse team in action as they process orders in this 1 oz. sale recap video: https://www.candlescience.com/2016-1-oz-fragrance-sample-sale-thank-you The work by our dedicated warehouse team and the automated systems we've put in place ensures that we meet this guarantee for all orders, no matter the size or destination. Unfortunately, this does mean there is a limited window for customers to edit an order. Once again, we apologize for the confusion and hope this sheds a little light on our shipping operations. If there is anything else we can do, please don't hesitate to reach out!
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    Thanks for the detailed info! Ocean Mist is a great mixer and still comes thru in the final scent. I put just 25% Patchouli with it and call it Mermaid for one of my best sellers. So many mixing possibilities with it.
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    This is great timing--I just bought one of this to photograph our candles as well! Here is the one I bought: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XQYF2RH/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 This one was $29.99, though, because I wanted a bigger space. Very pleased with it so far. Here is a sample photo I took.