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    So this is a new technique to me, so I wasn't sure how my first try on this was going to come out. I am not totally happy with it, because I just didn't get the spin I wanted using the silicone 8 x 8 cake pan. I only wanted to do 2 lbs, Had I used my good slab mold which holds more, I probably could have gotten a better spin action. Supplies Needed: Slab mold, preferably Measuring cups or other container for all of your colors ( I used 4 here) Supplies recommended but not necessary: spinning lazy susan type thingamajig....lol My recipe for today. Just click on the pic, saves me from listing each thing. I did use full water, and I use 1 oz pp of fragrance in all my soap. It is a high lard recipe and a NICE bar of soap IMO My color inspiration for this one. I'm using an OLD True Raspberry fragrance from WSP that I got years and years ago that still smells awesome. I had never soaped with this oil, so I was hoping it didn't accelerate. It didn't. My little mold Oils and lye water measured, cooled to about 115 Blend until JUST emulsified. You want a very thin batter. I only gave it a few whirls with the SB Separate all of your batter into your containers with your colorants. Now start pouring your colors into the corners of your mold, alternating as shown Keep pouring this way until you have used all of your batter. In hindsight, I should have done the middle, but will do that next try. Once filled, you want to quickly spin your mold, unfortunately, I did not get pictures of me spinning because I needed both hands. Also, because I was trying to spin my mold on a towel, on the counter top, I didn't get any spin action at all in the center. I just couldn't get a good spin. This is where my wood mold would have worked better, or a lazy susan type deal. I didn't want to continue spinning because the outside edges were getting muddied a bit. Because I didn't get a good spin in the middle, I had to hit it with a bamboo skewer to get some swirls. Plus, soap was going over the sides while trying to spin this thing. I was a bit disappointed when I unmolded today. Number 1, I unmolded from this mold way too soon LOL....I couldn't wait. It was way too soft I was not impressed with my handiwork. But because these were thick bars, I thought, hmmmm.....way too big, I'm going to cut them in half. They will be small bars, about 1/2 inch, but who cares? I don't sell my soap these days, they are for me, family, friends, coworkers etc.... so I cut them......and WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO! I am so happy with how these look INSIDE! Next time I try this swirl technique, I will use my slab mold, which holds over 3.5 lbs They smell FANTASTIC! I think my colors came out pretty close to my inspiration colors. I plan to use those color palette inspiration things more often going forward. I always get stumped on colors or I just seem to use the same colors over and over. This was a really fun technique to try, and I'm so glad I did it, finally. I hope some of you will try it, and show us pics!
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    Just thought I would share how my new tablecloths looks. I got some fitted crinkled tafeta sage green tablecloths and some pink zebra satin table overlays to jazz it up a bit. I also use the overlays on the risers. Not sure you can see them in the photos. New tablecloths pic: soap boxes set up, on the riser are lip balms, hand soap, and bug spray. Shaving soaps, dog soap, and candles. For fun I found a pink zebra pattern and used that as the base for my candle labels so they match my pink zebra table overlays.
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    Flashpoint is the temperature at which something will combust if introduced to a spark or flame. It is most important to know your flashpoint when shipping liquids. The US Dept of a Transportation has strict guidelines for how liquids of various flash points need to be packaged and shipped. if your bottle of fragrance has a flash point of 150*F, it means the contents of the bottle can combust if the bottle reaches a temp of 150*F and someone has a flame or makes a spark close enough to the vapors escaping the open bottle. The fragrance's flash point is raised when it is blended into wax or even a carrier oil. The amount it is raised by depends on the proportion of the whole blend. when making candles, melts, etc. use the wax manufacturer's recommended temperature for blending in the fragrance. This helps ensure you are fully blending the fragrance into the wax so you minimize chances of seepage, pooling and settling of the fragrance. Any pockets or settled out fragrance increases eases your chances of accidentally catching a candle on fire.
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    It is a PROBLEM, but it's totally NOT your fault. It's the suppliers fault really. You see, just last night I needed a gardenia FO to fill an order. But instead of just buying gardenia, I HAD to buy others because it just doesn't make sound business sense to pay $16 shipping for just one bottle of FO. So I bought 5. Or was it 6? I don't even know now.....LOL. I have long ago passed the point of owning "too many" FO's. I store them in a pie safe in my pantry. And on top of the pie safe and under the pie safe and on the rack beside the pie safe and in plastic shoe boxes and there's also a cabinet..... I am considering getting rid of some FOOD to make room for them. Priorities, ya know.
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    Ha. I went back and looked at my order from last night. I ordered 7 FO's. I only needed gardenia. In my defense, I only bought 8oz'ers, because who can test with just 1 oz? Not me. And shipping for one was basically the same cost as shipping 7, and only a complete fool would order just one or two or three. And at that point, might as well go for the $100 and get the $10 off. So still.......totally Peak's fault.
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    I will report back when I get them in products, but I could not keep myself from reporting that I received an order from Daystar and I cannot believe how good everything smells. I will be wearing several of them as perfumes. If you're into boutique, high-end, unusual, perfume-based stuff, get thee to the Daystar site because wow. I'm happy to list my fragrances if you're interested. Just remember, they're OOB, but that matters to me if I know I'm using them in a perfume or in a B&B product. Also, please share your favorites! I want to buy more!
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    YES!! I could literally spend my days correcting, helping and replying to posts in one of the largest groups made up of about 11,000 people. I have a few oils with a flashpoint of 100 degrees. My wax is barely still liquid at 100 degrees. How on earth could I mix oil in then?? I have no idea why I am in that group. The things they post make me crazy.
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    Thank you, thank you, thank you! When I worked at BC doing tech support I can't tell you how many times I was told a person was mixing an FO into the wax at 120 because that is what the FP was. FP is irrelevant when mixing wax and FO. It really only applies in candle making with gel, and there are other criteria there as well as being non polar but not because of fear of flash while mixing. Folks need to understand the shipping component in relation to FP. Every carrier type is different as well. Air/Ground etc.
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    UGH. The giant Candle Maker's Group on Facebook (although the posts are mostly by newcomers who are just getting into wax making-but many speak with authority) REGULARLY has those who post this as if it is the absolute truth. I cannot say it enough. Flashpoint is NOT the temperature at which your scent will "burn off". Really. Truly. Find the temperature, as TallTayl has suggested that you get the best throw from your specific wax blend with oil added. An oil that is weak or has no throw may just be wrong for your wax blend and one you simply do not offer. They are not all winners in every wax blend.
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    I don't know... but I have heard that Oregon Trail's Dysentery is to die for...
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    Used your combined advice to use more and add directly to the oils. Much much better. These pink sugar look as if they are another scent entirely!
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    Seriously. I don't know why I don't order more from them. Well, I do know why. It's because I try to piggy back my FO's with wax and containers to save on shipping, and I don't buy either from Peak, but still. Peak consistently impresses me. I'm sure I'm late to the party with these scents, but for those that don't know.... Bartlett Pear - this is the pear scent I have been looking for all along. Juicy fresh pear, crisp and true but strong. Wow! Why did I wait so long? Gardenia - geez Louise, this is a strong gardenia scent. A little dab'll do ya. Moderate accel. in cp, but nothing awful. I left it white, so it was easy peasy soaping. I have Moonstar to thank for this recommendation. Botanical Orchard & Nectar - I don't know why I never tried this before. It's lovely. Reminds me of an Apple Blossom FO I used to use, but better. I'm gonna replace MacApple with this for a while, because I think it will appeal to the same buyers, and because I've poured MacApple for so long I'm just tired of it. I smell apples and pears with a floral hint in the background. Sweet Mango Delight - this was my free sample. I used it in CP soap along with a melon something or other sample I had from another company. Ha. This Sweet Mango completely obliterated the other scent and has taken over the entire soap. It's a strong one, fo' sho'. These were the new to me scents in a recent order, and they all just blew me away. You really can't go wrong with Peak. Just sayin'.
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    Hi everyone! My name is Christina Whippo and I am a fragrance addict! Seriously though... I think I am one! I have a small home fragrance business that started back in 2014, and I finally just signed my first commercial lease and moved out of my house and into a large production studio! I primarily make candles, including wine bottle candles. Actually wine bottle candles is what started this whole business... we use to own a winery, sold our share of that business, and invested more time and energy working with other wineries to make a better product than what is on the market now. We have grown slowly over time and I really couldn't be happier with how things are going. So...after years of stalking this board I decided to finally sign up, stop hiding, and reveal myself. Thanks again for sharing all of this information and for letting me join. If anyone is in California, hit me up! lateharvestcandleco@gmail.com I'd love to chat about suppliers, etc. because shipping and doing business in California is SO MUCH FUN! not!!! (can anyone say not business friendly or taxed to death?) That's it for now! -Christina
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    I quit all of the FB candle groups I was in mainly and simply because of all the erroneous information about flashpoint. Seriously it is my biggest pet peeve. No, your scent is not going to "burn off", No your candle/fo bottle/etc., is not going to "explode", No, your FO is not going to just spontaneously catch fire if it goes 1 degree above the flashpoint. No matter how many articles you post proving your point, explaining what flashpoint actually is, trying to educate people, they just will not listen and will continue to argue it. I could only be a part of those types a groups for a coupe days before I would get so frustrated and just give up.
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    Flashpoint has zero to do with the temp you add to the molten wax. Flashpoint is the temperature at which the oil will combust if introduced to a spark or flame. Do do yourself a big favor and add the fragrance to the wax at the right temp for the wax. Too cool and the fragrance will not fully mix into the wax potentially leaving pockets of unblended fragrance or weeping fragrance which can easily flare making for a very dangerous candle. Ever see the surface of a candle catch fire because of seeping fragrance? I have. Not a fun sight.
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    Actually, your best bet is to find out what suppliers have the supplies you want to buy, then sign up for their newsletter. That way you will get notifications on sales and shipping deals as they have them. Another tip is to locate suppliers closest to you and that may also help you save on shipping. If you are lucky enough to live within driving distance to a supplier and that helps a lot. For example I live about 3-4 driving hours distance to about 4 suppliers in Pennsylvania. I am in Virginia so it's a full day trip and that is how I plan for it. I make the trip about 1-4 times a year and buy in large bulk quantities. I save a huge amount in shipping that way. Sorry but there is no one supplier that has the best deals. Each has their own way of helping you save money. Sometimes the sales can outweigh your shipping costs and vice versa. Its best to find the suppliers you prefer to use and have backups because you will find times when your favorite supplier will be OOS on something you desperately need. Also, prices and shipping costs are never static so a supplier you have been using for a while may at some point price products or shipping out of your comfort zone so having a backup supplier is a must. Another reason is businesses go bankrupt, close, or just swap or sell to someone else and that can be a problem too. But it happens often enough you will eventually experience it for yourself.
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    My scale started acting up suddenly. Suddenly meaning I ignored the fact the buttons were not working exactly right for a day or two. My KD7000 Tare button was jacked, as is so typical of this scale, so I used a pencil to activate the internal switch. My scale rebelled by suddenly mismeasuring by just enough to put me in my place. Eight logs of soap in a big pour ended up lye heavy. My first indication was how fast the soap traced. Normally my soap progresses like clockwork. this pour was a little bigger-by a log. The temp difference should not have mattered that much. when time to cut I noticed the soap was rock hard. So rock hard it chipped off corners. Sigh. I left the logs stacked on the bench bench to remind myself about humility and wallow in the sunk costs. Over a few days the logs began to efflouresce the excess lye. with soap it only takes a few grams to go from perfectly superfatted to lye heavy. I'll use some of this loss in weed killer. Some, possibly, in laundry powder. But 8logs? Ugh.
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    The only people who care about wet spots are us home crafting chandlers. Literally nobody else cares. You will drive yourself crazy worrying about them, because, there's not much you can do to eliminate them to where they won't come back, so why worry when nobody cares? I don't even try to eliminate them anymore.
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    I think the packaging looks good. but I may be biased. I'm partial to Kraft packaging. All of my labels for my candles, soaps, lotions, etc. are all done on brown/natural Kraft paper. Personally, however, if it were me, I would get rid of the "5% unsaponified oil content" Most consumers are not going to know what unsaponified means, and they will see 5% oil content and may think (if they are like me and are prone to oily skin anyway) there is free floating oil in the soap (which technically there is but not the way they will think) and will pass up the soap. I just know if it were me, and I saw that without knowing anything about soapmaking I would pass it by.
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    Initially it will seem like heating your jars does give better adhesion, however, as soon as the temperature of where that candle is, starts fluctuating, the wet spots, and adhesion differences will start to appear. When I first started with candles, I would do all these tricks to try and get my jars to not have wet spots, etc., and then it just got to the point, where I just had to start embracing wet spots as part of the candlemaking process and IMO heating jars is just a waste of time. Wet spots are going to happen unless you use a wax that completely pulls away from the sides of the jar, and then it's just sloppy in your container (IMO). And what I have found out, is that consumers simply do not care. They honestly don't. Most of the time, unless you point them out or say something about them, they don't even notice them.
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    Okay I'm in serious trouble because I have like 30X that laying around as I lay around thinking about using them ๐Ÿ™ƒ And I have cleaned house recently ๐Ÿค”
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    This is not all of it I have a few Rubbermaid containers full. The cabinet is deep I had to buy a stainless steel cabinet to hold the weight of the fragrances. actually the cabinet is a Sears Tool cabinet that has a lock on it.
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    I had NO idea this can happen ! Thanks for posting this, I learned something new + useful BTW sorry your going thru this - what a nightmare .
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    i have rematched soap back in the mold...looks pretty good too. Thanks for all the tips and help...
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    Lol @justajesuschick...you and I must be in some of the same candle groups on Facebook because I just posted a very similar comment to TallTayl's new post about flashpoint. I've seen people say the same thing about using the flashpoint as their guide for adding in FO. I don't doubt that some of them might have had some success, but I think it's probably more because the flashpoint temp might have coincidentally been a good temp for the FO to be combined with their wax choice and nothing to do with the flashpoint itself. Unfortunately, it then leads people to giving incorrect info about what a flashpoint actually is.
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    Awesome info, TallTayl, and you're right...it never gets old. In Facebook groups, I've seen people swear up and down that their melts/candles came out better because they add their FO in at the flashpoint temp rather than at the manufacturer's recommended temp and encourage others to do the same. I know those who try to explain what the flashpoint means must feel like broken records, lol...but it needs to be put out there to hopefully educate those who will take the time to listen and research.
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    Planning a shipping follow up to this, but did not want to melt too many minds in one post ๐Ÿคฃ
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    So you can't call it Istanbul huh? Well, then call it: WAIT FOR IT! Constantinople....
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    No matter how many fragrance oils I have, someone always asks for that one I don't. So what else is there to do but order it? And we all know you can't order just one bottle of FO and pay as much for shipping as the bottle of fragrance oil.
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    Just be aware that 1 size wick is not always true for all scents, I have many that I need to wick up 1 size.
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    Trying to get a handle on reorganizing this site. The tab is now "Find Posts".
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    Oh dear, I have about 200 plus bottles of fragance oils. Certified FO HO. Not ashamed of it either. About a month ago, I did a purge and have 5 boxes of FO I keep saying I'm going to list on Craigslist with some molds to unload them. They are still sitting in my living room. I need to get on it. Life has just gotten in the way.
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    Haha Debra I am a hobbyist too I really need to downsize. I guess after 10 years I am getting bored with making candles and soaps.
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    That's how many you just got, or how many you have? Either way, that's really nothing. I don't see you having a problem yet. 10x that, and then you might catch up to some of us.
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    Oh grama the stuff we have seen for sure! Someone shipped a 1lb bottle of lime essential oil (hello sensitivity and flash point) in a paper mailer. No bag. No cushion. You know what happens next.... buyer is upset it shattered all over. PO is fuming it ruined people's mail. Mail carrier smells like a margarita for weeks. The seller had had the nerve to blame the post office. A popular Facebook fragrance seller recently was called out for not bagging the fragrance bottles nor tightening or taping tops. Lemon seeped all over and the seller is filing claims with the PO. I bought from that seller once and was appalled at the condition, but I sure won't be the one sticking my neck out to offer words of advice to that group! When working commercial we had to certify shipping people were fully trained on the regs or risk huge fines. Now anyone can hang out a shingle. We all lose in the end as the post office wises up. Soon no claims will honored. Soon liquids will be forbidden through usps. They have cracked down on pottery. If you don't pack the way they state no claim honored. End of story.
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    She's located in the little, quaint town of Coldspring, Texas, (population of about 890 LOL!) 10 miles down the road from me. We have a lot of power outages when we get thunderstorms and here in deep East Texas it doesn't take much LOL! We are prone to flooding at times too. Stacy does stay busy and I'm guessing she takes care of her dad from what I gather, and she has a son in school, and there for awhile she was selling cosmetics too. I'm not sure she's still doing that though. Her oils are very unique and like you, when I ordered the last time she was out of several that I wanted to try. I may message her on Facebook and let her know that some have commented about her being out of certain oils and maybe it'll prompt her to restock more regularly. I like that I don't have to pay shipping because she delivers them to me at work but it's hard to get all that you would like to try when she's out of so many at times.
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    say WHAT!? I need to be burping my FO'S? Seriously this is a rather IMPORTANT piece of info that I was totally unaware of. This is the first time I have EVER heard of this... Well, I guess I know what I'm doing tonight.
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    I have had good luck with daystar oils. The only thing is disliked were frequent stockouts.
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    Trying out some new colors. Still not sure I like it. This is pink, lime, and red. All TKB neons. Sigh.... what to color my honeysuckle pear??!!! In the mold. Colors sure are bright! That's what I love about neons!! Fresh cut. Swirls are pretty but not quite digging the colors yet. Doesn't say pear or honeysuckle to me...
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    Iโ€™m in Australia and I have used it. It looks and behaves like a vegetable oil, itโ€™s essentially odourless, has a yellow color to it and has very similar viscosity to vegetable oil. I did read somewhere that it was possibly the same as universal soy additive in the United States. My guess is that it maybe canola or soy oil or a blend of the two. I have used straight soy oil and container maker and I didnโ€™t notice much of a difference between the two. It does seem to help reduce the frosting issues and assists with smooth tops and container adhesion after pouring with GW464 soy wax but still doesnโ€™t make the GW464 wax perfect. I also found that it had a negligible effect on scent throw with the fragrances I was using at the time I tried it, 4 week curing times had more effect on scent throw. I am currently testing it on a new wax blend that I have been working on for some time and it appears to have reduced the sooting with a longish wick to some extent.
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    This might be a big part of the problem. Some soy scents take 1-2 weeks to "cure" before they throw well in soy. Plus, over time as soy candles cure the initial wick choice might end up a size off. So you wax gets harder, and more dry as time passes.
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    I agree with all the ladies above.. no coconut oil needed. I use C3 , you can also try Premier wicks ,they work well with wax. Test..test.. and test so more , it not fun but necessary. Good luck.
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    What's their special? I don't recall getting an email from them. I'm hesitant to go to their website LOL! My head is saying "NO, You don't need any more FO's!!!!" but my hand is itching to click on their site! Ok, hand won. I'm going in!
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    Jayus... COME in my dumpster... Eh eh eh... Wait... no... I didn't say that right... I meant you're welcome get stuff out of my trash can.... .O.O Sponiebr .
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    For lip I use those marketed and sold as lip flavor from MMS/the sage. Hoping it is not a total leap of faith, since theirs are sold specifically as flavor. Used to routinely purchase FCC eo's from the long gone scent works. They were specifically marked as FCC. When shopping elsewhere I always ask before buying to be sure. Not sure if the FDA is cracking down on indies (yet) over labeling products as balms, but I figured I would use my luck elsewhere and simply not label as something that could trigger an audit or C&D. Technically a balm implies healing or drug purpose, so why risk it?
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    I use their Lemon Verbena. Its the best I have found and the only one I found that sticks in CP.
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    Those look awesome TT! Bet they smell wonderful!
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    I use 464 and 4630 at a 60/40 ratio for containers. For tarts, I use 464 and 4625 at a 50/50 ratio.
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    Hi everyone. I don't post often, well in the last three years I think I haven't posted anything. I make a lot of palm pillars for selling (and I don't sell as much as I'd like) so I don't work with paraffin a lot. But it's the wax I love more, it's the one that brings a lot of fond memories when I was literally living on here, looking at pictures, reading posts on how to make everything. So I made a rustic, the first I made in years. It's not the most beautiful rustic in the world, but this goes out to Vicky.