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    So I finally got everything packed in the car making last minute checks to make sure I had all my tablecloths, signage, products, etc. At the last minute I realized I left my extra tables at my market stall. So I had to run down to Walmart and buy another 6' table. It was kind of a blessing as I stopped for gas. If I hadn't stopped for gas I wouldn't be able to get it in the morning. I have to leave before 5 am and the gas stations don't open until later. Here is a sneak peak at this years fall candles. I have been wanting to use the orange lids for quite a while and finally got them. I made up labels to match the lids so they have a real nice fall appeal. Wish me luck! Will try to post pics of my set up tomorrow.
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    A customer tipped me off that I had one of my candles featured on House Beautiful. That would account for the sudden spike in sales of Cinnamon Vanilla candles today. LOL Not sure if it is OK to post the link, but there I am, right alongside Pottery Barn, Nest, White Barn, Yankee, WoodWick, and Bath & Body Works. Grateful for the increased exposure. http://www.housebeautiful.com/shopping/home-accessories/g4715/best-fall-candles/?slide=2
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    Keystone Candle Supplies was feeling motivated. September 8 at 8:13pm · BIG NEWS!!!! We have recently(well today actually) purchased all remaining inventory of Peak's Candle Supply. Over the next few weeks we will be listing the products. We will be carrying the same scents Peak had and NOT DUPLICATIONS! Please bare with us as we have a lot of sorting to do! Please share to let everyone know!!
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    I thought I would share a picture of a candle I made for myself. I saw 3 of these glass crackle glass containers and just had to buy them for myself. I thought they were so pretty with the gold sparkle and were so me and so fallish. I did them in a blend of CandleSource Orange Creamsicle and FB Vanilla Ice Cream - 50/50. Can't wait to burn them in a week. They smell soooo good. Thanks for looking. Trappeur
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    I whipped my wax with a really cheap mixer and an ice cream scoop that are only used for crafts. These turned out so stinkin' cute I have never been able to use them - LOL.
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    Aren't these jars just beautiful from Candles and Supplies? They come either in a set of 6 or 20 and you can get with or without lids. Comes down to 3.00 a jar without the lid and 4.00 with the lid plus shipping but if you order 6 or more cases at a time the shipping is pretty normal. I think these would make a special collection you could offer for Christmas. I'm loving the blue for an account I have that I think she might go for. But there is no place for a label. Would have to go on the bottom I guess. They come in clear, or blue or black and they are 12oz which is a nice size.
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    I love snickerdoodles I need to make some now reading this I would think sugar cookie royale with a good cinnamon would be super close to the real deal
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    Lets see if I can answer your questions. They have requested their own branding, but honestly for some reason this is easy for me! I really enjoy designing the labels and in my head have already designed it. Now getting it to that point will take some time. I'm not sure I would even charge for this. I have actually done this myself and really enjoy working on labels. I also did not charge for them because I 'had fun' doing them. However, eventually my generosity was taken advantage of and requests started getting bigger and more time consuming at a time when my biz started to grow and I no longer had the time. Sooooo..... I charged a flat fee to design a label. One label only. If they didn't like it they could pay for another one. I always worked with them and had them write down exactly what was printed on the label. So I had it in their writing and placed in the way they wanted it. I allowed them to make minor color or word changes but usually working things out before you make the label and having all the text beforehand left little room for error. Also, I told them the warning label is my label as the manufacturer and had to have my info on it. So they had no say in the warning label and I designed that one myself. Plus, you must have a manufacturers info on the jar. Typically its the label on the jar bottom or the warning label so thats where I put my info. Same thing for custom scents, are you willing to do this and what will you charge, what time line to fill the request and how many samples, etc.? I need to really think on this one. As everyone knows the time involved in this is astronomical. What would you charge for something like this? First decide how you want to do this. Say they want a custom signature scent for their store. Ask them to describe what they are looking for. You will need to purchase the FOs, more if you are doing a complex blend. So they will need to pay for the samples, shipping, and scent development & blending time. So, I would tell them I would get back to them with the info you gathered on their scent description. Do the initial research to find out my materials cost, figure my time to produce and test the candle. Then get back to them with your a price and timeline based on that. Say 3 samples per scent, R&D fee up front. I would not do any work unless they are willing to pay for the R&D upfront period. It can get expensive so you could offer a discount on their first purchase. Remember, they may not like it even after all the work you do so get your R&D paid so you don't get left holding the tab. What forms of payment are acceptable? I would prefer Credit/Debit cards, again is this unreasonable? Whatever you want or need is reasonable. I take both credit and check but then I deal with local customers that I know and trust. Do you want payment on delivery or will you bill the customer and for a how many days must they make payment? If they don't pay on time do you charge a fee? I'm having a hard time with this. Being a small business most of our money is going back into the business. My fear is they are going to place a large order and we need to order supplies. Is it unacceptable to request a deposit on a large order, like over a minimum amount of candles? Maybe others do this, but personally I would not require payment or partial before an order is even made or received. Instead, I would start out with manageable size orders until you are in a better position to fill large orders. How many candles can you handle? If you can't handle 4-6 cases you may not be ready to wholesale. Will you accept returns and do you have you a return policy for damaged goods? what are you responsible for and what is your customer responsible for? Help! I'm lost on this one. What are everyone's return policy? They way I was able to put together my return policy was to look over lots of similar websites and see what they did. That would give me ideas of what I wanted. For wholesale it might be slightly different especially if you are delivering the product to them. That would take out a whole set of problems like jar breakage/damage during shipping. If you deliver then you know the condition the jars arrive so you may not need a long formal policy. However, you will need one in place if and when you do ship to cover and protect both you and the customer. Hope this helps you out. Just think about your needs as you craft your policies and contracts and that will guide you the best.
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    I started this adventure in June and I am getting real close to a candle that's ready for market. Here's Dragon's Blood getting ready for final testing (I hope).
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    Received my first order from Bulk Apothecary. They shipped next day and got pretty fast in 2 days.... My order was very small. I only ordered wicks and 1 oil. Package of cd4 wicks were only 5.95 a hundred. (Normally I order from BC as that is the only place that I have found who carried these small wicks) Granted, they were 3" but in using very small jars I always have to cut off a lot of the 6" regular length of a wick so these are a perfect size and I still have to cut off a bit. Got other standard wick sizes in the cd's and they are 6.95 a hundred. I usually pay 9.99 a hundred so 3.00 less per package is a nice savings. They also give on the first order 10.00 off and you only need to have 30.00 to get this great little discount. Great way for advertising. The only oil I ordered was Dutch Apple Pie and my, my is this every beautiful for an apple pie!.....I'm loving this scent. If it throws as beautiful as this scent is smelling from the bottle, this will be my go to place to get my apple pie. I'm a bakery person and love just sweet things. All the notes of pie crust, cinnamon, sugar and apple is there.....I'm very impressed with this oil.....Keep my fingers crossed. I'm making today. Oh, and the bottle of oil is a silver tin container. Shipping was only 7.70....another great feature. Trappeur
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    Black Raspberry Vanilla got some bright colors going there
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    Hi, I have been lurking for quite some time, and taking shameless advantage of everyone's great advice and recommendations. I am super excited that I can finally offer something in return! C&S is very close to my aunt's house, so during a visit I dropped in to purview their wares. I actually laid hands on these jars, and they are just lovely in person. Very elegant. I was very tempted to pick up a couple, but I am so new to candle making, my sad attempts are just not worthy! ? I thought the blue ones were just beautiful! Their store was very cool, and although their prices are a little steeper than some of the online suppliers I use, I did pick up a couple pounds of FOs and saved myself the shipping costs. And they have EVERYTHING there for a hobbyist dabbling in soap, wax, and B&B. Well worth the detour if you're in the Lehigh Valley area. Anyway, back to topic, the jars are just as pretty as the picture, and they seemed well made too. Hope that helps! Sarah
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    I just wanted to say that I'm thankful for all of you and the wisdom you share. There are so many great threads to try to go back and read, I often get overwhelmed. I'm sure you who are experienced get tired of newbys asking questions that you've answered a dozen times before. I love the search function and try to read everything posted about a question I'm having. Anyway...just thanks!
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    I think I finally got the colors I want. The soap looks so much better than how the photos came out. Smells divine! My own blend of pear & honeysuckle.
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    This week has been extremely challenging for me professionally. Occasionally I google my brand and product names to see where I fall in the searches. This week I found no fewer than 7 people using my brand names, tag lines and copy to sell their versions of my products on mainstream ecommerce sites. I waited too long to file the trademark paperwork, but I did. Until the trademark is finalized I can't do a darned thing about it. This morning as I sipped my coffee and scanned Facebook I choked as I saw my work being sold as someone else's. Someone made molds of three of the four dragon eggs I created to sell as their own. I hand sculpted each of the masters. You can see some of my fingerprints in her photos. When confronted she accused me of copying Game of Thrones. I intentionally made them unique and completely different from anything seen on the show or elsewhere. Each has its own story and its own design. There is no crossover, and intentionally no ties to the show. In any event that does not matter, people are not permitted to cast molds of unique work under general copyright law. My piece of advice today: don't copy branding, names, scent names, tag lines, images, ideas or art. Be your own unique entity. My second piece of advice: copyright and trademark your unique work to protect yourself. Cease and desist letters are periodically sent out by companies who watch for trademark infringement. Lush, Disney, Universal, sports teams, and many others scan through google, Amazon, etsy and individual sites looking for infringement on their licensed images, words and trademarks. Unless you can completely prove prior use, when issued a cease and desist letter you have little choice but to change the items they find infringeing on their established trademarks. Friends have had to entirely re-brand from scratch when they got a little too close to a movie theme owned by universal. It is not worth having to rebrand your entire business because you chose to use someone else's intellectual capital and trademarked work. Be unique from the start. It's really not that hard.
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    I see in the polls, some are interested in product photography. I made a short easy guide to get started on that.
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    Pam, you don't need any of other ingredients besides wax to make whipped wax......And I SURE AS H.....LL wouldn't be using any turpentine! As flamable as that is.....omg....what are these idiots thinking? I've made whipped toppings for my melts many a time. All you need is your wax and a fork.....well this is how I do it for me. All you have to do is after your wax is melted take out what ever amount you need (start very small) and watch the wax as it is cooling. When it gets to the stage where it is not clear and starting to set up, get beating it but start slowly and then start moving fast as it's going to get a thick texture real fast. As soon as it it to the point of like whipped cream move real fast and fork out on top of your candle. Your candle needs to be slightly warm so the whipped wax sticks to it....This can be tricky but it works like a charm and you just have to experiment. If the whipped wax has become too hard, just put it back in the pot and remelt and start over.... Here are some melts I make with whipped toppings.... Hope I made myself clear....lol Trappeur
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    Yeah, you know your a fo ho when you see a ups driver in town and you jump out of your vehicle and wave to the ups guy yelling "Hey, are you the driver who is going down Aska Road to Black Ankle road with a delivery for today"...Guy answers "oh yeah! Are you Suzanne where we drop off these 50 pound boxes with stuff in it and leave at your barn door, the one with the canoe on the roof? I answer yep, sure am! So I run ragged to the grocery store and run all the way up the mountain to get to my stash of oils and wax! ha! That is pretty pathetic..... Trappeur
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    Congrats on the offer! Feels good to know your candles are really appreciated doesn't it? First thing I noticed when I was reading your post is that you want to use new jars. My question is what jars were your potential customer looking at? I ask because if they are looking at the jars you intend to switch out for the new they may or may not like the new ones. My suggestion is to make a sit down appt. with them. Bring samples of your candles in both jars so they can choose which they like. Before you go to this appointment list all the things want out the wholesale account and what you are and are not willing to do. For example, What is your wholesale price, will it be one price or will you have price points based on volume? Are you willing to design custom labels if they ask? and if so, what will you charge for your time and artwork? Same thing for custom scents, are you willing to do this and what will you charge, what time line to fill the request and how many samples, etc.? Will you have a minimum for orders, for first time wholesale customers? What is your turn around time for orders? What forms of payment are acceptable? Do you want payment on delivery or will you bill the customer and for a how many days must they make payment? If they don't pay on time do you charge a fee? Will you accept returns and do you have you a return policy for damaged goods? what are you responsible for and what is your customer responsible for? Those are a few questions off the top of my head that I work out with my customer before making any decision to do business with them. The best advice I can give you is to know exactly in detail what you want before you meet so you are less likely to be surprised. Personally, I wholesale by the case with few exceptions. I also charge by the case. Customers can mix and match. I don't do private labels and no longer customize. Too much of a headache for me but for you it might be fun. Because I decided to sell by the case I take 12 sample candles with me to a meeting. Often at a meeting other people show up from the store and that way I always have a bunch of candles to show them. It also showcases all my scents since I also make them in a line of 12 scents. By having the 'case' its easy to carry, present, and gives the potential customer an idea of what a case can hold. Good luck and my last piece of advice is if you have second thoughts about this person after you meet with them and talk with them trust your feelings. If you didn't like talking with that person and it felt all wrong think this, would you want to do business with this person? If the answer is no, then don't... trust your feelings!
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    This smells so good but doesn't have the cereal smell but I love it i got a little off center but the soap was to thick to swirl some more.
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    I had 2 one ounce bottles of Fall Festival from the last Lone Star ounce sale. I was on the fence about them, because their reviews of it are great, but oob I smelled a faint rotten apple scent and not much else. I went ahead and used them, and added a half ounce of cinnamon to it. I used 2 lbs of 464 and made 3 little 6 ounce candles and the rest in melts. This was 4 days ago. As I poured them, I still was not very impressed. Yesterday I sniffed one of the melts, and it did smell pretty good. i never do this, but I put it in the melter. Normally I cure my stuff for months. That melt had a powerful throw, and it smelled great! What a surprise, this never happens for me. I generally know if I don't care for something in the bottle, it's a waste of wax to try to use it. Not this time. Now I can't wait to burn the candles, but I think I will give them another week or so. The scent reminds me of walking in a store that is selling fall candles. I will have to get more of this one.
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    I need to get some flavors!! I love to make marshmallows ... although I don't know about selling food items, I'm sure there's probably some licensing that has to occur first. Not to go off-topic, but for personal and gifts, these things are great. Here's a photo of a tray before they were cut, I'll try to share more sometime in the O/T section.
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    I have wholesale accounts. My one huge apple orchard account for the life of me I swear, there is no top #1 sellers as they are all sellers. Lucky for me. I can put in any type fragrance whether it is a spa type, woodsy, baking, fruit and they are gone. As long as the name of the Apple Orchard is on the label, it sells. I have never ever seen anything like this in my life and I'm sure won't ever again. They are tourist stop, bake shop, wine tasting venue and a huge orchard that is open year round. People come up from Atlanta in bus loads headed only to this apple orchard. All different seasons they have the "pick your own apples or berries, or whatever the season is...then you pick. Also big is anything in canning jars like homemade dips, sauces, etc. They also make their own wines/hard cider....That's my next venture I've been working on to create candle fragrances in their own names in wine and ciders. Then I have another good account that is only a couple miles away and they are right down town from the apple orchard - maybe like 3 miles from one another. Now this is somewhat of a high end account and they can't sell a thing that I sell at the orchard account. And I know they get the same shoppers going to both places. Now this account sells more spa type scents with only like 3 mountain scents mixed in like Christmas Hearth that I renamed to Crackling Firewood, VBN changed to Toasted Vanilla. Its amazing how the few scents they carry are the same exact scents as the apple orchard account and only the names have been changed to reflect a different atmosphere and clientelle such as theirs. Now this shop has one of the candles burning 8 hours a day they are open and I've been there and actually seen and heard people coming right through the front door asking what beautiful scent is that in there....So her leverage there is by keeping candles going all the time. Great way to promote the candle business. And just by walking into this shop they get 2 to 3 times the amount in $$$ for pretty much (but slightly different) jars than the orchard account. Their biggest seller has been all summer and now into fall Pineapple Cilantro which was renamed to Island Pineapple, then Lux Linen, then Lemon Verbena and all those friggin wine scents....especially the Chardonnay which I can't stand to make.... I'm very upfront and honest with my clients and tell them as it is. And no one has the same jars. I make it so each account is special and they have their own look with their own jars and labels. Now another account is right down the road from my house a mile and believe me I'm way out in the sticks/boon docks..... I've even rode my horse to this store to get an ice cream......now how funny is that? This is a very pretty General corner store, a country store, very neat, clean and very warm and welcoming. They cater to the locals and in the summer they rent canoes and kayaks so they have the people who come to the mountains here and rent cabins and then of course the ones from Atlanta who have their second weekend homes they come up to for the holidays and weekends. They are pretty much like the apple orchard account and in fact I use the same canning jar but with their own label. Consistant sellers since this spring and even now into fall....Farmhouse Cider, Balsam Fir, Jolly Rancher Green Apple, Cinnamon Broom, Bananna Nut BRead, Peach Nectar, Orange Creamsicle, Coconut, Fresh Linen, Wild Mountain Honey, Lemon Biscotti, Fresh Strawberry, and even Pineapple Cilantro. Actually what ever I make for the orchard account I make extras as I know this little country store will take the rest. So these are the scents that have been selling for me. Trappeur
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    I called them at 5:00 but they close at 4:00. I'll call them tomorrow and just come right out and ask if they have some of Tennessee's. I would think personally when a company does buy out another company it would behouve them to be honest and say either yes or no. They only stand to bring in more business to their company for people who would come to their site and buy the oils plus you know it is only going to bring them more business to sell their own supplies and oils. That is the way I look at it. Correct me if I am wrong. It would be a win win situation for them. Trappeur
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    Couldn't you come right out and ask them? Trappeur
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    I used the wayback machine to find this snapshot of their site from July 1, 2017. Last known prices, reviews, etc. https://web.archive.org/web/20170701122957/http://www.peakcandle.com/
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    I was originally a member of the Craft Server forum under another name, but it's been so long since I've been active, I decided to come in new. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed this group! So here's my introduction. What's your name? Rena McMickens How old are you? 52 Where do you live? Louisiana How long have you been making candles/soap/whatever? 16 years How did you get started making candles/soap/whatever? I started out making candles thanks to my husband's prompting. Candlemaking evolved into soapmaking, bath bombs, bubble scoops, etc. I would never have gotten started without his encouragement. Are you married? Any kids? Married 15 years. Ihave one daughter from a previous marriage and we're the proud grandparents of a sassy little granddaughter!
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    Well, my order from WSP arrived and I must say I'm very very impressed with these scents. Has anyone used any of these and I was wondering what your reviews state about them? Marshmallow: I must say this is the most truest ooey gooey sweet marshmallow I have ever received as of this date. Apple Balsam Pine: Love, love love it. You smell the pine and apple with more sweetness in there also. I can't wait for this cure to get done. Everyone needs thi scent and especially with the holidays coming up. Santa's Pipe: Wow, is this ever different than all the tobacco products out there. You sure smell the sweetness in it and pickup the cherry and the pipe tobacco.... I'm really loving this one...sooooo different. Fudge Brownie: Smells just like Tennessee's. Been looking for a replacement and maybe this could be it. Trappeur
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    Okay Moonstar...here we go BCN Autumn Leaves BCN Hayride BCN All Hallows Eve Fillmore Nutmeg and Ginger NG Autumn Wreath CS Cranberry Apple Marmalade TCS Dried Apple Wreath ICS Spiced Cranberry MW Fall Festival JS Apple Pumpkin Strudel TCS This Old Home AH Rustic Lodge NG Pumpkin Walnut Biscotti DS Pumpkin Spice Cupcake BW Pumpkin Gingerbread JS Pumpkin Spice Latte JS Pumpkin Blueberry AH Kickin Caramel JS or NG Caramel Apple AH Salted Caramel Popcorn Aztec Tobacco Candy Corn (whatever your favorite is) Mulled Cider or some cider scent Aztec Sweet Potato and Brown Sugar Southern Scentsations Zucchini Bread JS Cornbread Muffins CS Pomegranate Cider AH Bonfire Bliss AH Spicy Apples and Peaches BW Gingerbread Latte BW Honey Gingerbread Apple Pie or Apple Pie Spice (AH, ICS, WSP, etc) AH Amish Quilt AH Celtic Moonspice (kinda close to Amish Quilt, if I remember correctly) JS Pumpkin Pie Spice Gingerbread (still haven't found "THE" gingerbread yet)
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    I missed where you asked for Fall/Winter scents (yes, even though it's IN THE NAME of the thread!! LOL) I love these 2 but in soap... I did mix the Vermont Honey Apple with 3 other honey fragrances though, and that might be why I like that one so much. Also, I love their Cinnamon Vanilla. It's a family favorite, and I sell a ton of candles in this scent at my craft shows every year. I even took one of those to my boss in Guernsey when I went on my business trip and just yesterday he told me I needed to figure out a way to send him more because it's been gone for a LONG time, and he wants at least 5 more of them. LOL I don't even want to think of how much it would cost me to send something over there to him though, so he said I need to sneak them in with a company post. LMAO
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    Is anyone else doing shows this weekend? If so good luck and I hope everyone has good sales! This is my small show display. My space is only 6x5! Lol! Ready with my fall candles!!
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    So I stopped in today and she is in fact is going to be carrying Peaks oils. I'm so glad, as I was panicking for some of Peaks I can't live without. Like I said she has a lot of great oils that I myself use in our products. I picked up more Blueberry Cobbler today, Pumpkin Pie Spice, Candy Corn and Sweet Vanilla Pumpkin Pie.
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    I used to struggle with Alfredo, trying to follow recipes and making rouxs. I make it about every other week now. I melt one stick of butter in a sauce pan, then add about half a cup of half and half. Once that has warmed up I start adding parmasean cheese (the kind from a tub in the refridgerated section, not the powdered stuff you put on pizza). Once the entire tub has melted add more milk if needed. Cook bow tie pasta while this is happening. Drain the pasta well and add the sauce. It's really quick. If you want it more special cook some finely chopped red onion in bacon and then add that to the sauce along with some Gouda. Add in chicken at the end.
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    lol, I was sure I would be divorced! But, I poured a ton of dish soap and hot water and so far so good...(It happened 3 years ago)
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    Well, not sure if this counts, but way back about a year after I started making candles, my husbands brother and his family lived with us. One day his wife asked me what time it was and I literally sniffed my watch. Umm, there was no scent obviously. LMAO I felt like an idiot after that.
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    So frustrating! I'm a firm believer in Karma and eventually it will come back to haunt them. Not many small businesses can afford to go through the trademark process and I guess that doesn't protect you either. I saw on Etsy the other day that someone had named most of their candles after Movies or TV series, it actually popped up as one of those pop up ads, I must have googled the movie?? Not sure why I saw it but I'm thinking those names are proprietary or trademarked by the studios.
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    Ugh! This is SO frustrating! I'm so sorry it's happening to you! Crazy how someone copying YOU accused you of copying. Imitation is not flattering, it's aggravating! We work so hard on branding ourselves and to have someone try to take that way is maddening. I've been there, I don't know if you remember my big thing on here a few years back where someone ordered from me and copied and admitted to it and still didn't care. She disappeared for awhile but is back and her shop still looks eerily like mine and is doing a lot of the same products. But I can't do anything about it other than continue to being the awesome business owner that I am
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    TT - I'm so sorry you're experiencing this! I'm also shocked when I see people copying or showing other's work as their own. There is a whole candle company that does this with Disney and I have no idea why they haven't been shut down - but it's sickening to me. How can you be proud of your work when it's not your own creation?
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    The colors and swirls are very pretty!!
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    Oh those melts and ice cream scoops are so pretty!!! I never tried whipped wax but I did take a candle course that featured how to make whipped wax. Once you have seen it done it looks easy. The hard part is the timing. Trappeur is right, you don't need anything but melted wax and a beater. It can be a handheld beater or mixer with beater attachments. By the way, you can also make the most beautiful 'marbled' pillars by whipping your wax. Once you whipped it add 2-3 drops of liquid candle dye spread out over the wax by placing a dye drop in a different spot each time so all the drops are spread out. Slowly fold the wax with a spoon to work the color into the whipped wax. This is what creates that 'marbled' look in the wax. Spoon the whipped, colored wax into your prepared pillar mold. Once you have topped off the mold, slam the mold on the countertop several times to beat the wax down into the mold tightly to get out all the air pockets. Let it cool then unmold. You will have this gorgeous marbled pillar. If you want a scented pillar make sure you add scent in just before you start to whip your wax.
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    Thank you everyone! What great advice you all give. We've worked all of the particulars of what we want out of a wholesale relationship. As birdcharm said, if they are not happy with our terms, we probably do not want them as a client. Of course we are flexible in some things but we do have "must have" terms. Thanks again everyone!
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    Well we did our normal market today and were approached by the owner of a well known, high end spa about carrying our candles with their branding. I have the prices already figured, that was the easy part. Now where do I go? I'm at a total loss, I can handle the candle part, luckily we have been investigating new jars to carry and they are a more upscale jar. We have been holding off on them because we were afraid of the cost. They will work perfectly in this spa setting and we actually just got the wicking/wax perfect after months of testing. We have also been accumulating samples of scents that we were thinking about for these jars, so we are all good on the candle end. Now as far as the business end I am working my way thru every thread I can find and I am open for any advice all the pros have for us Should we just do a written proposal to begin and offer to meet in person to discuss and bring samples of scents and bring samples of the jars with their branding on it to show them the finished product? How many scents should we offer? Does anyone have an example of a contract, no prices of course. What do you charge extra for? See I have lots of questions. TIA for any help you can provide.
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    Nor is Scentsy Smell, People want smell.
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    Over the years I have had lots of wholesale accounts so a lot of this is from experience. The worst experience I had was around the recession period when several businesses went bankrupt or closed. During that time I had some candles on consignment in a local shop that very abruptly closed. The owner could not pay for any of the merchandise so I took a loss. I did go down to the shop ASAP and picked up what she had not already sold. Fortunately for me there was only about 4-6 missing from my count that had obviously been sold. I just took the loss and figured lesson learned. That was when I quit doing consignment and focused on wholesale and payment on delivery only. So far I have not been burned that way and right now have only a few accounts but they are from people I have been doing business with for years.
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    It all depends on what you decide you want to do. If you prefer to take an advance then you should do that. But whatever you do for a large wholesale order you should first get a contract for the purchase that spells out the payment and product delivery with scheduled dates, amounts, so you both know what to expect. With a signed contract you can make the payments any way you want and schedule the delivery in one shipment or several. Again, its what you decide and work out with your customer. This also spells out a commitment on both your parts and can be used as a legal document.
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    I think I have finally joined the club (cult?) I met the mail-lady at her car this morning, in my pjs with major bed head, to get my box of FO samples. It was just like Christmas morning! I actually ordered a couple samples I already had - I always wondered how you guys could do that - well now I know! Thanks to all of you enablers I have enjoyed reading your recommendations over the past year.
  48. 3 points
    Great job......great job Candybee! Trappeur
  49. 3 points
    That's nuthing... a die hard FOHO is one who orders another round of FOs from another supplier while they are waiting on an order in the mail they just placed because they can't wait for the 1st order to arrive. Only to find out they already have the some of the oils they just ordered. The most suppliers I have ordered FOs from in the same day is up to 7 now. Lord help me!
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    I knew that sentence wasn't right somehow. ? But I do think I managed great restraint in ordering only 4 large botttles after smelling the 22 samples I got. Some are on my list for spring though. ? I truly did try to talk myself out of buying any. I told myself I already have so many I haven't even used yet yada yada yada. But then I needed a larger size wick to test on a new jar......O happy day! An excuse to buy those FO's I wanted!!!