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    People love to use the good ole it's natural approach to soy wax. I always ask them if Margarine is considered all natural, or how about Crisco? Then I go on to explain that soy is even further hydrogenated than those two. I left info on Hydrogenation process as well as the use of Hexane to produce the final product. My answer was it's about as natural as plastic. I also noted that crude oil which makes paraffin is a fully biodegradable end product as well and well, it comes from the earth so is just as natural if not more so than soy. Also it's good to point out that EVERY single crop of soybeans has some degree of roundup ready beans that infiltrate it. There isn't an organic soy wax I am aware of.
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    Scrolling through listings on etsy I came across this candle and looked twice then could not believe my eyes. this is is what happened to me with an over wicked candle. The glass exploded. Why oh why would someone think this is a good idea??? This is why we test for shallow, safe melt pools. When i see deep melt pools early on a candle this is what my mind fast forwards to. We are not being mean when we speak out against poor candle container choices or overwicked pics. Burning someone's home down is a real risk. Always test. Always test within view. Always test for a power burn in case someone forgets it is lit or falls asleep. Off to compose myself.
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    I, like many of you, have been a total glutton for punishment by sticking with soy wax for so long. Each case of wax is so inconsistent within brands from the same supplier I have to re-test my candles constantly. Have made and test burned over 50 this past month to find that most do not perform as they have so reliably in the past. we have come to accept that soy wax has issues in the looks department with tops only the mother can love. we accept the advice that we must wait weeks before knowing if a scent might possibly throw in our wax. Who the heck has that kind of time? we accept inferior hot throw ounce for ounce against many other waxes. (I have purchased many, many, many from popular sellers on etsy and other sites to compare). we accept we must use more fragrance to compete with thrifty waxes that throw almost without trying. Soy wax manufacturers reformulate on a whim or just pull from the marketplace. We small chandlers are a minor market to them, so what do they care? retailers love soy because they sell loads more fragrance. am working on alternatives for containers because this is just plain getting old.
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    That's too vague of a question. Most of the suppliers have some good and not so good fragrances. It's also going to depend on your application and wax and wick etc. Personally if you see a fragrance you are interested in ... buy it, try it and if it doesn't meet your expectation or desire, find another company that carries it and try theirs.
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    Thought about you today @Nickie. When you wrote that your initial testing was performed several months apart I can totally see how your results are drastically different. 6 months ago the air in my house was bone dry, and the heaters were on. Now the air is heavy with humidity. The AC and ceiling fans run around the clock. This morning I had 12, yes 12, full size candles burning in my kitchen testing different blends and wick combos along side the freshly filled wax warmer. Could barely smell a thing unless I was right over the wax warmer if you can believe that. I specifically used fragrance that throws even in the worst of waxes. Then I walked downstairs into the basement. As I descended the stairs I could smell the layers of fragrances. The whole basement was so powerfully scented my eyes and throat began to tingle. The scented parts of the air are too heavy to waft to the higher levels where my nose picks up the scent. I urge you to think about the conditions surrounding your testing as you analyze performance. test some of those original tiny bottles now and see.
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    My favorite smelling candles are all the ones I make myself and don't buy from other retailers 😉
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    You know that was the reasoning I used when I went from paraffin to soy. I started using soy because I believed that was what the customers wanted. But I discovered when I switched from soy to palm that that was not exactly true. Anyway, I ended up getting awful skin rashes from soy and knew I had to switch once again. So that was when I decided to try out palm container waxes. I eventually switched to palm and I will never go back. I simply tell my customers the selling points of palm and why I like it so much. Once I get them to try one of my candles they always come back. I really think it boils down to how good a sales person you are and the quality of your candle to back it up. I know I have personally changed the attitudes of many soy only customers who came back excited about what a great candle the palm candle was. But seriously that has to do with a well made candle... Sales wise I think I can sell an Eskimo a truckload of ice. They just don't know how much they need it until they talk to me. LOL!
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    I don't need care how many years someone regurgitated information, you can't tell what *your* wax will do when too many variables are added to the equation. If i base my wax/wick needs on a test with my grapefruit FO, I would conclude I need a wick that is two sizes too small. If I base my wax/wick conclusions on my Amber, I would be overwicked by 5 sizes. Tell me, how am I to know how my wax performs when either of those tests is concluded? Once I figured out my wax, testing fragrances moved along at warp speed. It is completely asinine to assume all fragrances behave the same and not know what your base product is. Totally insane and it creates a longer time and more expensive testing period. I hear so much ridiculous information every single day coming from suppliers that I have learned to ignore it. If I wicked as candlescience or brambleberry advise I would have burned my house down by now. I think suppliers love telling us to test their way for one simple reason: it sells more wax, wicks and fragrance as newbs try to put pieces of a puzzle together. Period. Cash flow keeps them in business.
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    Wow this one smells good I did the colors Grey, White and Lavender
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    Hello Island Girl, I would like to make a few suggestions if you don't care. Please don't take it offensively as it is not meant to be that what so ever. 1. Your label is extremely too large for that jar. I would cut in down to 1/3 the size if you are going for a hang tag type label. it is in my opinion way too long and too wide. 2. To me the white background is too stark. I could see a nice craft paper look background with that style jar with the cork top. I love that cork lid! What does the jar look like? I've been looking for a style jar like that.....That style jar you are using with that lid needs to have something for a label that compliments your whole look you have going and the labels that you are working on just don't fit that jar. A thought that came to my mind to keep it simple so all your jars would look alike would be to maybe using natural twine. Would look great with that cork lid! Just a suggestion. 3. The second picture, it doesn't look professional with a hand written scent name. I know nothing about making/printing my own labels as I design my own labels through a company named Zazzle. So many here on the board print theirs and I'm sure others will chime in here. For the same reason of you saying it could be very costly ordering 1 label with just 1 scent I just couldn't afford to do that. 4. Presentation, presentation, presentation can definitely make or break a sale and if you are going to sell your candles it is of utmost importance to put together a beautiful finished product. We all have to start somewhere. You have a great start with a great looking jar. Do you mind me asking where you got your jar with that cork lid? ... Look at this photo I found one day that I have saved with a jar that looks like yours. I have always loved this type look.I think this is a smashing label...I'm not saying to copy this label but look at what the finished product looks like. Keep us posted. You will get there! Trappeur
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    The very first for this Faire was Witches Brew. A patron walked up with a nub of an ancient black candle in a zip loc baggie and asked if I could replicate the scent. In all honesty I told her I could not even smell it, but if she described what she remembered we could work on it. I put together a couple of sniffie blotters and mailed them to her. She made a couple of suggestions - ending up combining several I sent and we nailed it. Witches Brew is still a number one selling scent in soap, wax melts, soy candles, and cast iron cauldrons. Next year my daughter and I expressed our love of the Faire's homage to the Renaissance danse macabre by creating a scent blend described in the prior year's newsletter. We read that when the dansers progress through a village people feel a chill in the air, a waft of smoke and hint of pipe tobacco. We debuted the scent in soap early in season 2 to instant embracing by the troupe that performs at our Faire. It is now their signature scent. A bar of that first batch sold at a benefit auction for performers for over $100! It is a top 3 requested scent by patrons every year in every single product. Last year was Sleepy Hollow. What would it smell like to be IN the story book Sleepy Hollow? Burning leaves. Grass in your rake. Graveyard dirt. Bonfire of woods. Voila. Sold out of it in several product over the weekend. Each week at Faire has a theme. Steampunk week is the only time Absinthe is served. I smelled the drink, then translated that into a soap/candle, etc. ditto with honey mead. This is our look opening weekend yesterday and the day before. I will look for/take pics of the Brew and macabre to add.
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    Tested TT's Dragons Blood this weekend my soap is smiling at me
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    You can embrace them. Sorry to be blunt, but really the only people who even notice or care about wet spots are other chandlers. Most consumers don't even know what they are or even really notice them. The ones that do, think it's just a part of how the candle looks (which in reality is accurate) Even if you do find a magic way to eliminate them when making, as others have said, once the atmosphere changes they will emerge. It's all part of it.
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    I started with soy because I believed the hype. When it gave me frosting and wet spots and moon crater tops AND didn't have hot throw at all, I started tweaking. Now I use a 60/40 blend of 464 and 4630. As I mentioned in another thread. I label my candles as a soy blend. I have had exactly one customer ask what that meant and when I said, "It's a blend of soy and paraffin waxes", their eyes glazed over and they bought the candle any way. No one gives a crap in my neck of the woods. I'm a full time RN and soap and candle in my spare time. I don't have time to fiddle and coddle my ingredients.
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    Well, guess what? So far, I've had my daughter and a friend smell a candle. Didn't tell them what it was. They both said it smelled like coffee and it smelled good. They liked it! I told my friend then that it was supposed to smell like fresh brewed coffee and she said that's exactly what it smells like. So what do I know? Maybe I was so turned off by the smell OOB that it prejudiced me and I couldn't get past that smell when it was put into wax. If that makes any sense.
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    I started out with glass glow until I found out feather palm works and looks the same. And I could get it from Bittercreek which is only 3 hours away so shipping is cheap. I was surprised to find it works fine in containers. I use pint Mason jars and the square 1/2 pints. When you have a wick in it doesn't rattle. For me the premier wicks work the best in my jars.
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    In any scientific (including mathematics) field the way to solve a problem is to isolate variables. Walk before you run. learn the primer before trying to master the advanced. If anyone tells you to just skip steps, find another teacher.
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    I have dirt I think from wholesale supplies plus and Bramble Berry. They both smell like a bag of fresh potting soil to me. They are super Duper strong so I don't use much In blends. Just enough to give a hint of soil.
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    lol.....same here my cabinet is so darn full and like you, do you know how many times I have gone and ordered the same fragrance then to find out I have it......but all is not lost as I will use it. I just love to sniff em all and then I'll pull out the ones I'm going to make and put in a box and sit it on the dining room table right in front of my eyes so I don't forget it.....but then somehow I always seem to get distracted....and then I'll get bored and sit down at the computer and start surfing more candle companies to see what is new that I just have to have......it's just disgusting! And then I have a friend who calls me 50 times a day to talk (that is no joke) and I make all her candles for her in these huge crystal containers that are triple wicked and I'm always telling her that I have some more great samples coming in she needs to snifff, then I have to listen to her put me down for ordering more oils when I have so many, but you know when you order constantly from suppliers for your business, you just have to have and test new samples all the time and besides you get a free sample for ordering over a certain amount in dollars and of course what is a 1 (1oz) sample going to make? 1 jar? Heck I have to always order either 2 more samples along with the free one or just get a big bottle! More money!!!!But I just can't help it..... Trappeur
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    Do you know how many bottles of FO I have that I haven't even used yet? Do you? I'm 66 years old. I hope I have enough good years left to do so. But the way I keep adding to my stash, I'll never have enough years.
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    This makes a beautiful teal
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    Really! WHERE do you come up with this stuff Sponey! you got that right Moonstar! You must be a riot to live with Sponey is all I can say....It must be non stop giggles and laughs all day living with you. Whenever you put up a post I know it's going to be a doozey - one that l most likely won't even comprehend when your discussing making soaps as I don't do soaps and then you go and throw in some outrageous hilarious lines (that I do understand!) he he he....and it just tickles me and gets my day going. Thanks for being the odd ball Sponey! You go to the head of the class... Trappeur
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    This was more of a coulda had a v-8 knock on the side of the head moment, @Moonstar really. It was. It makes zero sense how a vendor could cut only certain bottles or things when they have thousands to keep track of. Sometimes the problem is right in our own homes.
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    Lets seeeee......I'm boring...still using and making the same scents Top of the list: Flamings: Summer scoop (This is a new one for me.....have it going right now in 4 rooms in the cabin) Tennessee's: Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Tennessee's: Chocolate Brownies Bittercreek: Grandma's Kitchen (Apple Pie) Bittercreek: Pumpkin cheesecake Bittercreek: Rice Flower and Shea Brand new and just put in wax: Community Candle: Warm Bourbon Cider RE: Butterscotch Marshmallow Trappeur
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    It never hurts to experiment. I would try at least one small set to see what happens. But then I like to set wax on fire and take pictures.
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    Oh thankyou PhoenixFrye.....lol I know what your talking about....my doo dads...yep I put one in here. I'm testing this jar and made it Bittercreeks "Grandma's Kitchen". Which I use as home made apple pie of which I add a little teeney bit of Indiana's pie crust just enough so you can get a whiff of it. I'm testing this jar in a cd 8. Now comes the 2 week cure...argh...... I just noticed on the 3'rd picture there is a seam in the jar.....hmmmm...well now that I know that I will be sure to place that seam on the back of the jar and I even noticed a wet spot...oh well on that...just one of those things....
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    It's been a while since I put up some photos to share of labels and candles, so here are some of a job I did for a cabin rental company here in the mountains as they are going into cabins for rent. I did a presentation of 3 different labels and they liked them so much and couldn't decide so they ordered all 3 designs. Hunting is big time here so I did one with an Elk. Now we have Lake Blue Ridge here. The one sunset one is an actual photo of Lake Blue Ridge. And the other one with Lemon Verbena I just thought it was just so tranquil.....These all went on 16oz canning jars with a black lid. Of course the watermark didn't go on the actual label.... Thanks for looking. Trappeur Now these 2 labels are for veterinarian clinics here I have appointment to go to for placement of orders. I've been wanting to do this for a long time.
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    Thankyou so much Barbara and TT.....Taking your both advice! omgosh Moonstar, now that is an awesome blend also......I love pumpkin and of course vermont maple (being I'm from Vermont) he hehe All I wanted is a simple blend....now I have to go and order everything everybody said! cause I want them all! Trappeur
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    There are not any soybeans in the world that are fully organic, same is true for corn. It has to do with how the fields cross-pollinate after so many years of having round up ready beans, next to organic crops. I eat fully organic and have lots of knowledge about the lifestyle, but My dad is a farmer of soybeans and he had lots of say on this issue, including I'm waisting money buying organic cause there is not such thing as organic beans or corn 😂😂😂. And both of them are in everything in one form or another!
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    But but....look at that NICE DEEP MELTPOOL! I thought that was a good thing Its like with some of these so called chandlers just looking to make a quick buck.
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    Make it easy enough to google. Will people remember the quirky spelling?
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    I agree, Gail! Their site is very outdated. I love their oils, but just going to their site gives me an eye twitch.
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    For some reason I can't find peppermint bark from CS so I guess I used it all this past Christmas but I did smell the one from JS and I like it OOB fine. It seems to have a little more of a chocolate note than the one from CS. I don't think I've ever put the one from JS in wax though. Christmas Wish was the same from both suppliers. I Love it! It's a dupe from some big name candle maker I think. Tropical scents I have from JS are Bare naked lady, (citrus type scent) I haven't put it in wax yet but it smells pretty good. Summer splash-a little sweeter than BNL but a good scent. Berry Buttercream puffs-not tropical but great scent and it's listed in the summer section. Black cherry merlot-haven't put it in wax yet but good and strong OOB Banana Daiquiri-I only got a sample of this but liked it in wax. Smells like it's description Blonde Moment-a berry type scent-really like it Blue cotton candy-best I've used but I've only used from one other supplier butter pecan candies-LOVE but I'm a bakery person Cherry slushy-good and strong Coconut milk and lavender-I don't like floral but this is a good one if you like that type Country Berry Hot cakes-Great oil and you can get it from other suppliers too. Great throw Cranberry Pomegranate-Love-good and strong Flip flops-It's a strong oil with a lot of coconut in the back ground. I'm not sure how to describe it. Lemon drops-weak to my nose. There are better lemon scents out there Monkey Farts-This is a good tropical scent from every supplier that I've ordered from. I haven't tried JS but I'm sure it smells pretty much like the rest of them. Pink Flamingo-I like this one pretty good. I like her version better than one from another supplier. Serendipity -Love this one! It's not necessarily tropical at all but sweet and summery. You can also get this one from other suppliers and it may be cheaper. Strawberry white cake-LOVE this one! Spot on and good throw Strip and go naked-Have not put it in wax. It's another citrusy scent. It smells pretty good OOB but I can't say how it will do in wax. Summer Board walk-love the smell of this one. Medium throw. Tropical Colada-I only used a sample of this one but I liked it. It has a good throw Vanilla Sugar waffle cone-really good scent if you like vanilla-medium throw Orange Sherbet-I like this one but haven't poured it in awhile. Smells good OOB I also love her Buttercream sugar cookie, Absolutely Fabulous cake (yummy!), Aspen caramel woods, Snicker doodle, buttery gingerbread, cake batter fudge, Coffee ice cream, Cardemon spice rum cake, cinnamon crunch cake, jelly glazed donut, jingle bells, marshmallow fireside, orange caramel crumble, orange dreamsicle, peppermint meringue, santa baby, Peppermint mocha, vanilla cardamom cake and there are a few more that I can't think of right now. But I am a bakery person so that's what I gravitate too LOL! A lot of JS oils smell pretty weak OOB and really come alive in wax. She also has some duds like the rest of the suppliers. Her dupes are usually good though. There are some more of her bakery scents that I really like but I didn't list them. I've never had good luck with her pumpkin scents except pumpkin butter brûlée. I know these aren't tropical but I looked in the Summer scent section and just put down what I'd sniffed or used. Flaming Bite me-Strong fruity scent with an effervescent note. Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher -good and sweet Butt Naked-Have not put in wax but a good tropical scent from every suppler that I've used it from. I really like the one from the candle source the best. IT's a little sweeter to my nose but you can't go wrong with this one. Mango Papaya-I've tried this from ICS and NG and it's a great tropical scent to my nose. I haven't put the one from Flaming in wax but they all pretty much smells the same to me. Raw Sugar Mandarin-Love this one! A sweet orange scent Strawberry Lemon Ice-Love this one OOB. Have not put it in wax Sugared Lemon-Love this one. Great throw to my nose Sweet strawberry-Love this strawberry scent! Watermelon Lemonade-Smells great OOB but haven't put in wax Summer scoop-Love this one! Smells like strawberry ice cream but you can smell vanilla in there too. Good throw Sorry this was so long. I just clicked on their summer/fruity scents to see what I had in that category. I also love North Pole from Flaming, Apple ginger crust, Pumpkin apple butter, Salted caramel, Sugared Pralines, and Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow, alpine cheer, and there are a few more. Trappeur uses a lot of their oils so she may be able to give you a better review! If I think of any more I'll let you know!
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    I ordered from them years ago because my granddaughter wanted Britney Spears Fantasy. I might order from them again if they would update their website. I don't like the scent descriptions being separate from where you order. I know...nit picky.
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    Cut Pictures! It toned down from the blood red to a pretty rainbow red. A little more than 30# of Unicorn Rainbows. Too long to fit into my log splitter, so I improvise with a few shims. Split into four 22" long logs. Cut into 1" thick bars. Got 87 good ones from this batch. All lined up on the curing shelf with the off cuts and ugly end bars made into sample sizes. It makes me so happy to see a shelf full of rainbows.
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    Velcome to zee herd...(coughs) Group! Verrri velcome heres.... Jayst making yourselfs at homes. I am Sponie (BWAHAHAHA) B (bUHWAHAHAHA) R (BUHAUAHAHAH) Jayus! Execeutor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services (BUHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAAAAA) I make messes. I make soap. I make weird, a verb. Welcome! Sponiebr
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    Gail, if you do order from ICS I'll tell you what their Apple Strudel is to die for. I sell it in one store as hot apple pie....Also their pie crust is another great one that I use a lot of......Not being an enabler or anything....well I guess I am.....geesh what can I tell ya? lol Trappeur
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    Wow this one is strong
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    It is with a smokey background and something I can't put my finger on along with patchouli and fried turkey legs 😂
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    I've had both. Candle Cocoon's Ooey Gooey Caramel is super strong so you'll need to cut back on the amount you add...for real; it can be overpowering and slightly stinky if you don't. It smells really rich and creamy...I would love to drink the bottle or bathe in it (don't judge!). Kickin Caramel is delicious as well. I find that it's sweeter smelling and lighter than Ooey Gooey Caramel. I use kickin caramel more as it's easier to blend with other scents because it doesn't drown out the other scents.
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    @Jcandleattic You're at a hotel right? They give you fresh soaps in the room each day right? Sneak a plastic knife from lunch while humming the Mission Impossible Theme... (Act like it's all covert and sh... uh, stuff... Start chopping up the little freebie soaps... Grab some creamers and a few styrofoam cups... REBATCH THAT JUNK IN THE COMPLEMENTARY COFFEE MAKER IN YOUR ROOM!!!! Snag a HIGHLIGHTER! Pull out the core of the highlighter and soak it in the purloined creamers to leach out the dye... Tear up a coat hanger and make some SWIRLS!!!! Hoard the used coffee grounds and raid the sugar... Make some coffee sugar scrubs!!!! Bring these treasures into the office and offer them for sale at lunch... Get your hard core pushy used car salesman on! SELL! SELL!!! SELL!!!! Rebatched hotel soap! He says what we're all THINK'N!!! I got more bad ideas if you need some help JC... LOTS AND LOTS of bad ideas... Don't worry... I'm RIGHT BEHIND you! Sponiebr: THE Executor of BAD Ideas and Sundry Services! (At your service m'lady! )
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    That's only 2.5%. Do you think it will mellow as it cures a bit? if not you could shred it, chunk it or slice it to add to new batches as embeds. Can you re-melt it and add more unscented to lessen the saturation of the scent?
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    If you want a sample of Vanilla Cotton, just PM me. It's a really great scent. You haven't even touched Pure Fragrance Oils, Bulk Apothecary, Southern Scentations, TriState, Texas Candle Supply...oh my the list just goes on, doesn't it?!
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    OMG Puma! Where have you been? I've missed you! Oh thankyou for posting this. Means a lot to me! Ever since I put up this post back in 2015 when i landed this account, this account has been non stop going...I am so lucky...I guess blessed as some would say. From the first day when I got that first big order from them I've been bringing them minimum 75 candles every week. They don't even know I'm coming cause I don't know 1/2 the time myself. It's a dream account for these past years. They pay up front b/4 I even have them made....now how often does a store do that. It's really an honor system we have going between us. The woman who owns the orchard is sad to say has had cancer for many years and she goes for chemo treatment every week but she is so upbeat and just so nice and so very young. The Merciers Orchard is a family owned business, very religious....just good down to earth family people. They are famous for their apple pies which they ship all over the country. One day I was chatting with 1 of the workers there and she told me one day she got an order for 1 apple pie from California and this guy paid for the pie and paid over 100.00 to ship 1 apple pie to him...lol.....They also make their own wines and hard cider...Great shop and account. So great to hear from you Puma!!!! Trappeur
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    Super quick and last a long time! http://www.craftserver.com/topic/104452-i-need-new-ideas-for-room-fresheners The corn cob bedding found in the pet aisle also works, but is not as pretty as salt. Combined they may be neat though. gardening vermiculite is what I found inside of a pretty paper spendy packet from a boutique. Options are almost endless!
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    I couldn't have been more surprised at the Wellington FOs. I ordered from them too so I stop wasting time looking at their versions of various Jo Malone dupes. I had been looking for the Linden scent for a long time. I figured I try a few FOs, get disappointed and forget about them. I ordered at the same time from several companies including The Flaming Candle, The Candlemakerstore, and Just scents. I already had the FOs from MMS and Nurture. I tested all the FOs at the same time using the same soap batter. I'm usually happy if 10% of the FOs I buy make it through the cp process. I would easily buy bigger bottles of at least half of the ~20 Wellington FOs that I tested. I placed a second order within a month with several larger bottles and more samples than I want to count. I haven't had a chance to test the new samples yet but they smelled nice OOB. Even scents I wouldn't necessarily use myself smelled well balanced. Either my nose is a good match for the nose creating the Wellington FOs or they have a master nose working for them. If you do some testing, please share your experience. Of all the FOs I tested, only the JS scents didn't work well. They didn't have much longevity spotted on paper (all gone in 1 hour) or in soap. It's too bad because the Sorrel and Lemon Thyme smelled really good. It would have made a great soap scent.
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    J50 which is now classified as IGI 4636. I know this is a blend and doesn't need additives, however, I do have a blend of additives that I do use in it, that help with my applications.
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    After I test in mine I use a butter knife and cut /scrape the remaining wax out and set the jars upside down on a cookie sheet lined with foil and put in the oven at like 170 for a few until all wax has dripped out and then wash with dish soap and dry beenj doing this for 10 years and have only like 3 jars crack from excessive use
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    I have the MMS version of the French Lime. It has some off base notes that tend to become harsher and more dominant the longer you smell them (at least to my nose). I ended up mixing it 1:1 with the Elderflower scent. I bought the NS dupe of the MO Elderflower called Sambucus. The 2 together are better than either one alone in soap. The Elderflower mellowed the Linden off notes and made the scent easier to detect in soap. If you're using it for candles, you might want to try different ratios. You probably need more of the Linden to keep the scent more true to Linden. I ended up buying big bottles of Wellington's versions of both of these FOs after testing the samples (Elderflower Bloom and Jo Malone's French Lime) even though I have a lb of the other 2. I'm a hobbyist soaper so a lb lasts me a long time. The 2 Wellington FOs don't need any doctoring. They are spot on on their own. The Elderflower has more depth than the MO or NS version and the French Lime is pretty close to L'Occitane's version or at least what I remember of it. I also bought some aroma molecules that include Linden type accords but I haven't had a chance to test them yet. When I have more time, I plan on mixing the 2 Lindens with the Elderflower and aroma molecules. If I come up with anything better, I'll update this thread.