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  2. I have both Accu-blend waxes: the COCONUT and the APRICOT.. I've been using the COCONUT for 5 years and I don't have issues with pooling at all. 10% fragrance load, heated to 200, add fragrance and pour immediately.
  3. I've been testing the Accu-blend Apricot, and I love it, but going to be testing a bunch of different wicks for it. I heat to 200 add fragrance (10%) and pour. I've never had any pooling of fragrance. If you get tunneling near the wick, just hit with your heat gun and it will fix it.
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  5. I third their BRV. My favorite of all the ones I tried. I also love their Pink Sugar (goes dark brown without VS), Cranberry Citrus and Pear. They all stick well in CP soap.
  6. It may be too expensive but I used to use the clay made for plugging candle molds to tab my wicks and that stuff is super sticky and holds up to high heat also. Even high temp wax will melt in a hot car.
  7. Glad you could save the soap!
  8. I recently, for the first time purchased from Oregon Trail supply the bug off essential Oils. I would like to make my spray as simple as possible is cyclomethicone a good base? or should I add anything else?
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  10. Lol @ lumpy bottle 😂 I think that they still have those....that bubble bath was awesome. Especially the peach & the Vanilla.
  11. Anyone up for any tutorial in June? Candles, soap, bath and body, melts?
  12. The BRV is TO DIE FOR in soap! I just got a pound of their Pink Sugar and it smells like, (to me anyway) the old bubble bath from Avon, (remember the one in the pink oval lumpy bottle?) It seems promising.
  13. What's that?
  14. Very nice! Thanks for the tutorial
  15. Read these to see how the CD's compare
  16. I missed this as well, really beautiful soaps!
  17. Their Black Raspberry Vanilla is my Favorite to Cp soap sticks like crazy, also love their Fruit Slices, Green Tea, and Pink Sugar.
  18. For sure over wicked. I wouldn't even go any further with the 2 CD wicks, I'd let it harden and swap them out for the 8 & 10.
  19. I get mine from panic plastics. Never had any problem with them. I have some for sale. 110 for $42 shipping included.
  20. Does Wick-it still do their sample packs? I really want to try the premier and superior wicks in 464. About how many do they send?
  21. Does Wick-it still do their sample packs? I really want to try the premier and superior wicks in 464. About how many do they send?
  22. I haven't ordered from Peak since they discontinued palm wax...but the few times I tried an oil from them, I never got a bad one ! I remember getting a sample of a chocolate raspberry truffle ( I think ? I may have gotten the name slightly wrong ) & being particularly blown away by the cold throw, even. Their Orange Chiffon Cake is a great one, if you like that kind of scent And their Blueberry Muffin is the best I've tried so far.
  23. Ditto what Tall Tayle said! cd 8 and a 10 I would test. And keep going on that htp 73..... Trappeur
  24. Hey Sponey, Do you have a shower? Trappeur
  25. fragrance oil

    Has anyone ever tried Escentscia FO in soy wax, specifically Ecosoya CB-135? Do they have their flash point written on them somewhere? I'm assuming they do but if not, what's the best temperature to add FO to soy wax? I've been adding it at 185*F (85*C). Is that too high? Love always xo
  26. Absorbine Jr. Roll it on under your nose. 😯 Just kidding! Try sniffing fresh coffee grounds. That's an old chandler's trick.
  27. Hello Everyone, long time lurker first time poster First of all, thank you for all the wonderful posts, you guys are a wealth of knowledge! What is your opinion on this wick?I am using a CDN 10 It's a 6cm - 2.35in straight jar, C3 with 9% Chocolate Fudge FO. It's been burning for a total of 25hours. In these photos it was about one hour into it. HT is out of this world, BUT the flame seems small. There is no flickering, hang up is catching up, the jar is not hot at all, I can easily pick it up after 5 hours of continuous burning...(I did a couple of power burnings) It all seems great, it's you think the flame looks small? Thank you in advance!
  28. They may only ship USPS, and if you are on the west coast....yeah. That's a lot. BUT the good news is, they do a flat rate shipping ($8 I think) for any amount of fragrances, so you could still try a few. I've tried several. I only had one I didn't care for, not that it was bad, just kinda one dimensional. I do use their Vanilla Tobacco and Salted Caramel.
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