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  2. Wicking Coconut Wax

    I tried an rrd40 in coconut wax with orange patchouli fragrance. The north woods coconut wax mushroomed pretty badly and burned a bit hotter than the candlesandsupplies coconut wax. The C&S coconut wax with the same wick seemed appropriately sized in The 8oz tin. The throw from the two 8 oz tins burning side by side filled my basement within 30 minutes.
  3. Hi, Everyone!

    Hi Lisa! Your coconut wax trials inspired me to try a couple. Loving the HT and ease so far. I know you jumped in with both feet , and will do very well. Your soap and B&B experience will get you to a perfect candle pretty quickly.
  4. Home made marshmallows using old fashioned ingredients taste so much better than the commercial stuff. Messy as all get out, but delicious! I bought a kitchenaid with the hope of making marshmallows more often, but it is used for bread more - at least for now hot cocoa season is drawing near. Home made marshmallows with home made chocolate syrup is hard to beat.
  5. Halloween Labels

    I love @Belinda idea Forest Of No Return and I Boo Believe in Ghosts + Boo Berry Pie is beyond adorable
  6. Are Bergamot and Pink Grapefruit faders?

    SMR used to have THE BEST one, but they've since went out of business. Candybee suggested Camden-Grey, for a replacement, however, on looking at their site, you can only get 1 (ONE) bottle of any size of it at any given time, and they want almost $19 for a 4oz bottle. So...
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  8. Halloween Labels

    Yep, I think you nailed it...they all look great!
  9. Top sellers at craft shows so far..

    Most people who create blends will do so by putting the scents they want to blend, in the ratios they are considering on either cotton balls, or q-tips and let sit for a while to test the scent after it matures together. (Personally I just mix it, and if it's a dud, I won't use that blend again-I'm an odd one though when it comes to blending) I use container palm too, and you don't HAVE to pour very hot, however, if you want the beautiful crystalization, then you need to pour hot. I personally only use 3% or less FO in my palm containers because it holds scent so well, I've never bothered even trying at higher %'s. This weekend I just made 30 -5oz containers in palm using Baby Powder scent (which is a light scent) and only had to use 2% and my basement is permeated with the scent. Almost cloyingly so.
  10. Are all LX wicks created equal?

    As others suggested, do a side by side test. The wicks themselves may be the same, but the wax coating on the outside is what will most likely be different.
  11. My husband is my personal chef. LOL I go into my kitchen during the holidays to make the candy, and then Christmas celebration day (whenever we have our extended family over) and I make the big turkey dinner with all the fixin's, and then on New Years Day, I help with the waffle brunch we have for everyone. That's it. That's the only time I'm ever in the kitchen cooking. Oh and those rare occasions when my hub is not home for more than 2-3 days. Can't have Pizza EVERY day he's gone. LMAO
  12. Halloween Labels

    All fantastic as usual. Hope you are keeping the "I'll get you my pretty" as well. They are different and fun which I think people will love! GoldieMN
  13. "I would like to know if other people have problems with fragrance. My control candles without fragrance are perfect. The ones with fragrance are problematic - I tried adding at 180 and higher as suggested online at 200" I've had zero issues with fragrance pooling on top or cratering of any sort. I've also had some successes with wicking. Ironically I get perfect adhesion with the 220 and not with the 210. Somewhere I read not to heat these waxes higher than 180. I can't for the life of me remember where but I've kept my heating temp to 180 or below. There's a few times where I've gone above that to around 185 but didn't notice any ill effects. The ct/ht with the 210 has been great-I've yet to have a scent not throw well. The ct is there immediately and I've burned some as soon as 24 hrs later and the ht was great. Like WThomas I've had some issues with the wick getting all nasty and clumpy- almost disintegrated looking and it's only been with heavy scents. One one of my wine scents it did this and I was messing around with it and that clump pulled off like a mushroom cap, leaving a nicely trimmed wick below. It was dry and hard, I'm thinking it's a mushroom with this wax since I've had no shrooming whatsoever on my successes and these things with my fails. Most of them are oily and I couldn't pop off. I've remedied that in a few scents with changing wicks to a different brand. The 220 is behaving different in the throw department, I have little to no cold throw after it sets on some scents but the ht is great. I have one I've kept sitting to see if/when the ct appears and it's coming in little by little which is perplexing. With both waxes most of my successes are with CDN wicks. I had been starting all out with CD wicks and then changing out to CDN's when I had the weird wicks. When that hasn't worked then I've gone to HTP and some of those worked. I'm starting to see a pattern with wick to scent but I need to do more testing to say for sure.
  14. Do a few side by side tests to see... you might be okay.
  15. Selling price of your candles is based on your marketing. If you make a wonderful candle and are confident in its performance,market it to people who are happy to pay whatever you ask. Often people market to those close to themselves and don't realize that local area is not their best market. Put your products in front of people want to buy them. Paraffin can burn as long as soy or other waxes, it depends on how you wick, etc. fragrance is the highest cost in my candles. If I can make a candle scented at 6% that performs every bit as well as one scented with 10 or12% my margin on the lower priced candles can be much healthier.
  16. Lotion/Body Butter separating

    Aloe is an electrolyte. Electrolytes are electrically charged. Emulsifiers are surfactants, which can be electrically charged (either positive or negative like a battery). Water and oils have "polarity" like a magnet. They won't blend without something to keep them together (an emulsifier which is typically a surfactant). Think about vinaigrette salad dressing. Oil and water are charged oppositely and won't stay together in a bottle for any length of time no matter how hard you shake them. An emulsifier, like lecithin, mustard, etc. helps keep oil and vinegar blended in the bottle. Depending on the emulsifier and other ingredients, the total of the positive charge versus negative charge can mean the difference between stable emulsions or lotions that separate. Aloe juice, depending on where you get it, can have other ingredients incompatible with the rest of your formula. Some contain gelling chemicals, preservatives, stabilizers, etc that can cause an emulsion to fail. I would try your recipe with water and see and see if it is stable over a few months. This is called a knockout test, you are knocking out one ingredient at a time to see if it is the problem. If the lotion stays together out know the cause of the separation. If it separates then something else is the cause. if the lotion does stay together then add back small amounts of aloe in the next batch to see if it stays stable. It is possible that you may use some aloe, just not the total liquid amount.
  17. Did you end up ordering the Orange Creamsickle ? I have about 1/2 oz I can send you if you want. What did you think of White Mulberry Cedar ( never noticed this one ) also, hows the sugar cookie, Im thinking of ordering a pound. Only reason I hesitated on that one was a reviewer mentioned it was a super heavy oil -hard to wick ? I really like the Citrus Spruce - very similar to Christmas Tree with a touch of citrus. I haven't poured it though.
  18. Halloween Labels

    They are all great! Thanks for turning me on to Zazzle!!! First order yesterday!
  19. Top sellers at craft shows so far..

    I love every single blend that you created, the CS Cranberry Marmalade + Orange sounds really good. I only have CS Blood Orange, wonder if that would work ? And how your came up with Frosted Gingerbread by adding French Vanilla - brilliant ! I for one wouldn't have thought adding vanilla . Your really good at blending. When you start blending oils how do you do that so your not wasting so much oil in the event you don't like how it turned out ? Autumn Bonfire sounds awesome ! You have a knack for blending FO's and coming up with names ? Candy you use container palm wax right ? Ive been wanting to try palm for awhile it seems as if they only accept 4-5% FO + must be poured very hot, is this correct ? Whats a good wick series to try out with palm ? Great job
  20. Pumpkin Apple Butter Re-name

    I like Pumpkin Butter, but if the pumpkin is weak might not be the best.
  21. hello! 😊

    Nice to meet you, KandleKrazy Totally agree about the ratio! I just started pouring in 2lb container (yay!) and forgot the ratio was 2Ibs wax, 3 oz FO. Maybe I should consider reducing FO from 1.5 oz pp to 1oz pp like you suggested. I know that some people like a light scent, but I'm on a mission to make a scent that's going to fill a room (even if it's just my bathroom, haha). Once I master wicking and pouring for C3, my guess is that trying out new FOs is the fun part that never ends.
  22. Fillmore's Cedar Garland

    I don't see why not you couldn't use that for a Christmas scent what so ever. I know I would if I liked the fragrance. The name alone is beautiful in my opinion. I did receive a sample of a Cracklin Birch a while back but honestly don't remember who it was from. But I do remember it to me also smelled cologny and probably used it as a blender as I know if it was to my liking I would definitely remember it. Did you see that CS has a White Birch? On my next order I'm going to get a sample of it. Trappeur
  23. hello! 😊

    Thanks Candybee! Nice to meet you! I love being able to get to General Wax quickly. Everyone there is so nice, too!
  24. hello! 😊

    Hi Sponiebr! Thanks for the warm welcome, I'm happy to be here So cool that you make soap! I will keep my eye out for Candle Science's FO sale, thanks for the great tip! Good advice about reading the descriptions too. See ya around!
  25. hello! 😊

    Hi Dorothy! Nice to meet you You are absolutely right - that would be way too much FO! I have been using 3 oz of FO for 2 Ibs of wax (not 1), which is way closer to what you are using. That ratio has been burning okay (not too much hang up after the second burn, no bubbles in the wax) but not a lot of HT yet. I will keep experimenting
  26. Fillmore's Cedar Garland

    I was looking at NG Crackling Birch. If anyone has used that would you consider that a Christmas scent ? When I was reading the reviews I got the impression that its more of a masculine, cologne scent ?
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