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  2. EBC Hair conditioner

    @Candybee @Jcandleattic have you ever visited the Point of Interest blog? Here's a query just for conditioners: http://swiftcraftymonkey.blogspot.com/search?q=Conditioner susan goes into the types and reasons behind ingredients, and provides formulations for different hair types. Once you understand the ingredients whipping up hair care products is simple.
  3. Aztec's 100% Natural Oils

    I have used the Natural Citrus Fantasy and it seems plenty strong in soy wax to me. One customer bought 2 candles because she liked that it was 100% natural. It's a nice citrus fragrance. I have the Orange Clove but haven't put it into wax yet.
  4. super easy Decoupage Box Tutorial

    Hello here you can find an easy way to reuse an old box and decorate it in a lovely way, I hope you like the video https://youtu.be/YIb2MnNFxQg
  5. EBC Hair conditioner

    Sarah if you have a recipe you wouldn't mind sharing that is easy to make I would love it. I need one for dry, fine, aging hair. I don't care too much about the frizzy cause I keep my hair short these days. But the dryness and lack of shine I would love to fix! I shop at lotion crafters too and am always checking out all their ingredients and recipes. Oops! Meant to add I need to know the recipe ingredients and how to make. I only make a few B&B products so I am just learning stuff and don't know anything about hair products so I am a total newbie at that. That is why I went to EBC to get a conditioning base to try.
  6. Insurance Certificates

    I can't imagine selling without insurance. Not worth the risk. Crazy stuff in my eyes.
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  8. Insurance Certificates

    I don't understand how people are not afraid of losing everything in this litigious society. People will sue over EVERYTHING. Even when I took my 2.5 year break, I kept my insurance because I had been selling for about 9 years prior to that, and I was afraid I still had product out there, and even though *I* knew it was a safe product is used correctly, I also know how people are and I didn't want to get caught with my pants down so to speak..
  9. EBC Hair conditioner

    Actually, cetearyl is blended at a higher rate in the 25, not cetyl. Cetearyl can be different ratios of cetyl and stearyl fatty alcohols. btms and btms 50 without other conditioning agents ( like cetyl among others) fry my hair. It took a while to stop the breakage from leaving handfuls of hair in the shower floor.
  10. Insurance Certificates

    Crazy isn't it? to get into bigger and better venues you really need to show proof of insurance, and name the additional insured. It is simply a cost of doing business.
  11. Insurance Certificates

    I'm realizing that most of the people here that make soap & candles do not have insurance. They run businesses , have websites, do markets (which kills me because in So Cal we had to provide cert to the market) and have no insurance and most likely no business license unless they have their own store.
  12. EBC Hair conditioner

    I'd love to try a light wash-out light conditioner if you have something like that.
  13. Trappeur posted a thread about this a day or so go. You might search for it. It's a very recent post. Updated: Here is a copy of this link: http://www.craftserver.com/topic/111519-blending-464-and-4630/?do=findComment&comment=1050214
  14. I have been using 6006 exclusively, but I accidentally acquired a block of 4630 and I also have some 464 that I am not using. I would hate to waste good wax. If I make a 70/30 blend of 4630 and 464 will it give me something like 6006, or will it be back to the drawing board to find the right wicks? Also if anyone is blending these two waxes and could give me some pointers and some wicking advice that would be much appreciated also. At 70/30 I’ll have about 14 pounds of wax and I don’t want to use it all up in wick testing.
  15. Natures Garden

    Wow! I guess since NG has over 800 fragrances, it's easy to see why none of our lists overlap though. I didn't realize that most of my FO's from NG were spring/summer scents until someone else asked for recommendations and I had hardly any fall scents to recommend. I've bought 46 FO's from them. A few I didn't care for or were just meh, but I've been well satisfied over all. One of my best sellers is Eucalyptus & Spearmint, and some customers can't get enough of Tinsel. Neither are really my type of scent. I mostly make soy candles and melts with GW444, but I used the Nantucket Garden in lotion bars and I and those I gave them to thought they smelled lovely. Our 'smellers' are so different. I made some Christmas candles from Candlewic's White Mulberry Ceder, and my grandson and I really like it. Better than the Christmas tree fragrances I've had to me. But reviews are mixed. Last night my niece said she got a whiff of baby vomit when she smelled it!
  16. Natures Garden

    I think it's tough to make recommendations with a supplier that big without some sort of jumping point too. Is this for wax? Soap? Both? Holiday? Every day? What kind of scents do you like? I can tell you I've tried over 80 fragrances from NG, and not a single one from Gail or Belinda's lists, lol. Except Nantucket Garden, I tried that and hated it. πŸ˜‚
  17. Ed Hardy Type in the Mold

    Absolutely "very pretty" Barbara!!! πŸ˜‡ I love the swirls and that Ed Hardy FO sounds like it smells amazing! Where did you get that one from?
  18. Fragrance Oil Finder

    I sure miss it. It went down some months ago. Every so often I check it, and I thought it was weird the other day when it took me to RE's website. Maybe they bought the domain name?? Or however that works.
  19. Natures Garden

    Aloe & White Lilac Apple Mango Tango Apple Orchard Apricot Black Raspberry Vanilla Caramelized Crimson Pear Coco Mango Cottage Breeze Eucalyptus & Spearmint Hot Orange Danish Island Fresh Juniper Breeze Lilac Lily of the Valley Monkey Farts Mountain Hazelnut Coffee Nantucket Garden Pearberry Potpourri Spice Rosemary Mint Seaside Tinsel Tranquil Sleep Tropical Blast Winter Candy Apple Some of these aren't my personal favorites, like Lilac and Lily of the Valley, because I don't much care for floral scents, but they are popular with some customers.
  20. Did you burn the cd16 to the end? What displeased you about it?
  21. Natures Garden

    Go to the home page of the forum when you search. If you are in a sub forum search results are limited. i searched Natures Garden and got 17 pages of results.
  22. Natures Garden

    Almond rum cake 7-up cake Apple Dumpling Bayberry Chocolate orchid Christmas cabin Cinnamon sticks clove gingerbread Holiday pomegranate Homemade cheesecake Hot orange danish Mountain hazelnut coffee Mrs Claus Cookies Orange Clove Pilgrims Pie Pumpkin Apple butter-same as Flamings Pumpkin crunch cake Snicker doodle latte spiced cranberry Strawberry rhubarb pie sugar cookie brulee Kickin Cocoa Wildberry Scone Chocolate lovers There are more but I can't think of them off the top of my head. Hope this helps my friend!
  23. Ok I've tested the cd wicks and the 7 series as well as the htps and the lx I've had no luck wicking the 16 oz wide mouth jars. I haven't tried the rrds. Best so far was the cd 16 and I'm not happy with that. No luck in this jar or the 12 oz status jar. I'm getting a little discouraged and tired. It was never this hard with the ecosoya advanced.
  24. EBC Hair conditioner

    Yes please Share away - this sounds awesome !
  25. EBC Hair conditioner

    Is this recipe on BB ? You described my hair to the T.... It would be for personal use + family. Thanks for sharing this. After years of color/highlights my hair has lost its natural luster + is fuzzy unless I flat iron Can EO be added without it irritating the eyes ?
  26. EBC Hair conditioner

    Candy, I have really frizzy hair too, and I use a silicone serum on it every day, which really helps. Now, mine is also super thick, so I use dimethicone and coconut oil mixed with a little cyclomethicone, but if my hair was fine I'd try something like: 75% cyclomethicone 23% dimethicone 2% fractionated coconut oil I put mine in a fine spray bottle, lightly mist my palms and run them through my dry hair. Now, if you really want to go down the rabbit hole, I could share my style-prep anti-frizz serum recipe using a load of conditioning ingredients from Making Cosmetics. πŸ˜‰ I love playing with hair products! Lol
  27. EBC Hair conditioner

    Oh, I love that website! Jenny has so many fantastic ingredients! Do make sure you get the BTMS 50, not the 25 - the 25 is 75% cetyl alcohol, which I find is just too waxy feeling. Great for lotions and cream cleansers though. 😁 If you'd like a recipe, just let me know, I'd love to share some, I have everything from heavy hair butters to ultra light leave-ins! πŸ˜ƒ
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