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  2. Check out the answer I just gave to JC. I AM taking notes now. I also print a sticker with a test number and put it on the bottom of the candle. Then, I amend the new sticker with all the pertinent changes and slap that one on the bottom of the new candle. To answer your question about the temp, somewhere around 160 or a little bit more. That assumes the thermometer is accurate.
  3. I'm starting to get mixed up and ahead of myself. Let's see... I used your suggestions and that one is burning beautifully now. I repeated the same thing with Scented's suggestions and got the same great results. That wax was the one I got from Michael's craft store that was designated for pillars instead of jars like the first paraffin I bought there. Now I'm testing THAT pillar wax with the same formula, but using the "general purpose" paraffin I bought from Amazon. I'm pouring that one in the morning. We'll see what difference it makes. As far as the temperatures, the packages are very vague. Most of them say to pour at about 160-180 degrees. Some mention dropping to the proper pouring temp but they don't specify what that is! I'd say I'm pouring somewhere around 160 or a little more if the thermometer is right.
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  5. Beeswax does bloom. And can frost.
  6. Is it me or does the candle on the left have what appears to be frosting? Is that a trick of the light and glass or is that the residue that's causing concern?
  7. Fave FO vendors?

    Nature's Garden Aztec Fragrance Buddy' Candlewic Rustic Escentuals Cierra Candles Millcreek
  8. Thanks so much for your input, people! You made my day by your post Sarah, and Trappeur! Thanks also for your input TallTayl...and you're totally right re taking notes, which I'm not very good at. It can take me so long to realise something which I probably would have got pretty quick with note-taking. I shall try!
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  10. Fave FO vendors?

    I’m so glad you pointed this out because I was all like, wait, how many Coronas DID I have tonight ?? 😂 But, back to the point, OP, I haven’t tried quite as many as most other members here because this is only a hobby for me, albeit a passionate one, lol. But fragrance is my fave part of it... My faves so far are : The Candle Source Just Scent Wholesale Supplies Plus ( BUT steer clear of their Pink Sugar & Warm Vanilla Sugar dupes, not sure what happened on those but someone dropped the ball there ) The Flaming Candle, only from multiple samples, cause I mainly order wax / wicks, etc from there...but the samples are all top notch ! RE, only a few so far, but again, top shelf quality. And last but absolutely NOT least ? Candle Cocoon, who opened up my candle / tart making world to the immense joy that is Vanilla Voodoo ! The Red Banana & Ooey Gooey Caramel are also outstanding from there.
  11. Email from Cierra: Statement on BASF Force Majeure - Fragrances Affected As you may know, in October of last year, a fire occurred in BASF’s Citral production unit. There were no injuries but the factory suffered severe damages. BASF is a supplier of the synthetic ingredient, Citral that is used in many fragrances. Cierra uses nine different fragrance manufacturers to supply us with our fragrances. The fragrance companies most affected appear to be Agilex and French. While we do purchase some fragrances from both of these companies, the majority of our fragrances have not been affected, or we have enough inventory to meet the need of our customers until BASF is back up and running. There are a few fragrances that are affected and they are listed below. We are in the process of having a few fragrances re-formulated as they are good sellers for us. Those are listed with an asterisk. We will be noting the reformulation as well as any soaping/candle testing notes on our website and on the labels on the bottles for those fragrances. BASF hopes to be back in production by the end of March so we are hopeful that this will have very limited effect on our customers. Fragrances affected are: *Apple Jack Claire Burke Juicy Peach Macintosh Apple *Pearberry *Rain Shower *Twilight Woods
  12. Room spray, my new love...

    If it was just alcohol no problem. When you add the water that’s on the problems come. If you don’t mind shaking and you don’t mind a cloudy solution you can do without the surfactant
  13. Room spray, my new love...

    Aha! I was hoping to skip the surfactant by using alcohol, but I guess not. 20% is going to be a lot more cost effective than 40%! Thank you! ❤️❤️
  14. Fave FO vendors?

    No, you are absolutely correct! I was talking about this fragrance forum. The OP posted this in the Wickless section, but some helpful mod must have moved it to the right spot. 😊
  15. Room spray, my new love...

    For preservation, at least 20% alcohol. If you want it to emulsify, you'll need a surfactant of some kind.
  16. Pure Fragrance OIls statement: Industry Shortage of Ingredients - Critical!!! Hello Everyone, We sent out a newsletter a few weeks ago, but apparently some of you did not receive it. So, we are sending you this to notify you of some of the changes in our industry. Due to a disastrous warehouse fire at a critical manufacturer, our industry is experiencing a shortage of multiple critical ingredients used in the formulations of many fragrances. We received notice that the issue should be resolved April/May 2018; however, there is no guarantee at this moment. What this means is that some of our fragrances are affected. We have only had 2 fragrances reformulated with great success; however, we can't guarantee they will all be reformulated correctly. Therefore, we urge you to place your order immediately if you want to take advantage of our current inventory that was purchased before the fire. These fragrances are the original formulas and have not been changed. Once we run out of them, some of them will have to be reformulated & tested, which will take some time. We will not compromise the quality of the fragrances we provide. The fragrances that can't be reformulated will show out of stock and may have to be discontinued all together depending on what happens at the plant. Please understand that this situation is out of our control and has affected our entire industry. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 909.354.8839. We appreciate you for your continued support and patience during this time. The Pure Fragrance Oils Team
  17. Fave FO vendors?

    I feel like I'm having a massive derp moment, but where is the fragrance section? When I see this mentioned, I am thinking of the fragrance discussion forum, but clearly that is not what is meant, right? Since that is where this thread is. I can see the reviews sub forums, but it looks like nobody has posted there in over a year?
  18. I have been making melts from Palm wax for almost a year. Mine need a minimum of 1 week cure and quite a few fragrances need 2 weeks.
  19. The Perfect Orange

    I only used it in soy tarts when I had it, I’m sorry...but it was strong & great in those, if that helps
  20. Room spray, my new love...

    I recently picked up some grain alcohol to play around with for alcohol based applications. It's 94% alcohol, so that's what, 190 proof? I get confused about that... It's really strong! I've never really liked the store bought room sprays, I really detest most commercial fragrances (that's why I got into making my own stuff in the first place, but that's another story), so room spray has never really been on my radar. Anyway... I had a couple of empty spray bottles, this alcohol, distilled water, and some FOs that are great but not doing it for me in wax or incense, so I thought I'd give the spray a whirl. Oh my gosh!! I love it!! A new world of fragrance has opened up to me! 😄 So my question is this, is there an ideal percentage of alcohol I should be using, and a percentage of FO? I made up two sprays with 40% alcohol and 5% FO, and they seem really really strong. I was thinking candles I guess! Is it more of a personal preference thing? I was thinking I'd go down to 3% and see how it goes. And 40% alcohol seems like a lot, but I wanted it to be self preserving, and I wanted to make sure all the FO was solubilized. I searched the forum, and I saw that @TallTayl does a spray with 20% alcohol, so I could take it down quite a bit, couldn't I? I did a Google search too, but mostly what popped up was a lot of the mommy bloggers and green bloggers, so you can imagine I didn't get much help there. I'm going to search out some formulas on the raw material manufacture's sites if possible, that helped me a lot with me cosmetic stuff, but I thought I'd see if anyone here had some pearls of wisdom to drop my way! 😉 TIA!!
  21. I am shocked to hear this. I've used that wax since 1999, and the worst I've ever experienced is fingernailing. Mine always came from BCN and I never had a report of it doing more than fingernailing between 2000 and 2016. It did it with all scents when it did when we tested it or not at all.
  22. Best high end fragrance oil company

    Well Sarah before you kick the bucket or I do, go post them in the wanted section? lol......There just might be some I just might like.....Matter of fact I need to do that myself with all the ones I can't stand..... Trappeur
  23. Best high end fragrance oil company

    Right?? I'm always suckered in by the price per oz, and then I'm stuck with a pound of the most horrid smelling stuff ever! There's a great thread on the WTF was I thinking? fragrances around here somewhere. 😆 And the terrible ones are always the super strong ones for me!
  24. Best high end fragrance oil company

    Yes!! Can we make this a banner or something? 😁
  25. I burned 2 unscented cocowax 83 status jar last night - a cd 8 and a cd 10. The cd 8 went out after 35 minutes. I re-lit it later in the day for another hour. The cd 10 burned for 3 hours, did not make a fmp, and the flame was nice and steady; except for every once in a while it would flutter a little. This morning, the cd 8 is slightly discolored where the melt pool was, and it's also recessed. The cd 10 is also has the recessed melt pool, but not discolored. This makes me wonder if the wick is just going to tunnel. I'm also guessing that the discolored wax was too hot? If so then why wasn't the melt pool wider? Now, the first coconut wax candles I made were with wooden wicks. After burning them for over 20 hours there is some hang up, but none of the wax discolored, no recessed melt pour area .....the melt pool area is nice and smooth.
  26. Thank you. I'll be making melts using a Silicone Wilton Brownie pan. How long would you recommend I cure the melts? I've read 24-48 hours but then I read somewhere a week. I have been using EZSoy and the longer the cure the better with that wax.
  27. Cello bag suppliers?

    All of their cello bags are made with a polypropylene film. I'm not sure what makes them cello bags then?
  28. E/O Blends for Hormone Balance

    I had both night sweats and hot flashes for years and both are typical symptoms of menapause. Eventually they both subside and fade away. Not necessarily at the same time. I found the night sweats to be the worst of the two and would take hot flashes anytime over them. My advice is to be very careful taking medications for menapause symptoms including supplements or organic alternatives. These are very powerful drugs and alter the natural changes your body goes through during menapause. Just make sure if you do use any type of meds or supplements that you do so under your doctors supervision so he may monitor you while you use them.
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