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  2. Awwww, that's sweet! I bet he loves that!
  3. Welcome Pixiebrat! You're at the right place for help making candles. There are some wonderful candle makers on this forum. I'm not one of them but there are plenty that will be more than happy to help you! Glad to have you!
  4. Well, Nature's Garden better have some. I remember years ago, going to a Party Lite party and that was when I found out about sniffing coffee. My grandson was little then and he loved smelling everything. Little did he know at the time that someday he would get to sniff lots of scents and get all the free candles he wanted from his grandma.
  5. I like that you get free samples for every bottle of FO you order. At least the 16 oz ones. That's how I discovered more I liked, and some not so much. Plus I joined the mailing list to get so much off my first order, then liked them on Facebook to get so much off on my next order! I love to get any bargains I can!
  6. We have Kohl's here for sure! I didn't know they had coffee beans in their perfume department though, but I've been in some perfume stores that had them. It really helps clear your nose from the previous scents. I went to Lone Star's showroom once and I think they had coffee beans there if I remember correctly.
  7. Did you know that Kohl's has coffee beans with their perfumes and colognes? (Kohl's is a department store kind of like J C Penney's in you don't have those down in Texas.)
  8. I just don't know if I can smell 800 fragrances! Well, 760 because I have/had 40 of NG's already I don't care how much I smell coffee beans in between sniffing. If we manage to leave my granddaughter's house by 9:30, it's a 4 1/2 hour drive, plus we'll have to stop to eat. So I may not have more than about an hour and a half to sniff before they close at 4:30! I have to be organized!!!! I was just checking to see if anyone else wanted me to smell a certain one before I print my list. I told my granddaughter that my #1 best thing about the weekend will be spending time with her and my great granddaughter. She was surprised they weren't second to smelling fragrance oils.
  9. I hope they have some coffee beans there!
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  11. OK, serious question: how can she keep from getting olfactory fatigue after a bunch of sniffing? Or getting nauseated from the overload? She's going to be like an addict let loose and that might get painful!
  12. Thanks TallTayl I will give that a try!! Super cheap AND long shelf life are among my favorite things.
  13. Dang it....I was going to order that one too LOL. kidding kidding....don't need any horniness around here Gail, have fun tomorrow!
  14. Fractionated coconut oil is odorless and has an extremely long shelf life. Plus it is super cheap.
  15. Longest laugh off this ... Gail knows she will anyway. All these bottles will be before her. She'll reach for one, see another and then wonder what it smells like. The temptation will grow and grow and grow till she sniffs it ... whether it's good or bad.
  16. I've not used this company. There are people who have and had good reviews to my recollection. Some paraffin's can be finicky. Is there another company you even have an interest in trying? Don't toss the shots .. just remelt into another batch and scent it with someone else.
  17. Yes indeed, and report back here and let us know which you liked the best
  18. I like that your testing your waxes alone I am with TT on trying out the LX or HTP for the coconut wax or even the RRD eco are very hot wicks and I have a feeling if your having issues with CD- eco will catch fire RRD I am new to using but they are very nice wicks for veggie blends and parasoy burns - they don't burn hot with nice steady flames CD should work out good for the 464 that's what I used to use and you may also want to try premier wicks, many have reported great success with those and 464 also like TT stated this years soy is burning very different - there have been reports of having to wick down a lot with 464 I don't have experience with the coconut wax to be able to help any there
  19. lol ! Me too but I just can't help myself. You should see me at BBW I have to smell everything i swear it's like a sickness lol its fun though 🤣
  20. First one for sure
  21. What you should just plan to do is sniff them all anyway
  22. I hear that! It's where all my extra money goes. I just wish I sold enough to justify it LOL! Maybe one day.
  23. I don't like it on its own, but combining it made something I didn't mind at all.
  24. awww your so sweet ! This is like a horrible addiction with these fragrance oils lol !
  25. Don't get it yet. I was going to send some of that one to you. It does smell good though. I haven't put it in wax yet. Just going by OOB. Also, her brown sugar is delicious but the same thing as FB's maple syrup to my nose.
  26. Karen is vanilla delicious basicly a vanilla or more of a dessert /bakery scent ? I have it in my cart but kept debating. It did also mention that the oil is super strong + to cut back on amount used ? TYIA
  27. OMG these sound awesome ! iDo you think the buttercream frosting + brown sugar are too sweet for wax melts. Im not good at blending so I was thinking as a single FO... what do you think ? I also wanna try her vanilla delicious , Im wondering if its basically vanilla or much more going on ?
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