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  2. An order I received

    I bought by the kilo.
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  4. Easter Fragrances

    @Candybee, I haven't CP'd the ones that JC mentioned, but I have soaped a few of Aztec's and it's like any other supplier, some do well and some don't. I can tell you that Black Pheonix smells wonderful, but accelerates, rices, and discolors in CP! 😂 I'm using Aztec more and more for my fragrances, their 5 for 5 every month makes sampling so affordable. Plus you get free samples for 8oz and 16oz fragrance orders, and I really like that they have a lot of fragrances right around the $1 per pound mark even when ordering the 8oz size. Sometimes if a fragrance is a mixer, or seasonal, or just for me, I don't want the full pound. I was reluctant to add yet another supplier to my list, but I'm glad I tried them!
  5. Atkins and Pearce....they have 5000 minimums on each wick you purchase direct from them - they are a wholesaler that I'm sure supply our main suppliers but they have son many series and other sizes of common series available that our suppliers don't carry And they have sample sets of series you can buy to test or request the inbetween ones not available to us
  6. An order I received

    How do you get your micas so cheap? I sat down and figured out the actual cost per level tsp of my micas and the average cost came out to $ .10 cents. I try to buy in larger quantities than an ounce too. I used to do the $ .01 cent cost per candle for dye a few years back... but then I started buying dye chips and now its much easier to quantify the cost. Chips cost more but they work better for me in palm than the liquid. The liquids tend to morph the scent on me so I quit using them in my palm candles.
  7. Easter Fragrances

    Do you CP any of those? I only make fall/holiday candles once a year so mostly look for good CP FOs.
  8. An order I received

    I account for it as about a penny a candle generally. For soap about a nickel for mica. Yes an overestimate, but it keeps the COGS numbers favorable.
  9. Easter Fragrances

    I think you would like Aztec scents, they have a lot of good ones. Pink Lilac and willow, and their cinnamon vanilla is one of my favorites as well. I love their Volcano cabri blue dupe, but it's been reformulated, so not what the reformulation smells like or if it's comparable. Also love their Duck Farts. It's a water scent but has a smell of fruity and fresh in it as well. Love it. I change the name and also use it as a mixer a lot. And they have a ton of BBW dupes, that I use a lot, and they always seem to be spot on or the difference is negligible so use it anyway. There are several others that I use but those are the ones that immediately come to mind.
  10. People recommending 12% fragrance

    Cold throw is how the candle smells when it is not lit or doesn't have a pool of melted wax in it. It's what the solid wax smells like. ETA: oops, I see Candybee already answered this.
  11. An order I received

    The production cost of liquid dye is so negligible I do what @Candybee does, and calculate what I buy for that year for tax purposes under misc. and move on. (IAlso like Candy, I have only bought liquid dye once, in every color available at the time Peak first offered them, over 15 years ago, and have never had to buy more since. I rarely use more than 3-4 drops per pound of wax) Otherwise, to calculate for production I would have to put in some ridiculous cost of .000000000000000000000000001 cent per drop. (might be an exaggeration, might not be, IDK I don't calculate it into my production cost) ETA: I meant to add that I also do this for my Mica's with soap, because I don't use very much per batch of soap either
  12. Easter Fragrances

    I say that sometimes. My parents came from Kentucky. I still use my Dad's expression when someone asked how I am.....'fair to middlin'.
  13. Easter Fragrances

    It was me, because I don't rave about any floral scent. I do like the Pink Lilac and Willow though, for a floral, it's not bad. I rave about Aztec's Leaves and Cantaloupe & Lily.
  14. Easter Fragrances

    Okay who carries the Pink Lilac and Willow? Sounds like something I would like! Never mind! I see you posted it was Aztec. No wonder I never seen it... I never ordered from Aztec. Might be a time for a change!
  15. I also get overwhelmed with the amount to sniff. Sometimes I think it's better just to get samples in the mail and sniff to my heart's content before I make the decision whether or not to buy a large bottle. Earlier in the month, I had ordered a Country Sampler pack from The Candlemaker's Store, because I have a country line of candles. So I smelled the 10 over and over and eliminated a couple that cost too much, and finally decided on two that I then ordered and picked up Thursday. If you remember my saga last summer about going to Nature's Garden, I had a list of what I wanted to sniff, but got there late, plus it was just too much, smelling so many at once, so I ended up only buying 6 new ones I think plus restocking a couple.
  16. Easter Fragrances

    Yes it's one of my favorite florals! Can't get enough of it.
  17. An order I received

    For an expense like liquid dye which is difficult to quantify usage I just add that to the general cost of candle making for the year. I have bottles of liquid candle dyes I purchased over 10 yrs ago that aren't even half used up. Most don't even look like they have been used at all. Anyway by doing this I have accounted for the cost as a whole for that tax year so there is no need to try and figure out cost per drop from year to year.
  18. That would be so fun! Let me hurry and use a bunch of these 200+ FO's I already have to make room for more. It's 5 hours and 20 minutes away for me, so it is doable.
  19. Testing without FO

    Depends on the FO. Testing without the FO will help you find the right ball park re wicking your candle. It will also help you understand how the wax performs w/o fragrance. Then when you add a FO you can see how it performs and make a wick change based on that if needed.
  20. I just checked and Knoxville would be a 6 hr drive for me.
  21. I just poured my first wick test without FO, which brings up a question. Will I likely have to wick up or down when I add FO.
  22. People recommending 12% fragrance

    Cold throw or CT is how the unlit candle smells. Hot throw or HT is the scent throw from a burning candle. Wanted to add if you sell your candles the cold throw is almost as important as the hot. It is what initially sells the candle. So you really want both.
  23. People recommending 12% fragrance

    Well said! and welcome to Craft Server!
  24. Merlin's Forest

    Scented FB's Gypsy Rose is spot on to the MW original. It smells just like it to me. However, this version accelerates in CP unlike the MW one. To me that is okay as my customers only buy the rose soaps made with the Gypsy Rose. I just figured out how to work with it and soap cool.
  25. People recommending 12% fragrance

    I'm pretty sure I know what a hot throw is, but what is a COLD throw? Q
  26. Yay! Road trip!! 5 hours round trip, I'd be there once a month. Mine is 8+ hrs round trip if there isn't a ton of traffic and not open on Mondays and I still manage to go there just to browse. Great that they threw in what you wanted to sniff. I get overwhelmed with the amount of fo to sniff when I go and sometimes end up with no new scents which is just plain sad.
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